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About last night. My bestie and the rest of the beta line of Omega Phi crossed over. So proud of them! I’m throwing them a party real soon. Time to turn up!

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Tess Goldwasser is a youth services librarian at St. Mary’s County library. Previous to working in a library she was a radio DJ, a manager at a department store, a telemarketer, and a costumed mascot for a restaurant chain. Her interests include: British television, comic books, craft beer, fantasy RPGs, music, animals, and shiny things.

What’s your absolute favorite beer ever?
Dragon’s Milk by New Holland. Seriously. I feel like that beer was made to be a gift from the world especially to me. So craymazing. That means crazy amazing. I had to make up a word to describe how good it is.

Name your top three fictional characters (books only): Who’d you marry, who’d you, uh, be intimate with, and who’ you kill?
I’m gonna keep who I’d f and who I’d marry a secret, but I’d kill Joffrey Baratheon. Again and again.

What’s the career path for our marvelous Tess?
I have literally no idea. If you’d have told me years ago I’d be working with kids at a library I’d have told you you’re delusional. So as for years from now? Who knows. My fantasy? Running my own brewery/dog rescue.

What’s her favorite cookie/baked item?
Fave cookie: Oatmeal chocolate chip. Fave baked item: German chocolate cake. I’m also extremely fond of doughnuts. I know you didn’t ask for that info. I just felt compelled to tell you.

What’s her shoe size?
Why are you asking? Are you going to buy me shoes? Do you want to borrow my shoes? Are you trying to find out if I’m hiding huge, hairy, hobbit feet under my skirts? The answer is 7 ½.


CM Winters Palacio is a college Librarian and proud member of Local 1600 CCCTU’s executive board and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. plus a proud Chicago south side resident.  She is the recent co-host of PBS-TV20 (WYCC) original Chicago education talk show, “The Professors.”  She is also an alumna of DePaul University (BA 1996) and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (MS 1997). Accomplishments include the Democracy for America A+ Citizen Award and the Harvard Graduate School of Education Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians leadership fellow as well as a proud alumna of the candidates training programs sponsored by Emily’s List, Camp Wellstone, and Democracy for America.

If you were on a deserted island and had to survive eating only cereal. what would that cereal box be?
If I were on a deserted island and had to survive eating only cereal then I would choose Cheerios. 

If you were on a deserted island and had to survive eating only cereal. what would that cereal box be?
If I could have any super power then I would choose Wonder Woman’s golden lasso and would use it all the time especially on our Chicago aldermen and alderwomen. 


It’s hard for me to believe, but I’ve been working in libraries since 1981, where I’ve typed and filed catalog cards and planned new buildings. Other than libraries, I’ve also worked in a metal shop; ask me about it some time.

What did you wear to prom?
What did I wear to prom? I graduated from high school in 1979 in rural Oklahoma. It probably would have been a leisure suit (who remembers those things), bluegray, with one of those shirts with ruffles. I probably would not have worn a tie, just to be different. My hair was very long, so that would have been part of the look too. But, alas, I didn’t go. We’ll all just have to imagine what it would have been.


Kelly Kietur is an archivist at a private archive in the Metro Detroit area. She enjoys archival advocacy, trying to bridge the divide between librarians and archivists, being a loudmouth on the internet, the internet in general, textile arts, and making new friends.

What or who is your aesthetic idol?
I can’t pick one so here’s a list: old internet/computer aesthetics, 1970s interior design, vintage Pyrex, Lil’ Kim’s "Crush on You” video, your grandma, holographic everything. My aesthetic inspiration changes daily so it’s hard to pin a lot down.

Where did you get them glasses, gurl?
They came from a local store by my house! They are vintage glasses so I don’t even know where you’d find another pair. I mean probably on the internet somewhere, but I don’t have a model name or anything.

Who are your library crushes?
-Caitlin Brennecke, who has the maddest hustle I’ve ever seen
- April Conant, strong, sometimes silent, can leap across the state of Michigan in a single bound
- JP Porcaro, big personality, even bigger heart, the realest dude in the game
- everyone else out there hustling trying to make their libraries/archives/information palaces great, I see you and I love you


Krishna Grady (@darcyeyre) is a Children’s Librarian/Program Coordinator in Connecticut. She enjoys fiber arts, dancing, fantasy novels and tea. Her dream is to write a children’s musical and tour it around the globe.

    How do you give yourself cat eye makeup?
    It takes quite a bit of patience and a steady hand. I actually took stage makeup classes in high school and college so part of it is tons of practice but whenever I need a refresher I watch youtube videos.

      How do you remember all your brilliant rhymes and songs?
      It comes from my background in theater. Most of the time I was in a show and memorizing music and dialogue for another show but really I don’t know. The lame answer = I just do. Just between you and me sometimes my mind goes blank and then I just make up rhymes.

        Who are your library crushes?
        So much pressure and so many crushes! Ok here goes… Courtney Young, James McNutt, Amanda L. Goodman, Marian McLeod and my former work husband Britton Ozburn


        Amanda Brennan is an internet librarian who specializes in researching the history of memes and other viral content throughout the web. She is currently on the Content & Community team at Tumblr where she explores and evaluates trends throughout the network.

        • What is her favorite thing about librarianship?
          Knowing all the things. Or at least how to find all the things. Being an expert of knowledge is what drew me to the profession and what keeps me going.
        • If she could have a super power what would it be?
          To be able to stop time. Mostly so I can have about 5 extra hours a day to do all the stuff I want to do.
        • What is the one piece of clothing she can’t live without?
          Right now, the scarf in my photo. It’s a giant blanket and super cozy. But year round, the skirt in my photo. I love it so much, I own it in three colors.


        M for Montreal and the Phi Centre are proud to collaborate with John Londoño to present his project Snapshot Sessions.

        M for Montreal and the Phi Centre are proud to collaborate with John Londoño to present his project Snapshot Sessions. This series celebrates the photographer’s, M’s common goal of making local and international talents shine. With Snapshot Sessions Londoño gives you exclusive backstage access to artists passing through Montreal.

        The exhibition runs from November 21 to December 12, at the Phi Centre. Presented by the Phi Centre, Lozeau and Hachem.

        Opening hours:
        Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM
        Saturday, from 12 to 5 PM

        Chi Phi: Allow Trans Men To Be Brothers
        The current constitution of Chi Phi limits the eligibility for membership to “males of the age sixteen years and upwards”. The constitution does not reference gender or define “male”. We are trying to change that:

        This cause is very important to me. It concerns the fraternity which I was going to join before my bid was retracted because I am transgender. Please, sign this petition to support the efforts of the brothers from my chapter to make Chi Phi an inclusive organization and to help me be with my brothers. Please, SIGN and REBLOG to spread the word.

        Trans rights are human rights. It is an act of violence against trans men to ban them from spaces for men.

        The current constitution of Chi Phi limits the eligibility for membership to “males of the age sixteen years and upwards”. The constitution does not reference gender or define “male”. We are trying to change that: we want Chi Phi to define “male” as an inclusive concept based on self-identification regardless of the sex they were assigned at birth, rather than having specific genitals as a prerequisite to be considered a man. By doing so we hope to open the door for any male to be eligible to join Chi Phi provided that they meet all other requirements set out by the Fraternity. Being a man is not determined by one’s genitals. Instead, it is a personal concept which can have a variety of forms.

        Every individual is assigned a gender at birth based on their external genitalia. A transgender person is someone who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. In other words, they feel that when the doctor said “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”, the doctor was wrong. Trans individuals may choose to undergo gender reassignment procedures that help them feel more comfortable with their bodies. Regardless of whether they undergo such procedures, it is one’s gender identity that matters and should be respected.

        In the Spring of 2015, the Alpha-Chi chapter of Chi Phi at Ohio Wesleyan University extended a bid to a transgender man who was very happy and proud to accept it. The brothers worked with the university and the Chi Phi headquarters to make sure that this is legally possible, under University and Chi Phi by-laws. The university was completely on board with the idea and at first it seemed that the Chi Phi headquarters are too. The new member, who comes from a country which is very hostile towards LGBTQIA+ individuals, felt immensely honored to have had his identity recognized in such a way and to be a part of such an accepting, supportive group of men.

        Two weeks before he was to be initiated into the brotherhood, the Chi Phi headquarters contacted the chapter to inform them that this person cannot be initiated – there had apparently been a miscommunication along the line. The bid was retracted and the reasons stated were that the person is not male according to his documents. The initial statement even referred to him as “a female student”. The Chi Phi headquarters referred to the fraternity’s constitution in justifying the retraction of the bid, even though the constitution does not define “male” and does not mention a requirement for one’s legal documents to state that the person is male.

        Title IX, passed in 1972, is a fundamental article in American law which aims to ensure the equal access to educational opportunities for all sexes. It states that: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation, in be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” Fraternities are defined as single-sex organizations and are exempt from the Title. This means that fraternities can be inclusive to all genders, regardless of their single-sex status.

        Furthermore, a number of fraternities and sororities already have inclusive membership policies. The largest national fraternity in the United States, Sigma Phi Epsilon, recently changed their constitution in order to make it gender-inclusive. Other organizations such as Delta Gamma, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Alpha Tau, and Tau Kappa Epsilon all have gender-inclusive policies to various degrees, with the list of Fraternities and Sororities with gender-inclusive policies growing as each month passes.


        The road is long.
        The time is short.
        The world turns.
        And the future glows.
        Hills and mountains of trials and tribulations.
        Roller coaster rides of pure exhilaration. Bonds were formed and grow in strength.
        Days pass as we bathe and wait.
        This isn’t bye nor good luck with your travels.
        Cause each day we all shall fight the battle.
        And one day when the sun has set.
        I’ll make my way to do the rest.

        Proud of you all.

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        could you write a fic about val being zendayas brothers friend and at first sees her as a young girl b4 he goes college and then returns and then realises that she is grown up! In between u could write that when he comes back for holidays val also notices her. The music fic chapter! Really want to see how v approaches z! She better be tough!



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