proud of the team

i think a lot about how during kkul fm where hob didn’t have any complains at all and praise and compliments and wants to support namjoon’s singing endeavours saying “it’s a good thing, i support you, i love you” and yoongi just “it’s undoubtedly j-hope” 😢💪🏽💕


What a day, such great supporters. What a feeling, what a season!! Proud of being part of this team and this family! See you on the next seadon! 🏆🌕⚫🐝 - Bartra via Instagram

Loud Chanting

Pairing: Teddy Lupin x reader

Words: 953

Warnings: literally only one swear word

Request: Could you do something about teddy lupin and him dating another hufflepuff and being a huge fan and loudly supporting them at games super proud of them and everything? Your writing is really good!! - for the beautiful anon

A/N: okay so I’m really sorry for taking so much time like ???? I had this writers block and couldn’t write a fucking phrase without having to erase it. I’m not really proud of it but it’s all I’ve got so… enjoy!


You walked slowly down the stairs to your Common Room, where you’d meet your boyfriend. A knot in your stomach was keeping you from going any faster. It was no secret you were nervous about your first Quidditch match of the season: Hufflepuff against Ravenclaw. You knew it was going to be rough, but your team was getting better with every training and you were really proud with the team’s improvement over the previous months.

“Ready, (y/n)?” you heard Teddy say from besides the couch. You cracked into a wide smile when you saw his black and yellow hair and two lines drawn in each cheek from the same colours. Teddy emitted waves of excitement and happiness like a beacon and his grin showed how proud he was of you. Your boyfriend was making small jumps, trying to release all the energy he had flowing inside him and he was wearing a Hufflepuff Quidditch jersey. You had to admit it, he looked really good in it.

“I’m really nervous but I’m ready to kick some ass,” you answered going closer and pecking his lips lovingly. You’ve been together for almost a year now and you couldn’t be happier. You were Teddy’s rock, the one who cheered him up every time he was sad and the cause of every happy moment. And for you, he was the person that helped you keep going and be better. You two were perfect for each other.

“Good,” he whispered, your foreheads pressed together. “Let’s go,” he kissed you, more passionately than before, and grabbed your hand, leading you to the door.

It was a chilly Autumn morning. The cold breeze caressed your face, making your teeth chatter a bit while your frigid hand was wrapped tightly around your boyfriend’s. When you arrived to the pitch, Teddy wished you good luck and kissed you on the cheek and went to look for a good sit in the stands. You went straight to the dressing room to get changed.

Finally, you finished putting your Quidditch equipment on and grabbed your broom, heading to where your team was reviewing some of the new strategies you’ve been practicing. As you walked out the door that separated the pitch from the dressing room, you heard the students’ roar, cheering their teams. You looked around and spotted Teddy chanting a song quite loudly. You smiled at the sight. He was always so loud and full of energy when it came to cheer your Quidditch team that you weren’t even surprised by now. Besides, he would encourage it now more than ever, as you were a part of it.

Madame Hooch gathered you all in the centre of the pitch and asked for a clean game and reviewed the basic rules. When she blew the whistle and the quaffle was in the air, every player went straight to their positions and started playing with fierceness. You, as the Hufflepuff Keeper, where flying around the goal posts waiting for the quaffle to try to pass through you.

The Ravenclaw Chaser was flying rapidly towards you. As you concentrated yourself on him, you heard something that made your opponent look away, unfocusing from the game. It was Teddy, chanting quite loudly how you would stop the quaffle and win the match.

“Go, (y/n)! You got this! Stop him!” he was so loud his yells could be easily distinguished from the other stundents’ clamour and it inspired you to play better and beat the Ravenclaw team.

As the ball was thrown at the goal post to your right, you moved rapidly and blocked the way successfully. Again, you heard Teddy singing some song about you being the best Keeper. The way in which he cheered you, made you feel more confident about your game and you knew you were going to win this.

Hufflepuff 50 - Ravenclaw 20. It was going good, even if you had missed two balls. You were proud of your performance and your team was confident you would win. As a Ravenclaw Chaser approached you again, you heard Madame Hooch’s whistle and triumphant yell from the yellow area of the stands. Your Seeker had cought the snitch. You were so happy you started doing tricks with your broom, flying and doing twirls around the posts.

“(Y/n)! Great game! You were amazing!” Teddy called you from the stands. You flew to get near him and talk to your boyfriend without having to shout. That didn’t work as he didn’t stop shouting about how good your team was. “That second catch you did was awesome! And wow I’m so proud!”

You blushed at the compliments he was yelling and tried to tell him not be so loud, but it was in vain. Teddy was too excited to stop.

After you finished changing your clothes, you went to meet with Teddy to celebrate. But you weren’t even half-way there when you felt two strong arms grab you by the waist and spin you around. When he put you on the floor again, you turned around and kissed your boyfriend.

“Thanks for cheering for me,” you said quietly, smiling at him.

“Are you kidding? You were amazing. I’m dating the best Quidditch keeper,” he replied, his hands still around your waist and your arms around his neck. He leaned and kissed you again. “I’ve got some butterbeer waiting in my room, wanna go?” Teddy asked innocently, a small grin in his face.

“Absolutely,” you replied kissing his cheek. You took his hand and walked silently towards his room. Of course, he did shout in the way a ’(y/n) is the best Keeper’ or something along the lines, but all you could do was laugh at his goofiness.

I know that I say I’m crying and I’m emotional way too much but I am so emotional and so proud and I have tears because I love them I love this team the first I ever loved i love futbol

anonymous asked:

i was playing mercy on attack at the temple of anubis and my team never pushed forward and my brother was the only one trying to push, yet i was healing everyone. and i kept dying because N O O N E I S P R O T E C T I N H T H E I R H E A L E R so we lost and our dva was like 'mercy u suck' 'y didnt u rez' so i ranted out 'well maybe if i wasnt dead all the time bc u werent protecting your support i coulda rezzed your b!tch ass" idk if i should feel proud or nah

You should feel proud, hun. If the team won’t protect you or push forward they don’t deserve your mercy skills.


In which Raven never left to go back to her tribe, but also never developed a very good motherly instinct either, and Qrow’s just as much of a sucker for his neices as I imagine him to be. XD

I’ve gotten alot of requests for more Raven and Qrow fanart, particularly involving Yang and Ruby so here’s to you anons! ❤️

// seokmin for dazed kr.

-marco giving auba the penalty
-marc bartra crying
-pierre-emerick aubameyang: bundesliga’s top scorer 16/17
-auba crying
-all the post-match hugs
-the boys celebrating with the fans
-auba celebrating with the fans
-marco bringing out nico
-all of them giving me 739103 heart attacks
i love this team so fucking much