proud pear

Hints that prove aj parents have passed since people keep ignoring word of god that says they have passed. i’ll be using episodes that I found hints towards it feel free to add on.

Apple family reunion 

In Apple family reunion we see two shooting stars, in some cultures it’s believed that shooting stars are loved ones who have passed on. Granny points out that the whole Apple clan are coming and they not get everyone there again for awhile. Now why would granny say that if Aj’s parents couldn’t make it.

Cruasaders of the lost mark

At the end of crusaders of the lost mark when Applebloom and her friends get their cutiemarks  Apple jack says “Aw sugar cube if mom and dad were here they be so proud.” Why use past tense if bright Mac and buttercup are still alive why not “Aw sugar cube when mom and dad find out they’ll be so proud.” 

The perfect pear 

In the end of perfect pear we see grandpear tear up, yes he could be heart broken over the years he wasted over a feud but that’s the thing we don’t see buttercup anywhere so he’s probably regretting his pride which caused him to miss the chance to make up with his daughter.

The two trees which seeds were planted on bright Mac and buttercup wedding day is something Applebloom says was left to remember the Apple parents by so if bright Mac and buttercup are alive why would their trees be something to remember them by?