proud to be lebanese


Lebanese Anti-Homophobia video! So proud!


Two days ago a lebanese politician accused the revolts happening in Beirut of being instigated by communists who want to ruin the liberal system & start a class war. He said these left over communists want to ruin the liberal economy of downtown beirut which is home to classiest restaurants, malls, hotels visited by all Arabs and foreigners. This poltician threatened that the high class Beirut is not a public folk market, in other words only a place for the rich. Lebanese civilians did not waste one day in transforming our classy downtown into a public market, selling for cheap and even giving away their goods of all sorts including food. Right now downtown is filled with people of all sorts, buying, dancing and getting together, all as a form of protest against the corrupt system. I’m so proud of my lebanese people for showing greedy politicians that beirut belongs to the people & not to corporations!

growing up in dubai (re: every capitalists wet dream) it was hard to actually be proud of being lebanese/palestinian. mostly it has to do with my mom trying to *~westernize*~ me and herself. most of my friends stopped talking to me after they found out i was queer, really shows who your true friends are, huh. but yeah, i’m done trying to hide between some barrier.