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This is actually all I wanted but I want the people who made me consider Texan Shiro to say it, I think I’m gonna write a lil somethin’ for them!!


“Y'know,” said Shiro, placing a hand on Keith’s shoulder, “You did a great job today, bubba.”

Keith smiled, finding Shiro’s words mighty kind. Keith said, “Thank you, sir.”

“My pleasure, bubba,” said Shiro, “I’m awful proud of you.”



I’ve lived in Texas for almost 7 years and it is nothing like I imagined. It’s so much better! There’s such a beautiful variety of culture, architecture, art, food, and scenery. From huge centers of commerce to small towns, historic missions and gorgeous beaches; TEXAS IS MY HOME! -TimothyMcVain

Don't Mess With Texas

My girlfriend is a new D&D player and a couple weeks ago, she learned the hard way that anything said at the table can be manipulated by the DM. While she was creating her character, she went a bit off topic and started taking about her costume for a stage production she was in, unaware that the DM was writing down everything she said. Her big mistake however, was mentioning that she abhorred the state of Texas.

Now, our DM’s wife is a loud and proud Texan who just happened to be in the room when this went down. She responded to the jab with an indignant “Nobody insults Texas in my house!” and promptly marched over to the DM to whisper something in his ear. The DM started laughing suspiciously.

When my girlfriend had finished with her character, a halfling sorcerer named Chaedi, the DM announced that he was adding to her backstory. In a terrible lapse in judgement, Chaedi had promised a favor to a woodland cabbage vendor in exchange for some of his cabbages. Chaedi had thought nothing of it, after all, the cabbage vendor had only wanted to get rid of some old clothes, but she soon learned there was a catch. 

Long story short, Chaedi was be forever cursed to wear the clothes she had been given, a giant black tutu (which was part of the stage costume described earlier) and a pair of neon orange crocs for insulting Texas.

seven years; (1)

it takes seven years for them to get together.

Year one.


; Maya.

He’s the boy on the subway; the boy with the sandy blonde, almost brown hair that’s reading some random, unmemorable, novel that you’ll never read. He’s cute, really cute, and looks about your age, maybe a year older. He’s cute but there is a lot of cute boys out there and you promised to give Riley an adventure; a story, and what’s one without a cute boy?

“Hi, I’m Maya, you’re really cute! We should go out sometime. You make me happy. You don’t pay enough attention to me. This isn’t working out. We can still be friends. Not really.”

He’s has this confused, but endeared look on his face as the words leave your mouth and you ignore his enchanted smile and sparkling jade eyes, pushing your best friend towards him, her landing in his lap. You smile at them because Riley’s glowing and you can practically hear her heart racing from thirty feet away.

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I saw the list you reblogged of conservative tumblers. However some of them seem a bit more far right than I prefer (read: Pro-Trump). How many of those would you suggest for a moderate such as myself? :-) thank you.


Those are blogs I can think of off the top of my head that are conservative but have criticized Trump and advocated somewhat more moderate views. I’m sure there are others.