proud to be bosnian


20 years ago today, the Bosnian people faced the greatest genocide in Europe since the Holocaust in World War II. Over a period of 11 days, more than 8,000 of the men and boys were massacred while the women faced unspeakable torture. All this while the UN “peacekeepers” watched from the safety of the surrounding hills. According to some eyewitness testimonies Dutch peacekeepers were among the refugees watching as the Serbs raped and murdered them. Those same “peacekeepers” had declared Srebrenica a “UN Safe Zone” before the Serbs came and killed everyone.

Why did the Serbs kill the Bosnians? Because the Bosnians are a proud European Muslim people. The Bosnians were killed for their Islam.

I will never forget when I met a Bosnian girl and her mother, both refugees, from that time.

“So where are you from?”
“I am from Srebrenica.”
“Where is the rest of your family?”

She gave me a slightly annoyed look as if to tell me I should know better, and repeated:

“I am from Srebrenica.”

~ Shibli Zaman

Stop giving me shit in my ask

Look, I love The Wanted, I’ve loved them since 2009 But  I also LOVE Football. Football is my passion. I’ve played football since I was 6 years, I used and still am playing it with my guy-friends. It’s nothing wrong if a girl likes football, And for you who send me “Why the fuck did you reblog the Imagine of that football player” Honey, “That” football player is Ibiešvić. Here is some fact about him:

Vedad Ibišević Born in August 6 1985 (28 years old) in Vlasenica Bosnia and Hercegovina,  Ibišević has the position Striker.(If you know what that is.) He plays in the German FC VfB since 2012 and in 2008 he got an award for Idol Nacije (Bosnian Footballer of the Year)

You want me to write a book of all the Bosnian players? I could do that, I’ll NEVER leave my Loved Bosnian Players.. You could need to read about him and meny other of the Bosnian players, because you obviously don’t even know where the hell he and the rest of the players are from. 

Maybe I was not meant to be a part of one place.
Maybe my heart rests in between.
Who said I could be a part of one and not the other?
Who said letters on a paper define what I feel in my heart?
My dad is a refugee,
And to him moving is a painful procedure that wakes old memories up.
I think moving is the best thing on this planet.
The war killed my father’s wanderlust,
but it sparked mine.
There is no place made for me.
My home is on the road.
My dad’s home is safety.
The war did not ruin us all.
I am a product of it,
and I am not a mistake.
I am not an inconvenience.
I am the aftermath of an earthquake.
I am the end result.
I am the outcome of war.
I am what people fear the most.
Nobody fears the refugees.
They fear what comes from them.
I come from a refugee.
My heart isn’t whole.
I am inbetween.
Too East for the West, too West for the East.
Too big for the people, too small for the World.
—  // And I am proud.

A Bosnian Muslim is very proud, because he believes that he was made to command, and others should listen. He acts according to that, always quiet and calm. He doesn’t talk much, and when he talks, he takes care, he doesn’t want to say anything corrupt, or unworthily of a great man. 

I have been on service for 16 years here, and I rarely could hear (and even that only in recent time), even a the most vulgar Muslim cursing God or saint. A Muslim hates and despises a person who curses God, and he cannot understand how God doesn’t send a storm on person who blasphemes him. I was on a train between Prakrac and Daruvar. In the same wagon was a Muslim from Banja Luka. One of the younger passengers argued with someone and cursed God. Our Muslim, calmly but seriously told him: “God gave you those beautiful eyes and those beautiful lips to look at the sky and praise Him. That’s a shame. Big shame!”

And morality? A Bosnian Muslim is full of character, and his word is holy to him. If he gave a promise, he will keep it, no matter how difficult it is. He hates lie more than everything, and even a poor man will hardly steal anything, because that is unworthily of human.

Antun Hangi - Book: “Life and tradition of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina”