proud to be a cule

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how is a remontada with ref advantage (which even PSG legally complained about) better than winning the champions league? i don't get why culés are so proud of a game that caused as much controversy and will most likely be remembered like that game against chelsea in 2009

Your team has just been thrashed 4-0 in the first leg, a match you expected to win. They play atrociously and are absolutely humiliated. All the media is ridiculing your team. End of an era, they say with glee. But it’s Barcelona, and if anyone can pull off a remontada it’s Barcelona, they say. The players and the coach talk about a comeback. You start to believe, against logic, that maybe the team could pull it off. 

The day of the match arrives and you’re nervous. Your team scores 2 minutes into the match and you see a glimmer of hope, yet you still convince yourself not to expect too much. They score one more before halftime and you see the possibility of a comeback happening. You’re excited. You want to believe. At the beginning of the 2nd half they score again and you definitely believe now. It seems almost inevitable. But they concede and suddenly, your hopes deflate. You tell yourself you shouldn’t have expected anything in the first place. The score remains till the 85th minute and you have lost all hope by then. No team has ever done it before, and no team will ever do it. 

But, Neymar scores a free kick. A nice consolation, nothing more. Yet a few minutes later, you get a penalty. Albeit a dubious one but you hold your breath and it’s in. You start to hope again. Hope, that treacherous feeling that refuses to be suppressed. The whole stadium is cheering the team on. The team attacks relentlessly, searching for the winner. The clock ticks down and it’s the last minute of added time. It’s now or never, you think, as a free kick is given for a foul on your goalkeeper. Neymar takes it, it’s cleared, and for a moment you think it’s all over but he gets it and sends in a cross, perfectly lofted. Time seems stop as you see Sergi running towards the trajectory of the ball, stretching, guiding it to the back of the net with the outside of his boot. You can’t believe it. The team erupts, the stadium too, and so do you. You scream and shout and cry and pray, because how else do you explain what you’ve just witnessed? 

Re: the refereeing, I can’t talk about Chelsea 2009 because I have not watched the match. I admit that Suarez’s penalty shouldn’t have been given and the foul on Di Maria should have been a penalty. But don’t forget that there were two handballs by PSG not given as well. Referee mistakes are unavoidable in any game. PSG may have submitted an official complaint but their chairman and players did not blame the referee at all. We pulled off the remontada because of the players, not because of the referee. It was nothing less than a miracle which reminded us of the beauty of football. As cules, how could we not be proud of it?

Barça isn’t just a team. Barça is The Team. For many people this just may be another team, another coach, another players, but for me, they are everything. I’m so proud of each one of those peolple. Because you know, the hardest part isn’t getting to the top; the hardest part is staying in the top. And they fight for that, they fight for their dreams. They’ve shown me that if we win, woah is amazing but we don’t have to believe that we’re the best. And if we lost, it’s fine but we don’t have to believe we are the worst. I have no words for the team of my soul, for the team that won everything. I just gotta say they’ll always be in my heart, in my soul. Because they are more than just a team, they are The Barça.

Bale doesn’t pass to Ronaldo…. and he gets booed by madrid fans in Santiago Bernabéu.

Neymar misses a penalty that would’ve shut down Villareal for good….. But what Barcelona fans in Camp Nou do is start chanting his name even after he missed, encouraging him to not feel bad and keep going!

Cules be proud. The standard this team has in football world is amazing since people think that not winning 3rd treble (2nd in a row) is considered a big failure.