proud to be a single pringle

Aro/ace problems (part 3):

1. Me: *attending a wedding*

Distant Aunt: That’s gonna be you someday. 

Me: *sweats nervously*

DA:  I can’t wait to see you a your own beautiful wedding dress!

M: *sweats harder*

DA: your future husband is going to be a lucky fellow!

M: *dies from dehydration*

2. Dad: so… got a boyfriend/girlfriend we should know about?

teen Me: no

Dad: good! You’re too young to be dating! You don’t need a relationship! Focus on your studies and get a job.


Dad: so… how’s your love life

Me now: don’t have one

Dad: that’s not good sweetie! I know school and work are important, but you shouldn’t put aside being in a relationship and become a workaholic!!!

3. Mom: So are you ever going to have children?

Me: I can’t even legally drink, yet. Why would I be planning this, I don’t even date.

Mom: But think oF THE CHILDREN!!!


4. Them: hey babe wanna smash?

Me: no

T: why not

M: one, you’re gross, and two, I’m asexual

T: hot. i’ve never fucked an asexual before

M: … that’s… that’s the point?

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ZODIAC SIGN: aquarius , but a lot of people think i’m a pisces 
BIRTHDAY: feb. 3
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: a single pringle & proud.
PETS: nah , i can’t afford that.
WAKE UP TIME: if it’s a day i don’t have a specific time to get up , i wake up at noon. if it’s school , 6:30am. if it’s anything else , usually around 8 or 9.
COKE OR PEPSI: dr. pepper , bitches. fight me.
TEXT OR CALL: i usually call people unless i don’t feel like having a long conversation.
LAST PERSON YOU CALLED: my bestie, britney, ab the new trailer for vo/ltron
CHAPSTICK OR LIPSTICK: uh , usually chapstick & then lipstick on special occasions.
NUMBER OF PIERCINGS: NONE ! but one tattoo ? 

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•  NAME: Dj
•  PRONOUNS: He/Him/They
•  SEXUALITY: Who knows my dudes
 TAKEN OR SINGLE: Single Pringle Ready 2 Mingle


  • I work like, 3 jobs and shit sucks. It’s why I don’t post a whole lot on this here tumblr but when I do, its spam for a few. I’m always on Discord (ask for those digits), always do asks.
  • Proud Asian dude in a banana costume.
  • I’m pretty sure I can cook better for other people than I can myself. 5 course meal vs mac and cheese with hot dogs.


•   HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Hell, I started to do RP junk in middle school, 10+ is the best estimate cause shit, I’m too lazy to calculate.  
•   PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: Myspace, Proboards and similar forums set ups, Second Life, Tumblr, Skype, Discord.
•   BEST EXPERIENCE: Second Life for sure. It’s a whole different level of roleplaying you can’t get anywhere else. Less drama, less stress.


•   FEMALE OR MALE: Male. I’ve never written female muses outside of NPCs, just varying degrees of male muses.
•   FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Any is good by me. I don’t like unplanned death plots, or death plots in general, for personal reasons so I have to have enough time to get prepared for it. I have to be in the zone for smut, but I’m a smut writing machine when I drink.
•   PLOTS OR MEMES: Plot? Memes are cool and all but, I don’t wall thread so they don’t serve a purpose for me. Ask memes tho, are better.
•   LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: Short to medium. I have a processing disorder when it comes to reading walls of text, so anything after like about a paragraph or two, I can’t reply to it. My head only wants to pick out the first sentences and dump the rest. If ya get para out of me, it takes me a long time to get posts out so that’s best left for threads that ain’t real-time.
•   BEST TIME TO WRITE: Anytime, I just gotta be in the mood for it. Worst times are after work when it’s been a shitty day (I mean that’s expected).
•   ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): I have some shit in common with Lucky. I tend to talk like him a lot (saying certain phrases and junk, wanting to say ya instead of you, etc), cuss when it’s prolly not the place, same taste in Aesthetic, two greasers walk into a bar. I’d trade my kidney for some strawberry short cake. Otherwise, Lucky’s overconfident and fiery, while I’m secretly an anxious bean, so that’s always a fun contrast.

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