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I’m only about 2.5 weeks post op, and I’m Not supposed to raise my arms anywhere near above my head– but marching with women for women felt like the best excuse to do so. (I only took off my shirt for this photo, I’m not completely neglecting my scars or healing).

A woman more precious than jewels is found in the presence of the Lord Jesus. Her eyes are fixed on Him, her smile radiates His grace, her tears pour out of compassion, and her healed wounds declare her redemption, and the strength she receives she extends to those in need. She is found both surrendered and driven by the purpose of God’s glory.

She waits, prays, and lives out her calling. 

She is around, gentlemen.

The question is, brother, are you found with God?

“Often times, when looking for a Proverbs 31 type of woman (or a woman in general), we as Christian men focus so much on physical attributes that when we have found someone that captures our attention/interest, we take little consideration as to whether that woman is really a woman of God or not. We are so mesmerized by our perception of her outward beauty that we don’t even focus on the heart (ref. 1 Samuel 16:7). This can lead to disaster.

Speaking of this, I’ve noticed that the chapter of Proverbs 31, which talks about godly womanhood, does not focus on a woman’s physical attributes. It doesn’t say that she has to have a certain length of hair, be a certain height, have this color eyes, be a Victoria’s Secret model, etc. in order to TRULY be a woman of God. The Lord desires for her to fear the Lord. He made her beautiful just the way she is, and we as men of God need to understand this. This means that when deciding who you should marry, what she looks like on the outside shouldn’t matter.

By choosing our woman solely off of the way she looks not only can lead us to the wrong girl, but in turning our heads to give the wrong girl that “second glance,” we’ve simultaneously taken our attention away from the right girl. There’s nothing wrong with having a “type,” but don’t let that be the main deciding factor.

“Does she pray?”, “Does she read her Word?”, “How does she act in times of struggle/temptation?”, and “Is she sincerely seeking the Lord with all her heart?” are just a few questions we need to be asking. Yes, we need to be Ephesians 5 men and be willing to lead our woman, but we cannot lead someone who does not wish to go where we are going.

In regards to this, be patient, wait on God’s timing, and allow the Lord to bring you to her when it is His time. In the meantime, allow your singleness to be a time of not anxiously waiting when you will be married, but thanking the Lord for making you wait so that you have the opportunity to serve Him and get closer to Him in the best way you can. That way, when that time DOES COME, you will know and you will be ready so that you can effectively lead her.

So, let’s not trade the beautiful rib that the Lord is offering for some legs, thighs, and breasts that we will treat as pieces of meat only to be thrown to the wayside after we are done with them. Instead, let us be willing to wait. I know the temptation is hard to wait, but I promise that when the Lord delivers your Proverbs 31 woman, you will find that she is NOT the woman of your dreams, because even the most “perfect” woman you might have dreamed up in your mind won’t even come CLOSE to her, because a fantasy can’t compare to a reality.“

I found this post online by a Facebook user… just wanted to share with you all :)

On the side note, our relationships with people are broken. Why? Because we are imperfect. We make mistakes too. So often I meet people who give up on their relationship because they or the other person have a hard time understanding brokenness. They expect “everything to be okay” all the time. But this idea of a relationship is wrong. A true relationship shows perseverance. Working together, helping each other (However, if the other person is hurting you, that is another story. In that case, you have to leave. God doesn’t want you being physically, sexually, and emotionally abused).

So I wanted to leave all you readers with this. We are all broken and Jesus is our only healer. We must turn our relationships to have a goal in pursuing Christ. We just have another helper in doing so - our girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. If our relationships do not point to Him, then what are we doing in the relationship? We must pursue God in our single lives, in our marriage, and in our dating lives!!

God bless,

Reminders of His love

5 Things We Need To Remember As Sisters in Christ
1. Encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11)
Let’s encourage each other. If your sister in Christ is going through something in your life, take the time to send her text or give her a phone call. Let her know you are there. We don’t have to all be best friends, go to the same church, or come from the same background to encourage each other. What unifies us is not common interests or commonality in our stories, but what Christ has done in us. Let’s be encouragers.
2. Pray for each other (Matthew 5:44)
Even if you don’t hang out much and even if you don’t know the whole story of what she’s going through, pray for her. Sometimes it’s easier to pray for those we get along with the most or see everyday, but pray for everyone. Even the ones that have wronged you.
3. Be a friend…a REAL friend (Proverbs 18:24)
Some women will only be your friend because they’re trying to figure out who you’re dating, or what kind of money you make, or what you’re doing in your life. Some will only be your friend because they want something out of you. Let’s learn to be friends because of the love Christ has shown us and we want to share that love. ::
4. Don’t compare yourself to others (2 Corinthians 10:12)
It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, how she’s wearing it, who she’s dating, and what her hair and makeup and body looks like or how much money she makes…Don’t compare yourself to her. It’s just not wise. If you start comparing now, in the future you’ll compare husbands, jobs, neighborhoods, and even your kids! Let’s be wise and appreciate each other without the comparing.
5. It’s not about appearance (1 Samuel 16:7)
If you read 1 Samuel 16, you will see that this verse refers to when Samuel thought he knew what a future king would look like, because he was basing everything on outward appearance and what seemed king-like. We do that. We have all these ideas about what a successful and beautiful person looks like. God isn’t focusing on that stuff, and we shouldn’t either.
Written by @morganhnichols for #QWCDevos

في بلادنا .. المرأة الذكية .. للاعجاب فقط لا للزواج
في بلادنا المرأة الذكية .. مخيفة لأنها تفهم
ومن ثم .. فإنها تتمرد
في بلادنا .. الرجال يفضلون المرأة الحمقاء
In our country.. A smart woman is just for admiration not marriage.. In our country.. A smart woman is scary because she understands.. And then she rebels.. In our country.. Men prefer naive women..
—  سارة درويش

People think that the Bible tells women to be weak and helpless, with no back bone. I just wanted to clarify, that’s a lie.

You may or may not of heard of the Christian “proverbs 31” women, I won’t quote the whole chapter although I do encourage you to read it but to me the verse

“She is clothed in dignity and strength, and laughs without fear of the future” (proverbs 31:25)

Sum it up fairly well.

The Bible doesn’t call women to be weak and helpless, it calls them to be strong.

Yes it says be kind, give to the poor, but that does not mean be weak and helpless.

A truly strong women is kind and she’s not afraid of being kind.

The Bible says that a virtuous women is worth far more than any precious jewel.

The Bible does not belittle women.

Listen to this. This is the woman that the Lord loves. Proverbs 31:25-30, “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” So the Scriptures say, “Don’t find your hope, don’t find your purpose, don’t find meaning from external beauty. Cultivate your soul, and cultivate your mind.”
—  Matt Chandler
♡ proverbs 31 devo ♡

Hello there! 

Christian women often are told that they have to be a certain way, or act like they are perfect. But have you ever read what God wants us to be?

As I pondered upon this, I remembered Proverbs 31. This chapter is written by a king, whose mother taught him how a woman of God should act. What does she say? Open up your Bibles!

Now as I read, I created a list.

1. We should have faith. Serve God with your whole heart, and believe that He will do good. 

2. Have a faith-filled relationship. This chapter mentions a lot about taking care of your husband, but every single relationship should keep God first. Don’t give your husband or boyfriend a reason to doubt you.

3. Be a sister. Pray for your church and church family. You never know when they will need you, so always be ready to be there for them. 

4. Health. You can’t be superwoman! Don’t overdo yourself, keep your own personal health in check. 

5. Serving. Be obedient to God! Do what he tells you to do! Let go of your pride whenever The Lord moves on you.

6. Industry. We women shouldn’t be lazy. Whether you have a job or you clean the house, don’t be useless! God never intended anyone to sit around! 

7. Be a homemaker. Take care of your household. Cook meals, keep your home a sanctuary, be a mother/wife. 

8. Manage time wisely. If you are given responsibilities, make sure that you complete them all. 

9. Beauty. Make sure that you never lose your inner-beauty. Even if it does get hard. 

10. Show Jesus. Be a witness for your saviour! If you know someone is lost, pray for them. Always keep a smile, after all, you could be the only Jesus someone sees.

Well I hoped you enjoyed this devotional! It was week number one for my ministry, Virtuous Women, which I encourage you to go read about on the up-coming page that will be linked here! God bless!