proud of you even if i dont know you

things tim drake has said
  • “i know i just rewatched star trek but will you rewatch star trek with me”
  • “bruce breaks the no names in the field rule the most tbh. remember the debacle with jason? ‘you can change, jason’ ‘its my fault, jason’ ‘jason, dont kill the joker, jason’ holy shit keep it on the down low b” 
    • “tim you…. werent even there. how do you know that” “i spy on jasons vent blog sometimes. i like to send him anon hate.”
  • “one time i was falling to my death and i was like ‘at least bruce will be proud of me’ and my therapist tells me thats ‘unhealthy’. whatever that means”
  • “i actually have a rule. no one can mention kons death but me. the rule is called ‘tims a hypocrite’”

I want to tell the boys that “It’s okay to cry. Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. We are all human. It’s okay.”


post-reveal maybe, before Adrienne knows Marin’s feelings are mutual?? the interpretation is up to you. anyway, thank you everyone who watched me draw this during the stream. it was a lot of fun working on it while chatting with you guys!

You’re stunning Kim Namjoon

Hey Sweetis🦄 I love when I see the request are open again😂😍so if its possible could u do a scenario with RM where he is on Tour with the boys and u surprise him (u are also a Idol) with alot of skinship and some jokes from the members🤔😂if its also possible before the show in the show and after the show in one scenario if u have problem to understand what i wrote u know where u can find me💕THANK U SOOOO MUCH FOR UR HARD WORK DONT OVERWORK TOO MUCH AND I’m really sorry for so many request💕


Hope you like it littlee-cutiee


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It has been almost two months since you last saw him, Namjoon was on a world wide tour and you were really proud of him, but t the same time you missed him like crazy.
You were even having a comeback so you couldn’t even properly talk to him like you wanted to.
Luckily after 2 months that seemed an eternity to the both of you, your manager agreed to let you go to Singapore with the other members to attend at the concert.

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WARNING FOR TAO SPOILERS: this is what everyone is calling homophobic btw, in case ya’ll were wondering… (for context: the reason emmie is upset there is not because they left the hunters)

this book is honestly lovely and has these older women who are absolutely in love. its incredible. having older lgb or t people in fiction is very important to me - i still dont see myself growing old, because im still fighting day and night not to end my own life. but the idea of growing old and being like these people, knowing that we exist, makes me very happy. but people wanna shit all over that because “ricks a homophobe!!” and “why dont we get young lesbians ???” 🙄 maybe its because rick is trying to write stories about people, not throw in token queers to look good like most peolle. consider that.

rick riordan is a straight, cis male. hes done everything he can to grow more and more inclusive in his stories and FUCK am i proud of him for that. he’s not perfect, people force 2 goddamned books out of him a year - you ever tried to write two books a year? theres gonna be some issues. but he works damned hard to make sure that every kid knows theyve got a place, makes sure every kid is represented even if they dont know yet that they’ll grow up to be like nico, or like emmie and josephine, or like alex fierro.

you can argue all you want that the no romance rule is homophobic, but as far as im concerned, rick saw that his “no boys!” rule was the one that was erasing wlw, so he changed it. he fixed his mistake. and im proud of him for that. because he keeps changing and fixing his mistakes and working to be a better person.

sorry this is so long im just. really worked up about this. im sorry the hunters of arte/mis isnt the lesbian smoochfest everyone wanted it to be, but in my eyes, rick saw his past mistake and went to turn it into a way of showing just how different ap/ollo and arte/mis are while including a story about two women who chose eachother over immortality - WHICH IS ROMANTIC AS FUCK. - will

-do you ever wish there was a way to block one particular person from reading your stories. like, everyone gets to read it but you, stop it. your comments annoy me every time

-also while im ranting about things that annoy me, people who complain that a story that is DONE hasnt been updated. 

Rainy Days- “Please dont abandon this fic i liked it so much :( :( :(((( UPDATE SOON ITS BEEN A YEAR”

like fuckin- its DONE. ITS OVER NOW. I get private messages about ‘abandoning’ secret santa and updating it and im like “??????”

i get this on every completed story. just because its on ao3 doesnt mean its perpetual?! it stops at some point!

- i get that my ao3 and fanfiction and wattpad exclusive fans dont know my reasoning for doing things and not doing other things, but the amount of flack i get for incomplete stories is bananas. Paw Problems had no where to go!! i had a plan but getting there was agonizing and it was going to suck so i didnt do it, id take it down if people didnt prefer i didnt. I’d take down the monster in the room too but im proud of whats there even if i might not update it, at the very least soon. commenting on other stories asking me to update the story you want, especially new stories like Knighted annoys me. dont do that. complain in the comments in that story if you really insist on doing it

- if the story has been out for a year and you notice there is a mistake in it about something regional since i am an american writing about france, i guarantee you i already know about it. you really dont gotta leave that brand new comment about it. i know i accidentally say dollar sometimes out of habit. know about it, shelved it, try to avoid it. if i do it in new stuff yes tell me i will fix it. been out for a year? already know. i am open to fixes and stuff in stuff i am currently working on but i am really not going to double back to fix the time i said dollars in rainy days. super not gonna, honestly just cant be bothered. shoulda done it then, didnt.

- before you try and make fun of me for saying something lame and obvious, perhaps take a moment to consider that ~~that was the joke~~ 

- and FINALLY 

i know i was complaining a lot just then but seriously i do appreciate everybody who reads my stuff. All that annoying stuff is a ridiculously small fraction of the larger voice, it only got my goat because i just published a new story and people were getting sassy with me in PMs. 

I seriously get so many kind, in depth, encouraging messages. Just today i got a freaking full page review on rainy days that almost made me cry, talking about me personally as the author and how my style and choice of phrasing raised the story to a new level, and i was like “!?!?!?!”

the art, the messages, the kind words, the support, all of it means everything to me. People go out of their way to tell me they love something, and plenty of people manage to give the same critiques and requests as seen above in a polite and positive way. Its just the people that dont that annoy me because ive SEEN people do it nicely, and i know that they just didnt try and thats dumb. it makes all the readers look bad and thats not fair. so dont be a butt, and i freaking love everybody who reviews my stuff. any time i get like an english class ass break down on my use of scene setting and shit i almost cry, seriously. i love it. 

It was one of the most important awards night for the boys as they were nominated for a daesang. The moment finally came and they were all ecstatic. Taeyong wanted you to come and watch, though it was not certain that NCT will receive such huge award. He just wanted to share this special night with you.

But you told him you aren’t attending because of some prior commitments.

As the person announced NCT as the winner of the Daesang Award, he was shocked to see you screaming your head off in the audience area with a giant LED banner of his name.


You were there with a proud smile on your face as he took the award he’s been dreaming of even before debuting.

Trying to stop the tears from falling, he thought, “It’s the best night of my life.” 💐

(insp. by the photo 💭)

i dont know why, but i can accomplish so much more when even a single person acknowledges the pain i am in? just hearing “i know how hard it is for you to even get out of bed, and i am proud of you” is one of the most comforting and outright inspiring things i have ever experienced. even though i am forever bitter about even the simplest tasks being so stressful and energy-depleting to me, just the fact that someone actually acknowledges my effort is what makes me carry on. it makes me feel like trying hard is worth it, no matter how painful it is. thank you.

ik theres a million posts like this out there but like @new artists: dont let this hypercritical ‘cringe’ culture internet bullshit discourage you from pursuing and making art. do not be ashamed to draw, write, or make art bc you worry others will make fun. your art is yours only and we all start somewhere. 

you dont have to write out a full novel at first, you can practice and work up! 

youre allowed to not be perfect! youre allowed to make mistakes! and that shouldnt keep you from sharing things youre proud of. 

and when it comes to content? as long as you arent hurting anyone, make what you want to !!! want to write a 20 chapter self insert piece about that show youre into? do it !! want to draw yourself kissing your fav character? do it !!!! fan fiction and art are great for when youre starting out ! 

trust me, i used to write the most embarrassing ‘scene girl oc dating some emo band member’ fan fiction constantly but you know what? i dont regret it! because even though my writing wasnt great back then, through writing things i enjoyed to, my writing drastically improved super quick !!! 

and when i wrote those things, i had a huge amount of loving people reading along and complimenting my chapters, giving me advice, and encouraging me to keep going! and that helped me so much, and if i didnt have that, who knows where my writing would be today?

basically dont be ashamed of your art, do your best, practice, and show off what youre proud of ! and if anyone tries to put you down for it, block them ! delete their responses if you can ! push away that negativity and try to remember that you are growing, you are improving, and your art is yours, and that makes it a masterpiece in its own !!!

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I've been going out with this girl on and off for three years. She lives in a different town but she comes down every weekend, but she doesn't text at all while she's gone. I feel like I was only her boyfriend when she needed one. I talked to her about it but she only got mad at me. I had to end the relatiknsho she's been abusive in the past and talks to other guys in a sexual way even when I'm around. Just the lack of communication sent me over the edge but I still feel horrible for dumping her

fuck, this anon must have been from forever ago im sorry im just now getting to replying. i hope youre doing better and youre moving on. but if youre still struggling then just know that you did the right thing. im really glad and proud of you for getting out of a toxic relationship. there are some people who dont know how to have good LDRs and people who take advantage of LDRs to be shitty. your ex was the latter. i hope your next partner is communicative, trustworthy, and treats you like youre the most special person in the world. 

Dating Dean Winchester would include

Part two

  • Dean using your chest as a pillow
  • him being insanely protective
  • him getting jealous when other guys so much as look at you
  • being proud because you’re such a good hunter
  • you knowing that he loves you even if he can’t say it
  • calling him ‘Winchester’
  • him just moving your pillow into his room because he doesn’t know how to ask you if you want to share
  • watching him sleep because it’s the only time he looks that unburdened 
  • Sam telling you that you’re good for his brother
  • him being scared by how much he loves you
  • rocking out to his cassette tapes in the impala together
  • constant sarcastic banter
  • showering together

Part one

BTS react to you calling them oppa for the first time

credits to the gif ownerss!

Namjoon: I can’t think of a song

You: ahh relax Oppa!

Namjoon: I can’t!

You: *Opens mouth*

Namjoon: Wait.. What did you say?

You: *Wants to open mouth again*


You: yes I did.

Namjoon: woah… I suddenly got inspiration *smirks*

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Jin: alright im gonna grab something to eat do you want something too?

You: yes please bring some for me

Jin: alright I see you in a bit

You: thankyouu jin-oppa

Jin: *freezes*

You: are you alright?

Jin: you never call someone oppa

You: guess you’re the first one ah Oppa?

Jin: *feels like a proud waffle*

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You: susususugaa??

You: yooongii where are youu??

You: *signs* fine.. OPPA?

yoongi: *comes out of nowhere* THATS ME

you: yoongi…..

yoongi: i knew one day you would call me that!

You: dont feel to swek now alright.. OPPA

yoongi: that sounds so beautiful call me that again!

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Jimin: Y/N you know what you should call me?

You: what?

Jimin: oppa

You: I’ll stick to daddy


you: fine oppa

Jimin: no not now..

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Hoseok: lets give each other petnames!

You: we already have petnames Hoe


You: okay let me think of one

Hoseok: OPPA

You: … Fine oppa-hoe

Hoseok: try again


hoseok: thats my girl

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Taehyung: i wanna be your oppa

You: not again

Taehyung: i’m hungry for your love

You: Tae stop!!!

Taehyung: not untill you-

you: tae-oppa pleassee

taehyung: oh my god Jagi! that sounds so cute!!!!! 

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jungkook: we need to talk Y/N

you: what about kookie?

jungkook: about you never calling me oppa

you: … seriously?

jungkook: do I look like making a joke??

you: ahh oppa you’re so hot being so serious

jungkook: *blushes* holy-

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A/N: actually he would put on this dirty smirk and show some rude attitude but yeah.. KINDA FEELIN AWKWARD KOOKIE HAHA


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Hi mama. I'm sorry Im takin your time but I just really wanted to tell you that you & your art saved me from some deep blackhole & it feels really good that there're many people from around the world who share with me many emotions while living lifes of your characters. So I dont feel so alone anymore and just wanted to tell you that if you werent there, i would probably not survive till now. So please remember that many kilometrs away are many people that loves you. Also Thank you, Hajime.

Thank you for this beautiful message! I’m glad you found something to enjoy even when you don’t feel good. I know how much that means myself so I’m extra proud of you! Keep going! I love you!

all those post jumping to the defense of millenials like “we study ap classes all day, do 2 hours homework for each class, 3 extra curriculars, have a job, sacrifice sleep and social life and mental health. we are killing ourselves and you still call us lazy!” are great, i mean there are absolutely plenty of you guys out there who do that and god do i respect you


when i was in highschool i did some extra curriculars, but mostly the things i found fun and was passionate about. sometimes i didnt do any. i didnt care that much about homework and im lucky enough that i was the right kind of smart to still get good grades. i didnt have a job, which i regret because everybody wants you to have like 5 years experience, but at the time the thought was anxiety attack inducing and i just didnt want that.

i wasnt an underachiever. i won awards and did school plays and i was a good student. but i wasnt killing myself all throughout highschool. i had a social life and plenty of downtime. i still struggled with my mental and physical health all the time but i certainly didnt want to go out of my way to make that worse than it had to be by constantly pushing myself further. its not that i didnt try or put work into anything. but i wasnt killing myself to be the most i could ever be all the time

and you know what? older generations still have no fucking right to say i was lazy. we shouldnt have to sacrifice our entire youth to prove that we arent worthless. we shouldnt have to spend our every waking moment from when we’re barely out of childhood pushing ourselves to a complete mental breakdown just to earn the title of “not lazy”. since when did “lazy” mean “anything short of destroying your mental and physical health”

so if youre one of those people who will sacrifice everything to be the best they can be, im so fucking proud of you. you are not lazy. and if youre one of those people who decided that you want to actually just be a goddamn teenager and put your happiness and wellbieng first, im so fucking proud of you. you are not lazy. and hell, even if you are lazy, who the fuck decided that teenagers, children even, arent allowed to just be lazy every now and then? you dont have to carry the weight of the world before youre even old enough to vote and i am so. fucking. proud. of. you.