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Be you. Be proud. Be proud of everything that belongs to you, your religion, your sexuality and the color of your skin. You’re you and you’re beautiful. Love yourself and stand strong for what you believe in and you’ll see that they can’t take that away.
—  Annedi Bergsma
How beautiful is Allah's mercy.

When the slave disobeys, he is given many chances to repent.

And when the slave obeys, he is rewarded.

Truly it is a win-win, only for those who have faith in the mercy of Allah (glorified be His name)

sana for season 4

If you guys have been following me for while you know that I’m the the biggest sanafors4.

So I honestly hope sana is the season 4 main because she is such an interesting character. Like she is such a role model for so many western muslim girls especially me because she is unapologetic muslim and she is so proud of her faith and confident in herself.

But at the same time you can see her struggles, the microaggressions and the islamphobic/xenophobic people she faces as muslim girl in an european country and it is relatable for so many. I honestly believe season 4 is sana’s season due the fact that the show’s format is focusing on the ‘99 kids but that is just me. Sana is the first real muslim rep I got for her to get her own season makes me so emotional just by thinking about it.

A sana season also means :

  • different muslim characters
  • MEET HER FAMILY !!!!!!!!
  • vilde & sana moments (you know their friendship is the cutest)
  • sana & isak brotp moments
  • and so much more


I’m half Moroccan, half Egyptian, and I was born in Amsterdam. I’m Muslim, and I’m super proud of my heritage and of my roots. I want to be a role model for young girls who are struggling with racism or struggling with their looks or with their skin color. I had Naomi Campbell, who I looked up to as a black powerful woman. But there aren’t many Arabic models, and being an African-Arabic model, I’m trying to open doors for more Arabic girls.
—  Imaan Hammam for Allure Magazine’s “41 Women of Color Get REAL About Beauty and Diversity”

Alternative title: Flagmageddon. 
I decided to go with Sami’s flag tights because I love the whole world-travelled aesthetic they gave him. 
Mistakes were made :’B 

So here’s a HEY GUESS WHAT to anyone who forgets he’s Syrian because he’s a Syrian supporting Syrian causes repping the Free Syria flag during his time in NXT.

Because he’s awesome like that.
And as a Muslim I’m 720% proud of what he stands for. 

why is no one talking about the fact that men in a muslim country (turkey) wore skirts and went to protest with women on the streets because a girl got raped and killed by a man ?

they went on the streets for the rights of the women.

muslim men did.

To the Muslim Youth

Right now, with the Muslim Ban in affect and the Quebec Shooting, I am praying for the Muslim Youth. Those who are too young to understand why the world is divided and confused on whether they should support, or fear us. I am praying that the Muslim Youth have an adult they can speak to, that they can rely on, to answer their questions, so they don’t grow up to feel as if they are unwelcome in western society. I pray for those Muslim children who are confused and are being exposed to this hatred on a regular basis and inshallah, they will be resilient through this period of struggle and injustice. I am hoping they will learn how to be proud of their Muslim identity rather than be ashamed of it, and power through this period of hardship.