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min yoongi probably.....
  • Namjoon: do you ever contemplate about how we are mere specks of dust in this colossal universe, that while our planetary mass follows its heliocentric path of orbit and our lunar body follows its geosynchronous path around the earth and we humans live and die and bicker over our petty inconveniences there are stars which have existed for millennia erupting into supernova as it reaches it's demise in a scintillation of destructive power
  • Yoongi: namjoon it is three in the goddamn morning

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alright, I'm pretty sure I got a decent grade on my final and I'm 100% certain you're trying to kill us with this new chapter - all these moments being interrupted and half-information being definitely dead lol do you plan on making a sequel or starting a new work...?

A sequel?

TO BTU????


Ahem. No, I’d rather my original work take the forefront of my creativity from now on. I do have little side-things I’d like to continue writing, but they won’t take up as NEARLY as much time as BTU did. ^^;

Every Breath You Take (Victor Zsasz x Reader) - Part 3 (Final Part) ANGST

Summary: Being with Victor isn`t as easy as you might have thought.

Part: 1  

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Warnings: ANGST, Obsessive and Possessive Behaviour, Heartbreak, Imprisonment. This isn’t a happy fairytale ending. Sorry guys.

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my absolute favorite tolkien movie fact is how the first smaug roar you hear in the hobbit movies isn’t from benedictionary cauliflower; it’s a recording of a 7 year old girl screaming. There is a girl out there at this very moment who achieved my lifelong dream at the age of 7 and I’m so proud