I’m actually so proud of Vernon

His lyrics to Lizzie Velasquez are so deep and meaningful. I’m touched just reading them. 

He’s young, and very cultured. He really pays attention to the world around him and himself, which makes me very happy. 

As a fan younger then him, it makes me happy to see him opening up, and stating his feelings and opinions. 

I wish people would stop hating/judging him for so many different things. Don’t call him fake, he has proven time and time again how real he is. Take these lyrics for example, they are about as real as one can get. Please don’t mock his appearance, personality, or background as I’m sure he is proud of who he is and where he comes from, as he should be :)

And please don’t say he can’t rap. He is confident in his rapping, don’t push him down. He is passionate about music and hip hop, and I feel as though, nobody should be mocked/made fun of/judged for something they enjoy and love.

He just makes me a very proud fan, 

His respect for the world and himself is amazing. His intelligence he shares through his lyrics is impeccable. His passion is so clearly felt when listening and/or reading the lyrics to each of his raps. 

He doesn’t deserve any hate or judgement. 

I’m just very proud of him, and I’m looking forward to the bright future that is to come for both him and the music industry. He has so much potential and I can’t wait for it to shine brighter.  

Well that’s all, I could go on about how proud he makes me, but I will leave it here. 

Vernon Fighting!