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Trimberly and Trini's little brother head canons? I feel Kim would get along with them! Gracias~

This is a good one I’m very happy to answer


-from a young age trini made sure her little brothers loved each other, so they always had a friend, whether that meant taking the blame for something mateo did to gabe, forcing them to watch the same shows, or locking them in her bathroom until they got over whatever they were fighting about

-one day the boys came home with the notion that they couldnt play fight with their older sister, because they were big and tough boys, they could hurt her. she knew it was out of love and fear of harming their older sister, so when she body slammed gabe on top of mateo, it was meant with just as much love

-shes always got the ice cream hook ups. always.

-just imagine trini at the park with one boy on either swing running back and forth to push both of them an equal amount, or judging races as both boys fly down the slides, or lowkey biting her nails off with worry as they go across the monkey bars for the zillionth time.

-they both always tease her about her height, and the only reason it bothers her is because one day her little brothers are gonna be taller than her.

-shes glad shes a power ranger so she can always take care of them, and that theyll never have to do the protecting, try as they might.

-no matter whats going on in her life, trini always makes sure to sit down with her brothers and help them with homework, seeing as shes actually super smart

-all rangers come hang out when trini is babysitting

-billy is actually the first one to meet the boys, because trini sees him as a potential role model for her brothers. that changes as soon as billy started bringing small firecrackers over 

 -when the boys meet jason, he becomes a human jungle gym. poor guys too nervous to tell them to get off, but when he looks to trini for help, for some strange reason she cant bring herself to say anything. (maybe it was all those intense training sessions. maybe.)

-trini refused to let the boys go anywhere near zack. after the billy debacle, she couldnt run the risk. her best friend finally got her to budge and he meets mateo and gabe, hes surprisingly very sweet and calm, a very pure older brother complex. (the follow him like baby ducks, and nothing makes trini more proud)

-the first time kim came over, the boys locked themselves in their room and didnt come out for a solid 30 minutes. not that trini minded of course. (“Guess all Gomez’s cant handle me, huh Trin?”)


-naturally once trini gets them out of their room, they love kim. in fact, they come up with this whole plan to get them together. like parent trap level plan.

-theyre piecing together their last shot at ‘plan krini’ when they walk into the living room at midnight to find trini pinned to the couch by kim. (obviously if you wrestle THAT much, you HAVE to be dating)

-they play power rangers, and gabe brings up that its trinis turn to play rita. kim is right by her side in a second, telling the boys it was time for dinner and holding her hand for the rest of the night, and though trini doesnt say a word, the grateful smile she gives kim says enough

-they watch movies and group snuggle on the couch. trinis head on kims lap, and both boys laying on top of trini is each of her arms, falling asleep to the sounds of wonder woman. (trini has made they boys watch it at least seventeen times)

-they totally force kim to cut their hair. one time she gave both of them matching mohawks, and trini totally flipped when she saw it. that was until she saw how happy her brothers were. (and the flowers kim had placed sporadically over her room)

-BOARD GAMES. NEVER ENDING BOARD GAMES. seriously, the boys could only watch as trini and kim played the most intense game of monopoly theyd ever seen. it lasted four hours, and they only reason they let it keep going was because they were past their bed time, which never happens.

-theres a reason they go to bed at an unrelenting time whenever trini babysits, and that totally has nothing to do with why the boys wont come over when kim is over. totally.


I’m having some major Trini and Jason feels right now. 

Like, when they first started as a group, Jason had thought that Trini hated him. With a burning passion in the I-hate-you-please-never-speak-to-me-again way, especially with the way she interacts with the others compared to him.

Until one day, when Jason is about to leave his house to go do something, Trini shows up at his front door. He’s so confused and has no idea what to do, and Trini looks like she’s about to change her mind and leave but instead she just asks him if it’s okay if she hangs out and he’s still so ???? but lets her in anyways. 

He asks her whats wrong, thinking that she’s probably just going to ignore him but then she starts ranting about her parents, and how she’s trying so hard to make them proud of her and he’s quietly listening suddenly Trini just blurts, “The only good thing about me is that I’m a ranger!” 

It makes Jason so sad because Trini is so kind and patient with Billy and she jokes around and has fun with Zack and is such a good friend to Kim and is honestly there for all of them in any shape or form they need and then Jason gets furious that Trini believes the only good thing about her is when she’s the yellow ranger. 

He just goes off (he doesn’t yell but his voice does raise a bit when he’s trying to prove his point) and he tells her how he’s sure he would’ve died if it weren’t for her helping him fight Goldzar, and he talks about how important she is to the group and how important it is to him that she knows that they care.

When he’s done, Trini just stares at him in shock for a few seconds before she hugs him and mumbles, “Thanks, Jason, I really needed that.” 

a pretty good bad idea (3/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers)

chapter summary:  This is the obligatory heated sparring chapter. (You had to know it was coming.)

a/n: Do I know how to write sparring scenes? No! Do I let that stop me? No!

I would like to dedicate this chapter – and everything else I write for the history of forever – to @smallandsundry, who this very afternoon blessed me with a look at her true mastery of the art of story-telling. Thank you, Smalls; you are an inspiration. 


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Prompt idea: trimberly hanging out at the coffee shop for a date and Kimberly's fake friends start talking shit. And trini's like :)))))) "square TF up son." And Kimberly's like "Tini, babe don't fight people" ya.

This was very hard, and is probably really bad but here you go!

tw: minor homophobia and racism

“No Trin! Get your hands away from it, the glazed donut is mine!”

Kimberly swatted Trini’s hand away, Trini giggling as Kimberly exclaimed, a small smile spreading across her face. They had decided to go on a a café date instead of going to Saturday detention, which they both knew would bite them in the ass later, but they couldn’t care less. They hadn’t been able to spend much time together lately, other than sneaking into each others rooms late at night. Trini and Kim both missed being able to see each other every day, but since Rita attacked Trini, leaving horrible marks across Trini’s skin, something that caused waves of anger and rage to flow through Kim’s body, and massive dents in Trini’s wall, Trini’s mother had buckled down on her, much more protective and manipulative. So they had decided to skip, and eat donuts and laugh, and just be carefree, a feeling that they cherished much more lately.

Trini went to pick up her fork, a mischievous glint in her eyes, a knowing smirk spreading across her lips. Kimberly squinted her eyes, a playful smile on her face, as she grabbed her fork with lightning speed, and stabbed at the donut, her hand being swatted by Trini, who in turn, started moving the napkin which the donut laid on top of sporadically, her eyes trained on Kimberly. Their little game went on for at least a couple minutes before Trini lunged at the donut, her fork lodging into the table, as she yanked back, and stuffed the entire donut into her mouth. Trini smirked victoriously, her cheeks popping out. Kimberly wanted to pout and act all sad but she couldn’t help but smile at how cute Trini looked, like a little chipmunk. Kimberly giggled as Trini struggled to swallow the donut, Kimberly giving her a look, which said ‘you deserved that’.

Kimberly was still smirking at how cute Trini looked when she heard the cafe door open, the familiar bell ringing, and shutting. Both girls didn’t pay much attention to it. Kimberly was to focused on Trini chugged her coffee, trying to wash down the donut, but then Kimberly heard the sound of heels hitting the hardwood, and the smell of overly expensive make up. Kimberly didn’t want to look up, she didn’t really care, but Trini started to become smaller in her seat, her defence mechanism, one that Kimberly knew all to well. Kimberly tilted her head slightly, and she could see her ex cheer mates, Rebecca and Amanda, her fellow queen bees, or at least the queen bees, seeing as nobody on the cheer team of football team would look at her, unless they were bad mouthing her. She made eye contact with Amanda, Kimberly’s eyes holding a fiery glint, her jaw tightening. They held eye contact until Amanda scoffed and looked away, her eyes setting on Trini, who was trying to make herself smaller, memories about mean girls at her previous schools washing over her. Kimberly clenched her jaw, taking Trini’s hand in her own, squeezing it, the other girl opening up a little more, returning from her shell. Trini could see the fiery glint in Kimberly’s eyes, but she could also see the guilt and remorse, remembering the horrible thing she had done. Trini started rubbing the pad of her thumb across Kimberly’s knuckles, wordlessly calming the girl down, reassuring her.

Kimberly and Trini both tried ignoring the other girls, trying to enjoy the time they had together, but that was quite hard when the two girls had super hearing, being able to hear all the rude and mean things the cheerleaders were saying about them, specifically Kimberly.

“Shouldn’t she be in detention, with all the other freaks?”

“How much do you think she hates herself after everything that happened?”

“Probably a lot considering she’s hanging out with the new dyke.”

With each insult, Trini’s could feel her hands clenching, and Kimberly wanted to say something, wanted to yell at the other girls, but she didn’t want to cause more trouble than she already had, so tried to stay quiet, she tried not to pay attention, but Trini on the other hand, she was not having any of it. Trini’s hands clenched once more, trying to conceal her rage, but her attempt failed as she finally said something.

“Try saying that to our face!”

Trini yelled, jumping out of her seat, her hands balled into fists. Luckily for them, the cafe was quite empty, but the few people who were inside bowed their heads away, trying to ignore Trini, who was radiating anger. Amanda turned towards Trini, tilting her head in curiosity, a devilish glint in her eyes. Kimberly knew that look all too well, she knew what was to come, and it wouldn’t be good.

“What did you say to me, bitch?”

Trini visibly shrinks, stuttering slightly, as she tries to step back, to get away, to run, to escape. Kimberly feels her hands clench, Amanda and Rebecca could taunt and bitch at her, but Trini was strictly off limits, Kimberly knew that Trini wouldn’t be able to take Amanda on, seeing as the cheer leader could ruin her life, but Kimberly wasn’t about to let that happen. She decided against smacking or yelling at Amanda, even though her entire body was telling her too, so she just grabbed Trini’s hand, pulling her away.

“Let’s go.”

She mutters, hoping that Trini would listen, neither of the girls wanting to stay near Amanda and her lackey, or start a fight. Trini pushed past Rebecca, who knocks Trini of balance slightly, another wave of protectiveness rushing through Kimberly. They are about to walk out of the shop, but Rebecca says something that makes Kimberly stop dead in her tracks.

“I wonder when she’ll get deported.”

Kimberly stoped, even as Trini tried to pull her away. Trini had heard the racist slurs before, the “go back to your own country” and the “just wait until he builds the wall” most of the time she ignored it, knowing that her retaliating would cause more trouble than good, but Kim didn’t know that, didn’t know how many times Trini’s family had faced the racist comments and threats, and how many times Trini had to walk away, making herself smaller every time. Trini could feel Kimberly’s hand clench around her own, she wanted to do something, to yell, to scream, to wipe the stupid smug look of the Rebecca’s face. Kimberly turned around, her eyes glaring daggers at Rebecca.

“What the fuck did you just say!?”

Kimberly yells, the astonished rage radiating from her body. Trini held on tight to Kimberly, trying not to say anything, but she wanted more than anything to retaliate. Amanda scowled at the both of them before brushing them off.

“Why don’t you just go run off with your girlfriend, lezbos.”

Trini didn’t know what she did next, she just reacted, all the pent up aggression shooting through her as she turned around, bringing her hand up, backhanding Amanda square across her cheek, the sound radiating through the silent cafe. Trini stared in awe at what she did, as well as Kimberly, who reacted quicker than Trini, yanking Trini’s arm, pushing them through the door, both of them running away from the cafe, but not without hearing Amanda yell something along the lines of “YOU’RE GOING TO HEAR FROM MY LAWYER” or something else a spoilt, white, brat would say.

The girls ran away as fast as they could at a normal pace, not wanting to look suspicious, once they were far enough away, they slowed down their pace. A quiet, astonished laughter erupted from Kimberly, as she commented, slightly out of breath.

“That was not how I expected our date to go.”

Trini chuckled slightly, still quite in awe of what she did, she had never stood up for herself like that before. Trini didn’t say anything, staring at the ground, which Kimberly noticed, asking her warmly.

“Are you okay?”

Trini just chuckled and stated, laughter bubbling in her throat.

“We are so utterly, fucking, screwed.”

Kimberly started laughing, a little surprised, but she couldn’t help the feeling of satisfaction she felt as Trini hit Amanda. She knew it was not the right thing to do, but she was proud that Trini had been able to stand up to the girl, knowing that Trini had never been able to do it before, as well as laugh it off. Silence filled the air around them, as they took in what happened. They knew that the following monday, they would face a lot of shit, but right now they didn’t care, so they just laughed it off, everything else fading away.

let's talk about ranger healing...

We all got this thing where they heal quickly right? Bruises? Healed by the end of the day. Cuts? Basically gone within the hour or so. Broken bones? Sets themselves, but ya gotta move ‘em into position.

But, think about this:

Injuries from other rangers take longer to heal

Now, I’m not saying that they walk around with broken bones blatantly on display, but they’d definitely be able to feel the bruises and cuts they got.

Now than, for the real reason I made this post:

The first time Kim tries to leave a hickie on Trini’s neck, she makes it as big and deep in color as possible since she thinks it’ll just disappear the next day

Her girlfriend was not amused when she spotted the monster on her neck and flushed each time someone pointed it out

Kim wore a sheepish, but proud smile for the rest of the week

Trini tried to get revenge and littered hickies all over Kimberly’s neck

Kim wore them like a badge of honor

Kimberly absolutely loves the fact that the hickies she made on Trini don’t go away as soon as everything else

She puts them places people can see 'cause she’s a possessive little shite

Trini sorta wishes the ranger healing would make 'em fade away like every other injury they get, but she totally love them as much as Kim, maybe even more

Also, Trini likes leaving her own marks on Kim. Said marks primarily being scratches and bite marks.

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queen of angst do you have any angsty trimberly headcannons <3

oh god why do this to me right now but i have to answer it because I NEED the angst (as much as I love smut, angst is my REAL speciality and I crave that shit)

anyways this shit is long and i am in love with both my girls having sad backstories but plenty of character growth. so here we go! enjoy this shit show.


  • trini is adopted; her real mother was june’s sister, but she abandoned her with them, and this is why june has a disconnect with her because she never asked to take care of trini, and she can’t help but look at trini and feel anger that her sister would leave a child the way she does; she wants to get more involved in trini’s life and but she doesn’t know how to do it properly; she was “given” trini (aka found the baby on her doorstep) when she and her husband were young, so they didn’t know how to take care of her but they couldn’t bare to send her away so they took her in. june’s homophobia is out of a misguided sense of protection, because she doesn’t know how to accept trini or love her properly, and she still resents her sister for just up and leaving, and that resentment unfortunately gets pushed onto trini unintentionally.
  • trini finds out she’s adopted when she and june get into a yelling match, when trini is like, “you’re supposed to be my mother!” and june accidentally yelling back, “but i am not! i never asked to be, nor did i ever want to. it’s not my fault my own sister couldn’t take care of you.”
  • trini being shellshocked and june cupping a hand over her mouth, and that’s when trini realizes that it’s the truth, that she was lied to her entire life and it fucking breaks her so she runs; she’s shaking and numb but she doesn’t cry until she gets to the ship, and zordon is surprised to see her. she asks if she can stay there from now on, and he agrees instantly.
  • trini finally falling apart and sobbing and not being able to sleep because she’s so distraught over the fact that her entire life is a lie.
  • trini pushing everyone away, even kim (this is established trimberly).
  • trini no longer reacting to the people bullying her at school.
  • trini slipping on her grades.
  • trini skipping school.
  • trini just spending hours atop that cliff, staring into nothing.
  • trini not answer june’s phone calls.
  • when a group of leftover putties attack the town, trini almost makes the rangers lose their morphing ability. she gets hurt but doesn’t tell anyone about it but when they get back to the ship, kim sticks around and notices trini isn’t okay and goes to help but trini shoves her away.
  • zack becomes the only one trini trusts to let in, because she loves kim and is far more scared of hurting her, or getting hurt herself, to let her in.
  • zack patching her up and trini confessing what happened.
  • june calling kim for help and telling her everything; kim gets pissed af at june and gives her a piece of her mind, a really big piece tbh, and goes to trini to comfort her; trini trying to fight her off at first but kim telling that she knows and she’s not leaving, that she loves her and no matter what trini might feel about her worth, kim thinks trini is her world.
  • trini sobbing into both zack and kim’s arms as they hold her close; eventually billy and jason sense something and come to the ship and find them there in a cuddle puddle and join in to comfort trini best they can.
  • trini wanting to find her real mom, and the team being wary but supportive; they search her up, only to find out that trini’s real mom died ten years ago from cancer, and trini being numb.
  • billy suggesting they go to the place where she was buried, and at first the other rangers are worried it’s too forward for trini, but trini nods and says she would like that, but only if they all came with her.
  • the rangers meet trini’s real mom, trying to hold back tears as trini says some words (”I never knew you… why didn’t I ever know you?”) and then after they’re done, trini realizes june doesn’t even know about her sister.
  • trini returning home alone and june sobbing with relief and apologizing for everything she said because she does love trini but she just doesn’t know how to accept her and that she’s so sorry; she’d taken a vow to protect trini and love her after she was abandoned.
  • trini slowly breaking the news to june and june being in disbelief; trini apologizing and then after she says, “I could take you to see her, if you want?” and june nodding, teary-eyed and choked up.
  • trini and june visiting the tombstone and standing in silence, before june says her goodbyes and it’s sad and mournful because the last memory june had of her sister was resenting her, despite never knowing why she had left in the first place, and that failure to protect her sister hurts deep.
  • when they come home, trini asks june what her mother was like in childhood, what her name was, her favourite colour, her favourite food.
  • june telling her that trini was just as beautiful as her sister, and had the personality and kindness of her, too. she talks about the similarities between trini and her sister and it ends with them crying and bonding.
  • june apologizing for how she’s been acting about trini’s sexuality, and that she shouldn’t be judging her for how she acts when she’s made so many mistakes herself. trini says she still doesn’t know how to deal with the lie but says that she’s not ready to give up just yet.
  • trini and her family going to therapy to sort out their issues; june meeting kim and thanking her for protecting trini at school and from herself when she was being so damned stupid, and for loving trini as much as she kim does; trini silently crying as she watches june and kim interact kindly.
  • it takes several months until trini calls june “mama” again. when she does, it’s spontaneous but it makes trini and june cry because they’re finally healing after all these months of heartbreak and pain.
  • june being a proud parent when she finally sees just how amazing trini is with the twins and her friends, and how she’d been blinded by her own inner hatred and grief of losing her sister to see how good trini is.


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Trimberly headcanons

- wearing each other’s colors

  • before they had started dating they did occasionally wear the colors of the other ranges but it was never deliberate
  • Kim is the first to purpusly wear Trini’s yellow 
  • Trini was down in the dumps and Kim had noticed and in the hopes that it wold cheer her up she had put on one of Trini’s shirts

- Trini helped Kim come to tearms with her sexuality

  • Before they started dating and before they even really realized they liked each other Kim was questioning her sexuality
  • Trini helped her find a place where she felt comfortable talking about it, and felt like she did not have to hide any part of who she was
  • Kim was nervous coming out to the team but she knew they would accept her and after Trini was extremely proud of Kim
  • Kim’s parents took it well and immediately accepted their daughter as bi giving her the support that she needed

- Kim asked Trini out

  • Trini had wanted to ask Kim out but she was for once in her life to nervous to say the words
  • Kim blurted it out one day after training, and asked Trini to go on date with her

- Kim is the one who lets it slip that they are dating

  • the two had kept the circle of people who knew that they were together small (only the rangers) 
  • then one day Kim accidentally called Trini babe in the lunch room, it was looked over by most people
  • it happened again though when Kim refereed to Trini as her girlfriend in science class, then it was official Trini and Kim were the newest couple of the school and according to them the hottest
Home is where I come from.

I am Trinidadian. I consider my country to be the best place on the earth. But who doesn’t have that opinion about where they’re from? Trinidad and it’s smaller twin island Tobago, lies 11 miles of the coast of Venezuela. Together, this twin nation has a population of approximately 1.2 million people. It is one the only pair of islands in the Lesser Antilles that has reserves for petroleum, natural gas and asphalt. I mean, we have the world’s largest natural asphalt reservoir. How cool is that? When it comes to industrialization, Trinidad and Tobago offers the best. We have some of the largest methanol, ammonia, liquified nitrogen and petroleum plants in the world. Together with the hype of industrialization, Trinidad and Tobago is blessed with multiculturally diverse society. Our society has a unique blend of race and colour. Our ancestry, heritage and culture stems from the east; Africa, India, China, Spain, England, France and as time passed by we evolved. We did this by blending these different cultures to make them more unified; something we can call our own. And culture doesn’t necessarily mean religion, celebrations and festivals; in fact culture is all that plus music, cuisine, language, literature and i have personally considered frame of mind as part culture. Trinidad and Tobago has been listed as one of the happiest places in the world; we have one of the sexiest accents in the world; we invented the steel pan; Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is now regarded as one of the best carnivals in the world. As a small country, with an even smaller population, Trinidad and Tobago has truly accomplished a great feat. 

But as with every other nation in the world, we are not perfect. We have really good days and we have really really bad days. We have very intelligent, heart warming and  generous citizens. And then we have very, very small minded, unrealistic, irrational hypocrites. Trinidad and Tobago, is being plagued by corruption and crime of sorts. I understand that no country is without corruption and crime. But for a population of only 1.2 million folks, the rate is very alarming. The daily news has become so predictable now that I don’t get the zeal to even look at it. Gang related murders, sexual assault on children, domestic abuse, drug trafficking, man slaughter, corrupt organizations; it’s pretty bad out there. And it is also very true that we don’t have a fully functional police force; neither do we have national security fully at our best interest nor do we value the laws that were placed to maintain decorum in the society. Trinidad and Tobago has become synonymous with corruption and crime. Who are the ones to be blamed? Is it the government or is it everyone?

Whatever the answer is, Trinidad and Tobago is home. Trinidad and Tobago is the place where I was born and bred. I could be at the tip of the Himalayan glaciers and I would announce that I am a proud, contented Trinidadian. No matter how, devious and sick minded people can be, they only make up a minority. We have so many things to be proud of, don’t let acts of crime and corruption bring this country down to the dogs. 


so… I headcanon Trini as a book worm™ and like, the other rangers totally found out about it when they went to help with her room, and saw like four enormous shelves full of books: from classics to Game of Thrones to Harry Potter to fucking Twilight (zack teased the hell out of her for like a week), but also found out she loves writing and like one of the shelves has lots of prizes she has won because her short stories are pretty good and her mother is like actually really proud of her. and they convince trini to read one of them and billy is super excited because the story about the guy that leaps over cliffs and saves his friends from the wrath of the terrible witch is just so cool.

Trini is just blushing the whole time cuz she’s just an adorable shy baby

Quick Trimberly story.

Big day for Kimberly means Trini being trapped on her pit crew.

Both girls share the passion for F1 racing yet, both of them in different ways. Kim is the team’s star driver. She loves the adrenaline and the risks. Being a single child, she gets what she wants. Always. On the other hand, Trini prefers the safety and the calmness that being behind the scenes provides her.

“Is it ready?” Kimberly asks Trini, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Almost” she answers without looking at her. “Can you turn it on?”

“Sure thing” Kim turns on the engine, making the car come to life. “Oh yes, baby! That’s how I like it” Trini smiles widely at the sound that inundates the room. Kim would be lying if she denied the fact that Trini’s  words didn’t have an effect on her. “Seems like you have to win that trophy” Trini cleaned her hands on her overall to close the hood. “It’ll make your dad happy”

“Don’t remind me. He’s been a pain in the ass lately” Kimberly followed her to the group. “Thanks for checking on it at the last minute”

“No problem, princess” Trini enjoys calling her that. “Hey, Ryan! Car’s ready. Take it to the track” Trini threw the keys as she exited the garage.

She loved those moments when she could tease Kimberly as if it was nothing. Being the daughter of Kim’s dad’s best friend meant knowing her since they were babies. They used to be really close as kids, she even enjoyed Kimberly’s company. But life happens and so does shit.

“You know she keeps looking at you like a lion stares at its prey. Right?” Zack said as Trini sits beside him.

“Keep talking bullshit and I’ll attack you like a lion attack its prey” she replied rolling her eyes.

“You know I’m just being honest” Zack shrugged, watching as Kimberly walked toward them.

“You all came” she smiles fondly at her friends.

“I wouldn’t dream of skipping one of your most important races” Jason ruffled her hair, making her laugh.

“You’ll do it great, Kimmy!” Billy smiled at her.

“Thanks,  buddy” She sighed as the speakers came to life, announcing the opening ceremony. “Hope your magic works,” she said looking at Trini with a  soft smile.

“If it doesn’t, I’ll punch myself” she joked as she started to walk to the pits, leaving their friends on the benches.

It  was the 50th lap when Kimberly parked in her pit box, jumping from the car as the team started to work on it for the second time. Anxiety running through her body, as the other pilots kept driving. Just 5 more laps and the race will be over, just…

“Keep calm, darling. You’ll make it” Trini’s father wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Believe in yourself”

“Thank you, Robert” Kim smiled at him, his eyes filled with support. “Trini is doing great. You should give her more credit.” this time, she looks at  Trini, who was working on her car with the rest of the team. A frown on her face and her tongue showing between the teeth. Her hands itched at the need of rubbing Trini’s forehead to stop her from frowning.

“I know she is, kiddo. She’s learned from the best.” A smirk on his face, making Kim laugh.

“Kim, It’s ready” Trini jogged toward them, a confident look in her eyes. “Go kick some ass, princess”

“I always do” Kimberly winked at her before returning to the tracks.

“She cares for you” Trini’s dad spoke the words. “I still don’t get why you keep pushing her away”

“We’re  not the same kids anymore. Life happens and I’m comfortable with this” she sighed, calming her heart from what Kimberly does to her. “Now let’s  go to the front”


Her stress levels were increasing notably as the flag waved, signaling the last lap. All she could think about was Trini. The girl was her biggest fan, even if she didn’t show it.  Before they fell apart, Trini had told her everything. Kimberly missed the friendship between them. There wasn’t a single moment where she stopped wondering what had happened between them that Trini kept pushing her away.

Charles passed her in a blink, bringing her back to the reality. She has to get back to the first place, no matter what. She speeds up with a few shifts on the gearbox. Determination running inside her as she gets Charles’ side, she gives him a quick smirk before she works her magic.


Trini  can feel her heart threatening to leave her chest as Kimberly positions herself back in the first place. Just a few more meters and she’ll make her dream come true. The same dream Kimberly has talked about since she was 13 when Trini’s dad brought them both to their first F1 race. The girl fell in love with the speed the cars move. She’s always been the rebel of them both and the one who always made Trini fear for her  life as she couldn’t resist her friend’s fun ideas.

The  loud cheers around her made her jump, looking to the track in the exact  moment as Kimberly took off her helmet. Trini wanted to punch herself  for the image forming in her head. Kimberly’s short locks wild as she shakes her head, the sweat drops on her forehead shine bright against  her tan skin thanks to the sunlight. Trini’s mouth goes dry as she observes Kimberly wink at her at the time she let the top of her racing suit fall down to her waist, revealing a pink sports bra.  She wished to be straight right then and there. Maybe that way, the heat   between her legs would disappear.

“We did it!”  Ryan had ruffled Trini’s hair, making her blink twice to stop her from  wondering how nice it would be to have Kimberly in her bed.

“We can breathe now” she sighed as Kimberly’s dad made her way to her, hugging her with a proud smile on his lips.

“It’s  good to know that” Ryan joked, squeezing her shoulder before making his  way to the team.

They all cheering and celebrating the victory. Trini, for her part, decided to go with her friends, she couldn’t breathe with the image of Kimberly almost topless.

“Feeling  proud?” Jason welcomed her with a big smile. He knew the pressure Trini feels every time she is in charge of Kimberly’s car.

“More like calm. I can live without my dad breathing down my neck” she sighed at the fact of it. “At least for now”

“Oh come on, you’re great with cars. You’ll be my mechanic when I finally get mine” He assured her.

“I don’t think it’ll happen. I’m planning to quit it” Trini dropped the bomb.

“What? You can’t quit! You love being around cars and working on them” Zack said, clearly shocked.

“My  gay levels are on top every time I stare at her. I have enough sharing  time with her when we hang out. I can’t fight it anymore” she sighed, sitting on the benches beside Billy.

“Don’t fight it, then. Ask her out” Billy grabbed her hand, squeezing it. “It’s time for you to find out how she feels.”

“I’ve been running from her for 3 years now. I can’t just tell her that I like her. It would be…”

“It would be, what?” a voice behind her made Trini freeze. Panic taking over her whole body.

“HERE’S OUR CHAMPION!” Zack greeted her with a huge smile. “You gave us a hard time back there”

“I’m  sorry. I had to keep it down until the last minute” Kimberly joked. “I  can’t believe I won.” she sighed, a smile on her face.

“Believe  it. It’s real” Jason squeezed her shoulder. “We’re going with the guys.  See you later.” Trini hated them for leaving her alone.

“So…  You like me, huh?” Kim sat beside her. “Is that why you keep pushing me  away?” Trini sensed the hurt in her voice, her heart aching.

“Look,”  Trini closed her eyes, trying to order her mind. “I’m sorry this happened. I was alright and suddenly, you got under my skin and before I could stop it, it already happened. You can hate me all you want,  I’ll…”

“I could never hate you, Trin” Kimberly took her hand  between her own. “You did nothing for me to hate you. I wish you could’ve told me this before, though”

“What for? So you can make fun of me?” she asked, her eyes fixed on Kimberly’s, trying to find the truth in them.

“I  wish you could see yourself the way I see you” Kimberly’s hand went to Trini’s cheek, cupping it while her thumb caressing the skin. “You mean so much more than you think, to me. You’re the best girl I could ever hope to meet.” Trini let herself enjoy the moment before it ended. “I couldn’t  live with myself if I hated you”

“Why are you doing this?” Trini pushed her face away from Kimberly’s hand. “Why are you saying sweet nothings to me if you’ll reject me?”

“Who said I’ll reject  you?” a frown on her face. “God, Trini. I love you! Why can’t you see  it? I’ve been in love with you for the last year”

“For real?” Trini voice small as her eyes met Kimberly’s.

“For someone who is surrounded by guys, you’re pretty slow” Kimberly teased before leaning in and kissing her softly. Lips dancing with shyness.

“You’re not so bad at compliments, princess” Trini smiled into the kiss. Her tongue rubbing Kim’s lower lip, asking her for permission.

“Shut up, loser” Kim accepted her request, her hands landing on Trini’s lower back.

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Age 5 - favorite animal: Oh damn. Hell if I remember. I want to say elephant but that didn’t become my favorite animal until later in elementary school. Maybe it was a cheetah?

Age 7 - first letter: S

Age 9 - location: West Coast

Age 11 - hobby/sport: Reading, drawing

Age 13 - greatest fear: Probably failure. Or heights.

Age 15 - what the 3 people closest to you think of you: Nice or smart, I think?

Age 17 - greatest desire: Hmm. At this point, probably to make my parents proud. It still is my greatest desire, really.

REVEAL YOURSELVES @trini-kimberly, @bathtimefunduck


“We need Voltron Megazord power, now!”

So this is a thing I should’ve done a long time ago.

I almost didn’t put them in their roll call poses, but they were much more visually interesting than anything else I could come up with.  Plus it was good practice.  I’m especially proud of Billy and Trini.