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I honestly think that bts is just a close family like you get me. Just close. They are all extremely good best friends nothing can seperate them. You can't come at me and say that a pair is closer. You get me. And that's how i sometimes think of armys. A big fam that sometimes fight but in the end we still support those wonderful boys. And to see people telling me that they don't identify themselves as army just because of the immatures is sad. Be proud to support those amazing boys.

some members can be naturally closer though?? i have multiple best friends, but i’m not close to them all equally. there’s different levels of closeness for different friends. and that’s probably the same with bangtan, like any normal group of friends lmao. i get what you mean, but thinking they’re all completely equal in closeness isn’t really accurate. 

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Everyone who is reading this: I’m so glad you’re alive. I’m so proud of you. You are loved. I’m here. Don’t give up, we’re almost there.

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do you know that (8/8) : bts edition


Viktuuri Rivals AU: Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin

‘Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be’

Thank you, for murdering us and happy birthday!! ♡ 

Be with someone who is proud of you.

Someone who, first and foremost, takes pride in being with you and wouldn’t dream of keeping you on the down low.

Someone who acknowledge your accomplishments and your strengths, but is also there to help you when your weaknesses get the best of you.

Someone who is proud when you succeed and supports you fully, but is also there to pick you up when you fall down.

Someone who feels blessed and lucky to have you and appreciates you and your efforts no matter how little or big they may be.

Someone who knows that nobody could compare because they’ve already found someone who embodies all that they’ve ever wanted.


top 15 rwby duos - as voted by my followers

#4. Ruby Rose + Yang Xiao Long