proud minion


It’s been a long, long way to 1 million subscribers, and today it finally happened! @lordminion congratulations on the one million subscribers!
You deserve this, after everything you’ve been through, you’ve come this far, and we -The Minion Army- are proud of you!
No matter how many haters you have, no matter what bad anyone says, we will always support you, always be by your side and always stand beside you.

The Minion Army shall grow! And it’ll be one happy family!

Wade, the road to one million was long but it was worth every laugh, every tear and every new clean pair of underwear.

I’m proud of you.
The Minion Army is proud of you.
Be proud of yourself.

Thank you for all the laughter you’ve brought and are gonna bring. You’ve helped me and many others go through hard times, you’ve made us laugh, you’ve made us cry, but it won’t stop here!
You’ve inspired us, encouraged us and helped us. And we can’t ever pay you back for that.

Wade, thank you so much.

All the love from the Netherlands 💋