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For James Potter, every moment of his life mattered. And, without even realizing he had to, he cherished them all. AO3

A/N: written for James Potter’s birthday & dedicated to @emmelinevvance because she feeds my James addiction & I need to reciprocate somehow

James Potter’s early life was full of soft edges. His parents cherished him and barely let him go so he couldn’t really walk on his own until he was three. A day didn’t go by where he didn’t get his hair ruffled and his cheeks kissed. The first time he visits the Potters, Peter will notice the way James melts into his mother’s hands when she runs them through his hair and realize why James was always messing with it. The boy missed his mother. He was reminding himself of her comfort.

Right after he learned to walk, James learned how to fly a broom, and scraped both his elbows and knees in the process. When he got his first pair of glasses, it was only four days before he lost them. When he turned seven he had a chocolate birthday cake with strawberries on top. At ten years old, his parents bought him a cat so he and it would “already be well acquainted when they go to Hogwarts together.” He named the cat Lennon and slept with him every night.

After he turned eleven, James’ life was less sweet. It was still sweet of course, as he was a young and determined boy with quite the opinion of himself. But now he was leaving his parents for the first real time in his life which scared him quite a bit. He only allowed himself to cry about it when he was tucked into his new bed in Gryffindor tower and the curtains were drawn to keep out the sound of sniffling. He knew it didn’t work though, as he could hear similar sniffles coming from the direction of the boy named Remus.

Hogwarts was as magical as he expected and soon his fears melted away. He still had classes to worry about but the professors liked him enough and he did rather well. Transfiguration was his favorite and not only because he got to sit next to Sirius. That was definitely the reason at first and McGonagall knew it despite James’ later protests.

The first time he brought out the invisibility cloak was when Sirius told them he found the entrance to the kitchens. The first time they pulled a prank was in the Great Hall during dinner when they put a dung bomb under the professors’ table. The first time James told that spunky little red head, Lily Evans, that she was cute was in the Gryffindor Common Room. Sirius and Peter had dared him to but that didn’t mean he didn’t kind of think it was true. Only kind of, of course.

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Game night has never been more fun

Translation of the cards: 
“Careful, male cishet showrunners are in sight. Buy a bullet proof vest asap. You receive 100.”
“You’ve survived Glee. You receive 100.”
“You sat through Blue Is the Warmest Color. Respect! You receive 50.”
“You stayed up reading fanfics in your bed until god knows how late and you have to get up early. Pay 50.”
“One half of your otp dies in a ridiculous way. We feel your pain. You receive 150.”