proud of boston


OK! This has been a long time coming but i finally got the photos back from the photographer. This is my finished Holly Blue Agate cosplay that i wore to Queen City Kamikaze Con and Anime Boston. I also want to thank the judges at QCK for my wonderful craftsmanship award, the diamonds would be so proud :’)

Just wanted to say thanks...

First to my boys, you had a great season and I love you and am so proud of you babies.

Second to hockey Tumblr, I’ve always been a huge Bruins fan and when I decided to start this blog this season I was really nervous, but I was accepted with open arms and I really hope I can continue to make some great friends.

Third to Pasta, just cause.

Anyway… When’s October?



  1. Javier Fernandez (ESP) - 314.93 Points.
  2. Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) - 295.17 Points.
  3. Boyang Jin (CHN) - 270.99 Points.
  4. Mikhail Kolyada (RUS) - 267.97 Points.
  5. Patrick Chan (CAN) - 266.75 Points.
  6. Adam Rippon (USA) - 264.44 Points.
  7. Shoma Uno (JPN) - 264.25 Points.
  8. Max Aaron (USA) - 254.14 Points.
  9. Michal Brezina (CZE) - 237.99 Points.
  10. Grant Hochtein (USA) - 237.25 Ponts