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Mitch Pileggi on  Jared and Jensen

They are children..children! I love them to death.

They just have so much fun doing what they do that it permeates the whole set, the crew and everybody just loves going to work. They have such a great attitude. Sometimes you have to go “guys..guuys” to bring them back into what you are supposed to be accomplishing.

They are both just really good people, and Misha,they are all really good dudes.They do so much in social media, for causes, and they put so much energy into it.

The first time i worked with them i said to them (J2) “I am so proud of you, that you have your heads screwed on straight, you have all this fame and you could do whatever you want to do” and a lot of young guys go of the rails but these guys are doing it right and i love both of them. (paraphrased)  Denver Comic Con 2015  (vid link)

Today in the car

Brother: There are actually men’s right.s activists?

Me: Unfortunately.

Brother: But why? They already have all the rights?

Me: I’m so proud of you right now.

I wandered beneath archways so tall that they swept
the stars from the sky, and I sought where I kept
my garden of flowers and wild rye – the place where I slept
so soundly in the nights when I knew
that the earth would cradle me, as I cradled it too.
but my roots have been shorn, my leaves severed
I stumble now, lost, from somewhere to wherever.



alright so i finally hit 2k this past weekend and im so proud to have so many love my blog. most of you guys have been there for my worst times and now you get to be around for my best times because im recovering and you guys have helped me through it. so thank you everyone for being there for/with me!

manga cap by zorobae

coloring by the bae

  • closest and most important friends:

marinara-zoro (the irl bae), mitsukomatsu (my wife and twin sister), negatiiivi (one of the sweetest people i know and my online bae), ohkagura (another one of the sweetest people i know and they’ve helped me with so much),  sanji-booty (i love her to death even tho she can be weird sometimes but we’re weird together so it’s okay), hanabiis (another online bae who i need to text more tbh i love you tho!)

  • a whole bunch of mutuals i want to be friends with and want to talk to more: (im sorry if i left some out ;w;)

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“I just wanted you to be proud of me.”

“I am proud of you. I am so proud of you.

YEAHHH long story short i have this big idea involving crybaby over here getting hurt a lot and begrudgingly going to palutena to be healed because he has no where else to turn. he begins to do it multiple times until he grows attached to her (cuz uh hello bomb ass mom figure) and asks if he can stay.  basically he becomes nerd angel son number 2 

palutena now has her small angel twin boys….ah yes my life is complete

Coming out to my gran
  • Me:hey gran, I've got something to tell you...
  • *explains about being trans*
  • Gran:I am so proud of you, I kind of figured it out a long time ago but I didn't want to say anything. I am so proud of you, if you're ever having any problems you can come and talk to me about it
  • Gran:I love you for who you are, your gender doesn't matter to me because as long as you're being you, I'm happy.
  • Me:thank you so much
  • *screams internally of happiness*

anonymous asked:

Hello. I'm in need of some advice. I finished a bachelors in science course last year of 3 years, and now I'm doing a different one which will hopefully get me a job by the end of it. the thing is, its another undergrad and its 4 years and i cant help but feel like a failure, iim 21 atm and ill be done when I'm 25. how do i shake this feeling of feeling like a failure and get over the fact that ill be blood 25 when I'm done (feels so old :( )

I’m going to be 23 when I get my first degree. Mashallah you’re going to be 25 with two degrees. Stop planning out your life based on arbitrary timelines. You’re very accomplished for your age and you should be proud of pursuing what you really love. Most people don’t have the courage to do that.

Any little thing you do is an achievement. Did you go outside? That’s amazing and I am proud of you. Did you get out of bed today? That took a lot of strength and again, I am proud. Anything you have done today, no matter how minuscule you find it. I am proud of you. 

anonymous asked:

Confession: The first time I went down on my girl, my parents were down the hall and my bedroom didn't have a door to close.

Proud of you my little bad ass

Missing that Summer glow ☀️ here in Australia we are going into winter. So today Im reflecting on that time Kim and I got to shoot for lululemon athletica and cruise around in a Jeep Wrangler, sip on smoothies and stare into each other eyes! 😍Haha! Oh living #DaLyf! Also a super duper HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend @StayStrongMummy, I am so proud of the community you have created and of the thousands and thousands of people you have inspired- just for being YOURSELF! Remembering that convo, at the end of running club over a year ago saying, you should totally start a blog and you being all koi- ‘really? You think!?’ Look at you now! #InstaCeleb! Sure you will have been spoiled by Benny Boy, 3 Munchkins and of course Pepper licks! Hehe! Thanks for being you and Happy Birthday xo 📷: @mattkorinek for @lululemonausnz

sideffectx asked:

What is happiness to you?

I would say happiness is a bunch of puppies in your face and being able to belly laugh with your best friend and being able to cook a really good batch of cookies and being proud of yourself and making someone smile and having someone be proud of you and having the first bonfire of the summer and wearing your first bikini after a long winter and finding a really good song and drinking a really good cup of tea. I think you can find happiness in anything. 

Happy Memorial day to my family. These are all the veterans of war. The left most one is my father (Daddy, I love you so much; a vietnam war veteran), Mike a friend of the family, Ryan Freeman, my brother in law (He served tour of duty twice in Iraq during the war) and Ryan’s father is next to him. Picture taken by my lovely sister Nicole Freeman nicoleoc6 for memorial day. Ryan’s aunts (they are significant others) Sylvia and Rhonda purchased the balloons to be released for the memory of all those lost in war. Beautiful, meaningful picture taken in Georgia. I miss you and love you my family. I am proud of your sacrifices you have made and love you so much. 

hipsterkkid asked:

Expose a hoe.. Today my ex best friend had sex with my boy friend. So I dragged her ass, and was going to fight him, but I figured if I hit him he would maybe hit me back. So I keyed his car...I feel pretty proud of myself 😁🌼

that’s nothing to be proud of you should have been the bigger person even though they hurt you and betrayed you just losing you would have been enough what you done was childish and immature but everyone deals with pain differently so i hope this is a lesson learned and you move on x 

anonymous asked:

My parents are from Mumbai but I was born and raised in Canada and I identify as bisexual. I came out to my mom 2 years ago and it went well considering she didn't kick me out or yell at me or anything like that (although she's still kind of biphobic but I can deal with that). I was wondering what your family's view is on the lgbtq community and what your sexual orientation is?

first of all, congratulations!! that’s inspiring, and i’m sure there’s a lot of internalized shit your mom is probably dealing with it, but the important thing is that you still have her support! proud of you!

my dad’s view is “it doesn’t exist but if it did and we start veering into potentially non-heterosexual territory, let me get really defensive and change the topic really fast while making a disgusted face,” and my mom’s views are, “i understand the history and general circumstance of the community at a distance, but if it’s personal, i’m not sure i like where this conversation is headed so i’m just going to slowly trail out of it.”

for the record, my brother’s reaction to me coming out was basically, “cool, you do you, sis.”

From a Pisces Perspective and Advice: The Signs (prepare for short sentences...)

Aries: dude like… you are great but once in a while you need to breathe, relax…

Taurus: stubborn, but lovable. seems like the proper type, no sex jokes at all until you actually meet them. they will show you the other side of them.

Gemini: you are calm, strangely calm…. even when all hell breaks loose… i’m watching you

Cancer: ya’ll can be crabby, haha. but ya’ll are alright, emotional like a pisces. i noticed it takes them time to open up to people.

Leo: you guys have an ego and very proud, because you’re the lion. but you are willing to protect your friends and loved ones.

Virgo: you are the motherly type, parental figure. you are so king but also so sassy.

Libra: i only know one libra, and from what i’ve seen, you guys are open to feelings and energies both positive and negative. i want you to breathe and nap when you can. naps will help.

Scorpio: the one with a temper, ya’ll need to chill. try not to be so commanding, if you do so you might break relationships. from what i’ve seen you are fiery and passionate.

Sagittarius: you guys seem very, very fun. hyper, loud. love to hang around you guys, always making me laugh. one thing though, please do not interrupt others while they’re having a conversation.

Capricorn: you are like a mix of a dreamer and a realist, i really don’t know how to describe you guys.

Aquarius: you are so cool, like i’m really being honest. all the aquariuses i’ve seen are cool and like cuties. one word of advice, do not let your feelings build up, talk with someone so you don’t have a break down later…

Pisces: we’re either like our stereotypes or not at all for most of us, but there are those who are in between. we are the water works in our stereotype and well, i cry at almost anything. advice to us, breathe, relax, take a nice warm bath.

anonymous asked:

Why didn't your parents teach you? Do they not know Spanish? Your dad seems very smart and cultured & proud of his roots... Would think he'd have pushed you to learn it...?? Also don't they offer Spanish in high school? Sorry if this comes off rude, not trying to be.

lol yeah it is kind of rude because I’m very insecure about it. it just kind of happened that way. I took Spanish all through school but I didn’t learn much because I had bad teachers. I know conversational Spanish but I don’t sound like a native speaker when I talk. My parents both know Spanish fluently but my childhood was kind of chaotic. my dad would try to teach me like academically and ask me questions in Spanish in the car and I would get sooooo annoyed cause I had no interest in speaking Spanish (internalized hate). my mom’s dad died when I was little and then my grandma and so my mom was depressed for a while so she didn’t really attempt to reach me. idk it wasn’t their fault. they didn’t speak it in the house unless they were talking about something they didn’t want me to know. I could have practiced with my grandma but she died when I was like 12 so I didn’t have too much time with her. they regret not teaching me but its fine, it’s something I have to do on my own

This is me with my dad. I miss him so much! In 2 weeks it’s my birthday.. and i have to celebrate without him and my mom…. she died when i was 18. My dad died 3 years ago…. and i miss my mom too!!! But when she got sick and died me and my brother were involded with everything and we’ve got to talk about it etc. When my dad died his new wife treated us like ….. so maybe that’s why i have such a hard time still. And i dream about him a lot and in my dreams he lives… so waking up is like loosing him over and over again… But still i’m proud they were my parents even though he wore those trousers ;) And i’m proud to be their daughter! Love you both! And maybe they have tumblr where you are ;)