i’m not typing well anymore

but wow tonight i made a bunch of buddies

i shall cuddle you you’re all so kawaii i’m literally cry

but before i go off the deep end of night

followers: i am sorry for the long threads and everything i love you all please i’d reALLY like to talk to you all

bee marissa leah audrina britt and claudia ((yes i know you’re there let’s not play)): i lOVE YOU GUYS SFM

proudofchris replied to your post: Can you please stop posting the spoiler gifs to Darren’s new movie? Either that or can you please tag them for every post because you ruining it for the people who have blacklisted “imogene” and all the spoilers relating to it coz they dont wish to see anything about it until they actually get to watch it. Thanks.

that was slightly passive aggressive

Just a little bit but never mind! 

If they want to miss out on this

then their loss!

I am very VERY proud of Chris Colfer but do I have to keep calm about it?! Look at what he has accomplished and he’s still so young! He’s been on Glee going on six years, he has four books published (audiobooks for each of them)! He wrote and starred in Struck By Lightning! He is an inspiration to many (myself included)! He is not afraid to be himself. He loves his fans! In summary Iove and adore Chris and I don’t care who knows it!

beingtruetoyourselfisbadass replied to your post: Why are there not Klaine Fic audiobooks? 

yes klaine audiobook would be perfect, mean nothing better than a sex scene been read out while your family walks past your bedroom ;)

fuckingbulbasaurs replied to your post: Why are there not Klaine Fic audiobooks? 

We have Faberry ones, they are amazing. Well actually they are a bit awkward. Especially when it comes to the smut scenes.

proudofchris replied to your post: Listening to Harry Potter 3 audiobook and making…

I’m so jelly of the good night that you are having :D

amuthafuckinglamp replied to your post: Why are there not Klaine Fic audiobooks? 

:O. OH YES!!!!!

Emily: every heard of headphones!? ;)

Lauren: I don’t care how awkward it is i want dem

Leah: yeah you should be, its almost perfect i just need a smoothie

Gina: hahaha! make one for me!!!

so i have recieved messages, facebook messages and tumblr messages from both emily and leah telling me to go onto tumblr

guys im actually doing my eco internal now, bio got boring but come on let me finish it so i can get it off my back plllleeeasseeeee

im not replying to anything because emily you know how easily distracted i am and you are using it to your advantage and you know that if i start a conversation we will talk for ages!

look i am more sad then both of you right now! im the one working!