proudest girl in the world

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Single Dad!Leo if you're still doing the game?

  • proudest father of the cutest lil girl in the world. she’s his universe, his literal EVERYTHING 
  • takes like 20394833 videos of her singing along to the songs on music core and sometimes she’ll even ask him to play gr8u and sing along and it …… it makes leo’s heart swell. his lil angel gonna be an amazing vocalist just like her dad
  • she wanted to join the soccer team but the coach was like “it’s for boys” and leo started a damn near rIOT until they changed the rules and made it unisex 
  • and now leo frets over letting her play soccer because whaT if you gET HURT and she’s like dad!! don’t worry!!! im tougher than everyone out there!!! im strong like you!!!!
  • quiet leo? hell no. at his daughter’s games he’s sCREAMING his damn lungs out along with uncles ravi, hakyeon, and ken. 
  • if someone makes her cry. leo will probably need to be restrained by six or more people because he’s so so so protective of her
  • you meet leo at the parent-teacher conference because you’re schools librarian and like at first leo is like “my life surrounds my daughter. romance is in the past.” but then he sees the way his daughter like runs into your arms and the way she begs for you to read to her and it’s like he’s watching a scene from a heartwarming family movie
  • and when you look up and smile at him leo’s heart swells even more and he’s like ……………fuck im falling in love again
  • and it’s cute your daughter sees the way you turn red when leo keeps staring and she like whispers in your ear like : “you like my dad??” and you’re like ADFHEI what no and she grins and  scrunches up her nose like “yES YOU DO!!! you should write him a note and ask him to hold your hand!!!” and you’re like whhhhhhat no sweety-
  • but she like runs over and whispers into leo’s ear that you wanna hold his hand and leo’s like oh? how nice i want to “hold” their hand too
  • and it’s cute his daughter hooks you to up LOL
  • now you and him can both scream for her at her soccer games HEHEHE

Oh, God. It has been only 2 years since I saw you for the first time and I feel like running out of tears right now. Every day I see you I notice that I’m gazing at the cutest human being in the world. I’m the proudest girl because of you, Sarah. Thank you for everything you do, it is simply perfect. I’m sure that you will reach anything you would like to just for the fact that you deserve it. I love you so much, Sarah. HAPPY 42TH BIRTHDAY.

Dear future girlfriend,

I promise I will open the door for you when you get in and out of the car. I will hold the door open for you when walking into a store or restaurant. I’ll call you when I say I will. I will kiss you in the rain. I will be the proudest girl in the world when I hold your hand. I will show you how much I love you. I’m a big sweet talker and there is not a night you will go without a goodnight phone call or text message. We can watch your favorite show whenever you want. I will watch you from a fair and catch all the little things you do. You will be so worth the wait. I can feel it. I will be the best girl I could possibly ever be for you. I will make you feel special all the time. We can blast music in the car ad just break out singing. I will want to hold your hand when we are in the car. I also really want to make videos together I think it would be cool if we can capture some moments together. We can lay in bed and scroll through Tumblr together. We can watch YouTube videos of cats or cute couples or music videos. I will reassure you I will be right next to you through all the tough times and easy times. I promise to make it a point to tell you I love you and how much you mean to me every day. I’m kind of excited for when we do end up meeting and get together, because I will be able to look back to all these letters to you and think I finally found what I have been waiting for. Also ladies you will find your love one day as well you just have to be patients and I know that is hard I mean sometimes I want to give up, but just keep holding on to that hope. I mean that is all you can do I will keep holding on with every last ounce of strength of me, until I have my future girlfriend in my arms. You all just have to believe and have hope, you will find what you are looking for I promise. As for my lovely future girlfriend where ever you are and whatever you are doing I hope you are having an amazing day, and if not, just stay positive and know I am waiting for you to come around. I hope you have a lovely night love<3


littlemix: OMGGGGG this is just unreal! Thank you so much to our incredible fans for winning us this award! Best UK/Ireland act what an achievement! You guys have made us the happiest most proudest girls in the world!! You are THE BEST! Now let’s get this#WorldwideAct award under the belt! Together we can do anything! 😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Just like Dad Part Six

As promised here it is :D Sorry for any mistakes it was 3am when i wrote this. So enjoy and don’t expect awesome spelling ! Thank you all for reading and your support ! 

Previous parts

“ I honesty don’t understand whose parents would drive them to the airport at 6am for a glimpse of your  band “ you stated as you and the boys waited after checking in for your flight .
“Jez (Y/N) , you make us sound so bad ,your band  “ Ashton quoted you
“ you know what i mean “ you replied “ its just crazy they should all be in bed “
“ they are fangirls (Y/N) sometimes the camp out outside of our hotel “ Michael informed
“ don’t get any ideas Mas “ you told the little boy who was currently asleep cuddled up to Michaels shoulder. His top half was dressed in a band tee , hoodie and his bottom half was still dressed in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pyjamas. It was a bit of a mission to dress him this morning because he was tired. To get him to sleep last night was an even bigger mission he was too excited .That and a early morning start made it almost impossible to get him up this morning so you just decided to let him away with wearing pyjama bottoms. “ no they will be lining up to see his band “ Ashton replied joining in the conversation “ the kid has serious talent on the drums “
“ hell no my sons going to be a guitarist “ Michael replied smiling down at the little boy asleep on him. “ no he’s going to take after his favourite uncle and play bass “ Calum argued not looking up from his phone “ favourite uncle my arse “ Luke scoffed from the couch across from you .
“ Luke language “ Ashton scolded . As you looked around you saw three Aussie lads occupied by their phones and one caught up in watching his son sleep.”  Attention traveler’s on flight 27769 to Nevada is now bordering please make your way to gate 37 “ the loud speaker announced
“ thats us “ Michael smiled getting up from his position on the couch. Mason was still asleep as you bordered the plane. “ i dibs not waking him up “ Michael laughed as he handed you the sleeping little boy as he went to put your carry on bags in the over head locker. “ Mason “ you spoke in a low voice just above a whisper “ Mason buddy “ you spoke again in a hushed tone as he began to stir a frown appeared on his small face. “ god your just like Luke in the mornings “ you laughed sitting him down on the seat next to the window. “ hey i can hear you “ Luke replied from the row behind you . “what you’re are a real arse in the mornings “ Ashton laughed taking the aisle seat next to Calum behind Michael. “ yeah well your no angel either “ he replied setting himself up beside the window. “ mum “ Mason whined as you  sat down next to him
“ yeah buddy “ you replied doing up his seat belt before doing your own.
“ how long until we are there ?” he asked rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his hoodie.
“ aw buddy if you look out the window you will see were still in Sydney . We’ve still got 15 hours until we are there “ you replied ruffling up his hair. Mason replied with a sigh as he turned to the window.

It was 5:35 am when you arrived in Las Vegas that morning. Mason had slept most over the flight but had been awake for the last few hours. You had decided to change him out of his pjs and into a pair of jeans. Luckily because there was a huge crowd waiting the arrive of their idols. Photos from Sydney airport of Michael carrying Mason in his ninja turtle pyjamas had already surfaced on the internet. You had to admit they were super cute but you imagined Mason would not be thanking you for it when he was older. “ mummy can you carry me “ Mason asked as you got up from and started to collect your things. “ no Mas mummy’s backs a bit sore from the long flight can you walk ?” you replied as you undid his seat belt.
“ pass him here i will carry him “ Ashton suggested reaching out his long arms in your direction
“thanks Ash “ you smiled as you passed him the grumpy four year old. “ here pass me your bag “
“ are you sure ?” he replied handing over hid black over the shoulder bag
“ yeah I’m pregnant not disabled ,your bag doesn’t weigh nearly as much as him “ you laughed . The crowd of screaming girls could be herd as you left the plane and entered the airport terminal.
“ right boys after we have made it through customs we have allowed you guys ten minutes to meet some fans if you feel up to it i know you’ve had a long flight “ Mark one of the guys from security informed you . It took you an hour to get through customs and the boys decided they would go meet some fans. Ashton had kept Mason amused watching frozen on your iPad you had given to Mason to borrow on the flight to keep him entertained. “ So you all of you now have working visas and are free to enter the united states “ Mark came back with the paper work.
“ right time to go meet some fans “ Calum said getting up from his chair causing the other boys to join him. But as so as Ash started to walk away the water works came. “ Mason they are coming back in ten minutes they just have to meet some fans “ you tried to reason with the boy.
Ashton being the good uncle that he was couldn’t stand to see Mason crying instantly turned around and made his way back over to you. “ Ash just go he will be fine in a minute “ you told him
“ no what kind of uncle does that make me ?” he replied picking up Mason wiping away his disappearing tears. “ Ash what about the fans ? All those Ash girls who are now becoming Calum girls now because he’s out taking photos with them “ you raised your eyebrows and glared at him.This got Ash going “ No way is a bass player going to take my drummer girls ,hey Mas you wanna go meet some fans ?” Ash asked the four year old who nodded quickly looking at you for permission. “ Alright but ill come with you incase it gets to much for him”
The girls went crazy when Ashton appeared around the corner caring little Mason in his arms.
Michael instantly went to relieve Ashton by taking back his little boy so Ash could go talk to the fans and get some photos with them. “ Hey guys can we keep the volume down we’ve got a four year old here who has very good hearing “ Michael yelled trying to calm the crowd. Mason was loving the attention every time he would smile or making any little movement he would receive a crowd of “awws”. He had the crowd wrapped around his finger. Michael looked like the proudest father in the world as girls told him how cute Mason was. Mason even put on a cute smile and took photos with Michael and the girls. “ your son is such a player “ Calum said as he walked over to you
“ yeah i know , he’s loving it “ you replied smiling watching your son and boyfriend
“ aww proud mumma “ Calum replied pulling you in to a hug and squeezing you .
“ Calum stop “ you replied laughing trying to push him off.
“Come on you love me “ Calum said releasing you from his hug
“ yeah its like your my second son “ you laughed causing him to pout .

“ So Guys welcome to Las Vegas “ Mia the tour manger greeted you all . You were currently all sitting round in you and Michael’s hotel room. The boys were mucking round while you were trying to get Mason to put on a pair of shorts. The poor boy was currently facing a bad case of jet lag which was making it difficult to get him to do anything. “ Mason can you please listen and do as your told “ you asked the little boy. But Mason wasn’t having a bar of it “ Mason please “ you pleaded “ Mason listen to your Mum please “ Michael chipped in working his magic as Mason instantly listened to his father and let you exchange his jeans for a pair of shorts as the weather was a lot warmer then Australia considering when you had left it was winter and the average temperature  was around 15-20 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius. “ So i would like to welcome a new member to a our tour crew and welcome back an old one “ she announced and the whole room burst into cheers “ alright calm down boys “ Mia continued “ i would like you all to welcome Maurine  to our little family , she is a doctor we have hired to make sure that everything with (y/n)’s pregnancy goes to plan so make her feel welcome  “ she smiled as Maurine took a shy step forward and smiled at the small group of people spread out around the room. The boys all nodded and gave her welcoming smiles “ also rejoining us for the second leg after taking time off to finally marry her long time boyfriend Noel ! “ Mia cheered
“ Noel “ Calum yelled as the boys ran over to hug her . Jumping all over her and squishing the poor girl. “ boys leave her alone “ you pushed them off and hugged the stylist “ Noel hi long time no see ,its so good to see you i cant wait to hear all about your wedding “ you smiled relaxing her from the hug.“ yeah and same here , i hear your having a baby “  Noel replied. You loved Noel she was such a sweet girl. She tolerated the boys shit but often grew tired of him.
“ yeah i baby number two “ you laughed taking a seat next to Michael on the bed
“ hey you “ Michael said as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder as he sat listening to the rest of the instructions Mia had for the crew. “ hey you “ you replied nudging  his stomach with your elbow “ i love you “ he whispered kissing your forehead.