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There will always be something so beautiful about listening to and falling in love with a Taylor song for the first time, let alone when that song is an aching ballad where her vocals are both hushed and powerful, there are flawless lines like “I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places,” and the background harmonies, echoes, breathy high notes and line alternations are captivating.

This is all within a song that is hauntingly sad at its core, and this dark, but ethereal vibe speaks volumes about how creatively versatile Taylor is.

big taz dump (theories and stuff)

so i recently caught up on the adventure zone and OH boy am i intrigued. griffin has woven SUCH an incredible story and i love it so much.

i have a lot of thoughts i wanna put out there, mostly about magnus, and in an attempt of some form of organization, i’ll be gathering them up into four categories: what is explicitly canon, what can be inferred to be canon, theories based off of canon, and headcanons–that is, things that have a loose base in canon.

huge spoilers for the adventure zone below! please, if you care about things like spoilers, catch up to at least episode 50 before reading ahead.

if you’re caught up, or if spoilers don’t bother you, come on down! this is my first post like this, so forgive me if this is a little wonky;;

i’ll try and update this post as new episodes come out and more theories are cooked up, just to have one collective place to store everything. anyone can ask to contribute to add something if they’d like!

last updated: december 10th

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That was harder than I ever imagined. I want to thank everyone around me and all of the amazing fans out there that made that so special!
Feeling so much love around me and my family . Mum would have been so fucking proud ( sorry for swearing mum 😝 ) love you !
Also @steveaoki , you have been such a rock and inspiration throughout this ! Pure talent and a real gent !


So @akireyta has been writing girl!TAG (which can be found at its masterpost here) and I just, love this universe and these characters a lot. 

So I drew them (click for captions).

i am so fucking proud to be a part of this fandom. through these boys, i have come to discover some of the most charitable, compassionate people i have ever met in my life. the way we all come together to fight for a cause or support each other during hardships is honestly so inspiring… it trumps any of the discourses or drama that occurs on this website. i love all of you and i am honored to be associated with all of you beautiful people ❤️ 

Louis, you beautiful, brave, strong, amazing, wonderful selfless boy. I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU. There are no words to describe how proud i am of you today. HOW MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT I HAVE FOR YOU IN MY HEART. What you did today was the definition of strength, and of bravery. it was the best performance that i have seen. you went on that stage and you….. out on the most amazing performance, you sounded incredible, you were incredible. on top of everything that is happening in your life, you recorded and released a beautiful song that is going to help so many people with the words you wrote. it is a privilege and an honor to be able to call myself your fan. thank you Louis Tomlinson, i hope and i pray and wish that you get the very best in life in the years to come, you deserve everything good in this world and i truly hope you get it. 

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you're just a harrie and can't understand how big what louis just did is

I do love Harry, yes. I also love every single one of those boys like I know them personally. They helped me get through the hardest time in my life which, like Louis, happened to be when my father - also my best friend - died. I was the exact same age as Louis is now and I could have never been able to perform after losing my dad. Don’t tell me I don’t understand how big it was that he got up there and did that for Jay, I haven’t been this proud of anyone in a long f*cking time. Also, don’t act like being proud of Louis means you have to tear down his bandmates and best friends in the process. 

Don’t distract from the real meaning of his amazing song and what this whole process means. It’s not about being successful over everyone else, it’s about doing what he loves in honor of the person he loved the most. Spread love in honor of Louis and Jay. Not hate.

Louis Tomlinson pays tribute to his late mother in X Factor performance

Louis Tomlinson has said singing on The X Factor days after the death of his mother was “harder than I ever imagined”.

The One Direction star said she would have been proud to see him perform his new single, Just Hold On, on Saturday night’s show.

Johannah Deakin died on Wednesday at the age of 43 after a battle with leukaemia.

Louis, 24, thanked his fans for their support on Twitter.

He added: “Feeling so much love around me and my family. Mum would have been so proud. love you!”

Louis also said thanks to Steve Aoki, the US DJ he collaborated with for his latest record.

After receiving a standing ovation from the judges, Louis fought back tears as Simon Cowell, who manages One Direction, congratulated him for his performance.

He said: “I’ve known you now for six years. What you’ve just done, the bravery you’ve shown, I respect you as an artist, I respect you as a person.

"Your mum was so proud of you, she was so looking forward to tonight and she’s looking down on you now. Steve, you’re a great friend to him.”

Louis blew a kiss up to the ceiling as he listened to Simon Cowell’s tribute.

From BBC

even if his voice craks and his emotions take over and his performance isn’t the best i’m gonna be so fucking proud of him like……the courage you need to have to stand up in a stage in front of all those people and sing your single for the first time ever after what happened to him not even a week ago it’s just unreal

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im so proud of you being 14 and having a style ;o; when i was 14 my style was so different from what i do now lol

my style is in constant mutation, when i see a new style that i like i just adopt the person as my senpai.