proud to be bosnian

Stop giving me shit in my ask

Look, I love The Wanted, I’ve loved them since 2009 But  I also LOVE Football. Football is my passion. I’ve played football since I was 6 years, I used and still am playing it with my guy-friends. It’s nothing wrong if a girl likes football, And for you who send me “Why the fuck did you reblog the Imagine of that football player” Honey, “That” football player is Ibiešvić. Here is some fact about him:

Vedad Ibišević Born in August 6 1985 (28 years old) in Vlasenica Bosnia and Hercegovina,  Ibišević has the position Striker.(If you know what that is.) He plays in the German FC VfB since 2012 and in 2008 he got an award for Idol Nacije (Bosnian Footballer of the Year)

You want me to write a book of all the Bosnian players? I could do that, I’ll NEVER leave my Loved Bosnian Players.. You could need to read about him and meny other of the Bosnian players, because you obviously don’t even know where the hell he and the rest of the players are from.