proud of myself for this i took out all of the blue

when i was seven the sea-witch cursed me.

she cursed my great-grandfather, actually, who had spat on the hands of the ocean and disrespected the beating heart of the earth - for what else are waves but a pulse - who was silly and violent and who tried to rip from the water what was hers by rights. we were wealthy, before that, a family of merchants. my mother says in her youth she recalls white horses, the gleam of candles, early mornings with bread baked fresh by a horde of servants.

he didn’t ask permission to cross her. that’s what my mother tells me while she spoons porridge with no flavor into the wood of my bowl. he had no faith in superstition, rode with boats that were more decoration than strength, the folly of a man who was cruel and vain and proud of his own gold teeth. the sky had been blue, so regardless of what the village witch said, he would sail that day. and when his boat sank; their lives turned blue like the sky that day.

my mother says she thinks the curse on the men of our family, even if they come in when they marry, is that they will forever be violent, too foolish to see the storm on the horizon. she whispers this to me on the eve of my seventh birthday, while father is his own storm, thundering around the house, looking for her. later, when i am cleaning the cut by her cheek, she tells me the curse is on the women to forever be unhappy, to wane until they are shadows, to walk into the deep like a sinking ship. 

we don’t burn candles often, they are too expensive. she tells me this in the silk of a dark room. the moon kisses her hair. 

in three days, my mother will walk into the ocean, and my father will be my own problem. the curse will pass onto me. 

my father does not believe in superstition, no curse to conquer him. when he is gone, and i am heartbroken, i go to the village witch. i ask her to teach me about magic, and other things, and about how the ocean can be coaxed, and how to save my father’s soul. 

and my hands rot too, keeping a house by myself with things i barely knew. i learn the art of a good scrubbing, keep my mind full of white horses while i endlessly clean, dream of candles in dark while i make the bread that he will not allow me to eat. he keeps me from the ocean, from visiting the place that took my mom, from following in her footsteps where the water makes women undone.

i am sixteen when i see her in the water of a bowl. she scares me so completely that i drop it, and my father comes in with his hands, and the curse, and i almost forget all about it. it isn’t until after that i realize she is beautiful, and young, which surprises me. 

i think about it every evening. her face becomes distorted to me. i can no longer remember the exact shape of it, only the impression of beauty. 

i turn seventeen and wait for the high moon. i pin safety to my vest in little witch herbs and runes. i put naked toes on the sand and slip closer, closer, to the avenue of my family’s doom. i find a little private beach, small and surrounded by rocks, hidden from my father in the event he ever thought to come looking. at high tide, it is barely the span of my body. at low, it feels empty.

the witch of the land has given me what i need to call in the witch of the sea, but i do not use it. it feels wrong, somehow, standing here in the wind and the quiet pulse of the world. i put down the incense and sage and i sit just close enough it feels wild, dangerous - but not close enough to get caught up in thrill. 

when nothing happens, i go home and i make bread that i will not eat.

for months i do this. i climb down to my beach. i learn to do it when the moon is half, and then when the moon is empty. i learn to do it so well that sometimes i go to sleep in my own bed and wake up by the water. i take to sleeping with warding runes to keep me from being pulled in the rip out to the waiting hands of a hungry sea-witch.

i don’t know when i start talking. more often i sing, because singing in my house is not allowed, and something about the way the rocks echo my voice feels comforting. the older i get, the more i can pretend i hear my mother’s voice, answering me, harmonizing gently. i sing songs about sadness and lullabies about curses. when i have exhausted every song i know, i write new ones about fathers who have never learned how to be kind, about the house i work in but do not love, about mothers who left, and about a sea witch.

i see her sometimes. in a puddle, in the drop of rain, in the strangest places. i never expect it, although i always hope. i am never able to see her for more than the length of a wave, breaking, and each time, it does something new to my heart.

at eighteen i am too much of my father’s burden. he tries to unload me onto other men. the land witch helps me with this. i rub hemlock, burn wolfsbane. we arrange so these men have other women to marry. the news of my curse is bad enough to scare most away. my father is not happy.

after a particularly savage night, i wonder how bad it could be. i could marry some boy from the village who didn’t quite bother me. i suppose they’re not ugly. timothy had always been gentle to me. i think about a life, and how i am cursed to be unhappy. my father would finally be proud of me.

i walk to the beach and i tell the waves about him and how i could convince myself it was love if i just never wanted from him. how i could be okay, if not content, how i could be free, how i already had learned life down on knees.

but i go home and i write a rune of warding. and the years pass and i find reasons each suitor is wanting. and the sea witch i see, sometimes, peeking out at me, staying long each time in the water, looking, watching. i see her in mirrors when my father storms against me. it is bad because he mistakes the cause of my smiling. it is better when she is there the next morning.

and i go to the ocean. when i am too sad to speak, it seems like the ocean is whispering for me. i picture my mother’s voice and tell myself i am happy. i am seven again and we are sewing. i am seven again and the curse has not been given to me. i am seven and she came home after she walked to the sea.

i grow silly, brave, unthinking. i leave behind the herbs and i wade deep. i teach myself the art of swimming. i am bad at it, at first, but something about it feels good to me. like the ocean wants to buoy me. in the day i think of it, guilty. what if there was a rip tide, and the water took me? who would care for my father if i stepped off the beach into a long drop? wasn’t i clever enough to know that the ocean is uncaring?

it is not this that does it. i go out after a rain and i slip on the rocks and suddenly i am in water above my head but without the moon i cannot see the up of it. i kick and i thrash and the water surrounds me. the tide pulls on my body and in the cold i feel my body grow weary. water spills into me. it punches through my body, up my nose and into my lungs and some part of me knows this is what mother felt before she was gone.

i kick ground by accident, reorient, drag myself heaving and spitting into the air. i lie there for a long time, half in and half out of death, enjoying the sensation of breathing and of life.

when i look up, i think i see her, watching me, her brows knit with something like worry. but we make eye contact and my heart leaps and then she is gone and i am left alone with nothing but the dawn breaking.

my father is furious when there is no bread. he finds my hair wet, and the salt of the ocean still smelling on me. and that is it. that day he goes out and pays someone to agree to marry me.

this feels right to me, i think. i’m twenty-one, three times seven, a perfect number for a curse to fully come down on me. i will be wed in three weeks.

the land witch comes to visit me. she looks like she’s sorry for me. she gives me a spell and tells me to put it under my pillow; i’ll dream of love and it will soothe me. instead i dream of the seawitch, and how wonderful she is, and the sight of her, out on the water, worried.

even though it is risky, i go down to the beach. i do not bother with protective spells, i have already seen that the water can kill me. fear alone keeps me from wandering. i sit on the beach and in the sand i draw runes for understanding and i make the small magicks i’ve spent years learning and i close my eyes and i ask the ocean “why do you do this to me.”

i fall asleep. i dream that the sea witch talks to me. i dream she is my age, that she is the great-granddaughter of the first to curse my family. i dream she has spent years watching, learning, finding the truth of me. that she just needs to get the courage to come and speak, that she has fallen in love with my singing, that she knows no curse but the one in her heart that brings her back to a human, to a creature of air and not water, to a mistake in the making.

in the dawn i know it is a dream and no more. i make bread. i pour water out before it can make mirrors. i do not look. i do not like the ache that has filled me, as if i’ve been looking for an answer and the answer only leads to longing.

the man i meet - my husband-to-be - is delighted by the house i keep. he believes a woman should keep in her place, and her place should be clean. he hears from neighbors that sometimes i sneak out to the land witch’s house. laughter barks out of him. not going to allow that behavior, not me. he does not believe in curses. he will pack me up and move me from the ocean to somewhere in the mountains, where i know nobody. and i will, he promises, learn to keep my place, and that place clean.

i tell myself i could love him. he is not ugly. he says i’m pretty enough after whiskey. my father mentions i used to sing. i refuse to perform for these men so instead i make them cookies. they laugh and talk about me, even when i am in the room, as if they cannot even see. they shake hands and talk about how useless a woman is for much else than breeding. it’s very funny. the man meets my eyes and promises he’ll put a baby in me. i look down and pretend the thrill i feel is excitement, not fear brewing in me.

the land witch comes by a week before my wedding. she is smaller these days, aging. her apprentice and i get along wonderfully. the two women stand before me, holding something. 

a small box, so tiny and lovely. “break the curse,” the witch whispers, “learn to be happy.”

i smuggle the box, take it everywhere with me. it is days before i have a moment to slip away, to open it by the sea. i take a candle with me, even though my father will notice and be angry.

by the light of fire i read the spell they have left me inside, and then i am so full of gratitude i cannot stop crying.

it must be a full moon, so i must wait. in the meantime, i walk home, and i bake. 

i do not see the seawitch, even though i look for her. maybe i have wounded her, getting married. my father asks why i keep smiling. i tell him it is because i am finally with a man. he grunts and says to stop looking so silly. 

the man kisses me. i let him. we are married on a night with a full moon, and i poison him and my father in the bread i did not eat. i think of how these men were cursed so they could not see a storm coming. i watch them as they lie there, dying, and then i put all of the things i own into a basket for the land witch. i leave it there with a song i wrote for her, a spell i know will make her happy, will stop the aging of her joints, will give her the kind of relief she gave me. 

i go down to the water. i find myself running, even though i am in no hurry. i know the way so well it is like i wake up there, panting. i ask permission first. i lay out the contents of the box, i organize and practice and when the needle and pain comes, i am ready for it. i am used to pain at night. i breathe into it and walk naked into waters that swallowed my mother.

i chew bitter herbs. i swallow fire. i feel myself drown as i change from land witch to sea witch. 

when it is done, i open my eyes in the deep of a moonlit ocean. and i see her. 

this time she does not flicker. this time when i reach for her, she is there, and she is pushing my hair out of my eyes, and we are kissing with the ocean rejoicing around us, and i am laughing, and i hear her voice as clear as bell inside me.

and we live like this, a whole world between us where white horses are the size of pinky fingers and swim with their thin snouts, where i need no candles because i was raised lightless, where we have no servants but the water takes care of us. i show her the magic of land and she unfolds the magic of water. together we are unstoppable. when i come up to the air to sing little girls a promise that they can survive the madness, she sings with me, and we make a beautiful harmony.

Falling Stars ~ Finn Wolfhard x Reader

If you asked me a couple of years ago where I thought I’d be at the age of fourteen, I wouldn’t have had an answer to give. And even if I did, it would have been so far from reality that I may as well not have even bothered to give it. I had filmed two seasons of an award-winning TV show, shot a movie adaptation of one of the best books ever written, been noticed in the acting, singing and dancing world alike, and of course, met the most special people in my life.

It was a Friday in mid-October, and I was currently in front of the cameras and under the lights with Millie Bobby Brown. The entire cast of Stranger Things had been called to New York City for the week. Friday to Friday. Since season two was just around the corner, we were everywhere. But in a good way. Currently, Millie and I were doing a photo shoot and an interview for Buzzfeed. 

We had been informed that while we were in the city, the cast of IT was flying out for a Stranger Things x IT shoot. It was for an article about young actors and how it’s been a great couple of years for our careers. Finn and I are in Stranger Things and IT, so it was going to be great spending time with everyone. It was also the night of the Emmy’s tomorrow.

“Okay!” One of the many photographers shouted, “You girls are doing great! While we get a few shots of just the boys, you can go take a quick break before the main pictures!”

Millie and I headed towards our shared dressing room and sat down on the plush sofa in the corner. The coffee table was covered in snacks and drinks. 

“So,” Millie said while taking a sip of water, “You’re spending a week with Finn.”
I opened a packet of Sour Patch Kids. “Correction, WE are spending a week with Finn. And everyone else.”
“True, but still. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell him.”
“Millie, how many times-”
“I know, I know,” She rolled her eyes, “You don’t think he feels the same way. You’re wrong, you know.”
“I really don’t think I am.”
“We’ll see. Especially after the performance tomorrow night.” Millie smirked

My stomach lurched at the mention of tomorrow night. Since the world found out that I could sing a few months ago, I had been invited to a million different places to perform. Tomorrow I was going to be on the stage at the Emmy’s. And I was flipping my shit on the inside. Millie could tell.

“Y/N, it’s going to be great! Jack, Jaeden, Wyatt, Sophia, Jeremy, and Chosen,” Millie listed our friends from IT on her fingers, “Are all flying out here tomorrow. We get to spend the afternoon with them all and then we’ve got the awards. You’ll perform, be brilliant like always, and then we’ll come back to the hotel for our movie night.”
“You really think it will work out?”
“Of course I do! And you never know, things might happen with Finn.”

Our makeup artists came in armed with brushes and highlight to give our faces touchups. We gladly took our seats in front of the mirrors.

“Right then girls, it’s time to head back in for group shots.”

When the shoot was over we got into the cars that had been sent for us and headed back to the hotel. The Hilton was putting us up for the week, and when the others arrived tomorrow, they would be joining us in the room opposite. I could hardly contain my excitement. 

I was between Millie and Gaten in the back of one of the Jeeps. We were just talking about how well the shoot went and how we got to stay in such an expensive hotel. Before long, we arrived. 

The driver came an opened the doors and we jumped out onto the pavement. Somebody was already getting our luggage so I only had to carry my backpack. Finn was waiting for me. I couldn’t get over how much he’d grown up. He was taller, more defined, and his voice was another story completely.

“Hey, Y/N.” His smile gave me butterflies. “You looked great today.”
“Thanks, Finn. You didn’t look too bad yourself.”
He flushed. “So, we’re staying at the Hilton Hotel for a week. Crazy.”
“I know right. Just because it’s the Hilton, doesn’t mean I’m not stealing the little soaps.”
Finn laughed as we made our way through the front doors behind everyone else. “How did I guess that you were going to say that?”
“Because you know me too well.”
Millie and I were sharing one of the rooms, Finn and Noah next door, and Gaten and Caleb in the room after that. The suites were huge. The equivalent of a twin bedroom was actually to Queen sized beds, a bathroom, an en-suite, a kitchen and living space, and a huge balcony. It was the most beautiful hotel room I had ever seen. I was expecting gorgeous, but this was over the top.

I picked the bed by the window and started looking through my stuff. Millie was hanging things up in the walk-in wardrobe. We had a walk-in wardrobe in our hotel room?! 

“Hey, Millie?” I said
“When are our gowns being dropped off?”
“Tomorrow morning. Why?”
“I just really want to see it. Having it fitted was so fun.”
“I bet you can’t wait for Finn to see it either.”
“I know girls aren’t supposed to dress for boys, but I can’t help it.”
“I know, I know. Not to mention the fact that the whole world will see us too.”
“I still can’t get my head around that.” I took my clothes into the huge closet and started to hang them along with Millie.
“Me either. It still seems so surreal.”

Our conversation was interrupted by knocking at our door. I put the pile of pyjamas I was holding down and ran to answer it. It was Finn and Noah.

“We’ve ordered a crapload of food and the TV’s have Netflix. The others will be over in five.”

Noah and Finn let themselves into your hotel room and made themselves comfortable on one of the sofas. They were both in comfier clothes.

“Oh hi, Noah. Hi Finn. I know, these rooms are so big! And we’re great, thanks for asking. Why don’t you come in and make yourselves at home?” This was, of course, sarcasm since the boys didn’t even give me so much as a hello. The just laughed as I went into the bedroom to put your pyjamas on.

I went with black cotton shorts, fluffy socks and Wyatt’s Canada hoodie. I still had it from a couple of months when I stole it at the beach house. He was like a brother to me, so I knew he wouldn’t mind. Millie put a onzie on and grabbed some blankets. When we went out to the others, Gaten and Caleb had arrived. Finn looked up and saw me in Wyatt’s sweater.

“Does Wyatt know you’ve got that?”
“Yeah,” You sat next to him and Noah on the sofa, putting a blanket over the three of you, “I facetimed him a week after the beach house and I was wearing it. He said he’ll bring me my own.”

Finn looked at me and then back to the TV. He was scrolling through the new releases. I quickly looked at Millie who was already looking at me. She noticed it too. Finn was jealous. Of Wyatt.

“Okay, I think we should watch something funny and save the horror for when everyone else gets here tomorrow,” Gaten said, earning murmurs of agreement from everyone else.
“Yeah,” Finn muttered, “Y/N likes watching scary films with Wyatt anyway.”

I actually found it quite cute that Finn was jealous, but it was a little bit annoying. Caleb told Finn to put some comedy on. Room service soon arrived and Gaten went to get it. After a long day, we gratefully began eating. While it was nice to relax with everyone, I couldn’t stop thinking about Finn.

By three in the afternoon, everyone had arrived. Sophia was sharing with Millie and me, and I honestly couldn’t wait. Our gowns had also been sent up this morning and were currently in dress bags hanging in the closet. I wanted to put it on immediately but we had to have our hair and makeup done first.

Since they had to make us up properly for the Emmy’s, we had to have a very early dinner so they could get started. There were makeup and hair artists everywhere. Our hotel room was full. I was currently sat having my hair curled and braided. Events like these never failed to get my heart going. I was also thinking about my performance. My heart was in my mouth.

About two hours later, my hair and makeup were done and it was time to get in my dress. Finally. I was last to get into mine. Millie and Sophia were having last minute touchups done.

(Your dress)

I slipped into my little blue heels that matched my dress and smiled. Nothing made me happier than this dress. Sophia, Millie and I took a quick photo and uploaded them to our social media. Comments and likes started rolling in, including from Finn.

finnwolfhardofficial: Dashing, as always @yourusername

I tried not to scream as I pinned his comment and put your phone in my clutch bag. It was time to leave.
The red carpet was alive with the sounds of cheers, paparazzi and interviews. Me and the cast of IT were currently having pictures taken in front of the Emmy’s backdrop. I was in between Finn and Jeremy with my hand on my hip, smiling my red lipstick stained smile. Finn had noticed me, that was for sure. We also had pictures taken with the Stranger Things cast since Finn and I crossed over into both. I had a separate one taken with the girls as well as one with Jack, and another with Finn and Wyatt. 

Gaten and I were asked to get a quick shot with Ryan Gosling, you know, as you do. Millie and I also got photos with Jennifer Lawrence. It was completely mental.

“So,” An interviewer from Cosmo said to Jaeden and I, “You’ve been nominated for best horror movie of 2017 and best book to movie adaptation. As young actors just starting out, how does this make you feel?”
“Well,” I said, “It makes me feel proud. Not just of myself but of everyone who I’ve worked with over the past couple of years. Working on IT and Stranger Things has been such a privilege and if it wasn’t for the producers and directors, none of this would have been possible.”
Jaeden smiled. “Yeah, Y/N’s right. We don’t take these opportunities lightly, they mean a lot to all of us. It’s not just the filming and awards, it’s the friendships we’ve formed that will last forever.”
“Thank you, Y/N Y/L/N and Jaeden Lieberher. Good luck tonight, and keep shining like the stars you are.”

Since we were on the red carpet, we couldn’t have super long interviews, so we kept walking. I got given a sharpie and had to go along signing fan’s posters and taking selfies, which was one of the best parts. It was so strange being told how much someone loves me and my acting. One girl who had a photo from Stranger Things for me to sign said to me how much she loved my dress. I took a photo with her on my phone as well. I was doing the same as Gaten; taking pictures with my fans as well as them taking ones with me.

Before I knew what was happening, we were all being ushered inside for the awards ceremony. The IT cast and Stranger Things cast took up three whole rows since the producers and directors and production teams were there too. We were really close to the front.
It was time for my performance. I can’t explain how scared I actually was. As I stood up to head backstage, Finn squeezed my hand and smiled. I couldn’t smile back. I couldn’t do anything. Not only were hundreds of actors and actresses alike going to see me sing, I was on international television.

I was singing ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ by Sam Smith. Gaten helped me prepare and choose my song. I went out onto the stage and looked out at the massive audience that was cheering for me. For me? It seemed too good to be true. The white lights were all on me, and the music began. 

You must think that I’m stupid
You must think that I’m a fool
You must think that I’m new to this
But I have seen this all before
I’m never gonna let you close to me
Even though you mean the most to me
‘Cause every time I open up, it hurts
So I’m never gonna get too close to you
Even when I mean the most to you
In case you go and leave me in the dirt
But every time you hurt me, the less that I cry
And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry
And every time you walk out, the less I love you
Baby, we don’t stand a chance, it’s sad but it’s true
I’m way too good at goodbyes

The applause when I finished was deafening. Everyone was on their feet screaming, cheering and clapping. I could see cameras flashing. My insides were more twisted than they were before I started. I couldn’t believe the reaction I was getting. And the people I was getting it from. I curtsied and walked off the stage smiling. The cheers didn’t stop until the host came back out onto the stage and started talking about my performance. I sat down and everyone hugged me and said well done. Finn grabbed my hand and didn’t let go.

I came out of their with two awards in my hands. IT got the award for best horror movie of 2017, and Stranger Things got the award for most gripping TV series of 2016 & 2017. I felt elated. After my performance, I had photos taken with so many people. Including Sam Smith who said that hearing me sing his song was magical. Finn still hadn’t let go of my hand.
Much to my disappointment, I had to take my dress off. All the mess was gone from the hotel room. We just had a couple of people with us to help us get out of our dresses. I put some pyjamas on and went out into the kitchen and living room. Sophia and Millie were talking about the night. I was just about to join the conversation when my phone buzzed.

Come to my hotel room. The others are across the hall and I want to talk to you.

I said goodbye to the girls who shared knowing looks. When I arrived at Finn’s room the door was already slightly open. I went inside and saw him standing on the balcony looking out over the big apple.

He looked at me and smiled.
“You’re amazing, do you know that?”
“Woah. What?”
“When you were singing up there in that stunning dress, I couldn’t stop smiling. I still can’t. I guess tonight was the push I need to tell you that I’m fucking crazy about you, and I have been since we met. Every time I see you I fall for you a little bit more. As gooey as that sounds. And if you don’t-”

I kissed him and it felt like the stars were falling all around us. If they were, I wouldn’t have even noticed. I was too wrapped up in Finn Wolfhard.

@trash-baby-edge-lord You said anything with Finn, so here you go! Hope you like it.

i just made this announcement over on twitter, but like, let’s be real, i’ve been on this horrible blue hell site since i was 16 - and i’m turning 24 on sunday, so that’s essentially a third of my life, yikes - and you guys are wonderful and i love you and you deserve to hear it here first. so.

as most of you know, i finished my first manuscript earlier this year, and i’ve been reservedly liveblogging the absurdly nerve-wracking process of querying agents and throwing my novel out to the wolves. 

and i’m so happy to finally be able to tell you that i’ve accepted an offer of literary representation from brooks sherman of janklow & nesbit associates.

i first became aware of brooks a couple of years ago when my best friend lena, who was loyally and devotedly beta-reading one of my early drafts, suggested i check out becky albertalli’s “simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda.” she thought simon was an exemplary gay ya romance, exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to do. and she was right: simon instantly became one of my favourite books, and becky became one of my favourite authors. i pledged to myself that when i finally worked up the nerve to start talking to agents, i would talk to the guy who helped make simon happen.

but it took a long time. like, a long time. i started writing “teenage victory song” - the name of my novel, a contemporary gay YA love story, hopefully coming soon to a bookstore near you! - back in 2013. specifically, during an 11:30 PM gchat with grace on wednesday, december 11, 2013, which i have archived for historical preservation. so grace is getting the dedication when this thing goes out, naturally. but, yeah, i started writing it in 2013, and only just finished it this spring, and only with the help of some truly incredible people and loyal friends and family - way too many to name here, but you know who you are, and thank you. i love you. if i hadn’t had your love and your support to battle the little grey cloud of depression and trauma and persistent economic instability that hangs over me 24/7, i’d never have gotten this far. writing this book, and keeping myself mentally healthy and happy enough to finish it, is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. 

i also need to thank benjamin alire saenz, andre alexis, dennis bock, anne michaels, and mallory ortberg for reading various permutations of this manuscript and believing in it and giving me their writerly advice on it. i love all y’all. and, of course, major, major thanks to the lambda literary association, who do so much incredible work for so many lgbt authors, and to whom i will be forever in debt.

i just don’t have words for the fact that brooks read my manuscript and said yes, that he said wow, that he believes in me and in what i’m trying to do with my writing. he represents so many authors whose work i’ve been continually blown away by, and it is patently ridiculous and surreal that i get to stand next to them now? i’ve already mentioned becky albertalli, whose work has done so much to humanize young lgbt people and to normalize gay love for a mainstream audience. or adam silvera, who just put queer boys of colour on the new york times bestsellers list with “they both die at the end,” which i am presently reading and crying over and having my internal organs ripped out by. and last, but definitely not fucking least, angie thomas, who wrote “the hate u give,” very possibly the most important young adult novel of the last twenty years, a heartbreaking and compassionate and warmly funny complete and total masterwork that i inhaled in less than two days. like, i really don’t. have words. these are people who have been heroes of mine for so long. i just started actually crying so i’m going to have to wrap this up lmao.

i grew up in an intensely homophobic and conservative christian household, and when i was probably eleven or twelve i somehow came into possession of a copy of “a great and terrible beauty” by libba bray. i don’t remember anything about it except that it had a subplot involving two girls who kissed each other on the mouth, and when they kissed each other on the mouth, i was so viscerally horrified that i started bawling, and i stood up, walked upstairs to the garbage disposal, and tore the book apart with my bare hands. watched the pages filter down into the garbage. and i don’t, like. i don’t like to damage books. i don’t even fold corners because i don’t like to crease the pages. i still remember it all these years later because my first reaction upon recognizing myself in that kiss was to literally destroy it. and i had to keep that part of myself buried for so many years. reading lgbt ya and fanfiction was some of the only escape i had. i wasn’t able to come out until i was eighteen years old, and when i did, it ultimately meant becoming estranged from my mother forever.

i have so much love and tenderness and compassion for all those previous, wounded versions of me, who went through so much, who hated themselves so much, who spent so much of their teens and early twenties being depressed and closeted and suicidal and dreaming of the day when they might get to be an author. you fucking did it, buddy. i love you so much and i am so proud of everything you did to survive and keep creating.

in conclusion,

anonymous asked:

I love your blog your writing is amazing. I was wondering if maybe you could write about Betty and jughead having a secret relationship because they're just not ready to tell everyone but one day Betty goes to school with a hickey and everyone finds out about their relationship.

Thank you so much! You got it!


It was the end of spring, cheerleading season was long over but the riverdale high baseball team was having their final home game, so the riverdale vixens decided to dress in their uniforms and support the team.

Spotting Betty walking down the halls in her blue and gold uniform, Veronica smiled.

“Hey vixen, forgot how good that uniform looked on you.” She winked.

Betty laughed “you’re one to talk. You were made to wear that skirt.”

Leaning up against her locker Veronica smiled at herself.

“I’ve got to say it feels good to not have to wear that turtle neck underneath our uniform, I feel free!”

Betty smiled

“Agreed, it feels good to let my neck breathe.”

Veronica nodded in agreement glancing at Betty’s neck, suddenly her eyes were wide and she was tugging the tiny top down even more if possible.

“What the hell! Veronica! What are you doing?!”

Turning Betty’s head to look into the tiny mirror hanging up in her locker, Veronica pointed at her neck.

“What is that?!”

Finally Betty spotted the offending mark Veronica was so concerned about.

It was a hickey.

How had she not seen that?

“Oh, I must have burnt myself on my curling iron this morning! I’m so clumsy, you know that.” She said laughing nervously.

Veronica stared at her with disbelieving eyes

“Sweetie, I know a hickey when I see a hickey. That’s a hickey.”

“Veronica, that’s ridiculous it’s a burn.”

“Betty, I’m your best friend. What are you hiding from me?”

Suddenly, jugheads lazy voice entered the conversation

“Who’s hiding things?”

Both heads whipped around and Veronica reached for Jughead, pulling him towards Betty.

“Look! A hickey! Do you know who Betty’s been seeing? Because I sure don’t.”

Jugheads eyes widened as he caught Betty’s eyes.

He quickly stamped down his panic,

“Maybe it’s a burn, Betty does use a curling iron a lot.”

“Thankyou!” Betty said quickly

“You two are ridiculous. I’m gonna find out , you know I will!” Veronica said before stomping away , leaving betty and jughead alone by the lockers.

“Don’t be mad.” He said quickly

“My neck Jughead! Of all the places!”

He glanced to the heart shaped bruise, marring her skin.

And unfortunately he wasn’t able to hide his proud smirk before she caught it.

Smacking his arm


“I’m sorry okay, I got carried away. It was that damn yellow dress last night. You know I love it when you wear that thing.”

She blushed slightly remembering the events that took place in her bedroom last night.

Jughead looked around quickly, making sure no one was looking, before he placed a quick kiss on her lips.

“It’ll be fine .I’m sure no one will even notice.”

That was the biggest lie of the year.

She had already been stopped by Kevin, Cheryl, and Josie and half the football team had been whistling when she walked past commenting on the hickey.

By last period, study hall, she was thoroughly over this day, and ready to go back to wearing her sweaters.

The gang all had this period together. So they usually spent it on a table outside.

Sliding into the seat next to Betty’s , jughead slid his hand under the table and squeezed her knee.
She smiled softly at him.

“Okay” Veronica spoke up “Kevin, Cheryl and I have gone over all possible suspects regarding the case of Betty’s hickey”

“Oh my god” betty mumbled, dropping her head to the table.

Archie poked his head up from his music book

“Hickey? Betty? What?!”

Kevin sighed “well there goes my guess, it couldn’t have been Archie if he didn’t even know about it.”

Archie was now leaning over the table trying to get a look at Betty’s neck

“I’m sorry. What?! Betty what the hell?”

Cheryl pulled out a notebook ,passing it to Veronica

“I had it narrowed down to dilton doiley or trev marrow, but after speaking to them I now know that it’s neither.”

“You asked them if they gave me a hickey?!”

Veronica crossed out something in the notebook.

“Well we know it’s not anyone on a sports team, we totally would have found that out by now, and the smart kids wouldn’t be able to do that kind of handiwork If they tried so they’re out. Who does that even leave us with?” Veronica said frustrated.

Suddenly everyone’s eyes shot to Jughead who was leaning back in his seat smirking with a shrug.

“Don’t ask me.”

Veronica’s eyes widened

“Oh my god.”

Cheryl slammed her hands down on the table

“Shut up.”

Kevin nearly spit out his water

“ Total plot twist.”

And Archie was just confused

“What, what do we know?!”

Suddenly Betty smiled, reaching for jugheads hand.

“Okay, now can we please stop talking about this.”

Jughead nodded

“As much as I enjoy hearing you all talk about other guys leaving hickeys on my girls neck, I’d rather we changed topics, thanks”

Archie dropped his book on the floor with a thud.


Jughead sat up straighter

“Yeah girlfriend. Is that a problem pal?”

Archie just sat back, glaring at his best friend.

“This is total breaking news, Betty Cooper and jughead jones. We have so much to talk about. I’m sleeping over tonight.”

“Me too.” Cheryl agreed.

“Me three.” Kevin nodded

Betty groaned leaning into her boyfriend

He laughed , kissing her on her forehead.

Redemption // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: Jungkook scenario when your pregnant unplan baby he finds the test when you get home he starts yelling, blaming you throwing things,tells you to gtfo of his life with the baby saying fucked up things. So you leave Korea 3 year later you come back with your daughter and you guys see each other again he tries to win you back angst beginning but fluff ending?

words: 8942

category: heavy angst + fluff ending

author note: it’s time to see how good destinee’s character development skills are. also y/n didn’t leave, jungkook did. hope that’s okay. im so proud of myself for writing this?? I didn’t give up and I’m glad i didn’t. anyway, this took forever to write you can literally see my writing improve as you keep reading its kind of funny anyway let’s go!

- destinee

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Based off of @letkeithinfodump’s lovely Langst post

Do Not Tag As Sh/@nce or Sh/e!th or any other Sh@/adin ships

Lance could feel himself start to shake as Shiro had announced to them who he chose to lead Voltron in case he couldn’t.

It was Keith.

Lance took a breath and balled up his fist. He swallowed the lump in his throat and tried to blink away the stinging in his eyes as he stared at the floor.

Why should he even be surprised? It’s not as though he couldn’t see Shiro’s obvious bias towards Pidge and Keith. He knew that it wasn’t their fault or that they meant to be favored but it stung and he was getting increasingly frustrated at this.

Lance bit his lip before taking another deep breath and trying to calm himself down before catching Shiro’s shoulder when he told them to disperse.

“Shiro? Can I talk to you about something?” Lance asked

“Uh, yeah sure, about what?”

Another breath. “I wanted to talk to you about choosing Keith as the back-up leader.”

Shiro quirked a brow, Lance could tell he was going to have a hard time with this.

“Well you see Shiro…Keith…Keith isn’t a good choice for leader,” Lance had to fight to keep eye contact with Shiro, “you see he’s…impulsive and a hot-head. He’s a nice guy but he’s put us all in danger on numerous occasions beause he didn’t follow an order and he voted to leave Allura behind and-!” Lance could feel his confidence rise but Shiro raised a hand to silence him.

“Lance, I understand your concern but I’ve made my decision already.”

Shiro turned around and left Lance there with his anger festering and his pride hurt even more than before.

He ignored him.


Lance bit into his lip so hard it felt like it might draw blood. He felt the familiar sting at the back of his eyes and the heat on his neck. He blinked his vision in and out of focus as he felt his body shake with anger.

Lance was the only one left in the console room, so his voice echoed and bounced back to him with just as much disappointment and anger it had when the words left his lips.

You’re not the you I thought you were.”

The next time Lance brings it up is when he’s hardened his attitude towards Shiro’s behaviour. He knows it’s not exactly his fault but the way he brushes Lance off is unacceptable and this time, Lance is Not Having It.

“Shiro.” Lance walked up to Shiro, he rather have missed all of the break between training than have to keep in his feelings.

Shiro turned around and sighed, “Lance, look, I know-” but this time it was Lance who cut Shiro off.

“No Shiro, you look.” Lance took one big breath before starting, “I understand that you are the leader and that you were thrown into this by yourself, but you see, you are extremely biased towards Pidge and Keith and honestly, I just can’t let that stand anymore man.”

Lance paused to see Shiro blinking in stunned silence, he took this as his cue to continue.

“Shiro, I understand that you know Keith the best and probably know what he’s capable of. But your making him stressed because your expectations of him are too damn high and you have to accept that there are things that not even Keith can do- nothing wrong with that Keith, it’s ok that you can’t- but instead you just say “I believe in you” and you tell him to basically change everything about himself so he can act like a good-…no I mean, so he can act like you. Shiro, you can’t expect that to magically fix anything!

Lance took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts before proceeding onto his next topic, “Do you even talk to Hunk ever?”

“Well-” Shiro began

“Outside of giving orders? Do you ever ask, ‘Hey Hunk, how was your day? Did you do anything new?’ Because as far as I know, all you can say to him is ‘Hunk, shoulder canon.’, ‘Hunk, you go with whoever on this mission to retrieve whatever.’, sometimes you can’t even address him directly! It’s just ‘Legs, do this!’ You don’t actually talk to him Shiro.”


“Also? Isn’t Allura the technical leader of Voltron? She actually knows Zarkon. She actually knows the aliens that we fight and that we talk to. Why are you acting as though you know this stuff? Even if Allura doesn’t know, most of the time Coran knows so he should also be consulted.”

“Yes, well I-”

“Not only that, but you didn’t consult anyone else when deciding Keith would be the Black Paladin. You didn’t check with Keith on how he felt about that, and even then he told you himself and you ignored it. What’s worse is that you didn’t even consult with your lion, the one Keith would be the pilot of. How do you know if she was okay with this? How do you know if this is what she wants?”

Shiro fell silent, it seems that this was the one that made him crack.

He felt a presence next to him and he fixed his stubborn gaze from Shiro to Keith.

Lance was getting ready to argue with Keith when the red paladin turned from Lance to Shiro and said, “Lance is right, Shiro.”

Lance blinked confusedly as Keith continued on, “You don’t listen to him at all. Remember the Blade of Marmora? You didn’t listen to Lance, and I nearly got myself killed. Granted, I wanted to go but… the point still stands.” Keith crossed his arms as he finished his argument.

Lance felt a warm hand on his shoulder as he looked to see Hunk sending him an appreciative look before agreeing with the fire and ice paladins.

One by one, everyone from the Team Voltron stood behind or near Lance and agreed with him.


Shiro looked up from the linoleum tiles, seemingly ready to get criticized once more.

“What do you say?”

Shiro closed his eyes as he took in a deep breath before opening them once more and looking around the small group of people. “…and all of you feel this way?”

There was a small murmur of agreement and short little nods.

Shiro sighed, “You’re right Lance. I wasn’t thinking about anyone else but my own beliefs and bias.”

He turned to the two alteans to his left.

“I’m sorry for not consulting you on matters I know you would have more knowledge on. I…I tried to think that just because I lead Voltron I know everything but…not really.”

Shiro continued on down the line of paladins.

“Lastly, Lance…I’m sorry. You were right and….I was ignoring you. Thank you for pointing this out to me and…I know it was probably hard but…I’m proud of you.”

About two weeks later Shiro went to the Black Lion and asked if she would be willing to pick a backup to pilot her in case something happened to Shiro.

She said yes so, all the paladins (+Allura and Coran) would stand in front of her and allow her large, wisdom filled eyes to scrutinize them.

When Lance stepped in front of her he felt as though every crevice in his mind and soul was being checked and scrutinized. Before long, the Black Lion’s eyes started to glow.

She did it. She found her back-up paladin.


Hunk’s and Pidge’s cheers could be heard in the background as they whooped and hollered at Lance.

Lance felt waves of pride crash over him, before feelings of anxiety and guilt replace them.

But what about Blue?

Lance looked to the Alteans, knowing that the other paladins wouldn’t be able to fill out his spot without creating a new spot in Voltron needed to be filled. He played with the idea of Blue Paladin Allura, and while she could certainly fill out the spot with ease, he knows that she’s the pilot of the castleship, and if her was honest, that was a lot harder to replace than the pilots of Voltron.

Before announcing his decision he used his connection to the Blue Lion to ask her about if that was okay or not. She said it was fine so long as it wasn’t permanent and she could have Lance back. Lance smiled, Don’t worry my lady, you’re my one and only. He told her before turning to the alteans.


“Yes, Lance?”

Will you be the back up Blue Paladin?

Starved pt 4

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Chapter Notes: I’m so sorry for the delay on this one! As you might imagine, this chapter had a bit riding on it, emotionally speaking, and I wanted to be sure I got it right. Big thanks to @thuriweaver for helping me out and providing a critical sounding board each time I wrote myself into a corner! 

CW: Negative self-talk, self-loathing, anxiety, panic, nightmares, misunderstandings, cursing

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It was early the next evening before Virgil could bring himself to face the other sides again. 

That night had been easily one of the most miserable of his life. After taking apart the doll and stealthily returning the pilfered articles of clothing, he’d retreated to his room and locked his door, then crawled into his bed. As he’d feared, it felt huge and far too empty, and he found himself shivering, unaccountably cold. He realized he’d gotten used to having the warmth of the heating pad cradled to his chest as he embraced the pillow. 

He briefly considered recommissioning the heating pad by itself, but quickly dismissed the idea. It…hurt, somehow: the thought of using part of the doll only. It was stupid, he knew it was stupid, but he found himself almost mourning the thing, like it’d been a friend or something, and he couldn’t bear to think about trying to create a substitute. 

Besides which, he shouldn’t need one. He should never have needed the doll in the first place. It was that kind of weakness that made the others hate him so much, and if he ever wanted to be someone they could respect (or at least someone they didn’t despise), he needed to stop being so pathetic. 

So he’d huddled up in bed, shivering under the layers of blankets he’d piled on instead, trying not to give in to the fear that was creeping around the edges of his thoughts. 

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Hot For Teacher [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Character: Rick Grimes

Word Count: 4,022

Prompt/Summary: High School/University AU 

Warnings: Smut, Language, Dirty Talk, Taboo Relationship, Unprotected Sex

Note: I’m baaacccckkkk! Sorry, it took me so long to start writing again, this pesky thing called real life kept getting in the way. Anyway, here is some STRAIGHT UP FILTH for @such-a-common-girl ‘s 1K Writing Challenge. Congrats Ana! No one deserves 1K more than you, girl! Enjoy!

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Two birds of a feather

When Allura and Allana were born, Alfor couldn’t have been happier than he was right then. His two precious and beautiful daughters; twins. When Allana was placed in his arms, he didn’t want to let go, he wanted to protect her and her sister from everything and everyone. And through the years he didn’t pull any stops to shower them in them most beautiful dresses and whatever toys they desired.

But as the years went on, it was very obvious that while they looked exactly alike; they were two very different people. While Allura enjoyed the dresses and playing dress up with their mothers jewelry and makeup, Allana was much more interested in the guards and the other paladins. She would choose to wear the usual training uniforms rather than the vibrant gowns, she would ask all sorts of questions about the battles that Zarkon and the other paladins have been on, enraptured by their tales.

But the most worrying thing, or the most worrying thing to the lords and dukes and elders, was that Allana didn’t enjoy being called a princess. It was fairly obvious to Alfor and his wife what it all meant; Allana saw herself as a boy, not a girl. It happens all the time with the people of Altea, many of them see themselves as the other gender and will make that change to feel comfortable in their own body. It was completely normal….to commoners. But when it comes to royalty, many of the elders and higher class expect those of the royal line to be perfect from birth; and any change to that is implying that they are wrong and flawed. And in some cases, from what he’s read, they even go as far as to make such children of the royal family be disowned and cast out from their home.

It’s a messed up way of thinking, Alfor knows this, but he also knows that changing their way of view will be a battle that could wage on for a decafeeb before making any headway on the subject. He still supports his daughter in little ways; ways that won’t out his child to the stern views of their peers.

He gets her fencing lessons and lets her join the guards training sessions as well as some of their guarding posts. He encourages her to ask Zarkon and trigel any questions she has. He’s even taken her on a few rides in Red when she’s depressed at not being able to be who she wants to be.

But her number one supporter is Allura, who always asked Allana to be the knight in shining armor when ever she wanted to play pretend, who would cheer her sister on when ever she was training against the bots. Who would whisper how proud she was of her for trying her best to be herself. Both of them know that if it got out to the elders and the other dukes and lords that Allana saw herself as a boy, it would be disastrous and that they could be forced to be separated. So Allana put up with all of the lessons on how to be a ‘proper’ princess, she would wear the gowns that everyone expected her to wear to balls and important diplomatic meetings. She would hold back he rflinches and cringes whenever anyone would call her princess. She did what was expected of her, at least the bare minimum of it all.

Her favorite times though was when she hanged out with her sister in the middle of the night, hiding under draped sheets between their beds and every pillow covering the floor. It was when Allura would use male pronouns only between them that would make Allana smile, when she would suggest all sorts of different names for her to go by if they lived in that perfect world. It was when Allura didn’t hold back whenever they trained in the middle of the night to help Allana get rid of her frustrations.

But she also loved being able to visit Zarkon and Honerva, or any of the other paladins on their home planets. Because there weren’t high elders or high officials of the Altean courts there, when she went to diabazall and the Dalterion Belt, or to Nalquod, the paladins would use Allana’s preferred pronouns, they would respect her as she had always wanted to be.

When Zarkon had betrayed voltron; he had also betrayed Allana. She had always looked up to him, always wanted to be like him and be able to fight along side him and the other paladins. But when Alfor had asked Blaytz to take Allana as far away from Zarkon as he could, to be separated from her twin and closest friend to have a slim chance of escaping Zarkon, it was the worst feeling in the world. And when Blaytz had guided Allana to the emergency cyropod inside of blue, she knew that he wouldn’t come back, but she followed him anyways. Hoping to find some relief from the pain of betrayal and grief for her people, her family, her sister. And when that cold darkness slipped into her mind, she eagerly followed it into her dreams.

• • • • • • • • • • •

She doesn’t know how long she had stayed in the Blue lion, sleeping through dream after dream until there were no more dreams to fill her mind, good or bad ones.

When she had finally awoken, Allana stumbled out of pod into the dark mid-carriage of the metallic beast. All of the heartache and the memories flooding back into the forefront of her mind. She couldn’t bare to be there any longer, running out of the lion and following the only glimmer of light to be seen in the pitch black cave. She staggered out of the cave to a desert, barren of anything living. So Allana did the only thing she knew, she walked. For days and nights, she walked through the desert until she had finally come upon a town. She quickly shifted herself to look like the being that inhabited the planet. She would have never guessed that two people would have seen her do this; nor would she have guessed that they would offer her to come live with them and their children.

As the years went by, Allana learned all she could about Earth and its cultures and history, sad to see that some of their history mimics the Galra’s. But she could never hate the McClains, they took her and immediately told her that they knew she was alien, and that they didn’t care if she came from some other planet. They have her that same feeling of home that her sister and father did.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

“Auntie 'lana?”

Allana whips around to see Fernando, the young son of her adoptive brother standing in the door way of the bathroom, looking at her as she tries to wrap the bandages around her chest. Fear races up her spine as the memories of being found out by anyone bulldoze through her mind. She didn’t realize she was crying or that she had crumbled to the floor until she felt Fernando hugging her, calling out for mama and papa. By the time they got to the bathroom, Allana was sobbing into her cousins shoulder, holding him close as if it was the last time she would ever see him (because it was, she would be thrown out and disowned and she’ll never get to hold him again.) all the while little Fernando murmurs that everything was going to be okay. (But it wasn’t! Can’t he see that?! She’s going to be cut off and forced to be on her own all over again!)

“Allana? What’s wrong sweetie? Are you hurt?”

“I-I-I-I’m sorry!”

“Allana, you have to tell us what’s wrong, you’re not in trouble, please just tell us.”

Shaking form head to toe, she shows her bonded chest to them, hearing the gasps from them only making her tears come down even harder.

“Allana, oh sweetie….”


She can’t help but curl in on herself, only to be lifted out of that position from her surrogate father.

“YOU’VE BEEN BINDING WITH ACE BANDAGES?!?! Don’t you know how DANGEROUS that is for your body?! This could have permanent damage to your ribs!” Allana can only owlishly blink at him as he starts to grumble about all of the negative effects as he unwinds the bandages from her chest.

“You’re…you’re not made that I see myself as a boy?” She whispers, afraid that if she spoke too loud some unseen elder will come down on her and tear her away from this family.

“of course not, we love you for you, and if you see yourself as a boy then you’re a boy, and we’ll support you.”

Fernando pops up from beside her and proudly states “I know! Papa said that those kinds of people are called trans-transgendered! Right?” Papa pats his grandchild on the head. “That’s right Fernando, and it’s perfectly fine if you are, I just wished you had told us before you started using these!” He shakes the bandages around in his fist “we could have gotten you a binder and look into getting you men’s clothing.”

Allana’s tears still flow, only this time it’s from relief and happiness. She-no, he- he didn’t know what to say, completely taken aback by how supportive they are. Fernando collides into him and hugs him as tight as he can. “And the best part is that you get to give yourself a new name! How about Patrick! Or Megatron!” Allana lets out a water laugh at her cousins choices of names, recalling all the late nights Allura and he would stay up and list off names. One name comes to mind as he looks to his new family, so welcoming of his true self.

“How about Lance.”

Goddess of the Underworld (Part 1)

Summary: Greek mythology!AU. James Barnes is the most feared man of the world. Mortals know him as Hades, God of the Underworld. You are a goddess yourself mortals call Persephone but you’re still scared of James. When Zeus and Demeter betroth you to Hades, you are furious. But you also can’t deny you’re drawn to the dark, attractive god. Maybe he’s not what he seems. What better person than you to look behind his facade, his wife.

A/N: Hey loves! I tagged everyone who voted for this story. Let me know if you want to be untagged and of course if you want to be put on the taglist. Also this first chapter is to introduce the twelve Olympian Gods, so you have an idea which of the Avengers is supposed to be which god of the Greek mythology. xoxo Debbie ♥

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes (Hades) x Reader (Persephone)

Warnings: None so far

Word Count: 1081


Part 1          Part 2 •••► coming soon! 

Gold. Gold and white polished marble was all around me. Today was my first time on Mount Olympus. I had a feeling about the home of the twelve most powerful gods would be pretentious, but this even outweighed my imagination. The great hall, where the councils were held, was enormous.

In the middle of the half circle stood the biggest and most pompous marble throne. Right next to the throne from our king of the gods, Zeus, was the one for his wife Hera. On each side of those two thrones were five smaller ones for the remaining gods. All of the twelve Olympians were currently sitting on their own rightful white polished marble throne.

The roof of the great hall was pillared, decorated with the symbols of the gods hewn in the white stone. The giant columns were embraced by hundreds of sky blue and golden flowers, making the whole hall shine heavenly and tempting. Floating in the air were thousands of lights in bulb shape, illuminating the hall, and casting slight shadows on each of our faces.

I was standing beside my mother, Maria, formally known as Demeter, who was talking quite animatedly with Athena beside her. I knew Athena all my life, which gave me the privilege to address her as Sharon. Due to respect we all spoke to one another with our godly titles and even more so at official congregations.

Like anticipated we were waiting for Zeus and Hera, our king and queen to appear for the meeting to begin. So far I still had no clue why I should attend this gathering in the first place. Some of the gods, like the twins Artemis and Apollo almost looked apologetically in my direction more than once. Others like Ares, Hermes and Dionysos sent me suggestive winks from time to time. Arrogant idiots!

I heard of their escapades, more times than I could count, and I clearly had no intention of being part of a single one. Not now, not in the future. My gaze wandered to Aphrodite and Hephaestus who had only eyes for the other. I was wondering if that was because of them being newly-weds or the fact Natasha was the goddess of love.

They were obviously happy in love and I caught myself wishing for someone to look at me with the same amount of devotion as Bruce looked at Natasha. My thoughts were interrupted when Tony and Pepper at last decided to show up. My father sent me an unnoticed smile before greeting everyone. Normally my father would hold a long speech and the fact he got straight to the point made me kind of nervous.

The more when he also sent me side glances over and over again. “The reason I asked you all to come, can simply be said with a single word. Hades.” To say my curiosity was awoken would be an understatement. I knew not much of Hades, brooding and dusky god of the dead and king of the underworld. On very rare occasions he would be invited on Mount Olympus, but his empire was the underworld and not the world above.

Only on very rare occasions Hades itself would show up on Mount Olympus, to take part at the meetings. The more I was paying attention to the next words my father spoke.

“We all know it’s nothing special or uncommon my dear brother stays secluded in the underworld. But now some worrying news got to me and my brother Poseidon’s attention.” Tony nodded at Steve, my uncle and god of the seas, who took it upon himself to continue.

“I spare you all the details, but the underworld is slowly falling apart. Hades lives more reclusive than ever. He ignores his duties of ruling the underworld and taking care of the souls. We came to the conclusion what Hades needs is a companion, someone who wakens his interest, helps him rule his empire and brings him back to live his life as the king he is. It is super important to make sure the balance of the worlds is ensured. We quickly came to the only solution. Hades has to get married.”

After this statement everyone started to speak loudly with his neighbor. The god of war, Thor, formally known as Ares was the loudest to be heard, with his loud booming voice.

“Who possibly would want to marry Hades willingly?” He said mocking. Zeus once again rise to speak. “Luckily we already found the perfect woman to become his wife. There couldn’t be someone more fitting. I’m proud to announce my lovely daughter Persephone will be marrying Hades.”

No way! I was shocked, unable to form words or even process what just happened. I could feel all eyes in the hall on me. I took a deep breath, to wake up from my surprised state.

“Are you kidding me right now?! No way I’m becoming the wife of Hades! Let alone my uncle!” I gritted out through my teeth, anger clearly evident in my hysteric voice.

“You know my brothers and I were created not made. You’re not blood related. It’s already decided. You will go right after this meeting. But you can’t let Hades know about our decision, he can never know about our arrangement. If he knew he would be grievously hurt in his pride. It has to be his free will to marry you. You need to make him fall in love with you. You understand?”

“But …” At my attempt to reason with my father his commanding voice, like I called it, came out.

“[Y/N]! I am your father! And I am your king! You will do as I say! When the meeting is over you will go to the underworld, you will make Hades fall in love with you and you will become his wife! End of the story!” He took a small dramatic pause.

“Do you even have an idea how important it is to remain the balance?! You are the most logical choice. As goddess of spring who breathes life into dead flowers and creates light, you’re ideal to bring some stability in the underworld. There can be no life without death and no death without life.”

I knew that what my father wants, my father gets. There would be absolutely no way I could change his mind now. Slowly but surely I had to get used to my new duty to protect the equilibrium of the worlds. I inevitably would have to make Hades fall in love with me.


PART 2 •••► coming soon!

Let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged. Love y’all! ♥


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Ten Years (Part 13 - End!)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,380 ( I mean…)

Warnings: language, fluff, excessive sweetness

A/N: I hope you guys love the fluff. Thanks for sticking with me, and for reading, and for all your sweet messages. <3

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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Part of me

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Prompt: Per tradition, you and your s/o get to open one gift of your choice on Christmas Eve.

Word Count: 1,372

Warnings: Mentions of sexy time, CHRISTMAS FLUFF, Fluff in general (I mean seriously, its like fluff galore) 

A/N: This is for @lovelynemesis R.A.T.C.T. writing challenge! I was going to post it on my other blog where I accepted it, but I wanna stay organized so it’s going here! If you want to be tagged in future posts let me know!  

Originally posted by magicalseasons

There were not many things during the year that could make you as excited as Christmas time. Everything about this time of year brought you such joy, The snow on the ground (Unless you were driving), the lights and trinkets that decorated various houses on streets and open roads, and the smells that distinguished December from the rest of the months on the calendar. 

A bonus that added to your excitement was the fact you got to spend another year with the love of your life during the time you enjoyed the most. To be able to spend time doing the things you loved, with the person you loved, filled your soul with such happiness and you owed it all to one man. You and your best friend, Bucky Barnes have been dating for five years now, and each year was always better than the last.  

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Perfect Strangers (Part 3): Nobody Said It Was Easy

Title:  Perfect Strangers (Part 3):  Nobody Said It Was Easy

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  Bucky Barnes is the consummate ladies man, a different girl every night, no lasting relationships. You are a painfully shy bookworm terrified of getting involved with someone for fear of getting hurt. When the two of you literally run into each other, sparks fly.

Sequel to Three’s Company

Master Post

Characters:  Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Steve Rogers

Word Count:  2996

Warnings: mild language

Author’s Notes: Thank you to @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan and @climbthatmooselikeatree for your invaluable help and contributions.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Summary: Modern Au. Reader needs some self defense and meets Ivar the trainer.

Length: Long

Warnings: NSFW, Swearing, ex-boyfriend situation, explicit, slight choking, detailed smut
Tagging the moonbeam crew: @synnersaint @inthenameofodin @squirrelacorngliterfarts @captainpoopweinersoldier @underthenorthstar @mizzvengenz6661 @whenimaunicorn @lordavanti @ivartheboneme @pagan-raider @rockyrascal @arkrimwitchout @heathen-army @cherrytrinkets @littlewolfieposts @lumpyqueen97 @wastelandsheep @ubberagnarssons @shondlenoodle @sylvia-wolfe-postlimit-blog @bluearchersstuff @ryderwinchester @ceridwenofwales @fandomers @holy-minseok @ivarsvalkyrie @lyra-stark99 @blonde-valkryie @alienskind @lollyfuckindagger @anniemar @brightlycoloredteacups @agonybcrn @vile-villian666 @loveabove @itharley @mrsmargera @skywalkingdixon @forvalhallaandodin @stitchattacks @rls905 @kelsh13 @tiyetiye @lttlcuddles  @princess-sweatpants @redheadedtrollop @dani-si @bloodyivar @nothingbuthappydays @dangerousvikings @buckyslocalfarmer @lupy22 @siren-kitten-his @kitkat1690 @ivartheheathen @burningsunshin3 @colexxcole @kathieycarrerarosshley @rachiieee @obsessive-submisive @bitchccraft @sconniebelle @skadithegoddess @bloodyivar @dangerousvikings

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Torn Apart (a langst minific)

hey guys, here’s a new minific! here’s the prompt for it and i love this idea so much you have no idea. hope you enjoy!

The mind meld devices were a fickle thing.

Despite their constant use during training, they weren’t exactly safe. The devices had not been created with humans in mind, as Earth was unknown to Altea when they were initially made. Their purpose had only been for Alteans and their allies, so of course Allura and Coran were very careful with it. The effects the devices could have on humans were unpredictable; they could accidentally fry their brains if set to the wrong frequency or shutdown sections if the wrong button was pushed. They were necessary however, without them the bond between the Paladins would never become strong enough for Voltron. Thus causing this tug and pull relationship between the Alteans and the machines, never knowing how far was too far.

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for the record (chapter 1)

summary: Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie despise each other, it’s just too bad that they’re anonymously best pals on tumblr. This is gonna be good…

read on ao3

chapter 2

notes: i’m so excited to be writing my first chaptered fic! this fic is going to have four chapters, so if you would like to be tagged, send me an ask! huge thanks to Dee, my amazing beta! follow her @losvcr

also, if you have anything that you made that was inspired by the fic or have a review for it, (i would actually cry) tag it with #you’ve got mail eds!

7 Months Ago…

It was a well-known fact that Eddie Kaspbrak had always been anxious. It was in his nature, and his obsessive compulsive disorder absolutely did not help his case. Because of his upbringing, he was very tidy and frankly, a little high-strung. He liked to keep everything in order and was very precise.

Now, you can imagine how a person of his nature would react when a loud and boisterous record shop moved in next door to his picturesque plant nursery.

To give you a hint, it was not pleasant.

If they don’t turn down that music in five seconds, someone’s face is going to get kicked to the back of their skull.

Making up his mind, Eddie quickly spritzed his bonsai trees with some water before he stormed out the shop door, heading into the god forsaken vinyl shop where he was prepared to beg for a little peace and quiet.

Eddie had never really taken a good look at For The Record before that moment, and he took a moment to make his critiques.

It was a rather small shop, but what it lacked in color, it made up in copious amounts of vibrant decor. The walls were filled to the brim with random vintage artifacts and every shelf had a bizarre knick-knack to accompany the vinyls. The shop had no color scheme and the only thing that was semi-organized were the records themselves, sorted into genres. Eddie made note of the abundant Classic Rock section. In short, the record shop made Eddie’s hands twitch.

After Eddie finished his observations, he immediately went to the counter, where an unusually tall, messy-haired boy sat reading a magazine. Once again, Eddie noticed that a peculiar novelty was at the register (an arrangement of red balloons).

The cashier had a full head of dark curls and sharp cheekbones. As he flipped through the magazine, the boy bit at his lip. He is really cute. Eddie thought this absentmindedly as he made his way to the counter, where he stood in front of the boy with his hand on his hip until the cashier looked up. When the boy saw Eddie, he looked slightly stumped for a second until he regained his composure.

“Hey there, gorgeous, what can I do for you on this lovely afternoon?” The cashier quipped with a poorly executed southern accent.

Eddies cheeks burned at the nickname as he spat, “Your music that you’re playing outside is way too loud. I can barely hear myself think inside the shop.”

“And wouldn’t that be a shame.” The boy said as he rested his head in his hands. Then, he sprung upright as he snapped his fingers. “Hey, hey, hey! You’re Eddie, the owner of that flower shop that’s next door, aren’t you? I’m Richie Tozier, proud owner of For The Record, at your service,” He finished with a salute.

Maybe what Eddie said next was a little harsh, but in his defense, the thirteen year old customer he previously had to deal with that day had put him in a mood. And he was hungry.

“Hold up. First of all, it’s a plant nursery not a flower shop! Second, maybe if you turned your god damn music down, you would have the brain cells to notice that.”

Richie’s grin dropped off of his face. “Dude, listen. I didn’t mean to upset you, but you’re being a total dick right now.”

Excuse you?

I’m being the dick? Just turn down your fucking music, okay? I don’t have time to deal with this shit right now.” Eddie complained with a huff. Eddie noticed that after he said that, Richie’s playful demeanor was completely gone.

Ok, maybe that was pretty harsh.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to get your lace panties in a twist, princess.” Richie said with a cold smirk.

Oh, fuck him.

That was the last straw, and Eddie stormed out of the obnoxious vinyl store. He was not about to deal with some homophobic jackass who was so worried about his fragile masculinity, that he had to insult the obviously gay guy by calling him a princess.

Once Eddie was back in the nursery, he frantically started to clean the already pristine counter and once it was absolutely spotless, he began to scrub at his hands in the sink behind the counter.

He heard the music next door go so loud he could feel the bass vibrating the floor in Eddie’s nursery.

Fuck. Him.

Now, 7 months later…

Eddie was on tumblr, looking at some cute outfit ideas, when he received a tumblr notification from from trashymouthrt. Eddie grinned as he clicked on the notification and was brought to trashymouthrt‘s latest private message to Eddie



alright hear me out: pizza flavored beer

it would be a hit, right?

Eddie chuckled to himself as he typed out his reply.


that sounds disgusting

The reply from trashymouthrt was instantaneous.


or insanely good


i think you’re insane


love you too hun

i kinda wish i knew your actual name

and your face

and you irl

Dread began to curl in Eddie’s stomach.


but it takes away the anonymity!!!


you’re the worst.


i know <3

if it makes u feel any better, i kinda want to know you irl too


maybe our fates will collide someday and we’ll meet somewhere unexpectedly and i would automatically know it was you because i just know your aura so well


you’re a nerd.


shut up

oh shit i gtg see ya later sunshine


bye trash mouth

Eddie got off of his computer with a sigh. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to meet trash mouth, one of his few good friends, but there were way too many risks, and he didn’t want to ruin one of the few good things about his day, especially when Richie Tozier was constantly around and pissing him off.

All of a sudden, he heard the bell above the door ring and someone yelp.

Speak of the devil.

Richie Tozier skidded around the pastel blue shelf of lavender and rosemary, and came to a stop in front of Eddie.

“What the hell do you want, Tozier?” Eddie asked, arms crossed.

“Did you fucking take my sign?” Richie questioned as he looked down at Eddie, which made him feel smaller than his 5’4 self already was. “No, why the hell would I take your sign?!” Eddie retorted.

“Because you harbor a deep, burning hatred for me?”

“Well, you have a point.” Eddie pretended to ponder, “But, I swear on my life, I didn’t take your sign. Everything you have as decor in your shop is ugly, so why would I want anything with your stamp of approval?”

“Maybe so you can spruce up your fairy den with my excellent taste?”

“My nursery is not a fairy den!” Eddie faltered a little as he took a look around his shop, second guessing the pastel colors and fairy lights that hung from the ceiling.

Richie raised an eyebrow.

“Just get the hell out, Tozier!”

“I always savor these moments we have together, Eddie Bear.” Richie remarked while walking out.

Eddie chucked his pink pen at his back, and decided to reevaluate his life choices.

At least trashymouthrt brought him some peace in all of this chaos.

read chapter 2

you’ve got mail eds! masterpost

wowowow chapter one is done! let me know if you want to be tagged! 

Wedding in Hawaii || Part 2

hi. well i must say that part 1 went down pretty well, you all seemed to love it which makes me extremely happy! currently i’m working on part 3 and considering that harry styles just rocked up to the airport in a pair of glasses and a shirt that says “women are smarter” i am going to have to write about that too so get seated loves! i hope you’s will enjoy part 2, it’s really really fluffy and you will cry if you are sensitive. even if you aren’t you will shed a tear or two bc harry’s amazing. ok i shall stop rambling. hope you’s enjoy, don’t forget to like and follow and i think there’s an option to turn on my post notifications as well so if you don’t wanna miss out on cute harry stuff i suggest you turn it on 😘 lotta love, xoxo -b

Part 1 •  Part 3

It was around 12 pm when Harry and I finished our time in the gym that Harry desperately wanted to visit. He said it tends to help with his hangover and I knew about that because he’s done it before, I just didn’t think it helps. For me at least.

Once we got back from our work out session we both showered then got into something comfy to go and hang out in with the others.

Harry was wearing blue shorts with a grey shirt that had an eagle on the front, white sunglasses and a yellow snapback.

I think it was safe to say that he looked stunning. Gorgeous. Absolutely breath-taking. Beautiful.

You get the gist.

While he was literally shining I was looking like trash next to him but I didn’t mind because his beauty was enough for me too.

“I lost count on how many times I’ve caught you staring at me just since we got back from the gym,” Harry told me as he laughed.

We were sitting on the grass because we liked to make a show of ourselves in front of other people. It was chill as we were both having a glass of champagne, not minding one bit that we just got over our hangovers.

That’s how you roll when you’re a wedding guest, right?

“Can you blame me?” I asked him as I brought my glass up to my mouth and took a sip of my cold and bubbly drink. It felt good as it slid down my throat into my stomach, the coolness of it giving me a refreshing feeling for a little while. “You’re quite possibly the prettiest human being here.”

“You compliment me too much. It should be the other way round,” he shook his head which I saw from the corner of my eye. “Sometimes I feel like our roles are reversed.”


“Don’t know,” he shrugged. Wow, thanks for helping me. “I just do. But I don’t mind. It feels good to have someone like you beside me. Giving me compliments when I feel down and stuff, always making sure I’m grounded. I’m glad to have you.”

“You’re gonna make me cry, stop,” I laughed. As the words left his lips I just suck all of them in which totally messed with my emotions. He just had his own way of making me feel all these things and I will never be able to explain just what he does to me. “You deserve it all, honestly.”

“How much do you wanna bet that you’ll be the one to get down on one knee?”

“I’ll be getting down on two tonight,” I blurted out which caused him to just look at me with a smirk on his lovely features.

“Y’know what I meant you cheeky girl,” he squeezed my thigh, his hand eventually going more and more up. “I swear you got more confident ever since we got together.”

“Ever Since New York.”


“Your song, silly boy.”

“Still don’t know what you’re saying.”

“You said I got more confident ever since we got together. But those are not the lyrics to your song.”

“Oh,” he said. “Oh my godness, baby, really?”

“I’m a proud girlfriend. Did you know that by the way? I’m proud of you. Like, super-duper proud.”

“Thank you,” he smiled and leaned closer, his lips touching mine in a sweet, champagne flavoured kiss.

A small moan escaped from me as he massaged his soft and tender lips against mine, his tongue slightly tracing over my upper lip causing me to open my mouth. Soon enough our tongues were slapping together and tasting each other, the familiar taste of the champagne rolling off of his sweet lips and tongue made my head spin and body shake. 

Our kiss started off totally innocent then ended up quite heated. But I loved it. Every time Harry and I kissed I just fell in love with him more and more.

The heated moment was interrupted when a ball was thrown our way, our lips parting ways quickly with a smacking noise. My cheeks were turning slightly pink as I licked my lips and turned my head where Harry was looking.

“Harry, play with me!” the little girl asked him, well, more like demanded then soon enough she ran away.

She was basically in love with Harry. Her name was Lily one of the men’s daughters, only 5 years old if I remember correctly. She was the cutest little girl I have seen in a long time; her neediness for Harry’s attention reminded me a bit of myself.

I looked back to Harry who was laughing as he was already staring at me with his eyes, licking his lips which caught my attention straight away.

His lips were pink, shiny and kissable. Whenever he would talk I’d sometimes just zone out and admire his mouth, the way he forms each word is just absolutely mesmerising to me.

Well, everything he does is mesmerising to me.

“Guess I better go and play,” he laughed before pecking my lips softly. I put my hand on the side of his neck, biting into my lower lip as I scanned over his face not missing one bit before seeing his little side smirk appear alongside his dimples. “You’re literally obsessed with me, aren’t you, pretty girl?”

“I just love you. I’m in love with you. Badly,” I told him what he probably already knew. Wow I loved him so much I would jump off a cliff for him if it meant he’ll be happy for the rest of his life and nothing bad will happen to him.

“I love you so much,” he said as he pressed a kiss to my forehead then got up to play with Lily.

And if I wasn’t an emotional mess before than I sure as hell turned into one the moment they started to play.

Harry had his phone in one hand while his champagne glass was in the other one and Lily was just chasing after him as he jogged in front of her. Their laughter added to the vibe of the people who were already talking and it made the atmosphere livelier and more welcoming to those who only just got to where we were.

Moments later Harry gave me his phone as he continued to play with the little girl. When he bopped her nose and she laughed then he joined in as well my whole heart melted like a big block of butter in the hot weather and I couldn’t stop the semi-loud “aw” rushing out of my mouth.

That was honestly the cutest fucking thing ever.

Lily was so small and Harry was so tall and gorgeous and the way he just messed around with the little girl was so adorable and all I wanted to do was get pregnant and give him a baby. I know I sound crazy but honestly.

He was so damn adorable I wanted to cry in happiness. He was just the man of my dreams. No, wait, scratch that.

Harry was better than any man in any of my dreams ever. Harry was something else.

He was better than anyone I have ever met, he raised my expectations and standards to an unhealthily high bar and I almost felt stuck up for it.

I loved him so much it was quite pathetic and indescribable; he made me so happy I sometimes wondered what my life was like before I got to know him.

“What are you thinking, pretty girl?” his voice was so close to me I almost jumped out of my skin. I wasn’t expecting him to be next to me but I guess my thoughts totally drowned me.

“Nothing much,” I answered finally as I looked up to him.

“Alright, if you say so,” he sat back down next to me, pushing his sunglasses up so that they were resting on his head on top of his snapback. “We have a dinner to attend tonight. Would you do me the honours of being my date for it?”

“I would absolutely love that,” I told him smiling which he returned. “You get tanned so easily I’ll have to get my game on.”

“You’re so fucking competitive,” he shook his head laughing.

“I am. Do you have a problem with that?” I asked back sassily.

“No just know that I will not let you win. I will be tanner than you are by the time we are going home.”

“Is that what you think?” I raised one of my eyebrows, challenging him. “Fifty quid when we get home?” I put my hand out, knowing full well he’s gonna have to pay.

We’ve done this before when we were in LA and I was twenty quid richer when we got back home. I had to raise the bar by thirty to make some profit.

“Alrighty, miss,” he took my hand and shook it. “Fifty quid right as we land at Heathrow.”

I winked at him, lifting up my new glass of champagne and taking a sip. I can’t wait to spend that fifty quid on shit that I don’t even need.

Movie Scene(Christian Yu x Reader x Loco AMBW Smut)

Soooo once again she trying to deny daddy Yu  so why not fuck her up with two great guys?  As well as the rest of you lmfao yes come thru and tell me what you think about this @silhouetted-beauty just give in, it will only get worse.

Steam arose off the white surface as your hand ghosted over the plate, turning on the silver faucet on the sink making sure to rinse the dish off with cold water. Moving to sit it down in the dish rack your eyes skimmed the area beside you to make sure that all the dishes were clean and resting with the one you had just finished. Sweat started to drip down from your forehead and your cheeks onto your chest causing your brown skin to glisten under the bright kitchen light. The black tank top that you had on clung to your body, a bit disheveled and rising up in the front from where you had been pressed against the sink trying to clean off the dishes. Your pink shorts were also crumpled lightly, parts of your ass cheeks were on display as you paced side to side letting the water drain from the sink. In a matter of seconds your vision was blurred and suddenly black from the black gloves that rested against your eyes, the material making your skin heat up more than what it already was. You moved to grab at the hands that were trying to obstruct a view, a small yelp leaving your lips.

“Shhh, just let it happen.” A deep voice muttered against your ear sending chills up your spine, your body shuddered lightly as you nodded your head. “Good girl.” The voice complimented and you couldn’t see it but you could bet whoever said it was more than getting a kick out of this. One of his hands moved down from your eyes to your neck, cupping your jaw as the other hand secured around your eyes, he moved his hand to your breast groping them individually playing with your mounds causing your breath to hitch slightly.

“H-hey.” You called out in warning and he laughed, his hand sliding lower.

“Couldn’t help myself, you have a great pair.” The male complimented as his hand dipped down to cup your sex. Your legs squeezed tightly around his hand and that didn’t do anything but allow him to cup you harder, his palm moving back and forth grinding against your heat. Your legs trembled lightly as you stifled a soft moan from your lips, your head rolling back against the shoulder of the male who remained unnamed at the moment. “Does it feel good?” He asked you, but you didn’t answer, the only indication to his answer was a subtle roll of your hips as you took deep breaths.

“I think she likes it. I think she likes it a lot.” Another voice called out, you couldn’t see what the male was doing, but he was bringing his camera closer to you, recording every moment that was happening. He felt proud of himself for thinking of such things and he knew that you were loving this just as much. He couldn’t wait to see what you had to say when everything was over. Christian watched as Loco played with you, letting his hand continue to tease your clothed pussy, his bulge started to appear, pressing against your ass and the sight alone had Christian biting the inside of his cheek to stifle his own groan feeling his pants get hard at the sight. Looking at Loco and waiting for the male to make eye contact he jerked his head backwards signaling for him to go towards the bedroom.

“I’m going to move my hand, but keep your eyes closed. And if you don’t obey. You won’t like me in a few minutes. Understood?” The voice asked you and though part of you wanted to rebel and look or maybe even run you decided against it, giving a nod of your head. Soon after, the hand was moved and you were hauled over someone’s shoulder, his hand slid up to slap at your plump ass cheeks causing it to sound off in the kitchen. You were carried for a while until your back was hitting your mattress the soft dark blue sheets meeting your heated skin. “Open your eyes.” The voice called out and you did as told, blinking to let your eyes adjust to the light you looked in front of you. Two men with ski masks on, but the area for their eyes and nose was completely cut out showing off their skin. One man had a large video camera up and pointing at you. Both were dressed in black, black sweaters and black baggy jeans. Your eyes shifted between the two before it settled on the man you assumed were carrying you.

“We are going to take off our masks. But you have to promise us you won’t scream.” The male stated moving closer to you as the one with the camera sat it down on your work desk that was directly in front of your bed, the large lens facing you.

“What do you want?” You asked softly, your nerves spiked up while you were alert and slightly embarrassed from the fact that you were wet and the fabric of your shorts were dampened.

“We just want to have some fun with you. And then we will be on our way. No reason to not cooperate, right?” The male asked you and a pout graced your visage as you titled your head.

“I don’t sleep around with just anyone, besides how do I know that you’re not containing anything?” You asked the male crossing one leg over the other.

“We could be asking you the same thing.” The male with the camera countered and you dropped your mouth open.

“Well that’s a fucking risk you take when barging into someone’s house!” You yelled at the male.

“Ma’am. No attitudes- hey look at me!” The first male addressed you gripping your chin roughly with your hand. When your eyes met his darker orbs, he reached into his back pocket with his free hand moving to pull out two slips of paper. “Do you want to see proof?” He asked softly throwing the pieces of paper down onto your bedside table. You rolled your eyes at how conveniently prepared they both seemed. Biting on your bottom lip you had to think for a second, it had been a while since you could even fuck around. Between the stupid ass job, you had and the loss of your partner due to work, you could say you felt you deserved this.  

“If you can convince me that I should give in, then I will let you do what you want. If not, then you can just get out.” You shrugged nonchalantly but deep in your gut you wished that they would both do good jobs.

“It didn’t take you long to get wet, I’m sure it won’t take me long to have you screaming my name.” He chuckled, hands sliding up to grip at the hems of the ski mask pulling it off and over his head, revealing the blonde hair to compliment his baby face. He looked good, damn good and the sight alone had you tightening your legs together. He moved to grip at his black sweater to pull it up and over his head. His body becoming revealed to your eyes that were greedily looking over him. You hummed in approval seeing the taught muscles that rested on his stomach. Counting the abs silently in your head but the view was cut short by him moving to crawl on the bed gripping at your right ankle pulling you towards the middle of the bed. He took off his black gloves one by one as he climbed on the bed to join you.

“Hyukwoo.” He mumbled as he leaned over you, your hands moved to grip at his shoulders nodding your head.

“Y/n.” You spoke your name softly.

“Y/n.” He called your name out letting it roll off his tongue slowly. He continued to look down at you, his gaze was full of heat and want. The way he inched his body downwards to press against yours, his forehead pressing against yours, he tilted his head kissing your lips gently. You immediately kissed back, your hands moving up to wrap around his neck, playing with the blonde locks of hair at his nape, your legs spreading wide to press against the mattress. He groaned softly, his hips pressing down against yours rolling his bulge against your clothed heat. The make-out turned hot and heavy between the two of you. His hands gripped at your hips pulling you against him, your hips clashed as you dry humped the wet spot in your spots becoming damp again and even worse as it soaked your panties. His hands moved back up your body, his hands sliding under your tank top to crawl up your skin. He gripped at your breast, only covered by a thin bra, his fingers tweaking at your nipples, a smirk on his lips as he pulled back.

“Take off your top and bra baby girl.” He slapped at your thigh, his fingers dragging lightly down your outside your thigh.

You leaned up, pressing your forehead against his and biting on his bottom lip before you pulled back to take off your shirt, throwing it behind you on the floor and next your bra followed revealing your plump chocolate mounds. Hyukwoo gripped at your breast, eyeing them as his thumbs brushed over your nipples. “It’s so cute that you only have one nipple pierced.” He teased leaning down.

“Shut up!” You moaned out, trying to talk shit but he was flicking his tongue against your nipples at quick motions. Soon he was sucking on your breast harshly letting one hand wrap around your waist, to keep your body close to him. He nibbled on your nipples, pulling on the jewelry with his teeth lightly he pulled back with a wet pop kissing down your body. His hand pushed down at your lower stomach causing you to lay back down against the bed keeping your legs spread for him. He gripped at your shorts and slid them down your legs until he was throwing them onto the floor by his feet. He pressed your legs down against the bed, moving to flick his tongue against your wet spot, up and down and in a circle causing you to moan. He nibbled and bit on your pussy gently through the fabric, your pussy was becoming drenched in the panties, your back arching off the bed as you tried to be patient with him toying with you but It was becoming hard. Your head wandered to turn looking over at the male who had his mask off as well. Curly brown hair against his forehead, he had a charming smile and big kissable pink lips.

As Hyukwoo discarded your panties like he did with your shorts the other male stood up and started to strip himself as well. He didn’t stop until every inch of him was uncovered, your eyes basked in the sight of his tattooed upper body. Walking over towards you he moved your body upwards so that your head was hanging off the side of the bed. He gripped at his shaft, pumping it above your head until the tip was leaking with precum. He bent his knees, smearing the precum on your lips before he gripped at your chin moving it so that your mouth was open.

“A tongue ring huh? I’m sure you’re good with that mouth then.” He called out to you as he slid himself into your mouth. He leaned over your body, his hands resting beside your stomach on each side. Your mouth stretched around his dick but you didn’t mind it at all. Your hands fisted the sheets as your tongue flicked from side to side on the underside of his shaft. The male started to grunt softly, rolling his hips forward to start face fucking you.

“That’s right Christian fuck her pretty little face good.” Loco leaned down to flick his wet tongue against your pussy, spreading you open with two fingers he started to swirl his tongue around your clit, playing with and teasing the bud before slipping it into his mouth. Your whole body was on fire, shaking and shuddering as you were face fucked and ate out against the bed. Your lower stomach clenched and it felt like there was a fire in your bones. You tried to whimper out, but it only caused you to choke around the thick girth in your mouth, spit starting to form in the corners of your mouth as Christian sped up his hips, groaning as he watched his cock disappear in your mouth over and over again the wet warm space making him feel his pleasure and it took on a new high with the fact that you had a tongue ring. His hands moved to grip at your breast slapping at them and playing with them, he held your mounds in his hands jiggling the flesh with his large palms. Hyukwoo moved to slid his tongue into your pussy, causing a moan to slip past your lips and vibrate around his shaft, Christian moved to slap at your clit as Hyukwoo ate you out letting his tongue swirl around the inside of your pussy, he moaned and flicked his tongue curving it and tasting every inch of you that he possibly could. While he devoured you, Christian changed the slaps on your wet bud to quick circles with his two fingers, your hips buck upwards, your hands moved to tangle into Hyukwoo’s hair pressing his face against your pussy as you rode it feeling closer to an orgasm. It didn’t help that Christian was adding to your pleasure, with your hips twitching and your pleasured spot being grazed by the pink tongue buried deep inside of you, it was only a matter of time before your juices were sliding out of your pussy creating a mess as you on Hyukwoo’s tongue, your eyes screwed shut and as you moaned more you kept choking around the shaft slamming inside of your mouth. But instead of stopping, Hyukwoo slid two fingers inside of you thrusting them quick and fast. He curved and straightened them out until you were cumming again this time squirting on his forearm and his chin as he pulled back to make come hither motions with his fingers moving his arm and fingers as fast as he could.

Christian pulled back, letting his shaft tap on your parted lips and then across your face until he was cumming giving you a facial. You let out a deep moan, your chest heaved as you tried to calm yourself, licking the cum off your face, or what you could, soon you were flipped over on your stomach. Hyukwoo placed you on your knees and you felt like you couldn’t go anymore halfway spent. He undressed himself the rest of the way, aligning his tip with your member he rubbed his length up and down your wet slit, causing your hips to roll back against his. You ground your pussy against his shaft coating it with your juices until he got done teasing, he gripped at your hips and slid into you slowly, burying himself to the hilt he moaned softly at how tight you were.

“Fuck, I just stretched you out. You got such a good pussy.” He mewled softly as he started to move his hips feeling you had adjusted enough for him. He surged his hips forward slowly each time burying himself as deep as he could and pulled back until only the tip was remaining. Christian came back towards you, gripping at your hair tightly he crashed his lips against yours moaning as he tasted himself on your tongue whilst sliding his tongue into your mouth. He sucked and flicked his wet muscle against yours, having a mini battle between your tongues before you gave up and let him dominate the kiss because your body was feeling too much. Your hands pressed down against the mattress to study yourself as Hyukwoo continued to fuck into you from behind using your hips to slam back onto his cock. He slowly picked up speed, his hands gripping you so hard you knew it would leave bruises on your body later and for some reason that excited you more. Christian pulled back from the kiss and moved to climb on the bed laying sideway so that he could suck and play with your breast targeting your piercing the most as he lay on his back.

Hyukwoo started to switch angles trying to find your spot once again so that he could have you seeing stars and moaning for him. He was addicted to the sweet sounds you made, how your back ached lightly and shuddered under their ministrations. You were a sight to see, so beautiful in his eyes your chocolate skin was glowing to him under the room light, your hair wild and puffed from the humidity but that only aided in the beauty of you. Once he found your spot, he continued to abuse it slamming his hips forward creating a light smacking sound against you as he rutted his hips forward. Christian moved to flick and nibble on your clit when he could, trying to help you reach one more orgasm for the both of them, he leaned up letting his tongue flatten and glide against your sex as your hips rolled back. Your pussy was squeezing around the shaft buried deep inside of you, rolling your head back you tried to moan out that you were close but your voice was failing you.

“You look so beautiful. Come on baby girl cum for us, wrap this pretty pussy tightly around my cock and give me everything you got. Be my fucking dirty slut and cum.” Hyukwoo used one hand to grip harshly at your hair tugging it backwards making your hips arch until it was painful while his hips slammed against yours, his balls smacking against your ass.

“Hyuk.. Hyukwoo!” You cried out as you came for them once again. Christian pulled away to watch your face contort in pleasure as you lost yourself, Hyukwoo circled his hips and ground himself forward feeling the walls tightly suck in his shaft and cause a wave of pleasure to slam into his body. It only took a few more thrusts for him to be cumming inside you as well riding out the both of your orgasms. He pulled out of you slowly and moved to lay you down on the bed with him, Christian turned off the camera with a goofy grin and crawled on the bed.

“What did you think baby?” He asked kissing your lips softly.

“That was a horrible version of porn.” You admitted rolling your eyes. “Stop letting Loco write scripts.” You huffed and he chuckled from behind you slapping your ass.

“That was good and you know it. Don’t act like you didn’t like it.” He grinned pulling you close.

“I’m never doing that again unless I am in charge of the script.” You rolled your eyes before shutting them.

“Anything for my princess.” Christian admitted stroking your hair as he watched you relax and drift off to sleep.