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So true. Republicans say financial planning is your personal responsibility. While I agree not everyone makes enough money to save for these situations. Does that mean they should die because they can’t afford cancer treatment? Should they lose their house and all the money struggling with illness and bills? Should poor people be forced to work their entire lives and never retire? The programs we currently have in place while started by liberals are not enough. We can do more! Socialism is not a dirty word educate yourself on what it actually means. Paying taxes benefit everyone including you! #teambernie #berniesanders2016 #proudliberal #prosocalism #democrat #2016

Republican Stupidity

I’ve about had it with republicans! Can someone please explain their stupidity to me. I found out that two good friends of mine are republican and I am quite sad and surprised. One of them does have rich parents so that could be why they are republican……I’m starting to have no faith in humanity….


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