proud to be a trini

I’m super proud of Trini and Becky G because of the news of the new Power Rangers movie!!! Although I do feel a little weird about it because people are still referring to her as Trini Kwan? That’s a Vietnamese last name, since the original actress was Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang; so I kinda hope they change her surname in the actual movie. I’m sure I’ll live if they don’t, I’ll just feel a bit uncomfortable.

But, maybe she’s gonna be Latina-Asian in the movie and her dad’s Vietnamese? I’d be super down with that.

Home is where I come from.

I am Trinidadian. I consider my country to be the best place on the earth. But who doesn’t have that opinion about where they’re from? Trinidad and it’s smaller twin island Tobago, lies 11 miles of the coast of Venezuela. Together, this twin nation has a population of approximately 1.2 million people. It is one the only pair of islands in the Lesser Antilles that has reserves for petroleum, natural gas and asphalt. I mean, we have the world’s largest natural asphalt reservoir. How cool is that? When it comes to industrialization, Trinidad and Tobago offers the best. We have some of the largest methanol, ammonia, liquified nitrogen and petroleum plants in the world. Together with the hype of industrialization, Trinidad and Tobago is blessed with multiculturally diverse society. Our society has a unique blend of race and colour. Our ancestry, heritage and culture stems from the east; Africa, India, China, Spain, England, France and as time passed by we evolved. We did this by blending these different cultures to make them more unified; something we can call our own. And culture doesn’t necessarily mean religion, celebrations and festivals; in fact culture is all that plus music, cuisine, language, literature and i have personally considered frame of mind as part culture. Trinidad and Tobago has been listed as one of the happiest places in the world; we have one of the sexiest accents in the world; we invented the steel pan; Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is now regarded as one of the best carnivals in the world. As a small country, with an even smaller population, Trinidad and Tobago has truly accomplished a great feat. 

But as with every other nation in the world, we are not perfect. We have really good days and we have really really bad days. We have very intelligent, heart warming and  generous citizens. And then we have very, very small minded, unrealistic, irrational hypocrites. Trinidad and Tobago, is being plagued by corruption and crime of sorts. I understand that no country is without corruption and crime. But for a population of only 1.2 million folks, the rate is very alarming. The daily news has become so predictable now that I don’t get the zeal to even look at it. Gang related murders, sexual assault on children, domestic abuse, drug trafficking, man slaughter, corrupt organizations; it’s pretty bad out there. And it is also very true that we don’t have a fully functional police force; neither do we have national security fully at our best interest nor do we value the laws that were placed to maintain decorum in the society. Trinidad and Tobago has become synonymous with corruption and crime. Who are the ones to be blamed? Is it the government or is it everyone?

Whatever the answer is, Trinidad and Tobago is home. Trinidad and Tobago is the place where I was born and bred. I could be at the tip of the Himalayan glaciers and I would announce that I am a proud, contented Trinidadian. No matter how, devious and sick minded people can be, they only make up a minority. We have so many things to be proud of, don’t let acts of crime and corruption bring this country down to the dogs.