I watch all these hockey babies at the ASG and honestly all I can think about is like the Zimbittle baby scoring a goal against Uncle Chowder at the ASG and having the cutest celly ever and like skating down the line of hockey players to get fist bumps while Bitty tweets furiously and takes pictures and Jack looks like a proud papa bear.

A good way to relax is listening to calming music with someone special~

We had to do both of these because we couldn’t resist. So here you go!

This was suppose to be a doodle but it turned into a little more than that. I got carried away with the background, if you couldn’t tell. Though, I really like how this picture turned out. It’s better than I expected it to be and is now the wallpaper on my computer. 

Tori’s got a fancy house above ground. Damn. I want it. 

~ Sol

The moon signs as I see them.

Aries moon - very energetic, try to stay pretty active. Doesn’t always finish what they’ve started, takes a lot of naps. A bit childlike and always playing the Xbox.

Taurus moon - very stubborn, likes to pamper themselves. Loves to eat but aren’t overweight. Likes to take pictures of beautiful things, flowers, trees, or themselves.

Gemini moon - very talkative, when you try to dodge their question. They will not stop until you give them an answer. Has two groups of friends. Likes surprises.

Cancer moon - very weird, has a really pretty voice. Enjoys pretty clothing and likes dressing up. Knows a lot of people but only one or two they’ll actually talk to about things.

Leo moon - very proud, knows what they’re good at. Loves posing for pictures or taking selfies. Enjoys nice things, and are very generous with people they care about.

Virgo moon - very down to earth, grows their own vegetables. Likes to go biking, really enjoys traveling. Enjoys spending time with family and close friends.

Libra moon - very careful, loves talking. Once they start, they cannot stop. Won’t offend anyone, enjoys nature. Very good cook and loves to fish.

Scorpio moon - very secretive, doesn’t like it when everyone knows their business. Can control themselves very well, prefers to stay indoors. A bit silly sometimes and likes to have fun.

Sagittarius moon - very fun, likes the outside, doesn’t like being housebound. Needs their freedom, straightforward talkers. Has a lot of friends but only a few are very close.

Capricorn moon - very faithful, believes in higher power, higher education. Loves staying in bed all day but can have a lot of fun if they let themselves to do so.

Aquarius moon - very quirky, loves to be called quirky. Can be frustrating when given advice and does the exact opposite. Will respect your views on something as long as you respect theirs.

Pieces moon - very optimistic, can be a bit unrealistic sometimes. Loves water. Has a delicate voice. Loves animals and plants and has plants all over the place.

Today I finally reached my first goal of losing 20 pounds. I remember taking the first picture and feeling so incredibly uncomfortable in this tank top that as soon as I took the picture I changed my clothes and hid it away. Today I found it in the back of my closet and put it on to take a progress picture.

I am so unbelievably proud of myself, I’ve come a long way in both health and body positivity. Through this process I’ve gained confidence and a new understanding of myself and what I’m capable of. I can’t wait to reach my next goal of 170!

Starting weight: 210
Current weight: 190
Goal weight: 150

EXO Reaction To Their S/O Graduating At 19

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Requested by anon

Xiumin: *Sends kisses the whole time during the ceremony*

Luhan: *So in love with them*

Kris: *Can’t believe it and feels kinda dumb*

Lay: What an amazing person you are jagi!

Suho: *Proud mom*

Baekhyun: that’s my girl! 

Chen: *Proud asf*

Chanyeol: *takes so many pictures of them and of himself at the ceremony*

Kyungsoo: I’m proud of you jagi!

Tao: *So proud of her and can’t stop smiling*

Kai: Let’s celebrate! *So happy*

Sehun: But? I had to go through school? *Doesn’t understand*

ur fav xmas song and what it says about u

all i want for xmas is you: festive af, a dork but in a cool way, probs takes aesthetic pictures, is too proud of themselves when they come up with stupid puns 

santa baby: daddy kink, mean girls stan, is regina george in disguise, they can’t decide whether or not they are naughty or nice ;)

jingle bells: lover of classics, probs a hipster, sweaters and tea, glasses, is 12

sleigh ride: someone who doesn’t have to play the song, or in band, too hype for xmas to function, everyone wants them to chill

what’s this (nightmare b4 xmas):  probably still in their emo phase, actually a ball of fluff, still cries over MCR, thinks they’re punk rock but wears pastel sweaters and watches cartoons.