I’ve been reading to him since he was born and two years later, he’s reading to me #YouGetOutWhatYouPutIn #MyTwoYearOldCanRead #ProudMommy #HeReadTheWholeBook #MySmartBaby 😊📖👏🏽📚

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I never thought that I could love someone so much until I gave birth to you. I still remember the day that I took those 6 pregnancy test panicking not knowing what to do with myself, I seriously thought that my life was over but then caught myself and realized that it was actually beginning. 17 hours in labor and @ 2:56pm on August 27, 2014 God blessed me with the perfect little guy. From that moment my life changed completely.. All the childish and petty things didn’t matter to me no more. The partying, the drinking, none of that matters cause I rather spend every second, minute & hour with YOU! I promise to give you the world and MORE. Give you the things that I never had, give you the BEST life possible. I’m more than thankful to be your mother & extremely BLESSED to call you my son.❤️

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Our little poetry project…he’s got it half way down ☺️😊 #HeyBlackChild #Poetry #Homework #proudMommy ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾📔

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that awkward moment

amikor a védőnőnél és az orvosi rendelőbe összefutok anyukákkal, akik szintén a babájukat hozták vizsgálatra/állapotfelmérése és nem hiszik el, hogy Zente csak 2 hónapos. Nem értik, miért akkora, mint az ő 5 hónapos gyerekük, végül az utolsó reményük, mikor megkérdezik hogy “és tápszeres?”, majd mosolyogva felelek, hogy nem.  

(olyasmit persze meg sem említek,hogy 2 hetes kora óta kiemeli magát,ami szintén olyan 2 hónapos korra tehető, illetve most 2 hónaposan már megfordul, ami meg 4-5 hónapos korra tehető)


My husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl earlier this month after a very traumatic delivery that almost cost me my life. Was it MS? Maybe, but nobody knows. My uterus stopped contracting while I was attempting to deliver her. This caused problems for me and my daughter. I started hemorrhaging. On top of that, none of the pain medications (including epidural) were working. They had to call in supervisors to make sure they weren’t going to kill me with pain meds. I was screaming bloody murder. The doctor had to stick her hand into my uterus to make sure I didn’t have uterine tearing and later they had to put a balloon in my uterus to stop the bleeding. I had to have blood, plasma and platelet transfusions. I couldn’t walk or get out of bed for a few days. They had to give me special identification (bracelet, blanket, slippers) that told hospital staff I was a fall risk. I beat the odds with determination though. I’m good at that. The staff was shocked at how nothing seemed to keep me down. They ended up moving me to postpartum pretty quickly after I proved I could do it and could manage the pain. I’m really proud of myself for that.

My daughter was rushed to NICU for fluid in her lungs. This was from the lack of contractions to push the fluid out of her lungs. I didn’t get to see her for several days. All is well with the two of us now, but it was truly a rough time.

I’m so very thankful to be here and enjoy our precious daughter. She is truly a joy to have and such a good baby. I have been enjoying watching her grow for the past few weeks and look forward to watching her grow up.