proud of this one alright

make everything alright // m.c

WC: 2,759
// you were the one who made everything alright, even if he was the one who destroyed you.

a/n: this is my longest piece of writing and i’m super duper proud of it. loosely based it’s been awhile by staind, enjoy!

Michael was lonely. He was hurt. He was drowning himself in his sorrows. Michael was doing everything he could to forget the girl from last night. She didn’t kiss right, she didn’t have her hair the right way, she wasn’t wearing the right dress—she wasn’t who he wanted her to be. None of the girls who screamed his name in the darkness of the night were who he wanted them to be. The only person he wanted touching him was you, but that bridge burned a long time ago. Which was why he was there in that bar, with his head hung low, and a shot of whiskey held tightly in his hands. Michael was lonely—and he couldn’t remember the last time he was able to smile and drown the rest of the world out.

The first time Michael saw you, you were handing him a rose, telling him that a pretty boy like him should have a smile on his face instead of a scowl. That was three years ago and he remembered the light in your eyes that gleamed with joy when he accepted the flower. The image of your smile, of you tilting your head back in laughter at his stupid pickup lines, was permanently tucked away in his heart. He never wanted to forget that look on your face. He was just a mere stranger back then, but you showed him more love than he’s ever seen before.

The last time he saw you, however, you were throwing pillows in his face and screaming all the things you wished would happen to him. That was a year ago and he still felt the sting of every slap. The image of you crying, of you screaming your lungs out, was permanently etched into his memory. God, he wished he could forget all the shit he has ever done to you, but it’s always there in the back of his mind. Every drink, every girl, every lonely morning—it all leads back to you.

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I can’t express how much I love Wander Over Yonder!! It has helped me to meet so many lovely people and has brought so much positivity to my life. Special thanks to all the crew in making this amazing show and to everyone who has helped in trying to save it!! Especially to @peepsqueak and @alicia-lvn in their efforts in savewoy!! I am so proud of everyone coming together to save Wander Over Yonder!! @disneyxd