Life on Mars part 9 (Maggie POV)

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11:45 p.m. I’m packed, clothes laid out, mail is being held at the post office. I should be asleep. I get up in mere hours to embark on a four month tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars. Beside me Jared is snoring lightly. God he is beautiful.

1:11 a.m. Oh, how I wish I could sleep. Ugh. I made fun of Brie for being so spastic as she packed. I seriously thought I would have to slap some sense into her. Here I am getting my payback. My mind just won’t calm down and let me sleep. I try to focus on Jared’s chest softly rising and falling with his breathing, hoping I will fade into sleep.

2:34 a.m. Did I pack the extra flash. And the extra batteries?

3:59 a.m. I’m up. Coffee. Lots of it. I stagger to the kitchen sleepy yet pumped. I’m just filling my second cup of coffee when Jared comes in wearing jogging pants and a mutilated Who The F#%k Is Bartholomew Cubbins shirt.  I grabbed another cup and poured it for him. Giving him a kiss as I set the mug on the table. “Good morning handsome.” Before I could get back to my chair Jared put his arms around me to pull me into his lap. “Are you ready?” He asked looking into my eyes looking concerned. “Well, I mean I should probably get dressed.” I replied starting to stand. Instead my blue eyed angel pulled me back down before continuing, “no you silly little nymph. I mean for the tour. It’s gonna be crazy at one moment and boring the next. Rest won’t exist and I just want to make sure you’re geared for it.”  Taking his face in my hands, I assured him I was ready and excited and I understood the demands he would be under.
   It didn’t take long to finish packing before we were on the way to the bus. We met up with Brie, Shannon, Tomo, Vicki and Emma to load up and make sure everything was on schedule. After bidding farewell to Vicki we headed to a local diner to fill our bellies before hitting the road. Poor Brie looked as if she hadn’t slept either. Of course after all the caffeine she consumed the night before I’m surprised she wasn’t sprouting wings.
    Once the excitement of leaving town settled, Tomo grabbed his newest favorite cookbook. I swear he should just write his own.  Jared and Emma were quickly consumed in their laptops. I loved watching Jared work. I silently grabbed my sketch pad and started outlining his face. I was working on his nose when Shannon and Brie joined us. No telling what those two were up to up front. It obviously wasn’t sleeping because it took Brie all of two seconds after curling up in Shan’s lap to pass out.  Eventually, Tomo headed up front to chat with Dave, the driver and Emma decided a nap sounded good and she retreated to her bunk. I decided to head to the front and watch some t.v. In the common room. Jared soon joined me claiming he couldn’t take anymore of Shannon’s doe eyes watching Brie sleep. “I mean, it’s almost creepy” he joked. We cuddled up on the massive cushions watching The Shining together. We were both engrossed when my phone chirped to tell me the battery was low. Now what you don’t know about me is I am on my phone nearly as much as my Boo. Hopping up to go get my charger, I heard sweet nothings being murmured. We were going to be spending a lot of time together so modesty wasn’t an option. Bracing myself I thundered I to the common area “Hey Fuckers! I’m getting my charger. Jesus! Spare me would you?!” I cried, trying to block the sight of the two of them swapping D.N.A. I quickly retrieved my charger and headed back. Jumping when Emma opened her curtain, scaring me half to death.
    Since everyone was now up, we decided to play some Guitar Hero. This way we could all pretend we had talent. Of course Jared showed out giving us a full performance. It should have been against the rule for him to sing his own song. Just saying.  After a couple hours of themajority of us sounding like alley cats with Tourette’s , Tomo and Jared decided to start finishing some details with the set list. Both of them would be engrossed in that laptop for hours. The rest of us left them to think and popped a movie in in the front area.
    Around 2:00 a.m. Us chicks started whining about our hunger. Until finally we stopped outside of Portland, Oregon at some greasy spoon. The bad thing about late night stops, it isn’t easy feeding the vegans of the group. I was trying, but at 2:00 a.m. a patty melt was sounding pretty damn good. Piling in and getting seated, we were all eager to order. Then the real entertainment started. The little Podunk server we had was outright salivating for Shannon. She was being a complete snobby bitch to Brie and throwing herself on Shan-Man. Have you ever watched those wildlife shows on Discovery? Because I swear to you, I thought Brie would lunge like a pissed off lioness after a sickly little antelope. Sure enough, Brie loudly got the server’s attention, glaring as she ordered a sweet tea. This was gonna be fun. As our food was served, “Dani” our flirty friend handed Shannon’s plate last. Making a not so subtle attempt to throw herself at him. I swear she had even unbuttoned her shirt some since taking our orders. *CLANG* I saw a fork fling by before ricocheting off of the floor. Brie’s syrupy sweet voice ringing out. “Whoops, sorry sweetie. Do you mind?” Oooh! B’s horns were showing! Emma looked nervous, Jared and I were snickering and Tomo was staring into his plate. Shannon looked frozen. Once that excitement died down, Jared filled us in on the schedule of our first stop as we fed our faces and cut up together. Tomo and I were being childish and flinging sugar packets at each other. We had acquired a sibling bond almost immediately after meeting. I owed Tomo for teaching me the basics of vegan cooking so I could impress Jared. Tomo, my hero.  As we finished, Brie’s new friend brought the receipt over and handed it to Shannon. I don’t know hat she had written on it, but it must have been good. Brie flung the receipt back at her and started yelling. Poor Dani still hiding behind the counter. Chaos ensued as Shannon dragged her out and Tomo and Emma gathered their things. “Calm down Madea, don’t get arrested” I interjected. Brie still heated, smirked at me and said she would punch me in the throat. Eventually, we all piled back on the bus and climbed into our bunks to gear up for the next day. Laying and feeling the highway hum and rock me to sleep I couldn’t help but smile. I was on the road with my crazy best friend and the best group a person could be blessed to call family.


      As I woke, I felt disoriented until I remembered I was on a bus. A bus that wasn’t moving. I quickly sat up which resulted in my banging my head and a lovely string of obscenities escaping me. I stumbled out of the bunk and after using the worlds smallest bathroom, made my way to find coffee. 8:00 a.m. Wow, that was late compared to my new routine. Looking around, it appeared that Shannon, Brie and Dave were still lost in slumber. Tomo, Jared and Emma’s bunks empty. While I waited on the coffee to brew I sat out coffee cups and it was then that I noticed the note on the counter.

     Hey, you lucky sleeping jackals. Tomo, Emma and I headed to KNRK 94.7 for an interview. It will air at 8:30. We should be back around 9:30. Shannon, don’t forget to call the station and send your plug recordings.  Emma will text the number. Later you beautiful mother fuckers.  -J

    Goofy ass. Ooh, I noticed there was now only ten minutes until it started. I quickly turned on the radio and poured coffee for Shannon and Brie. I figured Dave was out cold after driving all night.  sure enough, I no sooner poured three cups before I heard Rustling as my bus mates awoke and joined me. Just as we all sat down and said our good mornings the d.j. Came on the air:

DJ: Another rocking morning in Portland and here at KNRK we have exciting news. Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Jared and Tomo are here! Good morning guys!

Tomo: Good morning to you and to all you beautiful people listening to us!

DJ: the crew is still diving into the delicious vegan breakfast pizza that Tomo whipped up for us today in the station kitchen. We will post the recipe on line for all you herbivores! And getting down to business, you two along with Jared’s brother Shannon will be performing at the Rotture tonight right?

Jared: you are 100% correct. We are ready to come out and either convert, corrupt or commune with you amazing Orgonians.

DJ: okay, Jared, you know I have to ask. Only because I don’t want all your fans to beat me down. Tell us more about your now famous new friend. The boardwalk pics are all the talk on the chat boards.

Jared: first, we don’t have fans. Just a really big family. And my friend? She is my friend, my confidant, my joy and my reasoning or lack there of.

DJ: you are usually quite withdrawn with your personal life.

Jared: when it’s something so right and so intense, you can’t keep it a secret.

DJ: it’s also going around that Shannon hasn’t been hanging solo either. So who are these mystery girls?

Tomo: They are two beautiful creatures inside and out. They are a joy to be around and I am honored to call them family. I’m gonna stand on a limb here and say on behalf of Jared and Shannon and the lovely ladies and say that it should be up to them to throw names out and be prepared for the wrath that will follow.

Jared: Nicely said Tomo. While I would love to rent a billboard and make some statements, I will refrain and be a gentleman.

DJ: The blogs are blowing up, surprisingly most feedback has been positive about the ladies. Saying that you and you brother look happier than you have in years. So ladies, whatever you are doing, good job! And don’t forget to check the show out tonight. When we come back Jared and Tomo will assist us in Prank calling one unsuspecting victim!

    After the interview faded into black, Up In The Air filled the silence. I looked at Brie as she looked back with a look on her face that said,“oh shit, things are about to get crazy”  Shannon took her hand and looked at her. “How do you feel about everyone knowing you? Are you ready for this?” He asked. “I’m on tour with you. I love being with you. We will deal with whatever comes our way. I mean,once they see us taking pics tonight, talk will get around” Brie stated strongly, while looking a bit nervous.

    After the interview finished with Jared and Tomo calling a plumber and trying to order new tires in goofy dialects I switched the radio off and we started getting dressed for the day. Soon after, Emma boarded the bus followed by the guys. I immediately gave Tomo the first hug and thanked him for his chivalry before entering Jared’s arms and receiving a belated morning kiss. We had a short window of time to eat and relax before sound checks and getting the show underway.
     The rest of the day was packed with sound checks, meet and greets, and snapping pictures throughout it all. Echelon were starting to fill the venue and Brie and I were on stage capturing the crowd while the hands set up the stage. We then got down between the stage and barriers to photograph the opening acts. Finally, it was time for the band to take stage. We had again climbed on stage to get the excitement of the crowd, hop back down and prepared for the next couple hours. Brie yelled something to me, I couldn’t hear over the crowd chanting “This Is War” but it looked like she said, “Here we go!”

Greetings from Space: Someone New (part 2)

A/N: Here is part 2 of the Greetings From Space series!! It is a little short but I hope you all enjoy and I am always considering any song suggestions so please send them in if you have something you think would fit!! Feedback is also greatly appreciated, so let me know what you think! XOXOX

Listen to the song here

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I can love you desperately, though your love ain’t guaranteed                             Oh, I wish you knew the deal, gotta learn from far away                                         And I simply needed space, space for me to be                                                     And I think you need it too

After finally pulling away from his grasp, I straightened myself up and sat back in the chair, he too resumed his previous position.

“Look, I still think we need some time, both of us. We need to get our heads right, and we can’t do that together.” He slumped his shoulders and continued to look sad. I had to look away, I couldn’t give into his puppy dog eyes.

Though I know you call me selfish for assuming                                                     I did this for you too, you still got me around your finger                                         Even though I’m far away                                                                                         Please believe me when I say

“Reagan, I don’t want us to be apart, please don’t leave again. How can you assume for the both of us that this is the right thing?” He was now holding one of my hands in both of his. 

“I will always be yours, forever, but we really do need some space. Just a few weeks. I know you’ve got a lot of things coming up with the band, and black fuel, and you also have Camp Mars. You’ll be fine, I promise." 

"But I don’t want to let you go.” He said with closed eyes.

Everything I do, I’m gonna think of you                                                                   Don’t know what else to do                                                                                     You got me, you got me, baby                                                                                 Everything I make, I only make for you                                                                   Baby, be patient for me                                                                                           And please don’t fall in love with someone new                                                       I promise one day I’ll come back for you 

“I don’t want you to let me go either. I just want us to really focus on ourselves a bit. You’ve got me, I’m yours. And I am always a phone call away. Just, be patient, okay? We will get through this together, even if we are apart. Are you gonna wait for me Shannon?” Tears were beading up in my eyes and threatening to fall any moment. He looked the same.

“Of course I will wait for you, but I’ll never forgive you for doing this. How can you be so foolish, Reagan?” His voice was louder now and his words felt like bullets, “You have fucked up everything, you are so selfish.” He added through gritted teeth. 

Oh, you say you hate me now, and you burn me with your words                         Calling me a fool, saying that I’ve fucked up everything                                         And you’ll never forgive me, though I’m doing this for you                                       Baby, can’t you see if there is such a thing                                                             Of loving someone so much that you need                                                             To give them time to let them breathe                                                                     But you don’t understand, I wish you understood                                                   Oh, I hope one day you do

“How can you say that? I’m doing this for us, for you! Why can’t you understand that Shannon?” My voice was now raised too as I stared on at his audacity.

“Moments like this I really can’t stand you Reagan. You think you know what’s best but you don’t.” He was now seething as he stood up to pace around the porch. 

“I love you more than anything, I do. But this has to happen, and I need you to trust me on this, and hopefully you won’t move on,” I cried out but he wouldn’t look at me, “Just take me to my brother’s now please.”  I whimpered as I wiped the tears from my eyes. Why can’t he understand that this will help us. It would be so much easier if he would just cooperate.

Believe in you, believe in me, we’re meant to be together                                       I told you, weren’t lyin’, I know you aren’t relying                                                     And now I am supplying you the time and space                                                     To let you grow into the person that I know, that I know you can be                       And I can be her too                                                                                               And I’ll come back to you                                                                                         And I am ready for you, baby, I am ready for you now                                           I’m not ready for you now, please don’t hate me

As we pulled up to the house I paused with my hand on the door handle, not quite ready to get out of the car yet. I didn’t necessarily want to do this, but we really need to figure out what we want from our strained relationship.

“Please don’t hate me,” I choked out, “We both need time to grow and re-evaluate this. We are meant to be together, we just need space for now. I love you, and I’ll come back, please don’t find someone new.  It will just be a little while, I promise.” I was crying this time and he just stared ahead. I opened the door and stepped out but didn’t close the door. 

“Please say it back.” I nearly begged knowing there was a possibility that I wouldn’t hear it again for a while.

“You know I do.” He whispered but didn’t say anything else and didn’t turn his head my way, I took that as the signal to shut the car door and watch him as he backed out. ‘What have I just done?’

2 weeks later

I haven’t heard from him, he won’t answer the phone, and neither will Jared or Tomo. I did my best to try and not worry, but failed. Maybe he did move on, maybe I should too. I can’t stay stuck in this house withering away like last time, I hopped on Instagram and did the worst thing I could have done, I went to his profile. There were a few recent pictures but nothing unusual, It wasn’t until I looked at his tagged photos that I realized that he probably did in fact move on. 'Already?’ I asked myself and staring back at me was a picture of a young blonde model kissing him on the cheek. I never did understand why they hung around models so much, but seriously, it had been only 2 weeks and he was already taking selfies with models. What the fuck. 

I quickly closed the app and grabbed my things and headed to the store to get some stuff and I figure it may help to ease my mind a little. As I was browsing through the aisles I heard a throat clear behind me, I turned around to see a familiar face. It was Mystery Man from the club.

“Hey. Reagan, right?” I’m shocked he even bothered coming up to me after what happened that night.

“Yeah. I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name?” I winced as I spoke, feeling rude for not knowing.

“No, no. It’s fine. I’m Mark.” He outstretched his hand and I took it. 

“Well, It’s nice to actually meet you Mark. I’m really sorry that you got beat up because of me.”  I said smiling awkwardly at him.

“Quit saying sorry, it’s not your fault. Uh, so, where is your Knight?” He questioned while looking around.

“Don’t worry, he’s not my knight, we’re still on hiatus I guess you could say. Actually, we’re not even speaking right now." 

"That’s unfortunate for him. Me, on the other hand, not so much.” He said now smiling down at me. 

“And why is that?” I questioned with narrowed eyes.

“Because, I would like to ask you out. If you’d let me that is.” I looked around briefly before thinking 'Why the hell not?’ Shannon doesn’t get to be the only one who has fun. 


“Really? Um, I mean, how about dinner tomorrow? I can pick you up.” He sounded shocked at first but then tried to play it off smoothly. 

“I’d really like that.” We exchanged numbers and separated. Once I got back home and put everything away, I passed out as soon as I hit the bed.


The date went really well, he took me to a nice restaurant for dinner, then we walked hand in hand around the pier for a while. It was really nice and I enjoyed getting to know him. Mark seemed to be a pretty sweet guy, but still, deep down, a part of me wanted someone else. Clearly that wasn’t going to happen so I stopped in my tracks and grabbed Mark’s face pulling him down to kiss him. We watched the black mass of the ocean and enjoyed the night breeze for a while. We shared little secrets and quirky facts about ourselves to each other on the drive back home. He seemed pretty interested in me and I was interested too. This will do for now. He will do for now.

I promise one day I’ll come back to you                                                                   I promise one day I’ll come back to you                                                                   I promise baby, one day I’ll come back to you                                                         I promise baby, one day I’ll come back to you