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No one dies au Headcanon that Sasuke called Minato “Mr. Naruto’s Dad” until he was like 10 and realized “HOLY SHIT NARUTO’S DAD IS THE HOKAGE” and he gets really embarrassed, and starts calling him “hokage-sama,” but Minato asks him to stop because he likes that there’s someone who knows him first and foremost as Naruto’s dad, and not the leader of one of the most powerful villages in existence


Loki and I searched out some super bright murals to take photos in front of while he was wearing his super bright rain/winter coat. Gawd. He goes from handsome to adorable in the span of two photos, I swear. Next photo outing I’m going to try to find more pastel walls. <3


where are the L I E S

oh, there you are

*I’m here to highlight the fact that the two boys who mainly rap (Woojin and Guanlin) got singing lines and were not excluded.*


UNSPKN part 6

Where Sans falls asleep…literally.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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these lovebirbs slay me


… I admit I got carried away… 

 I also have quite a number of requests before and after this ask! However, once I saw this message I got bombarded with cutesy feelings and had to write it all down. (~> o <)~   



“If I weren’t so sure you weren’t in love with me,” Annabeth grinned, holding up her monster-proof smartphone. “And I know Piper thinks you’re disgusting, I admit I’d be a little jealous.“

The loud click of the snapped picture woke Percy from his nap, but he was no longer groggy when he found himself snuggled into the cocoon of Piper’s arms. It was odd, really, but unsurprising. Percy always found himself huddled into some friend’s hug or the other. 

He pushed the snoring Piper off him and grimaced when he realised that they didn’t remove their knee pads. No wonder he couldn’t feel his legs. They were always too exhausted from their skateboarding.   

“Don’t post that,” Percy grimaced. “Jason’ll murder me.“ 

Annabeth cackled as she wiggled her fingers and the phone. “Too late.”


“Psst,” Percy yawned, exhausted from the intense training regime the Ares cabin planned for all the senior campers. “Scoot over.“ 

“What the hell, Jackson,” Clarisse growled. “Get your own fucking spot.“ 

“S’your fault I’m tired!” Percy complained. He used a toe to nudge Clarisse to the other side of the shade. “And the grass is everyone’s property." 

“Fuck off." 

In reply, Percy flopped down onto the grass beside Clarisse, snoring by the time he reached the ground. To her horror, she woke up a few minutes later with her nose buried into a messy mop of black hair. She never felt so scandalized in her life. Clarisse had never hugged Jackson—what more snuggled him.   

She ran from the spot in panic and decided never to sleep on the grass ever again.


Percy woke up sweating. 

It was apt to say that in the dingy fishing boat he, Frank and Leo were given to sail to some part of the Pacific, there was barely any room to move. He nudged the skinner boy in the ribs.

“Stop hugging me. Frank’s over there! He’s squishier.” Percy complained. “You’re too hot.”

“Thanks man,” Leo grinned groggily, snuggling closer to Percy. For fun, he even wrapped his legs around the older boy to mimic a koala. “But no thanks. You’re comfier. And you won’t turn into a tiger in your sleep.“

In annoyance, Percy flipped the boat over and decided he could always sleep on the ocean floor.


“What do you mean ‘Reyna, you have to sit on someone’s lap?’" 

“Whoa there Reyns,” Jason warned. “It’s just cause there’s not enough space in the SUV for all ten of us. You’re gonna have to sit on someone’s lap." 

“And why can’t someone sit on me?” She demanded. “Why can’t Piper? Or Annabeth? Or Hazel?" 

Percy pushed Reyna inside the car and pat her shoulder. “Cause Annabeth is in front, giving the directions, Hazel is sitting on Frank, and Jason wants you nowhere near his girlfriend." 

Percy squeezed into the SUV and shut the car closed, asked everyone if they’re alright, and finally plopped his bottom onto Reyna’s lap when they were all set. 

She was surprised at first, face hot when she realised she had a boy on her lap, but backtracked enthusiastically when she reckoned it was just Percy. He started snoring on top of her moments later, and although her thighs have fallen asleep and her legs were sweating, she wrapped her arms around his torso to keep him from falling off. With his head on her shoulder and his mouth shut and not spewing sarcasm all over the place, he was like a baby seal she wanted to coddle. Intensely.

Reyna realised that she preferred Percy Jackson asleep.


“Jason,” Nico grumbled, pouting as he poked the blond’s side with a toe. “Wake up. Percy’s shivering.”

“Hmm,” Jason snored, only fidgeting slightly. 

“Jaaaaason,” Nico whined. He knelt down beside Jason and began to shake him awake, but the muscle mass wouldn’t budge. Percy’s shivering was getting intense, and he wasn’t so sure what to do. The night wasn’t even that cool in their small tent and sleeping bags, but Percy’s teeth were chattering non-stop. What if he bit off his tongue? He’d have hell to pay if he didn’t do something about it now. “Wake up! Jason!“

When the blond didn’t stir, Nico, irked, crossed his arms and scooted over to Percy’s side. With pink cheeks, he shrugged off his leather jacket and put it on top of the other boy–and to add to the warmth, he settled in awkwardly behind Percy and wrapped skinny arms around him. A couple of years ago, Nico did dream of doing exactly what he was doing now, but at the present moment, he tried not to feel scandalized. And a whole lot embarrassed.

Thankfully, after a few moments of awkward spooning, Percy stopped shivering, and Nico got over his initial anxiety and fell asleep. The night passed.

Nico and Percy both woke up surprised early the next morning, sound and snug in Jason’s muscular arms.


“Annabeth,” Percy yawned against one of the doorframes of their apartment. He rubbed his eyes. “Come back to bed. I can’t sleep without you.”

Nodding absentmindedly, Annabeth continued to pencil down her ‘middle of the night’ ideas onto a sketchpad. 

“Wise girl,” Percy drawled. “I woke up cause you weren’t hugging me.“

“Hm,” Annabeth said, mind so focused—it must be the coffee—that her eyes didn’t fall on Percy until he was slumped and snoozing against the door. 

She scolded herself once she caught sight of him and hurriedly packed her stuff away. Annabeth bit her lip after kissing her sweet, darling boyfriend’s messy hair.

“Perce,” she said fondly, helping him up by hugging his torso. “Let’s go back to bed, okay?”

“Eh,” he replied groggily and leaned against her. 

They walked back to bed with Annabeth’s cheek against his broad back and her arms tight around him–unsurprisingly, that was also how they usually like to sleep.


As much as she wanted her son to have his freedom, Sally Jackson admitted that she wanted him home more often. 

Annabeth was in San Francisco over the short break, and for once, Percy opted not to follow her cross country and instead chose to spend time at home. It warmed Sally’s heart, and she admitted that she fussed over him a whole lot more than usual. 

Once the clock struck one-thirty and Sally’s eyes were too tired to focus on finishing another chapter of her upcoming novel, she removed her glasses and massaged the bridge of her nose. She walked out of the study and passed by the bedrooms, backtracking when she noticed that Percy’s door was open a smidge.

He never really did like to lock his door.

Walking silently inside the room, she sits on the chair in front of his empty desk and watched her son snore. She sighs, head tilted as she began to fondly recall all those years she had seen him grow. Already, it seemed like Percy was too big for his bed—it made her sad to think that Percy had become too big for anything she could give him.

Suddenly, he begins to squirm in his sleep, twisting and turning so violently that he kicks the Nemo stuffed toy off the foot of his bed. Quickly, Sally is by his bedside, fondly running her fingers through his hair while humming a lullaby that she has been singing more often than she liked. Her arms wrap around him to keep him from thrashing, and his breathing slows.

“Shhh,” she says, and he calms down, heaving as he blinks his eyes open.

“M-mom?” Percy asks in a haze. “Is that you?“

“It’s me, Percy,” she whispers, and she feels his grip tighten around her arms. “Go back to sleep.”

As he relaxes into his sheets, Sally twists to stand—however, she is stopped by a hand pulling at her wrist.

“Don’t go,” he says, and Sally feels a tear fall down her cheek. “Not yet. Wait till I’m asleep.”

“Okay,” she whispers, trying to keep her voice steady. Sally knew that nothing bothered Percy more than her crying. Which was very difficult to control.

She didn’t want to admit it, but this is something that she’s been missing for awhile now. No, the feeling was a million miles away from being jealous of Annabeth of all things, but she wanted to feel needed. Independent as he is… As famous and heroic Percy Jackson has become, Sally still wanted to be his mother: Someone irreplaceable, someone who was loved unconditionally as she unconditionally loved. This is the sign she needed. 

As she quietly sobs, she lays down beside her nineteen year-old Percy and wraps an arm around him. This is all she needs. 

“I missed you,“ Percy says, falling asleep. And Sally could only nod.

“Missed you too,” she manages weakly, smelling the sea as her son began to drool. “I missed you more than you can imagine.”

Perhaps Percy was too big for his bed—but he would never be too big for Sally’s arms. 

Not Your Cisco, My Cisco (Take 2)

A/N: I hope I didn’t rush this too much I just needed to write something where Cisco got the girl. It is really long doe. This is a continuation so read dis one first.

Warnings: I think none. Be proud of me for not cursing.

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Colin Morgan - Testament of Youth premiere (October 14, 2014)

Big Brother!Might AU anyone?
  • All Might, Aizawa, and Present Mic, fucking around, being dorks.
  • Between All Might’s big, hulking form, Aizawa’s death glare and general moodiness, Present Mic’s decidedly very punk-ish fashion sense, and the very fact that they’re teenagers, they would be downright fucking terrifying
  • Except they have three-year-old Izuku toddling after them, with his big sparkly eyes and his grabby hands and his toothy smile, screaming “Toshi-nii! Toshi-nii!!”
  • All Might scaring bullies away from his precious baby brother
  • All Might holding his wailing little brother as he cries and cries and cries after finding out he’s quirkless
  • All Might graduating UA at the top of his class, beaming and proud and five-year-old Izuku dashes on stage and tackles him in a hug as he finishes his valedictorian speech
  • Exasperated single dad Gran Torino is watching from the crowd, rolling his eyes and watching his sons with a fond smile on his face. His eyes are misty afterwards when he hugs All Might and says, “Your mother would be proud.”
  • All Might almost dies in his fight against All for One because he’s protecting 11-year-old Izuku, who’s injured and can’t run away
  • All Might manages to kill All for One, but as Izuku runs to his big brother, crying over him and begging him not to die, he manages to get some of All for One’s blood in his own wounds and unwittingly inherits his quirk.
  • the first time Izuku accidentally “grabs” his father’s quirk, he runs himself into a wall. The tears afterwards as he sobs in his big brother’s embrace have less to do with the pain in his head where he collided with the wall, and more to do with his wails of “I DON’T WANT TO BE A BAD GUY!”
  • All Might holding his baby brother all night long, and reassuring him as many times as he needs to that just because he has All for One now doesn’t mean he’s evil.
  • All Might helping his little brother learn to control his new quirk
  • All Might taking Izuku as his sidekick after he graduates UA
  • All Might choosing Izuku as his successor when he finally retires.
  • Izuku retires without choosing a successor for either of his quirks. Because in the first place they both existed to balance each other out, to keep each other in check. Now with One for All and All for One finally together, they can disappear from this world.