For those of you who are fans or followers but are not on my personal Facebook list…this has been my greatest project for the past 41 weeks. She was born January 12, 2016. 10 days early and born at home. (I will be making a blog post or two about the at later). She is 3 weeks old now. Her name is Rylee Marie Dianne. And she is perfect! Hugs to you all, we will both see you in our next videos! #mother #proudmommy #live #love #Truelove #daughter #baby #newborn #January #frommybroomcloset #broomclosetstudios #theartisticpagan #thecrochetzombie


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I’ve got front row seats. #getyourledout #ledzeppelin #guitar #proudmommy #lespaul (at Fable Porch Furniture)


Today was a pretty good day overall. Aside from the exhaustion… But that’s pretty much the standard these days. I managed to find some breakfast for us in the scraps we had around the house (you know that awkward time when you are out of almost everything and have been putting off going to the grocery? Yeah… That’s been me for several days now…), which was nothing short of a miracle. Grace and I had some play time and she had a nap, and then we went out for a lunch date! She looks like such a grown up, big kid, I hardly know what to do with myself!? I sat there watching her play with two brothers and couldn’t believe how big she is! She was playing very appropriately with the trains and observing/imitating the boys. They were bringing her trains and she would say “thank you,” and then would give them trains as well. The only shady social thing she did was that she kept trying to kiss them! 😂 I just reminded her that they might not want kisses and suggested she wave instead, which seemed to appease her. She gets the cutest little squinty-eyed smile and tilts her chin up when she wants to kiss someone, and usually sticks her butt out and leans forward a little at the same time… It’s terribly adorable! 💕 After lunch we went shopping and then took Jessi to work, then finally got the groceries I’ve been procrastinating. 😳 Gracie’s Gran and Gigi came over to visit after that and brought lots of prizes! They also helped me officially put away all of the 18 month clothes and hang up the 2T. 😖😭😂😘😍 So big!!!!! Also, I noticed Grace’s 4th molar is coming in; that makes 16 teeth?!? It’s no wonder she’s been a bit grumpy lately and a little clingy, and sleeping like shit lol. She asked to bring Daisy up to bed with her tonight. So sweet! 💕

She’s been sleeping 3-4 hours in her bed every night, and two nights ago she slept in there until 5am! We are making slow and steady progress! She typically prefers to sleep in her bed, with me of course… But still. I’m very proud of the progress she’s making!


I’ve been reading to him since he was born and two years later, he’s reading to me #YouGetOutWhatYouPutIn #MyTwoYearOldCanRead #ProudMommy #HeReadTheWholeBook #MySmartBaby 😊📖👏🏽📚

Eu te amei desde o primeiro instante. Logo quando descobri que dentro do meu ventre se formava um novo ser, eu já sabia: era o homem da minha vida! Nós dois sabemos, têm sido um tempo difícil, mas o teu amor me conforta! Me aflige o coração pensar que essas são as últimas semanas que eu te tenho só pra mim, que eu cuido de você e te protejo 24 horas e que suas necessidades estão completamente supridas, não te falta nada; mas ao mesmo tempo não vejo hora de poder te pegar nos braços, te dar meu peito, colo, dar o carinho e o afeto que Deus me ensinou a ter por você, mesmo sem te conhecer. Você é um anjo de Deus, veio enviado à mim com a missão de me mostrar o que realmente significa amor, paciência e cuidado; sentimentos esses que nunca imaginei sentir de uma forma tão intensa. Obrigada por me fazer feliz mesmo diante de tantas dificuldades; obrigada por me ensinar a amar!