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Teacher!au + Seokmin seventeen

  • Lee Seokmin; the teacher every student and teacher loves
  • he teaches history and math, and even though most students find these subjects boring, they literally never sleep in Mr Lee’s classes
  • it’s because they would feel bad for sleeping in his class; they don’t want to hurt his feelings
  • also because he’s just so interesting and he teaches in ways that the principal disapproves of
  • the principal can’t say shit because Seokmin’s students are all top ranking
  • how does he teach history?
  • cosplay and re-enactments, plus tonnes of movies
  • how does he teach math?
  • he buys 38 watermelons to prove a point
  • afterwards the class just has a watermelon party to celebrate finishing a chapter
  • his students usually get their perfectly written and typed assignments back within a day
  • but there are 17000 doodles and words of encouragement on them
  • “okay this is wrong, but you tried, a for effort :)”
  • “you remember the watermelon formula? use that here!! :)))”
  • “first off, good job on the re-enactment! secondly, yes Hamilton the musical is great but please don’t write a rap”
  • you’ve been friends with Seokmin for a while and it’s a strange relationship the 2 of you have
  • you’re both highly competitive so during sports day, your students and his students are always fighting against one another
  • and Seokmin’s on the side with his co-leader, Drama teacher Seungkwan, cheering his kids on with pom poms
  • but he glares at you if your kids get a point
  • you, of course, do the same
  • however, once the game’s over, you 2 are no longer competitive
  • Seokmin spends breaks marking his kids’ works while eating cup noodles
  • Biology teacher and cubicle neighbour Soonyoung always tells him to eat something healthier before his body deteriorates but he never really listens
  • unless you buy him something like actual rice and vegetables
  • only then he thanks you and eats the food you bought him
  • some days you would drag him out to eat with the rest of the guys
  • but apparently he would go out only if you asked
  • when you’re staying back to mark worksheets, Seokmin would stop by with coffee before returning to his cubicle
  • there was this one time you, Seokmin and a few other teachers were staying overnight in the school because of a camp
  • you had fallen asleep with your head on your desk
  • Seokmin just finished showering so as he made his way back to his cubicle, he realized you were just sleeping there, looking really uncomfortable
  • he decides to lend you his sleeping bag, pillow and blanket and sets it up in your cubicle
  • he tries not to wake you up as he carries you bridal style to put you on the floor
  • music teacher Jihoon who’s drying his hair as he walks past pauses to look at the scene
  • “look at those love birds” he mutters before walking away
  • once you were settled down, Seokmin made sure you were covered by the blanket before leaving for his cubicle
  • he slept in his chair that night
  • when you woke up you were confused because how the hell did you get on the floor
  • and where the hell did this come from
  • you noticed a name written on the sleeping bag and saw that it was Seokmin’s
  • your heart couldn’t help but flutter
  • after packing up the things, you carried it over to his cubicle
  • only to see him sitting on his chair with his legs elevated on his desk
  • you left his things there and wrote him a thank you note
  • it was just how the 2 of you took care of each other
  • unbeknownst to the 2 of you, all your students hardcore ship you two
  • of course Chan, the youngest ‘hip’ teacher in school who teaches physical education with Seungcheol, knows all about this and he tells his colleagues
  • “did you know the kids are shipping Seokmin and Y/N?”
  • everyone stares at Chan like ‘no shit sherlock’
  • “yeah, we do. it’s pretty obvious”
  • anyways, the guys tell Seokmin about it and he laughs about it
  • “what do you mean, we’re just really good friends”
  • “uh… you guys always eat lunch together, alone, at a different table from us”
  • “you guys could have just sat with us!”
  • “true, but, we felt like we would be interrupting something”
  • Seokmin still can’t believe it, but he didn’t really try to dispel the rumours or the shipping because
  • maybe
  • secretly
  • they were true
  • Valentine’s Day rolls around and the school is going crazy
  • this year, Art teacher Jeonghan and Home economics teacher Mingyu have teamed up to carry out a special event for the school
  • (they really just wanted to do something to get Seokmin and you together)
  • Jeonghan had prepared tons of cards and roses while Mingyu baked a ton of heart shaped cookies (with the help of literature teacher Wonwoo)
  • students and teachers could order and get the gifts delivered to anyone they wanted
  • of course, the students were all super hyped about this because, you know, teenagers
  • but the teachers were all doing it as a joke
  • ‘if you were a booger, I’d pick you first - jun…’ “JUNHUI GET OVER HERE”
  • you weren’t gonna do anything, but everyone was doing it as a joke so you decided to send one to Seokmin
  • (as, not really, a joke)
  • Jeonghan, Mingyu, and everyone else just watched as you scribbled down your note and passed it to Jeonghan to make an order.
  • Seokmin on the other hand, already sent gifts to all the guys, so he thought of sending you one too
  • (for real, to confess)
  • Jeonghan and Mingyu laughed evilly as they read the messages the 2 of you wrote to one another
  • you wondered when Seokmin would receive his gift, and Seokmin wondered the same thing
  • the delivery happened right smack in the middle of your class
  • Mingyu walked in with a bouquet of roses and a pack of cookies, smirking
  • “Ming- Mr Kim what?”
  • Mingyu clears his throat and literally announces to the whole class
  • “Oh, it’s from Mr Lee. The history and math teacher, not the physical ed one.”
  • you start blushing because what the hell is this
  • your students are all going “oooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
  • and you hear someone shout “Get some”
  • you leave the bouquet and cookies on the table and resume lessons
  • although you’re pretty damn distracted
  • Seokmin also receives his in the middle of his math class
  • and his students reacted the same way
  • Seokmin blushed too
  • Jeonghan left that classroom feeling accomplished
  • once lessons ended, you took a look at the note he wrote you
  • “I’m sorry I wasn’t part of your history, can I make it up by being in your future?”
  • you can’t help but laugh at how cheesy his pickup line is
  • but then you realize yours is no better
  • “are you a 45 degree angle? because you’re acute-y”
  • Seokmin literally smiles the largest smile he can muster as he walks back to the staff room
  • he sits at his cubicle and stares at note while munching on the cookies
  • once you get back, he stands up and goes over to you
  • “so did my pick up line work?”
  • you laugh and tell him yes
  • “wanna go for lunch?”
  • you agree and get up, saying that you would get the boys
  • but Seokmin stops you
  • “I was thinking just the 2 of us?”
  • you could hear cheering from all around you
  • the boys ruined the moment
  • but it was still cute

(this was so cute i gave myself feels)

I love that apparently nasu had to argue that BB’s panties are a leotard in order to get her past the fgo censors because a) as if there aren’t girls literally walking around in nothing but panties in the game already and b) it brings up the image of nasu pulling up a powerpoint with pictures of BB’s ass in order to prove his point

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I love your style so much! ♡ Has it always looked the way it is at the moment? :) or do you consider it has changed through your art journey?

Thank you!!! Tbh I didn’t even know I had a style, it’s always changing! I’ll even stick a picture from a few months ago to prove my point lolol

this was exactly a year ago lolol it has changed quite a bit actually

EXCLUSIVE: Adrian Chase Gives Oliver an Ultimatum in Chilling 'Arrow' Sneak Peek: 'There's Nothing You Can Do'

Oliver Queen may have escaped Prometheus’ torture chamber, but the villain’s punishments are far from over.

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s Arrow, titled “Disbanded,” Prometheus’ plainclothes alter ego, Star City District Attorney Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), pays Oliver (Stephen Amell) a visit at City Hall, placing a knife on his desk.

“What are you doing?” Oliver asks.

“Proving a point,” Chase explains, “so to speak.”

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The point, it becomes clear to Oliver, is really more of a dare.

“You’re an animal who enjoys murder, there’s no telling what you’ll do,” Chase explains. “And it’s not like your alter ego can kill me, not since the SCPD put me in the protective custody since the Green Arrow slaughtered my wife.”

“So you kill me in broad daylight,” the villain challenges, “or you let me live, knowing that there’s nothing you can do.”

See how the chilling moment plays out in the video above!

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Segarra spoke to reporters via conference call earlier this month, where he warned that Prometheus’ revenge mission against Oliver and the Green Arrow is only getting started.

“Now, you’re going to get to see it turn,” the actor said of the season five villain’s unmasking. “This whole time, I’ve been waiting to pop that top off… You’re gonna see Chase just kind of trying to burn the world around him.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Arrow’ Stars Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards Weigh in on Olicity’s Romantic Future!

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I think the funniest thing I’ve ever seen a SU Stan do is compare criticizing Steven Universe to criticizing Spongebob cause like
1. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing Spongebob either, no matter who it’s made for, nothing CAN’T be criticized.
2. They are two very different shows with two very different plot structures.
Like…. Was the point that criticizing SU is stupid? Cause you didn’t do well in proving that point

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Hey can I have that info on the origins of otherkin and how its been around for a while? gotta prove a point to someone

Here’s a very good timeline of the otherkin origins.

and here’s a fictionkin timeline too

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His entrance in V3 was to prove a point (that he was smegged off for Atlas stomping in on Oz's tuff), but it went waaaaaaay overboard and he abused his position and the value he has to the brotherhood to not only pitch the blame with Winter, but chuck her out of the meeting as well. Hell, even Oz was sick of his shit, but Qrow knows he's too valuable to lose. I'm a fan of Qrow, but no amount of Freudian excuse can cover up how much of an ass he is to anyone not named Oz, Ruby, Yang or Tai.

preeeeeetty much, and yet he’s still treated like a cool rebellious guy when Yang gets treated like she had the loss of her arm coming to her for being “too angry and reckless”, by her father and the fandom - when even a cursory attempt at paying attention shows that Yang is in control of her anger most of the time, the situation with Adam is an example of a time when losing control would be entirely reasonable, and she had no other options anyway (and any recklessness Yang portrays only ever comes out when she’s fighting alongside people she cares about. she’s more likely to dodge hits instead of tank them when she doesn’t have someone else to worry about - it all goes back to her talk with Blake, it’s clear what she learned in the woods wasn’t ‘you have to take care of yourself’ it was ‘don’t get yourself killed pursuing something on your own in case someone else needs you’. the only regard Yang has really had for her own life is that she has to keep herself alive so she might be of some good to someone else later - hell she even admits that she thinks she ought to have died in the woods that day)

Yang can’t have a totally reasonable response to a stressful and tense situation without being thrown under the bus and blamed for something she wouldn’t have been able to stop anyway and is dismissed as a temper tantrum throwing child (despite being probably the most mature person in her whole family), but Qrow can throw a hissy fit and wreck public property and he’s cool

trying to prove a point to my parents

like if you think there are only 2 genders

reblog if you think there are more than 2 genders

I’m trying to prove a point to my mom

Can you please reblog this if you are/know One Direction fans over the age of 17. Thank you

Please reblog if you think that being gay is valid and not horrible

I’m trying to prove a point to my mom. She’s been telling me that my sexuality isn’t valid and that gay people are the same as child molesters. She said that gay people are monsters. I told her that I can’t help who I’m attracted to and she said that if she were to fall in love with a sixteen year old boy wouldn’t that also be valid if being attracted to the same sex is? She told me that I’m going to hell because I’m not following the bible. Please let me show her that people of the LGBTQ+ community are valid.