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You’re Kidding // Spencer Reid x Reader

Request Prompt:  Where the reader is pregnant with Reid’s baby but she doesn’t know how to tell him and then she accidentally lets it slip and it’s magical 😊

Requested by: Anonymous

You paced back and forth that morning, your bare feet finding comfort in the soft carpet underneath your toes. You kept looking at it, staring at it. It was there. It wasn’t going away. And neither were the previous other two that looked exactly like the one in your hand.

“You’re kidding, right?” you asked to no one in particular. You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t even think, much less fully process what was happening at the moment.

“Holy fuck,” you finally breathed out as you stared at the pink plus sign. “This is happening.”

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Can we get HC's of a pregnant S/O with Older Deku, Bakugou, and Shinsou?

I’ve actually already done pregnancy hcs for Bakugou and Shinsou so I’ll link them.

Bakugou Katsuki


Shinsou Hitoshi


Midoriya Izuku

  • Would be very excited even though he’s nervous as hell at the idea of being a dad.
  • The first person he’d tell is Toshinori and he would (with his s/o’s permission) make him the child’s godfather.
  • His mom would most definitely flip when Izuku tells her the news and she’d make little things for the baby, such as, knitted sweaters, hats, a replica onsie of Izuku’s hero costume. You name it, she’s got it covered.
  • Remember Izuku’s All Might onsie? GUESS WHO’S GETTING IT NOW!
  • Mutters to himself on and on about the possibilty of his child becoming quirkless like he was or somehow manifesting his power of One for All or if it will be a hybrid quirk of his quirk and his s/o’s quirk.
  • Proud as hell.
Being married to Khal Drogo would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Drogo 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him having grown fond of you from the moment he meets you and already deciding from that day that you shall both be wed to one another

-Him calling you “Moon of my life” and you calling him your “Sun and stars” as it truly symbolizes your love for one another

-Being the Khalessi to his khalasar and being just as much as in command as he is as he had made it clear upon your wedding day that is how everything shall be

-Him being overly protective of you and always being willingly ready to fight and kill anyone that bothers you or dares to defy you

-Him jokingly getting jealous of the horse he gave to you on your wedding day whenever he sees you spending your day riding around on it rather than with him

-Rough and kinky sex as he enjoys letting everyone know that his Khalessi is belongs to him and him only

-Braiding each others hair in the morning and spending your time talking to one another about anything and everything, only for it to always end up being too sweet and loving

-Him having maids and guards around you at all times in order to keep you safe and sound as he can’t stand the idea of you ever being in need whenever he isn’t around

-Soft and loving sex as you’d show him tenderness and tell him how much you love him, making him learn to appreciate it as well as soft kisses and holding hands whenever you are both out in public

-Him being so proud and happy when he learns that you are pregnant and since being so protective he brings you with him everywhere just to be the one to keep guard over you and his child

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how would the diaboys react if they are pregnant?

(We didn’t know if this is what you asked but we thought it would be a funny scenario.)

Shu: *groans and rubs his baby bump* I can’t sleep with this thing… Dammit Reiji, how did you manage to mix up your potions? Look where it lead to…

Reiji: Shut up Deadbead, and stop with all that racket! I know you guys don’t care for your child but I still do. *holds his baby bump*

Ayato: Both of you shut up! And Reiji I don’t want anymore takoyaki!! I want toast with honey… and mustard…

Laito: *throwing up from morning sickness* 

Kanato: *looks at his baby bump and pouts* I can’t believe this is happening…I HATE THIS BABY AND I HATE YOU REIJI! MALES AREN’T SUPPOSED TO GO THROUGH THIS!!

Subaru: *punches wall* Shut the hell up! All of you!! *tears up* god I hate this family! *starts bawling and immediately stops* …Tch how the hell is this baby controlling my emotions!?

Kou: Ruki~! I need you to drive me to my baby photo shoot! 

Subaru: Why the hell did you even agree to that…

Kou: Because… the fan girls will love it!! *frowns and holds his baby bump self consciously*  

Yuma: You’re the only one who’s proud of being fucking pregnant… *looks down* I’m so bloated and disgusting!! Don’t look at me!!

Ruki: Yet again you Sakamaki’s managed to screw up and ruin everything… *looks at his stomach* …and fix this immediately or else!!

Ayato: Ha, someone’s getting mood swings! Looks like pregnancy isn’t working well for you.

Ruki: Says the one with odd cravings… 

Ayato: *while eating chocolate covered cheeseburger with chips and yogurt* …Shut up!!

Azusa: I…don’t like this…I wanted to be…a father someday…but not…the mother!!

Karlheinz: *enters* I know I haven’t visited you all in a while so I just decided I would drop in and- *sees that his sons are all pregnant* … *leaves*

I won’t give up

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Warnings: If you’re not comfortable with pregnancy/abortion, I really suggest you to just scroll past this. Angst on so many levels, lots of tears and lots of swearing.

Frank finds out reader is pregnant and freaks out. He wants her to have an abortion (she says no) because he doesn’t want to be a father anymore, but then he apologises for asking that to her (he is afraid to lose the people he loves again – he knows all the friends of the people he killed will use his kid as a bait to kill him - and he doesn’t know if he has the strength to be there for them and protect them).

A/N: So, not trying to brag but this might be one of the best one shots I’ve ever written. I’m seriously considering getting over caffeinated more often to write something like this. Also, BIG THANK YOU to the person who requested this, I cannot thank you enough!! My life would be a constant and lonely wandering without @imaginedaily and her opinion on my work <3. I love you babyy!! Feedback does no harm <3 

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You needed to take a few deep breaths before you could even think of getting inside the bathroom. The timer on your phone had been ringing for about a minute, but it definitely seemed like it had been more; like an hour of that stupid ringtone you had. You took a mental note to start looking for some new ones or making your own out of a few songs you’d totally hate.

“Come on, (Y/N),” you cheered on yourself, “you got this, baby.”

And just as if you were entering a haunted house, you got inside the bathroom. The monsters were waiting for you inside it; okay, it was just one. But you had never been more terrified in your life. Not even that time when you thought Frank Castle was after you. By now, Frank Castle was the lesser of evils.

The monster, a.k.a pregnancy test, was waiting for you, and when you peeked on it from afar trying to stay as away from it as possible, you just didn’t see shit. You made yourself walk one step, and then another, until you were touching the monster with your hands and bringing it closer for a better look. You sighed and threw the evidence on the trashcan and went to lay on your bed.

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BTS reacting to finding out their wife (you) is pregnant


Jin: *proud of himself*


Namjoon: *Happy*

You: Don’t hurt it.

“What makes you say tha-”

*bowl breaks*



*still a baby*



*smiles and softly places his hands on your stomach*

“I’ll be a great father”

*kisses your stomach*



*can’t stop smiling*


Taehyung: *cries of happiness*


*gummy smile*

“it’ll be a swag baby.”

You: Yoongi..

*pulls chain out from his pocket*

You: What are y-

“it was 3 dollars”


the heir – pt. 5

Group : BTS

Member : Park Jimin

Word Count :  5,955

Description : It has been eight years, long enough for you to forget about him. But seeing your son everyday, who is almost a duplication of him, always brings back the painful memories of how the only one you had ever loved had died eight years ago. Killed by the police for being a criminal who had broken into a bank and kidnapped a hostage.

A/N : I finally did it! I finished part 5 after three days of sleepless nights! YAy me. *laughs maniacally while clutching to cup of coffee* 

previous | next : coming soon 

“Is she awake yet?,” Jimin asked, his brows pulled together as he pinched his own lips.

It had been an hour since you passed out and you hadn’t showed any signs of recovery yet. Even when the doctor had assured him that you were fine, Jimin refused to leave you alone until you roused from this unconscious state. At this moment, he needed you to stay strong and he needed you to stay strong himself. 

“No, Sir. But she will soon, I promise,” replied his doctor. He couldn’t do much, except for giving you an IV and wait until you wake up, but no matter how many times he had told Jimin not to worry, your worried boyfriend would march in every fifteen minutes, asking the same question again. 

Jimin ran his hand through his hair with a sigh. “Call me immediately when she’s awake, okay?” When receiving a slight nod from the doctor, he stormed out of the room again. 

The moment you collapsed to the ground, Jimin’s heart sunk with you and almost stopped when you wouldn’t wake up. He would have lost his mind if it weren’t for his servants that acted fast and called the doctor while trying to keep Jimin away from the edge of hysteria. 

As much as he wanted to stay by your bedside, he had to find your son, as soon as possible. He was determined to find him before you wake up, even if he meant to engage every of his servants.

But… where was that kid? Could he have run off to the street and gotten lost - or just hid somewhere in the house where nobody would find him? But then the cameras would have seen him wandering around.

Jimin shook his head. Screw the cameras. 

They couldn’t catch his grandparents’ assassins, then they surely won’t be able to catch a little kid. So there was only one last option left.

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So what Toyotarō is trying to tell me… that this cute man right here….

this cute man holding a baby and being proud that this baby came from him. didn’t know Chichi was pregnant or gave birth to him…….So when he had sex with Chichi he left her out to train and when he came back 9 months later she said “oh hi dis your son” and goku was like “????????????!” 

or that Goku was there when Chichi was pregnant but didn’t bother to ask about her swollen tummy and thought that she was probably eating too much…..

Zak imagine- Bragging

Imagine being pregnant with Zak’s daughter.. and him bragging about over and over again.

*Meeting fans*

Aaron: Yeah investigating is hard sometimes but like there are different contributing factors and–

Zak: *Cuts  Aaron* Yea Cuz especially when you have your girl waiting on ya. and then with a little girl on the way.. and then the stress of  becoming a father.. it drives u nuts.

Fan: Awwwww!! Thats soo sweet!

Zak: Uh– Yeah it is.. Just im the luckiest guy in the world…

Aaron: *scoffs*



Fan: So DJ Inferno where can I buy your tracks??

billy: My tracks are  free!! Heres the link: *inserts link here*

Zak: *Cuts in again* but! You can buy my tracks here!!! Im collecting money for my daughter’s nursery! Yea, im gonna be a dad!!

Fan: OMG Zak!!! Congrats!! Im gonna buy your stuff right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Zak: Thanks!!


*Infront of your friends who dont know you’re pregnant (cuz their nosey) *

Friend: So whats up!!?? Haven’t seen you in a while!!

Zak: Yeah, Just busy with the baby, like setting up the nursery, buying stuff,  and yea you know..

Friend: Y/N’s pregnant!?!?

Zak: Yup im a proud to-be daddy!!

You: *face palms*


*group chat with GAC, excluding Zak*

Aaron: This is getting outta hand dude

You: What??

billy: Zak!!! He brags about your daughter all the time!!!!!

Aaron: yea.. im gonna kill him

You: I agree!! He told some of my fake friends too!

billy: Fake friends

You: I dont like em.

Aaron: What do we do bout him.. if he brags again imma kill him.

You: Calm down !! lockdown’s tonight right, he’ll forget all about it!

billy: YES THANK YOU!!

Aaron: this convo is over

You: Delete is guys before “HE” sees it. Good luck with the lockdown!!

Aaron: Thanks!!

billy: Love ya!!!!



Zak: *To the camera* Ok so it lockdown time here at *insert fave location’s name* And thats Aaron-

Aaron: Heyy!!

Zak: and Thats Jay and billy at nerve centre!

Jay: *waves*

billy: ‘Sup!!

Zak: So– This lockdown is dedicated to my love.. this is her fave location.. and this is also for My little angel who’s gonna be here soon. No im not talking about Gracie.. Im gonna be a dad!!!!

Aaron: *face palms*

billy: Oh boy…….

Zak: And with that– ITS LOCKDOWN TIME!!!!! Aaron u excited cuz I am!!

Aaron: yay…. To the camera.. Y/N take a good last look at him cuz u wont see him again

billy: *over the walkie talkie* I’ll help…

Zak: You say something guys?

Aaron: Nope.

Zak: OK Lights out!!!!

In my programming classes, there is this kid. Let’s call him J. J is a hardcore alt-right kind of dude who sees no issues with the things he’s saying. Here are the best examples from the last day of the semester (in exact quotes):

-“Some liberals believe in abortion up until the child is five”

-“Some people believe that alt-right means white supremacist. Its not that I think whites are better, it’s that we are being bred out of existence due to interracial dating. Besides, if they can be proud of being black, I can be proud of being white.”

-“If my girlfriend got pregnant, and the pregnancy would kill her, I would still make her keep it. She lived a good life, it’s only fair to give the child a chance.”

-“I hate that all of these libtard feminists are trying to censor pornography. So what if I get off to rape porn? Wasn’t I just born this way like they claim the gays were”

I have a ton more quotes, but those are ONLY from the last day, like I said

saw a very fat kid with like 30+ Trump stickers on his laptop, also wore a smug pepe t-shirt to class one day

terrifying laugh

such is the curse of our field

Being pregnant with Kraglin's child would include :

(Woooo more prompts! AAAAWW KRAGLIN BABY 😍 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Yondu and the whole crew just being so proud of him finally getting you pregnant that they celebrated a whole week for it and when they learned about baby showers on Earth they did their own version despite not knowing the gender of your baby

-Him thinking your growing stomach to be so cute he can’t help himself from grinning and complimenting you

-You and him coming up with a cute little nickname, like “Peanut” for your growing baby and referring them like that until you’d both decide on a name

-Him asking once for Yondu to help him get baby furniture, only for him to gladly accept and since always tagging along with the both of you and always using your husband as the test for each product

-Him loving to spend his mornings just kissing your bump and hugging you as he lays his head on you, only to get sad when he can’t hug you too much anymore, making him spend even more time kissing your stomach

-Him always escorting you back to your room to make sure you’re safe whenever you’d have to go to sleep, only to check each corner of the room to make sure nothing could happen to you

-Him not understanding your mood swings and always freezing and staring at you with wide eyes, only to make you pity him completely and hug him tight and truly confusing him

-Him always asking for the baby’s advice and pressing his ear against your bump whenever he’d try to convince you into buying or doing something he wants

-Him being shocked at the idea of having sex with you in this state, only to always fall for you and give into your demands as he wants you just as much

-Him cooking for you and making you love each and every single of the soups he’d come up with, making you realize how caring he is

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supreciousgirl  asked:

I read on the tag somewhere that you're not into baby headcanon?It's cool tho I am sad because that means you'd never answer my ask which I sent ages ago... But how about this, let's try my luck. Reactions: the lords (and any side fellas/ninjas you want) on MC's pregnancy, buuuutttt plot twist: they're not the father!

Oohhhh helloooooo!

Lol, yes, you read right (I’m sorry!) I’m not particularly into babies and kids headcanon, not that I hate them but it’s just I have no plan on becoming anybody’s parent and there are many, many great writers in this fandom who do these headcanon justice and more (FLUFFY FLUFFY GOODNESS) so yeah, I’m not the best person (AT ALL) to send these asks to.

That being said. OH, MY GOD

“The lords (and any side fellas/ninjas you want) on MC’s pregnancy, buuuutttt plot twist: they’re not the father!”

WHY. Okay, when I first read this I thought this ask was an ATOMIC ANGST BOMB, but hey, I read that again and hmmm,  it could be a happy HC actually lol. I was assuming when this happened MC is in a relationship with that particular lord and HGSAHVDHMBJHBJKJHVGHHH

NTR (netorare = cuckold) trope could be perversely exciting but let’s not go there (I don’t have the mental capacity - it’s beyond me) and make these characters happy aite?

Headcanon after the break.

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BTS Reaction

-S/o hitting high notes

Yoongi- He’d be pretty shocked lets not lie. He’d be writing down lyric ideas in the living room and his s/o would come in singing and just suddenly hit a high not. He’s shocked y’all trust me.

Originally posted by allforbts

Hobi - He’d be shocked too. Omg he’d probably have food in his hand and he’d freeze mid-bite when you hit that high note. Then he’d get up and hug you spinning you in a circle rapidly making you yelp and hang on for dear life.

Originally posted by nnochu

-Jungkook (jungshook)- he’d be so shook. Part of the shocked trio. He’d stare at his s/o and then slowly show his cute ass bunny smile and give them a thumbs up and a hug.

Originally posted by sugutie

Taehyung- boxy smile is already out and he’d try to hit the same note you just had done. It would turn to uncontrollable laughter from both ends at his attempt to hit that note. He’d praise you with hugs and kisses.

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Jimin- He’d be in awe. Like starstruck, jaw dropped, the whole enchilada. Boy would be shocked, but so proud that you can do that. Proud bf over here.

Originally posted by sosjimin

Jin- Que the seal laugh after the pregnant pause in the air. He’d be caught off guard at first but when the silence caught up he’d burst into his seal laughter clapping his hands together and hugging you, praising you.

Originally posted by yoongichii

Namjoon - OMG this egg would be so proud. Like hella proud of you. He’d grin as you hit the high note with ease, praising you over and over again, pulling you into a kiss and hug.

Originally posted by ksjknj

-Admin A

Stronger Than Me

Written for the amazingly talented @ilostmyshoe-79 and her 27K Sweet Emotions Challenge and my dear friend, @mamaredd123 and her 2K 100 Quotes of Supernatural Challenge. My emotion is PRIDE and my quote is “Wanna try that again like you mean it.” 

This is also my contribution for RPF Appreciation Day 2017.

A/N: I would like to give a shout out to my girl Liz, @charliebradbury1104, for her help with the medical stuff, and for reasons (Liz) I choose Felicia x Jensen. This is an AU. Also, thank you to my bestie, @just-another-busy-fangirl, for being the best beta ever.

A/N 2: I have a couple of friends that are going through a difficult time right now and needed some fluff to cheer them up. This fic was inspired by their stories. I am really proud of how this turned out and I am grateful to them for sharing their story with me so I could write this. I hope you guys like it. 

Pairing: Single Parent!Felicia Day x Nurse!Jensen Ackles, AU

Word Count: 7680

Warnings: Medical jargon, mentions of pregnancy, death, disease, angst and a shit ton of fluff, I hope. Oh, and Nurse!Jensen - definitely a warning.

Summary: Felicia is a single parent that has been busting her butt off for years to put herself through school to be an Occupational Therapist and provide for her son. When she falls ill, the hot nurse isn’t exactly what she expected, but maybe he is what she needed. 

Felicia was working her way through her occupational therapy patients quickly. They all were progressing better than she had expected. Although young at only twenty-four years old, she had busted her butt to get to where she was, proud of herself and her patients.

As circumstance would have it, she got pregnant at seventeen. Her highschool sweetheart freaked out and was leaving for college the following week. Felicia’s parents had been none too happy, but she was their blood and so was the baby and she was grateful for the support system she had.

Felicia took a year off of school during her pregnancy and stayed home with her infant son, Henry James. Born a few weeks early in the middle of March, she was able to spend an entire spring and summer just being a mom and it was the best job she would ever have.

Being a single mom and going to school full time was no easy task and it took it’s toll on Felicia, but she did it. She graduated near the top of her class and had secured a job before graduation at the clinic where she had been working during her senior year as an assistant. Felicia’s career was fulfilling and she was satisfied with her life. She was making enough money to put more than the minimum toward her student loans and get a bigger, better place for Henry and herself.

Felicia specialized in working with children that experience developmental delays, whatever the cause. She spent her days teaching them how to use crayons, tie their shoes and take care of themselves. It was a challenge but she couldn’t imagine changing career paths.


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