Suho as Your Boyfriend

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  • Single mother of eight so y’all were pretty desperate at this point. To be quite honest, even after eighteen years of dating, you two were still pretty desperate. 

  • First time meeting the family, you walked in and one of them was trying to pick the bathroom door with a used chopstick. He was also screaming “SEHUN I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE! I’M COMING IN.” 

  • Suho just kind of sighed and repeated “i love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids.” over and over again. You should’ve turned back at this point but you got roped in and are now the proud “step-mom” of eight kids. 

  • You asked him to buy you slippers once and he told you “do i look rich to you?” 

  • “Are you kidding me $uho, you got that milf money.” 
    “….how…how did you pronounce that ‘$’ out loud?” 

  • You caught him in his Hyeri costume once. Wig and everything. You both decided to drop the incident afterwards. 

  • Wasn’t as awkward as the shrine to Red Velvet in his closet, complete with a lock of Wendy’s hair. That was odd to discover, next to the letter planning to woo Wendy into being his next wife “before he met you, the greatest woman I have ever met…nexttowendy.” 
    “What was that?”

  • Okay but….date night. Date night is both the best and the worst. He’ll take you out to like this really fancy dinner and buy you this amazing dress and rent out this really fancy car….only to be on the phone with the kids for a good majority of it cause Chanyeol decided to put himself in charge and destroyed the house. 

  • Tired of everything. You, the kids, Kris’s avoidance of paying child support, SM hitting his kids, e v e r y t h i n g. 

  • Has really cute names for his kids in his phone like “Marshmallow”, “Crispy Bacon”, “Yoda” (a nickname you thought was an attempt of an insult, but there’s no bigger Star Wars nerd than Suho). He even had one for Kris! “Asshole”.

  • You decided to call his phone to see your nickname and were really confused when an unsaved number came up on the screen. A number you then figured out….was your own. 

  • Will make up to you after fights with aegyo, forcing you to stop yourself from strangling him. 

  • Tried to propose to you by using a bad pun, but you ended up groaning instead of saying yes. 

  • Can quote the entirety of Star Wars, and will choose the most awkward times to do so. After sex? You betcha. Whilst you’re in the bathroom? Yup. In the middle of you cousin’s-best-friend-second-cousin-twice-removed-niece’s rehearsal dinner cause he didn’t prepare a speech like you told him to? Yeah and you haven’t lived it down ever since.

  •  Tried making cake for you but fucked it up so bad, you would rather eat a spoonful of rat poison than one bite of that “cake”.