do you have any idea how fragile a real one is?

i don’t trust the TSA with a real one

Plus I’m totally cool with using real ones to do research but using a real one as a prop to explain teaching methods is something I’m personally not super keen on. I take my work with human remains very seriously- when I’m working with skeletal elements, I prefer to be in a clean laboratory setting and away from the public eye. A lot of this has to do with where the real ones come from. If you bequeath your body to a university, there’s a lot of rules in place about what they can keep and where it can be used. Most of the time the remains aren’t allowed to leave university property. But if you go out and buy one for personal use, the odds are very, very good that you’re buying stolen bones. Most human skeletal specimens openly for sale today are stolen from India- even though the trade’s illegal, the laws are poorly enforced. The same is true of China- although they officially banned the bone trade in 2008, if you know where to look it’s very easy to find Chinese specimens.

As an anthropologist, one of my big ethical sticking points is that anthropology should serve as a tool to uplift people. I think that human remains are an amazing way to study the past- and the present. Bones have so much to tell us. I think that we should be actively curating bequeathments and building comparative collections and using human remains to train the next generation of anthropologists. But if we’re going to study remains, we need to respect the individuals they once were (some would say still are) and we need to respect the survivors/descendant community (if there is one). I couldn’t in good faith do public work with a specimen of unknown provenience, knowing what I know about where it likely came from- that totally undermines what I believe in. And I couldn’t travel with a specimen of known provenience because that’s not allowed by my museum or my university and even if it was I would be way too worried about something happening to it. 

This week, we’re featuring a Late Woodland corner tang point. The term “corner tang” is given to notched bifacial knives. These tool types are focused in the southern Plains during the Late Archaic and into the Late Woodland, and vary in form from corner notched to notched along the center of one edge, or even corner tanged drills. Iowa is at the far northern reaches of the tanged knife range, and they are not common here! This find is from Benton County, but does not have a provenience. It is from the Keyes Collection, and you can currently see it on display at the Swiss Valley Nature Center in Dubuque County. Thanks to Dan Horgen and Mark Anderson for providing information about this feature!

Ἑβδόμη Φθίνοντος/ Ἑβδόμη μετ’εἰκάδας, XXIV day
From today’s sunset: twenty-fourth day of Poseideon.
Since for today there are no other religious prescriptions, apart from the daily ones, we honor Selene in Her sacred day.

(This bronze statuette depicts a female figure suspended in the air with her toes pointed as if about to land. Her right hand grasps an object that is difficult to identify. It might be an alabastron, a small vessel for precious liquids, or it may be the end of a short, down-turned torch. Her attribute, either a torch, or perhaps a vessel of dew or dreams, gives her a nocturnal aspect. Therefore, She probably represents Selene. It is not known how this figure was used. Since the figure cannot stand on its own, it must have originally been part of a larger object. Perhaps she decorated a large, ornate lamp or a lamp stand, a fitting use for a goddess of the night.
Provenience unknown, 100 - 1 B.C. now in the Getty Museum…)


Dungan Mosque and Russian Orthodox Wooden Church

Karakol (Каракол), Kyrgyzstan

The houses of the two big religions of Karakol (Orthodox Christianity and Islam) are both made of wood and thus very interesting buildings. The Dungans are Muslim Hui Chinese living in Kyrgyzstan. Their Chinese provenience obviously also influenced the architecture of their mosque.

Apart from the Dungan mosque and the Orthodox church, there are a lot of old, colourful houses in Siberian style in Karakol – unfortunately in a very neglected state.

by Danielzolli

The Stela of Pasi,  Provenience Unknown, Amarna Period Egypt (1353–1336 BCE)

The Stela of Pasi is an small, unfinished limestone stela dating to the reign of the eccentric pharaoh, Akhentaten. According to the inscription, The stela was created by an individual named Pasi, who identifies himself as “captain of the state barge.” The stela is approximately 21.7 cm in height and depicts two unidentified kings in a loving embrace under the rays the solar diety Aten.

The Stela of Pasi is one of the most interesting pieces of Amarna art in existence, and there is much debate as to the identity of the two kings. One theory is that it depicts Akhenaten and his mysterious successor, Smenkhkare. Very little is known about Smenkhkare; depictions of him are extremely rare, and his name was erased from the historical record by later kings. It is known, however, that Smenkhkare served as co-regent with Akhenaten before his brief independent reign. The intimate embrace suggests that Akhenaten and Smenkhkare were perhaps relatives or in a homosexual relationship (the latter of which was accepted by Victorian archaeologists in an attempt to vilify Akhenaten as a heretic and sexual deviant).

Another theory that has emerged recently is that the two kings Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti. It is well known that Nefertiti had more political power than any previous Great Royal Wife, and was depicted equal to her husband in many respects. The most convincing evidence for the two figures being the royal couple is the cartouches on the stela. Although they are unmarked, we can infer the identities of the figures based on number of cartouches present. The odd number cartouches reveals that the two figures are not coregents since kings and deities are identified with two cartouches (on this particular stela, Aten has two pairs of cartouches located on either side of the sundisk). If the figures in the relief are indeed Akhenaten and Nefertiti, then she is the only known Great Royal Wife to be depicted wearing the Double Crown or the Blue Crown. Egyptologists who believe that Nefetiti became co-regent and later ruled independently use the Stela of Pasi as one of their main pieces of evidence.

Another interesting theory is that the stela is a forgery created by a 19th century artist looking to exploit Victorian consumers of “Egyptomania”  The scene is considered too crude and poorly carved to have been created by a skilled artist, although this can be easily explained by the fact that Pasi was not an artist by trade. Unknown provenience is always a red flag for forgeries, and it is extremely rare for Ancient Egyptian artists to sign their work. The majority of egyptologists, however, consider the Stela of Pasi to be authentic.

The Stela of Pasi is located in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin.


π is the symbol used today to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

This designation was not introduced until 1706, when used by William Jones in his “Synopsis palmariorum matheseos”, probably after the initial letter of the Greek “periphery”. Until then, instead of π, one had to content oneself with the quaint Latin phrase: “quantitas, in quam cum multiplicetur diameter, provenient circumferentia”, meaning “the quantity which, when the diameter is multiplied by it, gives the circumference”.

It is due to the great prestige of the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler that we use π with today’s meaning. In his early writings, Euler had frequently used p to denote circumference-to-diameter ratio, but changed to π in his textbook “Mechanica”, published in 1736.

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Hey, Brazilian here! In case you’re interested, there are a few rules when forming the plural form of words ending in -ão:

1.) -ãos:

Used with paroxytones (when the stressed syllabe is not the last), ex.:  bênçãos, órgãos, sótãos, órfãos. 

2.) -ões:

Used with oxytones (stressed las syllabe) when:

a- It’s an augmentative of a word or a “false” augmentative (like botão is a false augmentative form of bota), ex.:  torrões (torre), escovões, caixões, limões (lima), baiões (baio), anões (Ana); balões (bala). 

b- The noun designates origin, provenience or agent, ex.: saxões, bretões, comilões, babões, beberrões.

c- It’s a feminin noun, ex.: visões, razões, estações, paixões.

d- The noun has the form equal to a verb, ex.: porões (porão, verb “pôr”), serões (serão, verb “ser”), verões (verão, verb “ver”). 

3.) To the monossylabic tonic words (which are almost always exceptions), you can use the cognates rule, looking at words from the same family pães (cognate: panificadora); mãos (cognate: manual); cães (cognate: canino). 

a- When the “a” of the “ão” diphtong is followed by “n” and any vowel with the exception of “i” in the cognate, the plural form is “-ãos”, ex.: artesãos (artesanato), irmãos (irmanar), verãos (veraneio), anãos (anano). 

b- To the nouns which have cognates that keep the “’-a” followed by “-ni”, the plural form is “-ães”., ex.: capitães (capitania), charlatães (charlatanice), anães (nanico). 

c- To the nouns which have cognates which change the “-a” from the diphtong to “-o” or “-io”, the plural form is “-ões”, ex.: leões (leonino), mamões (mamoeiro), funções (funcionário), feijões (feijoada), frações (fracionar). 

But there’s no need to memorize these rules or anything, it comes naturally as you learn the language :)

This actually happened at a party.  I didn’t react quite so dramatically (I have some tact, not much, but some), but the person was still surprised by my questioning about the provenience, concerns about repatriation, and international antiquities laws. 

Seriously, how do people think I’m going to react? “Well, me oh my, ain’t that skull on your bookshelf mighty spiffaroo”?!  Grah.  Grumble. I need to start carrying around tiny pamphlets about archaeological laws and then throw is at peoples’ heads.  Here’s some ARPA for YOU *bam* and some NAGPRA for YOU *bam*

BTS reaction to you only being half korean

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He would not care at all - neither of the opinion from the others.
“I don’t care. Why should I? I care about your personality and not where you come from.”

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“And the probleme is where? I really don’t see one, and if someone does - who cares. I have to spend my time with you. You should really stop caring
about others opinion”

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“Why should it be a problem? Actually it’s more interesting! Another culture and all the other stuff! I can learn and profit from it.”

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“People who judge others by the provenience are just stupid. We all should profit from others culture because they’re all beautiful and intersting.
You should really talk more about it and teach me stuff, you can always need it.”

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“Oh, you’re from ”country“? I always wanted to visit it - it seems very interesting and the food should be delicious. Can yoh cook something that
comes from there? I’ll help!”

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“Oh really? I can’t and i shouldn’t judge by provenience. Anyways, do you grew up with the culture too, or just the korean one? We have to visit
"country” together!“

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"I mean… I didn’t know it ‘till now… so it would not change anything anyways so, whatever. It’s still amazing place and the people are nice there… the culture.. all the things…”

“You don’t really care, right…”

“Exactly because I don’t see the difference.”

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Fountain Statue



Provenience: Italy, Campania, Herculaneum

Manufacture Location: Naples

Maker: J. Chiurazzi and Fils

Villa dei Papiri

Date Made: 1903

Penn Museum


aaaaaaaaaaand here’s finally the map of the kingdoms!

 kingdoms are basically worlds of different universes connected by an energy flow, the ancents discovered how to connect the world canalizing the flow in big portals in the capitals of the respective worlds , if the life conditions of a world are different from the one of provenience the  portal helps the visitor adapting   during it’s stay (es: kingdom of sea:ability to breath under water, kingdom of sky  flight spell tattoo ecc ecc… but they don’t help  for abilities like - higher inteligence in the kingdom of progress,ability to manipulate fire  inthe kingdom of sun  or abity to see in the dark and use dark crystals of the kingdom of moon*even if  people from the kingdom of crystal is able to exploit any gem’s power*)…. the world you see chained in the  center is the world of  pandora,  this world has been exiled 3000 years ago but this is another story and i’ll tell you more about this if i manage to properly go on with KoM

but now let me explain some   characteristics of the worlds

first of all, the kingdom of sun and the kingdom of moon are the key worlds, the more stable and similar ones, they’re basically almost the different face of the same medal and pandra was sealed thanks to the help of the  king and wueen of those two worlds.


  1. Kingdom of Sun: thanks to an irregular orbit  around the two suns is almost always day in the kingdom of sun, even during night  there isn’t complete darkness, we can compare this phenmena to a midnight sun? well  but the climate here is completely different, it’s really hot, and the  capital  i siuated between the sea and a huge desert also the architecture is similar to the arabic/indian one. Important note: the golden capital is almost always in war with the fire capital who’s at the other side of the sea  and wants to claim  the that territory,  commerce is the most productive activity, and the capital is full of markets and bazaars
  2. Kingdom  of Forest: we can say also this world is split in 2 we have the civilized part who resembles to asian culture and lives near  the water sources and exploits the  abbundant nature   for agriculture ,medicine and uses the materials to build  houses and boats.. in this side are also present mercenary clans , the other ide is the uncivilized one, people look more dark skinned and speak a different lenguage , they’re sometimes nomad and they build their houses on the trees creating beautiful floating cities, their knowledge of the medical herbs has no rivals.
  3. Kingdom of Sea: not much has to be said about this world, it’s composed by the 99% by oceans and his inhabitants  look like mermaids/mermen.. whn they travel in  other worlds they gain the ability to walk on ground but are bound to come back to their form if they enter in water. The kingdom of Sea is a pacific one even if from ome time has estabilished an alliance with the Kingdom of Sun. The atmosphere in this world is almost Atlantean
  4.  Kingdom of Light:  the kingdom of light is a quiet, silent ,steppy world,  it’s almost always cloudy but  some columns of light can be seen here and there, around that columns  there are  many small vilages , and there’s a statue for every column, the inhabitants venerate them and always dress completely in white, actually theyre all white… they seem to not have particular abilities or at least not so far…but at least they’re good shepherds
  5. Kingdom of Sky: the ground of the kingdom of sky is really unstable o the people since centuries  started living on  huge flying platforms where greek/roman looking cities are built, every inhabitant since they'r birth has given a spell tatto on their back who enables them to “”“summon”“” a pair of wings, there are countless varieties of spell tattoos. The people of the kingdom of sky are very religious and  believe in  4 gods, two male and 2 female men/bird hibris  who , according to them, opened them the sky’s doors saving their civilization from destruction so every now and then some kids are choosen to become priests for the gods and are forced to live isolated 
  6. Kingdom of Moon: as i already said, the kingdom of moon and the kingdom of sun are pratically identical, but in this case  we have an almost endless night and there isn’t any rival region for the silver capital whos considered one of the most safe  but also one of the most dangerous places in the 10 worlds, the capital is in fact home of two important buildings, the academy for the mercenaries(whose activities are completely legal  if they commit a crime under order of someone  the one to be punished will be the committent of the mercenary, but if the mercenary commits a crime without being on a mission then is punisheable) and the security prison wherethe worst criminals of every world are kept:no one ever managed to escape. The inhabitants of this world are able to see in the dark perfectly, once in a late age they slowly loose this ability and are boud to wear special glasses
  7. Kingdom of Crystal: also the kingdom of crystal is a very dark one but  the world is a sort of big geode, so id the outside is inhospital the inside is full of glowing crystals and mushrooms, also there’s a small parallel climate, some cities( escavated in the rock and in the crystals and liked by tunnels) even have clouds, the people from this world have a huge knowledge about magical gems proprieties and are also good swordsmiths
  8. Kingdom of Snow: another quite inhospital world is the snow one, there’s costantly a snowstorm going on and the temperatures are  terribly low and there’s only a stable city, built around a huge ice castle, the rest of the population is made by nomads, their lifestyle and clothing is similar to  mongolian and inuits, they’re great hunters too, also here  people don’t seem to have  big ualities even if  is sai that some young people is starting to develop  some weak ice/snow control
  9. Kingdom of Progress: this world is completely different from the other ones, it’s incredibly  evolved technologically speaking, thanks to the   avanced intelligence of it’s people, it’s really modern and futuristic and is open to people from many cultured and worlds…. but,  nothing is allowed to leave this world (people included if they spend more than two years there) to not alterate the other ones evolution progress, this is also one of the most corrupted  kingdoms too, is pacific, bt t the same time keeps developping more and more advanced weapons
  10. Kingdom of Void: the kingdom of void is a dead world trapped in the flux of energy, the ancient tried to build cities and live there for a while but it was unsuccessful so it was left  to the natural course of events and is now just full of ruins with animals and various creatures free to go were they want and  dark leaved plants to grow freely the lighs is dim and the air heavy


Altun Ha lies on the north-central coastal plain of Belize, in a dry tropical zone. The site was very swampy during its pre-Columbian occupation, with very few recognizable water sources. Currently, the only recognizable natural water source is a creek beyond the northern limit of the mapped area. The water sources used during occupation were Gordon Pond, which is the main reservoir, and the Camp Aguada, which is located in the site center. The site may have contained two chultuns, but provenience is lost since they are used in modern times.

The site itself consists of a central precinct composed of Groups A and B. Groups A and B and Zones C, D, and E consist of the nucleated area, with Zones G, J, K, M, N making part of the suburban area. The site does not contain any stela, suggesting that stelae were not part of ceremonial procedures. There are two recorded causeways, one in Zone C and one connecting Zone E and Zone F. The Zone C causeway does not connect to any structures, but is probably related to Structure C13, and was perhaps used for ceremonial purposes. The other causeway connected the two zones where water sources were located, and was constructed for topographical reasons, specifically to traverse areas of swampy land; it may have been impassable without raised walkways.

Occupational history

Altun Ha was occupied for many centuries, from about B.C. 900 to A.D. 1000. Most of the information on Altun Ha comes from the Classic Period from about A.D. 400 to A.D. 900, when the city was at its largest.


The earliest structures found at Altun Ha, found in Zone C, are two round platforms that date to about BC 900−800, structures C13 and C17. Structure C13 contains remnants of postholes and several burials, while C17 has traces of burning, or fire. Structure C13 was an early religious building, with Zone C inhabitants being of relatively high status. The Late Preclassic had a population increase and large public structures were built. The first of these was structure F8 in AD 200. Although this structure was constructed at the end of the Preclassic, the majority of the archaeological evidence dates to the Early Classic. This structure has a two-element stair composed of small steps with stairside outsets that were perhaps devoted to innovation. F8 also had a three-stage development.

Early Classic

One of the most important finds in the Early Classic comes from structure F8, specifically tomb F8/1. The tomb was placed here about fifty years after the construction of the structure. It contained the remains of an adult male who was interred with a jade and shell necklace, a pair of jade earflares, two shell disks, a pair of pearls, five pottery vessels, and fifty-nine valves of Spondylus shells. Bib head beads in the necklace are associated with southern Mesoamerica. The ceramics for the most part reflect the pattern that was being established at other burials in Altun Ha. Above the burial, however, the roof showed association to the large Mexican site Teotihuacan. The burial was capped with over 8,000 pieces of chert debitage and 163 formal chert tools. The ritual offering, or cache, also contained jade beads, Spondylus valves, puma and dog teeth, slate laminae, and a large variety of shell artifacts. The clear association to Teotihuacan however, comes from the 248 Pachuca green obsidian objects and the 23 ceramic jars, bowls and dishes. The obsidian is of the Miccaotli or Early Tlamimilolpa phase, suggesting that this symbolism was still important and dominant at Teotihuacan. This offering may be of importance to Teotihuacan because of the associations that the ruler in the burial had with central Mexico or the association that the entire Altun Ha community had with Teotihuacan.

There is also evidence of contact and trading with the other side of Mesoamerica in the intermediate area. An offering in the central ceremonial precinct contained an undecorated lidded limestone vessel with jadeite objects, two pearls, laminae of crystalline hematite, Spondylus shell beads, and a tumbaga gold-copper alloy bead representing a jaguar claw. This deposit has been dated to about 500. Traditionally, it was not believed that the Maya had gold during the Classic period; gold was restricted to the Postclassic. This is in part because many believed that gold was not naturally occurring in the Maya area, but recent investigations have shown that placer gold can be found in the streams of the upland zone of western Belize. The Maya most likely did not use metallurgy because of a lack of techniques, which may have been due to the fact that yellow in Maya ideology represent dying plant life and crop failure. This artifact is also identical with other artifacts of the Cocle in central Panama. The Cocle had a sufficient amount of metalworking by 500, and surely played a role in trade relationships beyond Panama. This discovery also shows that important trade networks were set up much earlier than previously thought.

Late Classic

In general, the elite burials at Altun Ha during the Late Classic can be characterized by large amounts of jade. Over 800 pieces of jade have been recovered at the site. More than 60 of these pieces are carved. The beginning of the Late Classic at Altun Ha had one of the most interesting burials in the Maya lowlands. Structure B-4 has tombs with many jade artifacts, including a large jade plaque with a series of twenty glyphs in the phase six construction level. In the 1968 field season, after excavating many tombs in Structure B-4, also called the Temple of the Masonry Altars, the seventh phase of construction revealed the most elaborate tomb at the site nicknamed “The Sun God’s Tomb”.

The Sun God’s Tomb

The Sun God’s Tomb is located in Structure B-4, also called the Temple of the Masonry Altars. Structure B-4 is located in Group B, which is part of the central precinct at Altun Ha, and has a height of 16 meters. Phase VII is the level in which this tomb is located, is dated to about 600−650, which is at the beginning of the Late Classic period. The tomb is the seventh and earliest in B-4, which made the excavators designate this burial Tomb B-4/7.

Tomb B-4/7 contained the skeleton of an adult male with many offerings. The body was fully extended dorsally with the skull facing south-southwest. The person had a height of 170–171 cm, with the recovered skeletal materials consisting of a fragment of the skull, the mandible, long bones, five teeth, two vertebrae, five carpal bones, the patellas, and miscellaneous metacarpals, metatarsals, and phalanges.

The bulk of the interpretations, research, and interest in this tomb have undoubtedly been on the artifacts that were contained in this particular burial. In the initial study, Pendergast classifies these artifacts between perishables and non-perishables.

The perishable artifacts that are in the burial that the researchers were able to recognize include a wooden platform that the body was placed on, felid skins, cloth, matting, cordage, rods, stuccoed objects, red pigment, and gray clay. Not all perishable objects have been interpreted for their original use in the burial, but some have clear associations. The entire tomb was covered in cloth, with textile impressions noted on the pottery. Red pigment was distributed throughout the tomb, with evidence of it on most of the jade.

The researchers documented 43 non-perishable artifacts. These include ceramic bowls; shell beads; jadeite anklets, bracelets and beads; pearls; pyrite and hematite artifacts; and, the most outstanding of all, a carved jade head of the Sun God, Kinich Ahau. The jade head has a height of 14.9 cm, a circumference of 45.9 cm and a weight of 4.42 kg. The jade head was placed at the pelvis of the body, with the face of the jade boulder facing the skull. The Sun God’s Tomb marks the starting point for tomb construction in Structure B-4 during the Late Classic period. The unusual form of this tomb shows the distinctive cultural aspects of Altun Ha and the Caribbean zone compared to the inland Classic Maya sites. Pendergast suggests that with so much jade found at the site, the jade head may have been carved at the site with imported jade. The giant jade head also suggests that this small site had a strong status as a trade or ceremonial center. Pendergast also suggests that this tomb contained a priest that was associated with the Sun God, and that Structure B-4 was in fact dedicated to this deity, based on this one artifact. More recent research however, has shown that this interpretation may be incorrect. Recent research suggests that this giant jade head is actually a Jester God. When drawing this figure spread out on a plane, the figure on this carving shows more of a resemblance to a bird deity with maize iconography, not Kinich Ahau. The Jester God is an early symbol of Maya rulership and is usually seen iconographically in the head, or in this case the jade head. With so many artifacts associated with this tomb, it is clear that the male buried in here was of great importance. The Jester God argument is a better fit for what this person represented, which would also correlate with this being the first tomb constructed in Structure B-4.

Terminal Classic

By 700, modifications in the Central Precinct became rarer, and in Plaza B only Structures B4 and B6 were modified regularly, while Plaza A was still being modified extensively. By 850, structures B5 and A8 were completely abandoned. Gradual abandonment of the site began in 800, except for Zone E, which actually reached its peak usage and occupation between 700 and 800.

Structure D2 is located at the edge of the site’s Central Precinct and is dated to the Late-Terminal Classic. This structure in particular yielded a stemmed bifacial blade of Pachuca green obsidian in a post-abandonment offering. The form, size and manufacturing characteristics are very similar to those found in F8. Two possible explanations for the context of this artifact are that the blade could have been produced long after the decline of Teotihuacan, or was reused from an earlier time period.


In the Postclassic, Structures A1 and A5 were solely used for depositing the dead. By the beginning of the eleventh century, the site of Altun Ha was completely abandoned. During the Late Postclassic after 1225, however, there was a renewed limited occupation at Altun Ha which lasted probably until the fifteenth century. Lamanai-related Postclassic ceremonial vessels were excavated atop B-4.

Fanfic - Bean sídhe (Chapter 6)

I’m so so grateful and humbled by all your feedback on this. There aren’t enough words to thank you! So I’ll leave chapter 6 with you guys and go hide now.

Chapter 6 - Punishment

“I have to continue to make him proud, Claire. I must go to Leoch and settle things with Laoghaire.” He laid close to her again, his hand cupping her breast. “And then I’ll come back to ye, Bean sídhe.”

In the morning Jamie left Claire with a fervent kiss and the promise of a swift return, the memory of her body still warm in his hands, and began the journey that would take him to Leoch.

The weather was fine, one of those rare sunny days in Scotland, when the heather comes alive and fluffy white clouds lolled in the distance. He enjoyed being outdoors again after so many days of forced rest and whispered incentives to the mount Claire had lent him, a brown mare called Mary.

When the sun touched his face he closed his eyes, reliving the night before, the smell of growing plants reminding him of Claire’s hair, the bright light almost as blinding as her naked body had been. He had left her only a few hours ago but was already aching with her absence, a permanent discomfort that only his memories of her quelled. He felt strange and incomplete without her, his body half of something made much larger by union.

As he progressed he also began feeling apprehension for his reception at Leoch. He had disappeared during what was supposed to be a short hunting expedition and his uncles probably had presumed him dead by that time. He feared his confrontation with Laoghaire almost as much as the wrath of Colum and Dougal – she was a bonny lass, yes, but also the bearer of a stormy temperament.  Their discussions were a frequent topic of gossip in the castle grounds, for she never seemed to be pleased with his behaviour. She sensed he didn’t share her enthusiasm with the prospect of making her “Mistress Fraser”, though in his defence he had tried to give it a real chance in the last month of their engagement, finding some wild flowers to leave at her door and talking about things she would comprehend. But that was before Claire. That was before he knew what it felt like to find a kindred spirit, a woman whom to share body and soul with.

He knew he probably would have to leave the MacKenzie lands for good, but that thought didn’t cause him any pain. He had Claire and the having of her filled every place in his heart. Everything else would come in due time.

The apparition of a single rider at distance distracted him from his daydreaming – he had spent the last few minutes thinking of the way he would come to her and take her the next time, his fingers touching her secret spots, stealing moans from her soft, sweet, mouth – forcing him to stand straight on the saddle, his hand resting on the blade he carried.

When the rider approached he recognized the silhouette and raised his hand in greeting, a smile forming on his lips.

“Willie!” He greeted. “A charaid!”

“Jamie!” The young man recognized him. They quickly dismounted and hugged each other. “Here ye are man! Ye had me sick with worrying, searching high and low for yer ass! I was certain ye were deid.”

“Well, close enough.” Jamie said, patting his friend on the shoulder. He and Willie were almost of the same age and good friends since his coming to Leoch. “I had an accident and was taken badly.”

“Ach!” Willie grunted, cleaning the sweat of his brow. “Where the devil did ye go, then? The MacKenzie called a search for ye and nae one could find sae much as one thread of hair from that rock solid heid!”

“Someone helped me.” He said, feeling his cheeks hot. “Willie, I have to go to Leoch.”

“Hmm….” The man measured him with a sapient look. “Ye look different. What are ye about, a charaid?”

“I’m to go there and free myself of my commitment to Laoghaire.” He said, his face serious and fierce. “I’m no longer free to marry her.” And then he told him the tale of a mysterious and engaging woman, who saved him from death and loneliness, capturing his heart in the process. He told Willie everything – well, almost everything, for the previous night belonged only to him and Claire and her provenience was also out of boundaries – knowing that his friend would understand.

“And ye say this woman is the Bean sídhe?” Willie shook his head, looking astonished. “Of all the reckless things ye ever did, this Jamie my lad…” And he continued to shake his head.

“I had nae choice, Willie.” Jamie said, a smile blossoming on his lips. “She chose me.”

“Ye are in love with her, aren’t ye?” Willie said, still slightly shaking his head but sharing his smile, a look of respect in his eyes. “Jamie Fraser in love with a lassie!”

“She’s not a lassie.” Jamie’s smiled widened, an air of smugness about it. “She’s a woman. And aye. I love her.”

“Well,” Willie said, tousling Jamie’s hair in a companion way. “We best go, then. There’s nae point in delaying the inevitable. Maybe Colum will be relieved enough that ye weren’t eaten by a wolf to let ye go unpunished.”


They arrived at Leoch after three days of riding, the dust and sweat almost gluing them to the saddle. Jamie knew he would be summoned immediately to Himself, word of his arrival spreading like wildfire since their first sighting in the fields that surrounded Leoch. So he greeted Mrs. Fitz at distance, waved a hand in appreciation to Willie, and went to wash the dirt and find a decent shirt. He wanted to face whatever was coming looking like a man, not a scared beggar.

As he was washing his face with some warm water from a basin, the knock on the door warned him of the presence of a servant, delivering the expected notice to present himself to the Laird.

He marched through the dark and humid corridors of the castle and knocked on Colum’s study door.

“Aye.” A voice responded inside and Jamie entered.

“Uncle.” He bowed. “I’ve come, as commanded.”

“Jamie.” Colum was sitting on his chair, a book open on his lap, a quill covering his legs, sheltering them both from cold and from curious glances. “Where were ye this past weeks?”

“I was seriously injured while chasing a deer, uncle. It took me some time to mend enough to make the journey back.” Jamie responded, his fingers lightly tapping on his thigh.

“Was it so?” Colum’s cold gaze met his. “I hope ye were in yer death bed to take this long.”

“Like I said, it was serious.” Jamie repeated, impatience flourishing. “Uncle, I…” But Colum interrupted him.

“We were waiting for ye to get back. Your bride is sick, Jamie. Laoghaire has been sick for almost a week, a fever so high she almost melted.” Colum’s face was softer now. “She might not make it. The healer who came said her state is delicate.”

Jamie felt the ground escaping under his feet, pity for the lass filling his heart, but he had to say what had brought him there.

“I’m verra sorry to hear it, Uncle. I shall do whatever I can do help Laoghaire and see her through it, but I won’t call her my bride anymore. I’m here to tell ye our arrangement is nae longer a reality. I won’t marry her.” Colum’s face was pale with rage, his mouth turned to a fine line.

“Ye what?” His head tilted to the side, acting like if watching Jamie from a different angle would alter his words. “Shall I remind ye of your debt to us?”

“There’s no need to it.” Jamie said, a note of anger lending force to his speech. “I’m well aware. Ye never missed a chance to remind me of it.”

“And yet,” Colum’s gaze pierced into him. “Ye have the effrontery of coming here to tell me that ye refuse, not only an honour, but also a direct order from yer Laird?”

“My Laird is dead!” Jamie growled. “Along with my father, my brothers and sister, my godfather and all of those I called family and clan! Where were the MacKenzie when we were being slaughtered in our homes, killed like animals without a chance of fighting honourably for our lives? Where were ye when they took everything that was dear to me, my heritage and my right?”

Colum stayed silent, his face and hands contorted in rage. One hundred heartbeats passed and then two hundred, until he spoke again.

“What brought this?” He asked, his fingers massaging his temples. “Why suddenly to alienate yerself from us?”

“I’m just doing what had to be done. Now I just have the courage to do it.” He smiled, his blue eyes glowing.

“Verra well!” Colum slowly got up revealing his contorted and disfigured legs and talked solemnly. “James Fraser, for your words and disobedience, I ban ye from clan lands. Ye are nae longer under my protection from this moment on. Ye may take yer leave from Laoghaire if ye like and then off ye go.”

Jamie bent his head to his uncle and turned to leave.

“I hope ye know the danger that awaits ye outside these walls.” He heard Colum’s voice say, in afterthought. “Many won’t rest until ye lie ten feet below the ground.”  Jamie looked over his shoulder and gave his uncle a lopsided smile.

Je suis prest.”


“Are ye leaving then?” Willie asked, watching Jamie saddling Mary.

“Aye.” Jamie said, his fingers swiftly adjusting the stirrups. “Colum has spoken and I’m eager to start my punishment.” He smiled. He had been thinking of Claire and the last image he had of her, her lips almost on his when she had whispered “Don’t be long. I’ll be waiting.”

“Did ye gave Laoghaire a farewell, then?” Willie inquired, curious. “I hear she’s closer to the veil than to the living, ye ken?”

“I have, but I’ll be back shortly.” Jamie responded. “I’m to fetch Claire so she can heal Laoghaire. If anyone is capable of bringing her back, it’s her.”

“Ach!” Willie’s eyes were big as coins. “Ye intend to bring the lass ye’ll marry to cure the lass ye were to be married with?” He shook his head in disbelief. “Consorting with ye is a full time occupation, Jamie lad. My heid hurts.”

Jamie laughed and mounted Mary, and when he looked to say goodbye, Willie was by his side also mounted on his black stallion.

“What are ye doing?” He asked, surprised.

“I’m going with ye to meet the Bean sídhe, what else a charaid?” He smiled and shrugged. “Someone has to see this woman of yours and make sure she doesna have three eyes and the tongue of a snake, aye?”


They were close to Durisdeer now and Jamie felt a longing for Claire that resembled a constant ache in his gut. He couldn’t wait for the moment when they would meet again and he would tell her, and - more importantly - show her, how much he missed her.

They were pacing in the shadow of the threes and he felt his mouth dry and the mare restless. He had pushed the rhythm, anxious to get to Claire, and now both of them were paying the price. He briefly conferred with Willie and they led the horses to a burn nearby, where they filled their bellies with cold and delicious water.

He enjoyed the calmness of his surroundings, the pleasant breeze, the thought of throwing himself in the water tempting him.

Suddenly he noticed the absolute silence in the forest, the singing of birds repressed, the absence of snaps of animal’s hoofs. Something was wrong.

Almost instantly the smell of burning wood filled his nostrils like a wave hitting his face, making him gasp and cough. He ran for the three line, where a column of smoke was now visible, raising like a pillar of destruction. It was just in the direction he was following, just in line with Claire’s cottage. Claire. Oh God, Claire.

He abandoned the mare, knowing that she wouldn’t be of any help, scared and blinded by the smoke, and ran to Claire’s house, ignoring Willie’s callings. He also ignored the ache in his leg, the leg that Claire had set, the bone still healing bellow the flesh.

Jamie came to the clearing where Claire’s cottage was nestled and saw that the whole house was being consumed by fire, Bathsheba bawling in fright near the fence. His mouth opened in a soundless scream and he kneeled, the image of flames searing his eyes, memories of her smile and the flow of her hair coming to him in rapid succession. Willie appeared behind him and seeing Jamie petrified and useless, ran to untie Bathsheba and guided her to the nearby threes.

He felt more than heard a presence, and turned around to see a figure walk from the threes, swaying with each step. It seemed to be a woman by her clothing, but her face was covered with bruises and her right eye was puffed, swollen almost shut. But there was something so familiar and powerful about the woman that he raised up and took a step in her direction. Two things happened at the same time – he saw gold reflecting the flames in her left eye as she called “Jamie.”

Jamie ran to her, catching her amidst falling, shock making him shiver. He cradled her, calling her name, the touch of her body familiar and terrible. He felt tears clouding his eyes and impatiently wiped them, searching for injuries. Only then he realized what made it so difficult for him to recognize her.

God, oh God. Her hair was gone.


Pottery effigy vase; seated nude figure of prisoner, hands tied behind back.


Provenience: Peru

Culture Area: Andean

Period: Moche

Date Made: 200 BC-AD 700

Penn Museum

A cross for the bull-man

Artifact: Bronze cross

Provenience: Assur

Period: Middle Assyrian period (ca. 1400-1000 BC)

The importance of this hoard found in the area of the Ashur-temple in Assur is not the text inscribed on the larger bronze cross, but the uniqueness of this find on the one hand and the relation between imagery and text. The hoard consisted among others of two crosses, two cylinder seals, a golden platelet, which depicts the human chest in relief as well as a second rectangular golden platelet with a depiction of the bull-man holding a standard in front of him. This mythological being is known as Kusarikku and this term is referred to in the text inscribed on the larger bronze cross. The text is dedicated to this being and was commissioned by the brewer of the Eshara-temple. Crosses are not uncommon in the imagery of Kassite cylinder seals. (Klaus Wagensonner, University of Oxford)

Western European

Hallstatt Culture

Provenience: France, Normandy,Calvados, Bernieres d'Ailly

Penn Museum

Locus: Foot of the Monts d'Eraines near Chateau d'Ailly

Period: Late Bronze Age

Date Made: 1199-700 BC


Genre: Angst

Rate: PG-16

Character: Y’/N as in you & Baekhyun

Words: 1899

Author’s Note: im doing this based on my request, my first req. thanks! mentally sends the love. enjoy reading! sorry for any grammatical errors and typos.

You wished the water will rinse your stress, and yet it never happened. You wrapped the towel around your body and stepped out from the bathroom. A pair of sharp eyes judging you hard as a welcome. You walked pass him without returning the burning glare.

Opening the wardrobe, you dressed up and turned to your dresser to brushed a simple make up. You took your purse from the drawer and filling it with your phone and the gift for the upcoming spouse. You were about to get done when Baekhyun came and grabbed his car key from the drawer. Immediately headed over to the car.

You hesitated to put some of your make up in your purse. Since you’re not that good at doing make up. You liked casual clothes, baggy sweaters and black legging with your favourite sneaker, spend the day watching new movies at the cinema. You weren’t just like any girls, and you thought girls like you couldn’t be underrated. Yet, you gave the permission for Baekhyun to broke you into pieces by saying you were too tomboy and didn’t suit his type.


You still wondered why Baekhyun took you to be his girlfriend. You both met at your first-year of college. He suddenly grabbed your hand from the janitor room while you were heading to your next class. He forced to put you in and profusely looked at you in the eye, searching for any sign of what he needed. You were there, dumb-founded of what was happening, and told him you still had class to study in.

Until one day, he grabbed your hand again from the same janitor room when you wanted to head to the hall to meet your friends and hangout. You weren’t surprised anymore, and curiously asked “Are you ok? What’s with all of these meetings?” He lazily slid his body and sat of the floor “We’re mates. You’re mine from now on.” With this, a surprised look was drawn on your face, you had so much question to ask him, but nothing came out.

“Well, I didn’t expect this too. I didn’t expect you’d be my mate.” A ‘tch’ slipped from his mouth, sign of frustration. Your heart immediately broke when you heard the statement, because you secretly liked him and honestly, you did know how the mate system worked, and you were destined to be with him, forever.

Deep in your heart, you were still figuring out why is his demeanor to you was cold? He might be tired? Accepting the premise that he was distant to you, you didn’t know what he usually does apart from his and your home.


And now, you were hating the fact that you should put a thin mask to conceal your eye bags

Hating the fact that you should paint a fake smile to his friends, to everybody

You and your boyfriend, Baekhyun, were heading to his friend’s wedding party. You wore black long sleeve mini cocktail dress, black ankle boots, and a choker that lingering your neck to complete your appearance. Baekhyun himself wore a black tuxedo with bowties and black shoes.

You got in the car with him started the car. The drive to the wedding party in the car was completely awkward. None of you said a word, the drive wasn’t losing track of time either, so you decided to play the music on, hoping it would ease the current fettle. You immediately regretted your choice of playing the music since it was getting much more awkward than before, the music played Girl’s Day Minah-I’m A Woman Too song. Earning his index finger impatiently tapping the wheel with a serious frown on his forehead.

Your irritation level had reached the highest “Can we get back home?” it turned out to be a murmur instead of nag, you were too scared to build the courage to properly speak. Baekhyun heard your voice, choosing to reply you with silence and keep driving to the party. You gave up on your attempt “I love you, Baekhyun. Why are you like this.” Whispering, wishing Baekhyun to not hear your small voice when his ear actually peered when the words slipped from your mouth, and all he did was shrug. Looking at the raindrops that defiled the car window, you hoped you can go home soon, change into comfy clothes and rest. With that, you fell asleep.


You were awaken by Baekhyun’s nudge on your side, cracking an eye open, you realized you both have arrived at the building. You went out from the car, following Baekhyun out from the parking lot to the main hall. You really wanted to hold his hand and enter the entrance of the building together. Your hand brushed with his knuckles, attempting to get his hand in yours. Instead of accepting your welcoming hand, he dodged his hand away and flipped it inside the pocket of the tux. Your shoulder dropped and you looked down, the pain was still bearable, though.

You both got in and met Baekhyun’s friends there, they were called exo. They were popular in the college, and they all knew you. So you flashed a friendly smile to them, and felt your body was pulled for a hug. You leaned back and saw it was Chanyeol. “Long time no see, Y/N! How are you?” you rolled your eyes and chuckled, “I thought our classes are mostly the same. I’m good, Chanyeol.” He nodded and turned to his other friends. You looked around, realizing Baekhyun was nowhere to be found.

Looking for Baekhyun, you asked Chanyeol to help you looking for him, because Chanyeol said he knew where Baekhyun was, he said Baekhyun was going to be near the toilet. As soon as you and Chanyeol found him, blood boiled as you saw Baekhyun holding other girl’s waist and kissing the girl’s corner lips, so close to proper delicate kiss. Tears traced on your cheeks, you dropped the drink you supposed to bring for Baekhyun. Since you still tried to be nice, you braced yourself to do little things for him.

You treaded to his way and stood a meter away from the kissing couple, leaving Chanyeol with his mouth agape. Baekhyun was too busy kissing her, and she seemed enjoying his service, placing her hands on his chest.

The sight was too painful for you to see, but you couldn’t do much. You knew the girl, but all you knew was this girl was a close friend of Baekhyun in the campus. They shared the same exact classes and spent their time a lot together at the campus. She was your senior. But Baekhyun never told you about her, he said he was chased by his so-called very busy schedule, and she probably didn’t know you were his girlfriend, because you both had never been seen to walk together at the place.

“Are you both done yet?” You said as you wiped your continuously sliding tears. You tried to let out a stern voice, not wanting to break down again in front of him. Their lips disported as your voice echoed to their ear drums. With the feel of guilty, Baekhyun immediately release his grip on her, on your senior. Confusion could be seen on her face, and without any explanation, he left the girl and dragged you out from the crowd and brought you home.


The drive back home was filled with the bitterness. You didn’t know what you have to do with him anymore. You loved him, you really did. And the sight was tearing off your heart. You wanted to leave the reality, dreaming of the sweet Baekhyun you had always wanted since ever. Baekhyun himself felt guilty. You were his mate, why did he have to do this? Loving his own friend when he had you already. And, how about the girl he loved? “What should I do?” He deeply thought.

When the car finally parked in front of the both of your house, you got out and rushed to your door and unlocked it. Sometimes the thought of him buying the house for the both of you crossed in your head, why did he have to buy this when he actually didn’t even love his own mate? It’s unfair.

Entering your room, you changed into one of your oversized t-shirt and unclasped your bra. For you, using pants and oversized t-shirt were the best sleeping pajamas. You dropped yourself on the bed and cried your heart out, making half of your pillow damp.

Baekhyun was getting ready for bed, changing himself to his comfy clothes. When he sat on the bed, you growled, “Why are you here? Get away from me!” your eyes red, burning him in fire. “I don’t love you! You know that? I love the girl I kissed earlier. I’m tired of this relationship, but I can’t leave this living hell. I met her before I found out that you are my mate, I saw it in your eyes. Back when you were with your friends, in the cafeteria.” He said.

He raked his hair in frustration, knuckles turning into white as he balled his hand into fist. “I came in with her, your back was facing me so of course you didn’t see me. So I started to look out for you, I couldn’t believe I should leave her for you. The girl I didn’t even know the provenience.” Added Baekhyun. You were too tired to argue, too tired to cry, and too tired to think. So you just tried to bursh it off and slept.


The sunrise light peeked through your window, eliminating last night’s cool breeze. You could feel beside of your bed was empty, like usual. Rubbing your eyes, you wanted to get up and start your day. Rolling on the bed, ready to stand up, you found the sticky note sticking to the board of the head rest. It says

I’m leaving for a week to think about this.

You sighed, decided to do your daily routine. Unexpectedly, Baekhyun didn’t even show up at the campus. So you lived your life without struggles, in hope to grant the nice life you had been dreaming of.


A week passed. It was the time of Baekhyun’s return. The night sky was nervous, your hands began to sweat. You sat on the couch and drink the already-cold coffee you had prepared. You hadn’t had drunk it since you were too nervous and forgot to drink it.

Cool breeze swiped your skin, the door wasn’t closed. “Y/N.” It was Baekhyun. You didn’t turn your head because you were too scared. His footsteps were coming closer as your body shivered. Suddenly, you felt a pair of hand on your shoulders, massaging them, “I’ve come back.” He said softly.

Baekhyun had changed?

“Hmm” you replied. It was an awkward silence, yet so comforting. This was the first time you felt this when you were with Baekhyun. “I guess we should start over again. I’m sorry.” He looked down, “And plus, I’m no longer with the girl anymore. I think it was wrong. I’m respecting you, mate.” He added.

“Ok, we’ll start over.” You said with a smile, glad that he knew his mistake.

A smile that was showed in advance, with that, a year later your relationship bloomed.