“My daughter doesn’t feel ashamed about my job and always comes and visits me at work. When she comes she always buys me coffee, and we chat for a while. During her visit I’m so proud of her that I introduce her to my other coworkers. In doing so, I feel really energized. Her visit makes me really happy. I don’t feel ashamed about my job with her, and I don’t think I’m supposed to. I am not doing anything illegal or bad.”

“우리 딸은 저 일하는데로 부끄러워하지 않고 항상 찾아와요. 와서 저 일한다고 번번이 커피도 사주고 같이 얘기하다가 가요. 딸이 오면 나는 너무 자랑스러워요. 그래서 다른 사람한테 딸을 막 자랑하고 저도 정말 힘이 나죠. 딸이 오면 정말 좋아요. 전 부끄럽지 않거든요. 그게 부끄러우면 안 되죠. 엄마가 도둑질 하는 것도, 나쁜 짓 하는 것도 아니잖아요.”


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February 27th, Aleeah S. Porter decided that she was ready to enter the world. Looking at her makes my heart smile, and it warms me to know that she’s finally here. Holding her in my arms for the first time I was nervous, but I’m sure everything will fall into pieces just as soon. She’s my everything and I love her with all my heart.

There are few things in this world I could care less about than Duck Dynasty, but the remarks in the resulting Facebook posts from the recent controversy are making me think it’s time for spring cleaning on my friends list.

I don’t care what underlying prejudices you grew up with, in this day and age you should know better. Chances are this is going to be the first generation in which the majority of Americans look back in shame at the way we treated homosexuals, the same way we look back at every other violation in human rights we’ve overcome as a nation.

Quit trying to pretend you’re arguing on behalf of freedom of speech, or religion. Yes, that guy had the freedom to say what he did, but no less than anyone else has the freedom to speak out against him for it, and no less than A&E has the freedom to choose who they want representing their network, you know that. You’re not defending the first amendment. A television network has the right to choose who represents it, and to say they can’t fire someone because that person shares YOUR ideals is the exact opposite of freedom of speech.

And to the few of you outright speaking against gay rights, I don’t care what you think is a sin. I could sit here and list all of the random shit you probably do every day that’s technically considered a sin, but that’s a moot point. Your religion has no weight on the rights of others. None. At all. It doesn’t matter what you believe, you cannot dictate how others choose to live their lives unless the way they live their lives is at the expense of someone else’s freedoms. And quit with that ‘it’s at the expense of my family values’ garbage.

I’m going to resist the obvious temptation to cite our country’s divorce statistics here to point out something else. All of the time and energy you’ve put into speaking against gay marriage, and adoption by gay couples, saying that THOSE are what’s destroying family values, you could have been speaking out against domestic abuse, and child abuse, but weirdly I’ve seen absolutely none of that. I’m damn sure, no matter how ignorant you are, you don’t believe that gay marriage is more damaging to family values than abuse. You aren’t trying to defend family values, you’re just justifying your prejudice to yourself so you don’t feel like a bigot. Fix yourself.

—  My son David posted this on his Facebook wall.
can somebody please tell me...

Why my 14 month old daughter was sitting by herself in the living room “reading” books while I was doing laundry for the past 20 minutes. I go out there and play music for her in case she gets distracted & I get back to folding clothes. I hear giggles and a lot of activity going on so I decide to peek. She is dancing and having the time of her life! hands in the air and everything. She caught a glimpse of me when I peeked. She ran to me and squeezed my leg, let go, and got back to dancing. ! Yeay me for this beauty I birthed! ^_^ <3 

 She earned lots of cuddle time tonight.

Some things never change😔🔥🔥🔥🔥! #ProudMother😏😂!! // its been 4hours and im on YouTube watch @matthewlush @nickalaws videos😍🔥💛! now im gonna eat oreos then heading to my friends house🙏💛!! (at -M🙏.)