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This isn’t edited/beta-d yet, but thought I’d post it before I sleep, while episode 83 is still fresh in our minds ^_^

Despite the miraculous intervention of Whis, giving birth exhausted Bulma. It had just taken a while to take effect. When the initial excitement of Bra’s birth subsided and everyone had held her and given their congratulations, Bulma tried to stand. Gohan’s quick reflexes caught her when she fell.

“Bulma! Are you okay?” he asked, alarmed.

“Oh, yes. I’m just… light-headed.”

Vegeta instantly told everyone to get lost so that his wife and newborn daughter could rest. 

They all agreed. Even Beerus and Whis didn’t put up a fight. No one was going to begrudge Vegeta their family time before the battle royal tournament.

Bulma lay in their bed, pale and unnervingly thin; Vegeta had grown used to her ballooned belly. 

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Bulma asked tiredly, looking up at him and their daughter whom he held in his arms. Vegeta hadn’t let Bra go since Trunks had offered her up.

“Should I call the doctor?” Vegeta asked, tucking his wife in, trying to school his face into nonchalance to not give away his  concern. 

“I’m fine. Whis said I might feel tired. The shock of no longer being pregnant.”

“…I shouldn’t have told him to talk to you,” Vegeta grouched, the ugly black serpent of guilt roiling in his belly. What if Whis’ magic had harmed his wife or baby? It wasn’t natural what he had done, there could be side effects they weren’t aware of.

Bulma’s hand reached out and touched his forearm, squeezing. “Vegeta, please. That was the easiest birth imaginable. And Bra is healthy. That’s what matters. We should be thanking Whis. He is an angel, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

Vegeta scowled harder and grunted, letting his wife’s words reassure him. He didn’t tell her that he was suspicious of Whis’ motivations. Whis, Beerus, Goku, Gohan…they were keeping something from him. They were too desperate for him to fight, desperate enough to accelerate Bulma’s pregnancy. Something serious was going down beyond a platonic concern for an overdue child. But he didn’t want to concern his wife just yet, not when she was recovering.

“I think I’ll take a nap,” Bulma said, already sounding half asleep. She gave Vegeta a weak smile. “You’ll take care of her, won’t you?”

Vegeta’s arms tightened about the precious bundle in his arms. “With my life,” he promised her.

Bulma smiled, and her eyes fell closed. Trusting him to take care of their new life.

Vegeta lingered, watching Bulma sleep. When he convinced himself that she was indeed just tired and nothing more, he left the room and made his way next door to the nursery.

Trunks and Goten were fussing with room arrangements.

“Out. Now,” Vegeta snapped at them. The two boys nearly tripped over their feet to comply, knowing Vegeta wasn’t to be argued with when he used that sharp tone. “And don’t disturb your mother, she’s sleeping!” he added as they curtailed it out the door.

Vegeta stepped over to the crib, intending to put Bra down to sleep, but hesitated. He looked down at the tiny thing wrapped in sea-foam green, sleeping as soundly as her mother was next door.

He couldn’t find it within himself to put her down. As a Saiyan, even half-Saiyan, he knew she was strong. But she looked so small, and the crib was so big and impersonal. It didn’t feel right.

Vegeta took stock of the room. A large armchair was by the window. He settled down in it and watched the tiny child breathe in and out against his chest.

“Bra,” he said, trying out the name again on his tongue. With her blue hair and eyes, and pale skin, so much like her mother already, Vegeta knew it to be an appropriate name. Still, he was a little saddened that he couldn’t bequeath her a name from her Saiyan ancestry. He had lost that privilege with Trunks, and now again with his daughter for not voicing his desires sooner.

“Echalotte,” he whispered to himself. He had been so proud of that name. Echalotte was a warrior princess of Saiyan legend, proud, strong, and unusually smart for a Saiyan, even by elite standards. Vegeta had no doubts that a daughter of his and Bulma’s could live up to such a name.

Bra’s tiny eyelids fluttered open at the sound of her father’s voice. Blue, blue eyes latched onto his face, as unsettling and piercing as her mother’s gaze. Vegeta steeled himself, ready for the tears that would come, just as they had when he had shown his face to baby Trunks.

But there were no tears. Bra only smiled.

Vegeta felt shot through the heart. He knew the sensation too well. 

Her smile was more radiant than the sun, and it broke right through him, melting away his reservations of his capability of being a good father. He would be damned if he didn’t do everything in his power to protect her. He had let Trunks and Bulma down in the past. He didn’t intend on repeating those mistakes.

“Do you like that name?” He asked her. “Echalotte?”

Bra made a happy, gurgling noise. Her little feet kicked restlessly inside her tight wrappings.

Vegeta shifted her and laid her in his lap. Gently, he untucked her blanket until she was free, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw what she had been hiding. A tiny tail.

A true Saiyan.

It was a silly sentimentality, one he thought he had given up long ago. He knew now that a Saiyan’s true power went beyond that of a tail and the great Oozaru transformation. And no doubt she would need to lose it before the next full moon. But the sight of the fifth appendage rocked him as much as her mere existence did, and brought about such feelings of nostalgia that Vegeta felt ill equipped to handle them. He reached out and tentatively touched her tail. On instinct, it curled about his hand.

In the privacy of the room, just the two of them, Vegeta smiled softly down at his daughter.

“Let me tell you about about Echalotte,” Vegeta told her as he counted her fingers and toes. “She was beautiful and fierce. A lot like your mother, actually…”

Bra listened and struggled to grab onto her father’s calloused fingers as he regaled her with stories of her heritage.

Vegeta decided then that, when it was just the two of them, he would call Bra by her Saiyan name. It would be their little secret.

Echalotte. His little onion.


Inspired by episode 83 of DBSuper.

Can we please make Echalotte a thing? Please? Like it’s her middle name? Or it’s her real name but everyone calls her Bulla/Bra as a nickname? Echalotte is so perfect for our little onion. I don’t want it to die away.

real talk:

i LOVE how casually vegeta is referred to as ‘uncle’ by the end of the series.
it truly shows the transition of this being the evil saiyan vegeta, to someone trustworthy enough to be considered almost brotherly to son goku, the literal savior of earth & beloved friend of many people.

once enough to terrify, the kiddos of the next generation see him in a completely different light, innocent of what everyone before them had to endure.
he’s still an asshole, & likely will remain that way, with how rooted into his personality it is, but the perception of the prince of all saiyans has changed radically since his initial introduction.

Proud Z Warriors.
  • Goku: I am the hope for everything in the universe! Goku!
  • Vegeta: I am the proud saiyan prince! Prince Vegeta!
  • Super Saiyaman: I am the warrior or justice, Super Saiyaman!
  • Gotenks: I am the Grim Reaper of Justice! Gotenks!
  • Piccolo: I am the green bean fighting machine! Piccolo!

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" Ugh! Yet another Saiyan! You monkeys grow like weeds!" (TuffleTruffleKing)

     CHIYORI didn’t appreciate this guys tone; what a rude little vermin he was! SAIYAN, SAIYAN, SAIYAN. It was always Saiyan. WHY was it never about her obvious womanly charm or doll like petite. Did being a LADY mean nothing to these people? 

     MONKEYS? She wasn’t all that proud to be a saiyan and would happily pretend it didn’t affect her. HOWEVER, Chiyori wouldn’t stand by and let him bad mouth her like that. Perhaps the need to also defend her father and brothers was the reason the girl was GLARING DAGGERS

     WHERE did you learn your manners? It’s disgusting! You’re talking to a girl you know!Hands on hips she took a step closer and huffed. “And who are you calling MONKEY?! Chiyori was not a monkey! You fouled mouth little TWERP!” 


Everybody hype about Vegebul, I’m so hype about Vegeta and Trunks

The Vegebul shippers are so hype about Vegeta being mad that Bulma was murdered, and I’m over here hype as fuck about Vegeta finally showing love to his future son that never got to know him and treated like shit when he tried before.

That training in the last episode? Vegeta initiated it, noticed his future son was losing hope, leaving his future in Goku’s hands. His mouth full of food at a table with his in-laws and wife, he was watching his future son because God damnit it’s still his family.

Which he admitted after Trunks started to give up again. Why the fuck should I bother when Goku and Father have surpassed SSJ2? They can handle it. I’m such a shit.

No, Vegeta said, not my son.

As soon as he called Trunks his son, Trunks reacted. As soon as he called him out and said he had to get stronger, Trunks wanted to cry because finally his father acknowledges him. No longer is he just trash, he is a proud Saiyan and Vegeta’s son.

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I think the episode of dbz where it's like 5 or 10 years have passed bulma should change her hair style.....


It’s like Bulma and Vegeta got into a contest over who was taller.  Naturally, Vegeta included the height of his hair.  Bulma accused him of cheating, which only evoked a bragging monologue from her husband about proud Saiyan hair and that someone with floppy human hair wouldn’t understand.  In an attempt to show him the versatility and power of her “floppy human hair,” Bulma Elmer’s glued her blue locks into long spikes shooting straight up off her head.  With the added height of her hair, Bulma was now over 6’5” tall.  Vegeta was awestruck that his wife looked like the most beautiful creature that had ever existed.  However, Bulma knew she was a fashion disaster in Earth standards, so she toned it down whenever they were in public and flopped half of it down.  Vegeta was disappointed, believing Bulma was compromising her hair’s true power just so it wouldn’t intimidate the weak humans.  Maybe he was right.

Open Starter

“I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things who cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you! I’m a proud Saiyan who calls Earth home, and I’m here to defeat you. I am the warrior you’ve heard of in legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury. That’s what I am! I am the Super Saiyan! Son Goku!

[REVIEW] Goku and Vegeta in Battle of Gods

My friend @xredxheartx’s reply when i asked her about her opinions on the movie. 

Personally I love Battle of Gods. It’s rigth to Toriyama’s silly, squirky and humorous writing style. Also the things just line up with their characters and the whole Movie just made whatever arguments and headcanons I’ve had about how Goku and Vegeta have and would turn out from Buu onwards stronger. Long ass character analysis below sorry everytime i reply stuff it turns out this way i have to put it on this blog

to me goku was a bit more cocky and selfish then I was used to but that was just me. 

As strange as it sounds to a nice guy like Goku, he had always been arrogant and selfish. The reason we may have overlooked that about him and called Vegeta out ALL THE TIME on the very same thing is that Goku’s always that nice smiling guy that knows himself and his opponent too well and can prove himself which Vegeta never is. It just happened that this opponent this time is FAR ABOVE him in every aspects of a fight and he just didn’t know. This made us look at him in a new light - for the first time, he met with the real deal and not just some evil fuck fueled by stupid fears and pride that clouded their judgements and helped Goku beat them down. Bills did not just have the strength that cut SSJ3 down with a finger, he also is childlike and he has the same outlook to fighting as Goku’s : fight for the sake of fighting. and is one more reason i love Battle of Gods : a villain that is JUST like Goku. 

Like i mentioned above Goku had always put fighting above Earth’s safety. He had NEVER engaged in a fight in order to protect Earth.  Being a nice guy. he would eventually, but that’s LONG into the fights when the bad guys decided they have had enough and are going to blow shit up, not the beginning. And Goku always gets either shittons of help or SUPAAH POWAHH or magic beans or balls to save his ass when he realizes shit happens. 

“I’m Goku! I’m Insane, from Earth!”

and goku is all like—>…”heheh Imma hide back in these you all struggle …take everyones energy(even a baby) JUST to test his strength

 I’d say Goku hinding in bushes, getting into the fight at the end, giving up when Bills won and gets slapped after that very IC. Look back at the entire DBZ series. Canon! Goku always starts out his fights this way : “ THIS GUY IS SO STRONG HE’S ALMOST AS BADASS AS ME AWESOME i’ll FIGHT HIM DON’T WORRY WE HAD DRAGON BALLS TO SAVE EVERYBODY IF THEY DIE. SOMEONE IS BEATING GOHAN UP? YAS YAS I’M SO PROUD OF MY SON LETS GIVE THE ENEMY A SENZU GOHAN LOOKS LIKE HE’S GOING TO DIE BUT THAT’S A HUGE POWER BOOST WAITING FOR ITS TURN YAAAS :D :D :D”. And when villains get serious, like when Bills was destroying Earth as Cell was going blow himself up. he was all like : “oh shit, i screwed up. Sorry guys it’s hopeless i give up i can’t do anything anymore except perhaps blowing my self up. Let humans handle their own shitty boring lives.  What’s family lol Chi is gonna kill me anyway so bai bai. Fighting and eating forever in heaven is more fun. Wanna join me Krillin? :D :D”

Not any more a committed and selfless person than Vegeta, and the other only looks uglier because he kills people. One may call him chaotic good coz his purpose of fighting is not the Earth or his loved ones, it’s just himself. 

I’ve started to call him a sociopath right up there with Vegeta but let’s just leave it at “idiot battle addict." 

Now, for Vegeta’s part. I can understand disliking the dance part, even i feel painful watching it, but then again, He was the biggest reason I love Battle of Gods and I don’t even ship Vegebul. 

the vegeta I knew would have not thrown away his pride—-that easily even if he knew they were stronger.(which goku does say he respected him for it—-which was’s like they had to make vegeta look like a bitch in order to gauge bills power)Doesn’t matter that bills was stronger and he knew it to me.I do not see him dancing in any saga for the sake it would protect anyone..

Well, i too can only say that Vegeta have changed so much you can barely regconize him if you watch this after Cell Saga. But i’d still say his behavior is understandable to his character. First, Bills is a God. Vegeta had always take Gods and legends seriously. He knows he’s a mortal. A mortal doesn’t defy a God even if that God is an idiot, Goku and Bulma is just too carefreely self-absorbed to know that. He’s seen his King of a father be stripped of all his pride and kneel in front of Bills.  He’s just a kid of a Prince, so he knows he’s fucked if he dared to do anything. Plus, he heard that Bills took down the MIGHTY SSJ3 with just two hits. He looks beyond stupid dancing, but considering the situation that Bills has already extended his hand to blow Earth up, what else could he possibly have done?  

Vegeta—>I dont care if I have to look scared this whole movie or look like an idiot..I will protect everyone…

He does care that he was being an idiot. He’s NOT okay with that dancing. He was berating himself and looked downright miserable while AND after doing that.

Look how enduring and miserable the King was and he’s surely NOT a caring guy who protects his people. Kid Vegeta was fuming and didn’t know he would one day have to do with the same thing even as a MUCH less cold-hearted man.

Also "everyone” includes himself.

The way he was handling the fear himself the whole movie and not telling his wife who Bills was is not OOC to me. I call that just a bit of character development in a way that he’s kinder, wiser and more responsible. The CORE of his character did not change.

He still let let his worry and fear about himself overcome him to the point of lashing out and insult his wife - who he loves -  in front of everybody on her birthday. It just showed us more about how prideful, emotionally scarred, pessimistic and self-righteous Vegeta always can be. He did change in personality but his outlook of life not so much. It’s only a bit less broken and dark than before.

.also when goku wanted to become god..vegeta straight up submitted to it..I think he only huffed about it…”why does kakarot get to” or something like that..not so much as a fight.It’s like the buu saga really changed him …less fight in him which I don’t like…. 

Well, Vegeta knows about the way to create a God is to lend power. He knows SSJG power is not a thing one can achieve on his own. Like Goku said, he had more pride than him. Being Saiyans, they love and take pride in the strength they achieve themselves. if Goku is pissed about not being able to fight Bills one-on-one, Vegeta as a Saiyan would NEVER accept that (unless Toriyama’ll think otherwise in the next movie) Vegeta huffing about Goku being the main isn’t the old matter of bitter wounded Saiyan pride that Vegeta was mainly fighting for in the entire series, it’s a matter of a little kid getting jealous over his bro’s better toys, literally. It’s comic relief. He doesn’t need more fight.

Besides, his pout looks cute. 

And this probably just my Goku-Vegeta ship fangirling getting over the top but i want to add something. Now let’s  say Vegeta is not himself - the proud Saiyan Prince anymore when he dances for Bills to “protect everybody” and Goku is too much a jerk in this movie everyone hates it even Vegeta himself. I’d say they both made up for it at the end. I’ve said before that Vegeta is his pride, but that pride is so dependent on Kakarot he wouldn’t know  who he even would be if he didn’t try to kill Kakarot or insult him. and for once, he stopped. But then : 


In the end, Goku’s punished like never before (give Vegeta credit i say, no one could do that to him before) , and Vegeta got his pride back. They are themselves again, no one goes OOC. And they lived happily ever after.