proud to be persian

Okay but Imagine...

Erik finally being rewarded for doing something good (building something, getting a prize, first public musical performance on an actual stage, etc.).

Right before the rest of the shocked crowd starts to applaud, all you hear is loud hooting and clapping. Look over to see Christine standing and cheering him on with the Daroga wiping happy proud mama tears off his face next to her.

all my life i’ve had to deal with comments about my nose, i’ve been called “seagull” , “bird”, “beak face”, etc etc. i used to hate it so much, and i would beg my parents to let me get a nose took me so long to love the body i’m in and not me be self conscious of attributes that make me who i am. i am a persian-canadian girl, my nose represents millions of years of beauty and history. my nose is just a small part of who i am, and i’m proud of it. if you’re struggling with a big nose, a flat nose, big body, small body, ANYTHING.. just remember we are created differently and we all have little things who make us beautiful individuals. be proud of who you are, and love the body you’re in. 

anonymous asked:

i'd honestly like to thank all of you for this blog because white supremacy has caused me to hate myself, my mother tongue and my culture for not being white enough and this blog is really helping me love and appreciate my heritage and be proud of being azeri and persian

this is why we have this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be Azeri and be Persian and be L O U D and P R O U D because honestly it’s so fun making spineless white supremacists uncomfortable by existing :) be proud of your culture!!


Pokémon Go Ask Meme
  • Pikachu: What main Pokemon would be by your side? What's it called?
  • Squirtle: Who would be your starter Pokémon?
  • Charizad: What team are you on; Valor, Instinct or Mystic?
  • Bulbasaur: What badges are you mostly working towards? Collector, Backpacker or Scientist or Ultimate Gym Leader?
  • Pidgey: Do you feel the pain of living in the suburbs and trying to Pokemon hunt?
  • Growlithe: What type of Pokémon are you interested in finding?
  • Voltorb: Is there a Pokémon you're searching mainly for?
  • Nidoran: Do you take on gyms straight on or do you plan your Pokémon to completely annihilate?
  • Abra: Ever had a Pokémon flee? What was that like?
  • Rattata: What's the most common Pokémon you catch?
  • Geodude: What is your most creative nickname for your Pokémon?
  • Machop: What is your favourite Pokémon? Have you caught it yet?
  • Shellder: Was Pokémon a big part of your childhood?
  • Magikarp: Do you prefer to Pokémon hunt in the city, in the suburbs or by the beach/river?
  • Mew: Are you still searching/hoping for Mew?
  • Jigglypuff: Who is the cutest Pokémon in your opinion?
  • Goldeen: Have you gone back to any of the other games since Pokémon Go came out?
  • Psyduck: How much 3G have you spent playing this game?
  • Meowth: Favourite Pokestop you have found through the game? (Don't reveal your location)
  • Cloyster: What badges have you got? Which one are you most proud of?
  • Persian: Best memory playing the game?
  • Hitmonice: How many Pokémon have you seen? How many have you caught?
  • Blastoise: Any evolution you are mainly interested and working towards?
  • Raticate: Have you hatched any eggs and were you disappointed/happy with what you got?
  • Lapras: Highest Combat Power Pokémon?
  • Poliwag: Have you spent money in game?