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I was always curious about that theory of Kaiser being Ken's self depreciation towards his brother, because the design is/was pretty similar to Osamu. There are so many things to write about Ken that are relatable. I wonder if they will address those things in the movies...

See, the thing about Osamu is that he was a very intelligent young man. Everyone adored him, his family was proud of him because he was a genius. Osamu was a hard working kid, but that did not come free. The stress of always wanting to be the best of his class, to remain something his parents were proud of, it slowly ate him away to the point where Osamu started to crumble and became abusive of Ken. He wanted to impress his parents and Ken was that unfortunate soul who was younger and smaller than him. Ken was the perfect scapegoat for Osamu’s frustrations.

It got to the point where Ken, who loved his brother, started to loathe him instead. Scared and powerless, Ken started to wish Osamu would just go away because he started associating Osamu with all the bad things in his life, and in a sense, he wasn’t wrong - with his parents doting Osamu, they wound up forgetting about Ken. Even their parents later on confirm this.

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happy things:

  • finally finished and handed in my photography film today, i’m kind of proud of how it turned out?
  • iced coffee is a divinity in this world
  • i’m catching the train up to the blue mountains tomorrow to feature in my friend’s film and the ride is maybe 2/3 hours i’m so pumped i love long train rides and my friend is bringing me brekkie and we’ll probs stop at a small coffee shop and i’m looking forward to it quite a bit
  • elliphant just on the radio!!
  • i’ve been doing daily pumpkin checks and our pumpkins are doing so well i am a proud plant parent they’re still small and green at the moment but growing so much everyday i am excited !

I spent my evening at a gay club. It’s been a couple of years…Ok, ok it’s been many years since I’ve been to any club. But tonight I attended for a good cause.

To support my daughter who held a fundraiser to raise money for her LGBTQ film, “Dear Abigail,” which she will star filming in about 3 weeks. She also wrote the script and is the director. It’s a big deal and counts towards her final grade.

The fundraiser went well. A lot of people attended and bought raffle tickets. A few of my friends donated quite a bit to my kid which left me speechless. I’m very grateful to them.

I’m so proud of my daughter! She took a risk by quitting a good paying job to go back to school to pursue her dream. She’s hardworking, dedicated, and driven. But most of all she’s truly in her element and loves what she’s doing.

The kid is living her dream.


Proud parents 😁