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I love playing really strung out characters, and characters that are really pushed to their limits and losing their mind. I think that’s wonderful. To be able to lose it, in many ways, is just great fun to do.

Today will be fun

I gotta get my car fixed. No big deal. It’s out by my new job. Michele has to follow me.

I’m gonna show her where I work. I always like this. Showing her where I work. I’ve done it before.

I think she is used to the anti climatic bit of it all.

This is a big building. That is shipping. That is my office. That deli is where I eat.

You have no idea how proud I am to be back.

Now get my ass back to China.

i will never 
leave you

Months of work have finally paid off! Here it is: my tribute piece, to both Persona 3, and the ever-underloved Valkyrie Profile.

The cover of Valkyrie Profile always made me so emotional… it was the reason I bought the game in the first place. After beating P3P, I thought it would be fun to do a sort of “re-work” of some poster or cover– but with a Persona-flair– and such a stunning piece seemed like the perfect option.

I’m so satisfied with the results. I hope you all enjoy it. ;u;


Jin: Since you like dancing to our song so much lets see if you enjoy acting out the mv 

Suga: You’re not allowed to dance that good to My song. sorry I don’t make the rules

J-Hope: We Need her in our next mv

Rap Monster: *tries copying you* hey y/n we should collaborate sometime

Jimin: Will you teach me how to: *bop bop bop*

Taehyung: I knew all that practising would be worth it! I’m so proud of you!

Jungkook: That was Really something, you should have told me how good you are sooner

    ~Send me reaction requests, I’m free all weekend! 


taylorswift this is how Long i have been fallowing  you since 2007 when you First had your First Number 1 hit song  called Tim McGraw ever since then you have Made my heart feel so special you have  Made my Life so Amazing For 8 years of me knowing you i am So Proud of you we have came so Far Together.

i hope that your Music has made me Become a Person You have Made me who i am taylorswift not Only did you change my Life for the Better you Help me have a positive Attitude,  and To always have Love in  your heart forever you have also Helped me this time in High school when the Helper was so rude  Sometimes i would come home and play Your song mean to help relieve the emotional Hurt or stress from High school now i am done with High school and now  have Moved on.

and i am happy to say I Have my Graduation From the School in may of 2015 on  Gabby’s Birthday i  am in LSA its a Life skills school that teaches us how to Be in the community around town   i  am very happy there.

taylorswift i Just want to thank you For being by my side since 2008 and for Helping me Grow into The person i am Today i don’t know where i would Honestly you are the best thing that has ever Happened to me in my Life All of my friends Love Like i Love you Never Forget that i
Love you so Much   taylorswift Love Rashel From rashelgabbylovestaylor1989


Your Grandma Thinks You're A Lesbian
  • Your Grandma Thinks You're A Lesbian
  • Izzy B
  • Personal Essay

Izzy is proud to present Your Grandma Thinks You’re a Lesbian
A true story about how one blogger figured out her sexuality

So, I had my required Senior Reading yesterday and I read this piece. It turned out to get a lot more laughs than I thought and I figured “why the hell not” so I recorded it so you guys could hear it. I apologize for quality, when something is fifteen minutes long something has to get sacrificed in the name of posting.

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Whenever I get anxious at school and consider skipping class to avoid people, I think of what you would do and I march in there and show them who's boss

Aw sweetheart thank you for sharing that. I’m very proud of you for pushing through. I still have to give myself pep talks to walk into certain situations. Cheers to you hun!

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY BOOO!! I’m so glad that we both couldn’t figure out how the DerpCon sign up worked because if not we probably wouldn’t be friends right now, WHICH WOULD SUCK MAJOR BALLS! You’re an amazing person and i can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve helped me through. I know you’ll always be there for me and don’t forget i’ll always be there for you. Okay, enough sappy shit cause i know that’s not you😘 i’m super proud you got into the college you wanted and i hope you have a hella good time at your concert! AND DON’T FREAK ABOUT 20 OKAY YOU’RE NOT THAT OLD! I love you boo🎉🎈🎁😘❤️ teenage-mutant-ninja-5sos

To all the writers of the exchange:

I meant to say this before the writers were announced, but whoops, didn’t get it out in time. But all of the fics were so amazing and I was so impressed by all of them! And even now looking over my faves some are by the authors I know, but others are brand new authors I get to explore. So in sum: great job guys. I’m proud to have been in this exchange with each and every one of you. 

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bless u and the positivity u r spreading ok uR DOING A GREAT THING FRIEND I AM SO PROUD OF U OK BL E S S YOU HAVE A NICE DAY K BY E

jgujgfiu thANK YOU!! Q 0Q

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For someone who's only 16, you're going through enough crap to give someone severe depression. I don't know if this really means anything, but I'm proud of you who how you've handled this, and I have your back, and will continue to into the future even when Fuckboy's isn't popular anymore.

aww thanks ‘ v ‘ 

and, yeah, it does affect me pretty negatively but it’s just something i kinda have to get used to i guess :C

Friend: *does literally anything*

Me: Honestly ツ it feels like just yesterday I gave ♥birth♥ to you and here you are, today, achieving ☂ so much more than a ☼ parent could ever hope for their ☺☺☺child. I am so proud ☮ of you and what you have ★accomplished. They say with great power comes great♣responsibility and the road ahead will no longer ░░ be the same for ☉ you. This world didn’t ▲ know perfection ✓✓until you came to be ☭ and for that this world has ☆me☆ to thank. I don’t ✖ want to take all the credit, though, as you ✄ obviously ✄ had something to do with this but by my guiding hand╰☆╮and impeccable ㊚ teaching and ☢example, you are as undeniably 。◕‿ ◕。 perfect as they come. Now, go, my precious✞angel, spread your wings ✈✈✈and continue to grace ✿✿this world with your skills♪and♫talents.