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top 5 Sam finds out

  1. Sam walks in on them standing in the middle of the bunker library, not kissing, just standing close and talking softly, but there’s an intimacy in the tilt of their heads and in the smiles on their faces. as soon as he sees them like that, everything falls into place. and Sam smiles and quietly leaves them to it
  2. Sam notices that instead of saying ‘me and Cas’ Dean is saying ‘me’n’Cas’ like they’re a single word entity, and also Dean always picks up one of Cas’ favourite candy bars from the grocery store, and he sometimes smiles in this particular way when he says Cas’ name, and all the little things add up
  3. Sam watches Dean thrust a bouquet of red roses into Cas’ hands on Valentine’s Day and definitely does not have a lump in his throat because he thought so maybe??? probably??? but it is and it’s good and Dean deserves this
  4. Cas tells Sam. his brow is furrowed solemnly and his hands are folded in his lap when he sits Sam down and says “Sam, I think I am in love with your brother, and I think he cares for me too. Would you mind if I pursued it?” and Sam folds back his desire to laugh and shakes Cas’ hand and tells him that nothing would make him more proud
  5. Dean tells Sam. his hands are shaking and his head is ducked and he looks altogether so unDeanlike that it’s starting to make Sam genuinely worry, until Dean manages to grind out the words he wants to say: “Sam… me’n’Cas, we’re… we want to get together. you know, like… together. is…. what do you, uh…”. Sam hugs him, and then punches him in the shoulder, and tells him with a grin to go “go get him, tiger.”