I know I havent posted anything personal on here in quite some time, not that anyone noticed. We are now past the 50% mark for my soldiers deployment and it’s starting to feel like we can finally get through this. It’s not as daunting anymore. I’ve gotten in a pretty good groove, work, crossfit, cooking, and puppy play time. Weekends have surprisingly been busy.

I am finishing a 30-day paleo challenge and it has probably been the best thing I have ever done for myself, besides starting crossfit. One of my goals for this deployment was to get more fit and lean, and most importantly get better at cooking. Well the crossfit has come in handy with getting fit but this paleo challenge has opened my eyes to cooking with real foods that will only help improve myself. I am no longer intimidated by going to the grocery store or trying a new recipe, and I feel so much better on a day to day basis it has been amazing.

I love how society is starting to take on the attitude of strong is the new skinny. Throughout this challenge I have gained so much respect for my body and what it can do if I fuel it the right way. I am genuinely happy when i look in the mirror now, and dont worry about that pesky number on the scale. 

I cant wait for my soldier to get home so i can share all of these positive things (and so we can get engaged!). I miss him so much every day, and the more I hang out with couples from work on the weekends the more I cant help but feel like we’re falling behind. I know thats not the case and our relationship is still so strong, but I just feel a little left out. I try my hardest not to have a pity party because I know that wont help anything but some days its just overwhelming how much I miss him.

I hope everyone (if anyone is still reading a boring update) is doing fantastic!