proud to be persian

One of the aspects of culture appropriation that speaks to me is that youre taking aspects from poc and their culture but you dont accept the people from that culture. You want to wear henna but you dont accept indian-south asian people. And dont be like “well im not racist” because every white person is taught unconsciously from a young age that theyre better than poc. Racism is a spectrum…. anyways thats my thoughts rn

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It's so shameful that you guys even call yourselves Persian or whatever like no culture on earth is perfect because it's only now that people realise some things in the past may have flawed cause we evolve but god stop bashing your own people and culture? Obvs the 'norm' was different then? You really need to quit this act like it's really gross. Im Persian, I a acknowledge something that is flawed but stop thinking ALL Persians are too proud to admit that. You look like a joke

i dont even know what youre talking about so honestly go right ahead and suck a dick