proud to be a single pringle

ms606  asked:

First name: Tobi
Nickname: Sock
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hella gay
Nationality: America ???
Relationship status: Single pringle
Likes: Bendy and the Pink Youtube Man
Dislikes: MPREG
Random fact: U r bringing back homestuck 2k17

10/10 I’m proud 

Hello everyone!

Hi! My name’s Søren, and I’m a new mod here! I thought I’d introduce myself :)

- I’m genderfluid (he/him pronouns) 

- proud panromantic and a single pringle

- I’m usually comfortable with answering nsfw asks

- I know waaaay to much about nordic history so send in those historical asks!!!

- I’m an aspiring polyglot (so far I’m learning spanish, german, swedish, danish, and bits and pieces of finnish)

I look forward to working with you all! (Feel free to send in writing prompts, I’m a bored writer with nothing to do lol)