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did someone say Christmas asks? the Star Crusaders get a hand-knitted gift from their s/o, the gift looks a little wonky, but the s/o put a lot of effort into it please?

ooo this is cute! Another Christmassy one^^ Also this is the story of my life, except the stardust crusaders are unfortunately not in it 
Joseph receiving a knitted but wonky gift from his s/o

  • When Joseph ripped open the space-ship patterned wrapping paper, the last thing he was expecting to see was a replica of the scarf he owned  from when he was younger. 
  • The original green and yellow scarf was long gone and he actually kind of missed it, despite his fashion sense ‘maturing’. 
  • He thought it was a useful gift, especially since it was getting cold. Sure it was a little rough around the edges and looked almost entirely unfinished but the thoughtfulness was clearly there.
  • “See! I haven’t aged a day!” He’d say as he posed in the mirror and flexed his muscles 
  • He’d only wear it out the house if his s/o was there because he wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings about it looking kind of ugly 

    Jotaro receiving a knitted but wonky gift from his s/o

  • His s/o had knitted him a dark blue jumper with a silver star right in the middle on the front. Although the jumper itself was in pretty good shape, the lines on the star were not straight at all; giving it the image of a flower, rather than a star.
  • He probably wouldn’t say anything as he opened it and would just stare at it in silence, without even taking it out of the box. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see his partner looking nervously at him; afraid that he didn’t like their gift. But Jotaro being Jotaro, still remains silent as he doesn’t quite know how to articulate that the jumper won’t be on the top of his wardrobe choices without hurting the feelings of his partner.
  • Briefly, he’d remember all the things Holly would knit and the time it took for her to finish a piece and then looked back at the jumper in his hands, sighing
  • He’d then put the jumper on top of whatever t-shirt he was wearing and would carry on the rest of his day like that 

    Kakyoin receiving a knitted but wonky gift from his s/o

  • He’d take the short walk to his s/o’s house on Christmas morning only to meet them halfway there because they were on the way to his house
  • His s/o would give him his gift with the explanation of they were up all night finishing them off so they may look a little rough around the edges
  • Kakyoin opened the small gift bag to a pair of red fingerless glovers, which had some of the finger holes being slightly longer than the others.
  • He’d immediately put them on and thank his partner for the kind and thoughtful gift, especially since it was getting so cold
  • He would not care about what they looked like because they knew that they came from a place of love and companionship and that’s all he could ever really ask for 

    Polnareff receiving a knitted but wonky gift from his s/o

  • Polnareff was not at all expecting to receive a hat from his s/o. Of all things, a knitted hat. Although, it didn’t really sew up that well at the top, so it actually just ended up being a really long knitted tube that fitted half way up his hair.
  • He’s got a completely deadpanned facial expression and trying not to break it. Meanwhile, Joseph’s laughing his ass off in the kitchen upon seeing it after having to excuse himself.
  • After seeing his s/o’s crestfallen expression at Joseph’s laughter, Polnareff could see that the gift was actual one from the heart and was not intended to be a practical joke and immediately started saying how much he liked the gift and that he’d wear it for the rest of the day if that’s what they wanted.
  • “Mon amour, of course I love it, it is a gift from you. How could I not?”
  • Of course, Polnareff knows how stupid he looks but he’ll proudly parade the handmade gift if that’s what would make his partner happy 

    Avdol receiving a knitted but wonky gift from his s/o

  • His s/o had knitted him a square blanket for a gift but instead of square, it ended up more of a rhombus shape as the edges got too stretched out and ripped holes in it
  • Of course, he’ll tell them that he loves the gift and that it was very kind of them to think of him
  • He’ll be a good person and make out that he’d needed a new blanket for a while
  • And then subtly over a prolonged period of time, he’ll sew up the holes and make it into the ‘sickness blanket’ that is used when people have colds and want to cuddle something