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Hi! I wanted to ask if you have or if you know where I could find a comprehensive list of Annie's released tracks. Not just the album tracks but all the extras out there such as content from the singles and her old stuff from the ratsliveonnoevilstar EP, etc? Thank you kindly!

not counting s/t, strange mercy, love this giant, actor, marry me tracks (sort of in chronological order but not really):

Circle; Bliss; Count; Good Morning; Breathing (RATSLIVEONNOEVILSTAR)
Count (Dorm Sessions Vol. 1)
Bang, Bang
These Days (Jackson Browne/Nico cover)
Proven Badlands
Cheerleader (acoustic)
This Wave
Oh My God
Krokodil; Grot
What’s The Use Of Wondrin’? (w/ Amanda Palmer)
Roslyn (w/ Bon Iver) (Twilight: New Moon)
Sleep All Summer (w/ The National)
Need You Tonight; Never Tear Us Apart; Calling All Nations (Beck’s Record Club)
Every Drop Of Rain (w/ David Byrne, Fatboy Slim)
Sex Karma (St. Vincent Remix) (Of Montreal)
Sisters of the Moon (w/ Craig Wedren) (A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac)
Maniac (w/ Kid Cudi)
The Antidote (Twilight: Breaking Dawn)
Early Autumn (Gangster Squad)
Make Believe (Boardwalk Empire)
Cissus; I Should Watch TV (M. Stine Remix); Lightning (Kent Rockafeller Remix); Marrow (Live); Road To Nowhere (Live) (w/David Byrne) (Brass Tactics)
Teenage Talk
Digital Witness (a capella)
Digital Witness (instrumental)
Prince Johnny (instrumental)
Prince Johnny (radio edit)
Regret (instrumental)
Psychopath (Solex remix)
Under Neon Lights (The Chemical Brothers)

Nathalie Neal; Bring The Sun/Toussaint L'ouverture; Kirsten Supine; Screen Shot (Swans)
Humiliation (+ several others uncredited I’m pretty sure) (The National)
My Shepherd (The New Pornographers)

A Kiss Goodbye (Emile Haynie) (stg it sounds like her vocals are on this song but apparently it’s charlotte gainsbourg; he credited her for it but not sure for what)

not released/never performed:

Fault Line
Into The Wake
Late in the Day
Late in the Kitchen
Polaroid Scheming
Soft Sight
Stop And Start
Sunday Morning Secret
Sweet Thing
The Funeral Song

probably missing some since there are a lot of random collaborations, various versions of different singles, and she seemingly does a lot of uncredited work with artists…

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I saw you and another person talking about unreleased songs and bsides. Where does one find these songs at? I'd love to listen.

here are some b-sides/collabs/contributions/unreleased songs (i’m forgetting some i’m sure) (plus it depends on your definition of unreleased/b-side (not including the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition of her s/t):

These Days (Paris is Burning EP (2006)/Jesus Saves, I Spend single (2007)):

Bang, Bang (unreleased (circa 2007)):

Bicycle (Actor Out of Work single (2009)):

Oh My God (Actor iTunes bonus track/Marrow single (2009)):

This Wave (Strange Mercy Japanese bonus track (2011)) :

Year of the Tiger (Live 4AD Session) (Strange Mercy Japanese bonus track (2011)):

Cheerleader (Acoustic) (Cheerleader single/promo (2012)):

Teenage Talk (not really a b-side since it was released as a single this year) (debuted on Girls):

Record Store Day 2012 single vinyl:



What’s the Use of Wond'rin’ (w/ Amanda Palmer)(2009):

Roslyn (w/ Bon Iver) (Twilight New Moon soundtrack (2009)):

Every Drop of Rain (David Byrne/Fatboy Slim album Here Lies Love (2010)):

Need You Tonight (INXS cover)(one of several on Beck’s Record Club // Kick cover album (2010)):

Make Believe (Boardwalk Empire soundtrack (2011)):

The Antidote (Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 soundtrack (2012)):

Proven Badlands (original composition for yMusic’s Beautiful Mechanical (2012)) (free download of song:

Lusitania (w/Andrew Bird)(2012):

Early Autumn (Gangster Squad soundtrack (2013)):

Under Neon Lights (w/ The Chemical Brothers)(2015):


yMusic - Proven Badlands (composed by Annie Clark), live on WNYC’s Spinning On Air 1/28/12


yMusic “Proven Badlands” by Annie Clark (St. Vincent) on WNYC’s Spinning On Air (by SpinningOnAir)


Now I never noticed it in its sung version, but this song has so many Longstreth-ian elements.