I know I havent posted anything personal on here in quite some time, not that anyone noticed. We are now past the 50% mark for my soldiers deployment and it’s starting to feel like we can finally get through this. It’s not as daunting anymore. I’ve gotten in a pretty good groove, work, crossfit, cooking, and puppy play time. Weekends have surprisingly been busy.

I am finishing a 30-day paleo challenge and it has probably been the best thing I have ever done for myself, besides starting crossfit. One of my goals for this deployment was to get more fit and lean, and most importantly get better at cooking. Well the crossfit has come in handy with getting fit but this paleo challenge has opened my eyes to cooking with real foods that will only help improve myself. I am no longer intimidated by going to the grocery store or trying a new recipe, and I feel so much better on a day to day basis it has been amazing.

I love how society is starting to take on the attitude of strong is the new skinny. Throughout this challenge I have gained so much respect for my body and what it can do if I fuel it the right way. I am genuinely happy when i look in the mirror now, and dont worry about that pesky number on the scale. 

I cant wait for my soldier to get home so i can share all of these positive things (and so we can get engaged!). I miss him so much every day, and the more I hang out with couples from work on the weekends the more I cant help but feel like we’re falling behind. I know thats not the case and our relationship is still so strong, but I just feel a little left out. I try my hardest not to have a pity party because I know that wont help anything but some days its just overwhelming how much I miss him.

I hope everyone (if anyone is still reading a boring update) is doing fantastic!

Ups and Downs

Today was a day chock full of ups and downs, like any holiday with a loved one away. Woke up and surprisingly got to skype with my soldier while my parents were here to open presents was the best surprise to wake up to this morning! He just moved bases though, and his gear (including all of his christmas presents from me) have not caught up to him yet though so we did not get to open presents together. Got some good quality time with the parents and opening presents/having breakfast in MY house that I bought this year! After they left though it and I was alone with the pups I definitely had a super meltdown since my soldier is gone. I have actually surprised myself with how strong I had been up until this point, but something about Christmas being both of our favorite holidays and him being gone and just knowing he would be missing so many little moments in OUR house the first christmas it got to me and I just let it all out.

Went over to my parents for dinner and games tonight and got the best news of all though, my soldier will be coming home 4 MONTHS earlier than expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant explain how excited I am because this means I will have him home for my birthday next year (and he left for deployment literally the day after my birthday last year). It’s still a ways off, but it gives me hope that I can get through this in one piece.

I hope everyone else had more ups than downs today, and if your SO is away this Christmas remember you are one day closer. Now lets just hope the army sticks to their word and doesn’t push the date out now that they’ve told us it moved up. Merry Christmas everyone out there in tumblr world! 

Progress. Slowly but Surely

So today marks 5 months since I had to say “see you later” to my soldier and send him off to Afghanistan. Although most everyone I talk to says “Oh my the time has flown by” it most definitely has not flown by for me. Every minute of every hour of every day I think about how much I miss my soldier and how I would love to have him here with me going through life and doing all of the fun stuff that comes along with being a young adult. Even something as mundane as going grocery shopping makes me miss him. We’re not quite to the halfway mark yet but I try not to look at it like that. I try just to focus on how far we’ve come, that way it’s not so overwhelming.

We have been able to keep a remarkably positive attitude through everything which gives me the utmost confidence and hope for our futures together. The best thing I have found to help me cope and deal with his absence has been Crossfit. I started in September just a few weeks after he left and have loved the atmosphere and challenge that Crossfit presents (and bonus, it will make me look better for when he gets home). I have made a whole new group of friends through Crossfit, and I think most importantly it takes up my weeknights when I would otherwise just be sitting at home making dinner by myself and dwelling on the fact that I am alone.

If you currently have a SO deployed or are in a LDR, what do you find is the best way to deal with their absence?