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This came to mind after I hear of the guy who made a “woman free” cut of The Last Jedi, which ended up being a reasonably followable 45 minute cut.

Now first of all I think that shows that TLJ is not a feminist movie if you can take out all the female characters and be left with something narratively coherent. The women are just there and don’t really drive the plot, their narrative purpose can be removed and something coherent can be left behind without them.

But that also leads me to the terribly disappointing observation that, many men think any media with a larger cast of women in it is “feminist” just because many women are in it, and don’t have the capacity to analyse said media to actually see whether it has any feminist value at all.

          HI.       so,      i’ll be changing my alias violet to  layla.     it’s nothing too extreme,      just that there’s been some drama in the past few days in my askbox and my real name is actually layla and it’s prettier THANK YOU


Dean & Cas Are In Love

A hopefully one day conclusive study of these assholes, hopefully told as briefly as I can.

Written for the people in the fandom who care but sometimes need a pick me up on this, and not written to prove a point to anyone who doesn’t already care. <3

Hollowing Dean Out

This chunk of episodes has a clear purpose to utterly destroy Dean, in order that he might get to the lowest point to consider saying yes to Michael. Obviously there’s other parts of these episodes which hit him extremely hard in other ways, but this specific gifset is about taking Cas - or the image of a strong, reliable Cas - away from him.

In 5x13 Dean trusts Cas enough to send him to meet Anna instead of just going there with Sam and getting themselves killed. When he time travels them, he immediately collapses and is useless for the rest of the episode, although he manages to fly himself back to them. At which point Dean’s wry description of him for Team Free Will is “mr comotose”…

I just wanna mention that “Team Free Will” was originally said in the most depressed, sardonic way ever and was in no means a particularly inspiring or intended to be good group to belong to. Dean’s already wrung out and it’s only episode 13 and he cracks in 17… Of course fandom claimed it and turned it into a positive description for Sam Dean and Cas as a team, but “Mr Comotose” is only a temporary description of Cas in that moment. In the wider picture, it’s how Cas is progressively becoming more and more vulnerable, and this was the first sign that, cut off from Heaven, he didn’t have the same power to pop in and out on them like he had in 4x03 when easily time-travelling Dean with no apparent cost to himself. In any case, Dean’s describing them all in the terms of how he rates them the lowest - his pain at Sam and demon blood, Cas’s growing uselessness, and his own estimation of his intelligence and worth.

(I’d guess Dean’s later use of the term is remembering more positively from the POV that they actually won - think of Cas’s amazement when describing their team in similar low-rated descriptors in 6x20 while looking nostalgically back on 5x22.)

That episode ends with Mary uttering the lines which up until this point have seemed almost sweet, if you remember from 2x13 that she said angels were watching over Dean - the addition of Cas to his life in the intervening time feels like a positive idea, that Cas is the one looking over him, and since 4x22 has sort of become his guardian angel in a very literal sense of choosing him to latch onto and help. At this point Mary, mind-wiped and oblivious, repeats the line but now in the full context of the apocalypse and the set up we’ll discover in the next couple of episodes, that Heaven orchestrated her marriage to John, and that she’s only there to have her babies so they can grow up to be the vessels. The “angels watching over” them are Michael and his host, eagerly waiting to snatch Dean up and use him for their purposes. It fully corrupts the line from its positive connotations, so with dramatic irony also takes away the comfort of what Cas might be for Dean.

Then Cas is affected by Famine, and at first Dean’s surprised when Cas steals the burger from him, then utterly perturbed when he shows up eating them to deliver exposition, asks with concern when Cas tells him it’s in the “low hundreds”, and finally sees Cas unable to fight, sitting on the floor eating raw meat with his hands, completely overcome and one of the first times (the first time?) Cas is referred to being Dean’s attack dog. There’s the great moment where Dean suggests 10 seconds is too long for Cas to do his thing and immediately goes in after him, but that again shows his faith Cas can do something in 5 seconds has been broken, and sure enough, Cas has been overpowered.

Finally we come to the end of the episode, where Dean’s got to deal with detoxing Sam yet again, and Cas shows up to offer very little comfort about the situation. He can’t do anything about it, and they’re feeling in general miserable, having learned the extent to which Heaven has manipulated them, and facing the helplessness of Heaven’s will, as 5x13 also showed in spades, with the cupid thing the icing on the top.

And Dean leaves Cas back there and goes out to the scrapyard, where he breaks down and prays to the sky, reminiscent of 4x18, where he first prayed in desperation and Cas answered… But in this case it’s very, very deliberate to show that he is not praying remotely for Cas to hear and answer, and that Cas may be in it with them - and this is important to bond them in other ways, facing the bad times and desperation together - but right now, Dean can not pray to Cas and get what he wants. He needs a higher power, and at this point in the season, Cas is no longer remotely the source of that strength for him.

Compare to the start of the season where they were built up, and Cas saving Dean in 5x04 was met with the “don’t ever change” and the sense of Cas as powerful and heroic to Dean, and you can see Cas changing and the narrative twisting what he meant to Dean away from him.

Kraglin being sexually frustrated would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Kraglin! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him having quite a habit of not paying attention to the crew and even Yondu when they’d speak to him whenever you’re so close to him or in his line of view, too busy imagining dirty things about you

-Him easily getting irritated with the other crew members whenever they joke around while he’s piloting, yelling at them to get the job done as soon as he can just to get back to you

-Him being more snappy whenever they’d interrupt him as he’s about to kiss you or sweet talk you, just to prove his point that he has no interest in them but you at the moment

-Him being quite grumpy and moody whenever they would all visit a brothel and you happen to be away, always telling other girls to get away from him and just drinking on his own

-Him doing whatever he can to keep you apart from the other crew members, being incredibly jealous that they get to spend time with you while he was busy with his own work

-Him trying so desperately in the morning to wake you up to get it on with you and getting more than upset whenever Yondu gets to him first and he has to leave you

-Him finding any excuse he can just to go bother you at your station and steal a few kisses and even touches as much as he can, only to always be interrupted by Yondu yelling at him to go back to his work

-Him holding your hand tightly whenever you’d both walk together just so he could pull you along when he finds the perfect motel to escape from the others

-Him purposely pulling you tightly or to sit on his lap when you’d walk over to kiss his cheek before you’d leave him for a while just to whisper in your ear that once you’re back he’ll take it all out on you

-Him pushing through everyone and practically carrying you over to bed whenever you’re back, yelling at everyone to expect to not sleep for the night because you’re both going to be loud

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this is incredibly good so lemme get at this in layers

1. i call jontron a bigot (he is) and you get pissed at this statement enough to send me anon messages calling me a bitch

2. this implies several things; that you care enough about an internet celebrity to defend their Honor Online and you care about my personal thoughts on the guy to a point where you will spend actual effort trying to get me to acknowledge that im wrong

3. but youre so god dang stupid that, in order to prove that hes NOT a piece of shit, you send this in his defense, proving my point

im just amazed that you live and breathe man. i mean how have you survived this long

Here, have the start of the “Cutter casually walks into Kepler’s High School to recruit him by ignoring him” fic so y’all can see how terribly annoying Kepler was as a teenager.

“I just don’t get it,” Warren says, glaring across half of the cafeteria at one of the tables.


“I checked out some of the people he was talking to – one of them is in drama club. Drama. Club.

“I am in drama club.”

Look at you, you’re proving my point.”

“You fucking love Shakespeare, shut up.”

“That’s not … the point … Jamie.”

She groans and puts her fork down, wiping her mouth with a whole stash of napkins, before leaning back in her chair. “Fine. Tell me – please, enlighten me – what exactly is the point?”

Warren realizes that she’s being sarcastic even though she keeps her voice neutral; he knows her well enough … but he looks at her, ready to explain it anyway. At least she’s listening.

“The point is,” he says slowly, “that those incompetent theater nerds are called out of class to talk to someone who’s here as a recruiter, and I … am not.”

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aw poor child. 😂 do YOU have anything better to do than be a complete cunt?

Proving my point, do something productive you lazy sod

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Hi hi don't mind me, just an anon that wanted to remind you that you're incredible and one of the loveliest, most wonderful people around! The fact that you're still the same supportive, reliable person, capable of always sounding so charming and friendly even after all you've been through just proves my point! Checking your blog every so often and seeing your posts always feels so soothing! I'm really happy and grateful to have met such an amazing person! ...okay maybe I'm not just any anon >.>


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i carried around a brendon urie picture in my wallet for almost ten years. when i switched wallets it would switch also. two years ago my wallet was stolen and so was brendon. i haven’t replaced it. it all started because a friend dared me to carry around a picture of him for a month and i needed to prove a point

Some lucky thief got your money AND your Urie. Devastating. 

Hi, if you are a teen or an adult who watches/uses things that were “made for kids” or where kids were the target market,

(ex: Disney movies, stuffed animals, Steven Universe)

Please like or reblog this, I’m trying to prove a point.


Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son

HOOO BOY I didn’t think I would have to do this in this nearly 3 years down the line, but my inbox has become a hellish wasteland due to misinformation so I’m gonna be as blunt as possible here: I don’t ship Makorra and I haven’t since the show ended.  Personally it’s just… not My Jam anymore. It hasn’t been for a while. But that’s not the point of this post.

An old post of mine started going around claiming that my opinion regarding fandom toxicity is invalid because “I’m a 24 year old makorra shipper who’s still bitter about korrasami”. I touched base with the person who left the comment asap to try to figure out what was going on & they told me they had me confused with another blogger. They retracted the statement immediately

but the damage had already been done. The version of the post with the “callout” is still circulating.

Look, if this was true and if on top of that I was in fact spreading any kind of hatred or making shitty posts that offended people, I would take this criticism to heart and work to actively change what I was doing. I want and have always wanted this blog to be a safe and comfortable space for anyone and everyone. 

But. Honestly. I refuse to go down because of a case of mistaken identity. This is ridiculous, guys.

If you have to call someone out, please try to do a little research. Misinformation can be harmful.