proud mentor

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Shimada Makoto and all he has done for our precious shared son, Yamaguchi?

So, the man takes time out of his busy schedule to mentor this shy little fifteen year old with confidence issues and help him with his volleyball technique. Now, that’s extraordinarily nice of him to begin with but this sweetie doesn’t stop there, oh no! He then comes to cheer at all the matches when there’s never any real family present. I mean, Yams has got so much more confident and independent over the course of the series and, being honest, so much of that can be traced back to Shimada’s constant support and his believing in Yamaguchi’s abilities before anyone else, even Yams’s best friend Tsukki, could even see those abilities were there. 

Just look at him, look at that proud mentor! He knows exactly what’s got Yams stuck when he’s about to serve and how to solve it, so he sprints round the court like his life depends on it and just awww.

What a nice man, bless him!

jason likes braiding kori’s hair just because it’s soothing to them both, and anything that helps jay unwind is something that kori and roy will get behind immediately. it ends with her hair in a different braid each time because jay doesn’t like to keep things simple and roy is always bringing up new things to try

the signs as good brackenfur scenes

aries: that scene where brackenfur took down a hawk that was going to attack a shadowclan kit [marshkit] on the great journey aka throwback to the snowkit scene

taurus: when he bashfully asked sorreltail if she wanted to go hunting w/ him and he was just nervous like “uhhh do you uh…wanna…do that” and she seemed so shocked/happy rip

gemini: that scene where brackenfur was supposed 2 keep an eye on darkstripe and just sorta followed him around thunderclan for firestar

cancer: that scene in one of the field guides where he talked about his new apprentice, whitepaw [later whitewing] and how he’d always be there to protect her/be a guide for her bc he cared about her

leo: when he comforted and was there for cinderpaw and seemed so sad that she couldnt train w/ him, but wanted to be there for his sis

virgo: that scene in the darkest hour where he was so dANG PROUD to be tawnypaw’s mentor like he was so excited to get the chance

libra: that scene when brackenfur’s kits were born and he was curled protectively around sorreltail and wanted to protect her, bc the badger attack just happened

scorpio: when dustpelt died and brackenfur turned and said dustpelt’s name and seemed so heartbroken bc he was so sad/lonely now that dustpelt wasnt there to help him w/ fixing the camp

sagittarius: when brackenfur was an apprentice and he always covered for graystripe, like he never said to anyone that graystripe wasn’t really training him anymore and was just trying to be a good apprentice

capricorn: that scene where he told his daughter, cinderpaw, that she reminded him of his twin sister cinderpelt [not knowing she was her reincarnated]

aquarius: when jaypaw wanted to walk out into the forest at night while brackenfur was guarding camp and he didnt tell him he couldnt, only that he understood why he’d need space and he’d keep an ear out for him

pisces: that rly cute scene in starlight i think when brackenfur lead longtail around and helped guide him around camp, bc he was one of the cats w/ longtail when he lost his sight

That feeling when:

Taako screams “that’s my boy, that’s my beautiful magic boy” at Angus who uses mage hand successfully after canonically not being able to do it in prior episodes. He is a proud wizard mentor °(ಗдಗ。)°.

Healing // Lee Jeno

spinoff to this

the prompt: could you imagine healer!jeno treating you after you tripped and scraped your knee bc he wasn’t looking where he was walking (he was too immersed in a medical textbook) and bumped into you etc etc

words: 1981

category: fluff

warning: heart attack mention, blood mention

author note: war flashbacks to when my anons all attacked me with fluffy thoughts abt healer jeno. this is for you guys.

- destinee

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All his life, Jeno had been obsessed with the art of healing. The thought that a few rare plants mashed together and boiled could literally stop a person from dying was so amazing to him. When he was old enough to go to a trading school, he didn’t choose knight training like every other twelve-year-old. He chose healing.

He wanted to become someone others could look up to. Someone who could take care of others and make them feel happy and safe. So, as the only student who chose healing, he worked directly under the castle’s healer, Mr. Kim.

Mr. Kim was Jeno’s biggest inspiration. He had taken care of the king and queen, and had even delivered the crown prince. He had stopped a plague from starting by simply reversing it and having the entire kingdom drink a special blend of tea for weeks. He was amazing. Filled with knowledge of all kinds, he knew which plant you were talking about even if all you could do was give him the shape. All the information was formatted into his brain like a second instinct. Jeno wanted the knowledge of Mr. Kim.

To get this, Mr. Kim told Jeno that all he had to do was read. Read, study, and memorize until it felt like he was going to explode from all the information he was learning. Also, repetition was key. He was to be quizzed weekly on the things he had studied, all while retaining the practical information Mr. Kim had given him. For three years, Jeno had worked his hardest without giving up once. This is what he set out to do, and he was going to do it no matter how hard it got. People were depending on him.

Especially when Jeno turned sixteen, for Mr. Kim suffered a heart attack and died instantly. There was nothing to do, and no way to save him. Jeno, as the only healer left in the kingdom, was put in charge and given the title of the new castle healer.

He had no time to grieve, really. That was okay, since Jeno really didn’t want time to catch up with him and find him sobbing in a corner. Instead, he threw himself into studying even more. Any time he wasn’t helping someone, he was studying. One of his current obsessions was finding a common way to prevent sudden heart attacks. If there was a way he could make a tea blend to give to hardworking adults that would heal their hearts, he was going to find it.
He was going to use every piece of information Mr. Kim had left with him. He was going to make his old mentor proud.

Jeno was lonely sometimes. His parents lived far away in the village, and he didn’t see them as often as he would’ve liked to. He had friends, a group of boys ranging in the highest rank of a prince to the lowest rank of a servant. There were seven of them, all loyal to each other as friends. Prince Jaemin was perhaps Jeno’s closest friend. The prince himself was lonely, as many people heard the rumors of him leaving a mysterious lover behind in the village.

Jeno and Jaemin leaned on each other a lot during their eighteenth year. Jaemin came to the Jeno’s clinic to escape the realities of royalty, and Jeno was able to study for a while as the prince labeled vials and stocked shelves.

Jeno never stopped studying. He never stopped finding new ways to invent news potions and pastes in an attempt to make his own medicine for heart attacks. So far, he had only succeeded in accidentally turning his tongue purple. How that happened, he had no idea. Still, he kept working towards his ultimate goal. This usually meant he could be found walking around the castle, his nose in a book filled with medical terminologies not even the king could understand.


You were a lady-in-waiting with a restless heart. Your mother wanted you to be the future queen, so you were never allowed outside of the castle. You were barely allowed in the courtyards, to be honest. With all of your lessons and fittings, you had no time to go off and do your own thing like the people you always read about.

Adventure novels were your favorites. Stories of men and women who refused to let anyone boss them around. Instead, they broke away from the norm and went off to fight battles much bigger than themselves. You wished to become one of those people. As soon as you were eighteen, you were going to move to the village without a word to your mother. You were going to live life without expectations and duties. Perhaps you would become a fishermen, or a shop owner. Perhaps you would go back to school and become a knight.

It was the weekend, and your mother had slept in. That was how you found yourself prancing around the court barefoot, your hair unbrushed and looking anything but ladylike. You greeted all of the officials and servants with happy greetings as you danced by, feeling the freedom that the wind offered you. You weren’t paying attention to anyone, which was perhaps the reason you were bumped into from behind. You were pushed to the floor, a stinging pain creeping up your legs as your knees hit the stone ground.

“Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. I was reading and I didn’t see you. Are you okay?”

You pushed yourself into a sitting position and looked at the person who had pushed you. Suddenly, it was as if the wind had been knocked from your lungs. He was handsome. Not quite in the way the prince was, with playful glances and bouncy steps. No, this was a softer type of beautiful, and you found yourself liking it so much more.

He offered you a hand, which you took, stumbling a bit. You then pulled up your skirts and looked at down to see blood running down your legs slowly. “Well that can’t be good…” you said casually.

The boy let out a laugh at your unbothered voice. He simply gestured for you to put your skirts down. “Follow me. I’ll get you cleaned up.”

You followed, not quite sure who this strange boy was. Nevertheless, when he smiled at you, you felt he could be trusted. “Who are you anyways?”

“Oh, I’m Jeno.” He offered his arm to you, since you were struggling to walk. “I’m the castle’s healer.”

“Really? I thought it was a man named Mr. Kim.”

“It was.” Jeno scratched the back of his neck nervously as the two of you walked towards his clinic. “He passed away a few years ago.”

“I’m sorry,” you said, patting his arm in consolation. “That must’ve been hard on you.”

“It was, but over the years it’s gotten better.” Jeno pulled you into his clinic, toward the small bed nestled behind a heavy curtain. It was the bed Jeno had slept in for years, but it also served as the only bed in the clinic. If there was a patient, Jeno slept on the floor. He helped you sit on the bed, since it hurt to use your legs. “I’m still so sorry about this.”

“It’s okay,” you smiled at him. “It was an accident.” You lifted your skirts above your knees, and Jeno looked away, his cheeks slightly pink.

“Then, I’ll go get some paste that’ll close it up in no time. How does that sound?” Jeno offered you a shy glance.

“Sounds great,” you said. “However, you should hurry. Once my mother finds out that I snuck out, she’ll kill me.”

“Are you a lady-in-waiting?” Jeno looked surprised. “I’ve never seen you around before.”

“I’m usually busy with lessons, and my mother doesn’t like it when I go around the courtyards. She says it’ll give me ideas.”

“What ideas?” Jeno asked as he searched through the many shelves lining his walls. He finally extracted a jar of light green paste. “Here it is!”

“You know, she wants me to marry the prince. I don’t want to marry him. The usual lady-in -waiting drama.”

“You shouldn’t have to marry someone you don’t want to. Besides, Jaemin doesn’t want a lady-in-waiting.”

“Tell my mom that,” you said.

He bent down in front of you and extracted some paste using a wooden tongue depressor. “By the way, this might hurt so I’m sorry if it stings. It’s the skin pulling itself together.”

You nodded and braced your hands on his shoulders as he spread the paste across your wounded knees. The pain hurt just as bad as the actual scrape, and you felt tears sting the corner of your eyes. “Why does it hurt so bad?” you hissed.

Jeno grimaced. “I need to work in the formula, don’t I? It works, though. Also, when is the last time your trimmed your nails? Because the depth they are reaching in my skin is amazing.”

You released your grip. “Sorry. Although, it’s your fault for making such a painful remedy.”

“You can hold my other hand,” Jeno offered, reaching his hand toward you.

You took it without complaint, squeezing it as he applied the paste to the other knee. He apologized again, feeling his hand lose circulation from how tightly you were squeezing it.

“It’s okay,” you squeaked. “I’m not good with pain in the first place so maybe your paste isn’t so bad.”

“Oh, your pain tolerance is low.” Jeno frowned, “I should make a pill for that. Maybe a little taffy that will give you a better pain tolerance.”

“Maybe you should,” you agreed as he brought out a roll bandages and began to wrap it around your knees.

“By tomorrow morning, there won’t even be a scar,” he said, proudly pinning the bandages in place.

“Thanks,” you said. “I should be able to hide it from my mom until then. So, I don’t need to return for a checkup?”

Jeno looked down, a soft smile on his lips. “No. But you’re always free to come back and see me if you want. You know, the prince comes here to get away from his responsibilities. I wouldn’t mind it if you did as well.”

Your blush matched his as you climbed off the table. “I might just have to take you up on that offer, Jeno. Now, what do I pay you?”

“Hmm?” Jeno was too absorbed in the excitement of you returning, that he almost hadn’t heard your question. “Oh! No need to pay me!”

You frowned. “Well, I shouldn’t get healing for free. How about this?”

“How about wha—” Jeno stopped mid-sentence as you leaned forward and planted a kiss on his left cheek. “—Oh, yeah, that type of payment is okay, I suppose.”

You giggled. “I thought it would be. I’ll try to come by tomorrow and you can tell me about all those weird terms in your book.”

“Oh, you don’t want to hear about those,” he said.

“I do,” you insisted. “Trust me. I want to learn more about you and what goes on in your head.”


“Why do you sound so surprised?”

Jeno shrugged, “No one really cares about my studies. They all ignore me and say I should’ve been a knight.”

“If you had become a knight, who would’ve taken care of me?” you asked innocently.

Jeno smiled. “You’re right.”

“Keep working hard, Jeno. I believe in you. I’ll bring lunch tomorrow so don’t eat too much beforehand, okay?” You began to leave, satisfied with his short nod.

“Wait!” he stopped you.

When you turned to face him, he smiled brightly, his eyes turning into crescents. “Is it like a date?”

You looked down bashfully, “Yeah. It’s a date.”

~the end~

Roy Harper/ Arsenal (YJ) X Reader- Heartstrings

Warning:  It’s mostly fluff, some mentions of injuries, drug use (for medical reasons)

You were supposed to be watching a movie right now, snuggling into a blanket possibly sipping some hot drink.  But no!  Of course the team needed help dealing with an alien invasion.  Of course you were the one to get Star City.  Of course you were the one paired up with him.  Roy, well the original Roy, was paired up with you by Nightwing because you’re the only person he could tolerate the most.  You had briefly known him before he was cloned and replaced, but you didn’t believe this was the reason why he was paired up with you.  Your mentor, Hawkgirl, had to visit Star City and brought you with her. She had said that you needed to be more social with the superhero community, and it was hilarious coming from her, but you knew she was right.  That was when you met the original Roy, who was very curious about your abilities.  Yeah, you had wings, but you weren’t a Thanagarian like Shayera was.  You were just a metahuman who happened to have huge ass wings, super strength and another random ability.

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What would being Nightwing’s prodigy include...
  • Notices you on the street or circus
  • Realizes your actrobatic ability instantly or just general talent
  • Would see a little bit of himself in you
  • Besides the ‘seeing your parents die in front of you’ aspect
  • Tries his best to help you out 
  • Introduces you to the world he lives as Nightwing
  • Soon seeing him as an older big brother of sorts
  • That allows you to help him fight crime
  • Well after extensive training
  • Him helping you invent your superhero identity
  • Developing your image a.k.a your uniform
  • Getting super excited when he sees you in it for the very first time
  • May let out a few tears
  • I’m not crying
  • Him becoming super protective of you
  • Will be super duper worried whenever you got injured
  • I feel sorry for anyone you even breathed the same air as you tbh
  • Literally watching you grow up beside him
  • Would definitely never want to see you leave his side
  • But he knows of outgrowing a role
  • You both are always in touch and check up on one another
  • Dick is a proud older brother and mentor
  • Wants the absolute best for you and nothing less

domestic sakuhina hcs that go along with this post [here] where after 700, sakura married hinata tagging @sakuinohina, @insertobscurereference, and @myboysolf because lately i’ve been seeing the in sh tag yearning for that good sakuhina shiz so here’s sakuhina domestic hcs for the soul (some of these might be taken from the alternate 700 post to over here because come on, who doesn’t love sakuhina <3)

  • hinata makes sure sakura takes care of herself because everyone knows that sakura has a tendency to overwork herself
    • she makes sakura a lunch before she leaves to go work at her hospital
    • occasionally visits sakura at work and makes her take breaks if needed
  • sakura and hinata worry a lot about sns a lot because they are pretty sure those idiots would die in 15 seconds otherwise
    • sakura literally goes over their groceries lists and wants to scream because naruto, sasuke, a grocery list doesn’t just have tomatoes and instant ramen on it
    • so sakura and hinata usually make large dinners and takes the rest over to the sns house
  • sakura knows how much hinata likes pressing flowers and gardening so sakura helps out with the small garden that they have
  • likewise, hinata knows how much sakura loves mind games like crossword puzzles, word searches, and sudoku graphs so she always buys sakura a bunch
  • when sakura and hinata first started dating, kiba and shino gave sakura the obligatory ‘if you break her heart, we break you speech’
    • likewise, when sakura and hinata tried kissing on a date, neji sent a kunai flying from the distance to land right between them. no kissing
  • hanabi is a little shit who likes to sakura about hinata’s failed love confessions. hinata gets really flustered and usually chases hanabi off before she can say anything else
  • sakura has always known hiashi since he was an important figurehead in konoha politics but the first time she met him up close, she was very intimidated since he talked in short sentences and with prying questions. luckily tho, at the end of the very tense meeting, hiashi told hinata and sakura he approved of the relationship
  • sakura loves her parents, but she lowkey dreaded introducing hinata to them because all she could picture was her dad making a bunch of dad jokes and her mom showing off the old baby pictures
    • sakura was absolutely right and she was constantly flustered because she had to run and hide every photo album in the house
    • hinata ended up laughing loudly because of it. she really loves how lively the haruno family is and couldn’t wait to be a part of it
  • sakura and hinata dated for at least a year and a half before either of them started talking about marriage
    • there is no real proposal story either. it was ino and sai’s wedding (because let’s be real, ino was probably the first to get married knowing her) and they were at the reception as each other’s dates and sakuhina were happy for ino who was gettin’ turnt on the dance floor and sakura smiled softly and said “maybe we should get married” and hinata smiled back and said “i would like that”
  • they got married in the spring. why? hinata the sap wanted there to be a bunch of cherry blossoms during their wedding
    • their wedding was huge. not only did it just have sakura and hinata’s immediate family and friends, but it also had the entire hyuga clan there. sure hinata hyuga was becoming hinata haruno, but sakura was marrying a hyuga and was an honourary hyuga as such
    • naruto and kiba gave drunk best man speeches. they were both the best man because naruto and kiba were this freaking close to killing each other over it so sakura and hinata just declared them both the best man. kiba enjoys the fact that naruto cried during his own speech and sasuke sighed quietly and just pulled naruto off the stage
    • tsunade was drunk and made a speech too as sakura’s second mother and her mentor. she’s proud that sakura became the strongest kunoichi in the land and surpassed tsunade herself. shizune had to drag her drunk ass off the stage
    • neji and hanabi had to make a speech as well. so many speeches. it was originally just neji’s speech, but hanabi the troll enjoyed interrupting it with her own quips. hinata has really grown out of her shell since then and she was still kind, gentle, and sweet. she invented her own technique, bought naruto time in his fight against pein, helped neji in hyuga clan politics and got the cursed bird seal abolished for good. thanks, hinata! sakura, take good care of her
    • ino, of course, gave a maid of honour speech about how she was proud that sakura finally blossomed into be the most lovely flower of all and told hinata to take good care of her because sakura has a problem with taking care of herself. ino would also like to add that sakura has punched a goddess in the face and lived
    • kizashi, mebuki, and hiashi all chipped in on a big present for the two of them: a house. a house that was ofc the perfect distance from both the hyuga clan compound and sakura’s parents house
    • their honeymoon was in the land of spring
  • after being narusasu’s surrogate mother and giving birth to their son boruto, a few months later when sh wanted a child of their own, sakura wanted to be the one to carry their child to give sakura a break. sasuke was the donor
    • when sarada was born, sakura and hinata were a little worried because sarada rarely cried and was really quiet and calm. eventually, they just agreed that sarada probably got that from itachi (the amount of angst and pain sasuke made team 7 go through, sarada definitely didn’t get that from him)
      • hinata relished in the fact that aside from the black hair and black eyes, sarada looked exactly like sakura
    • sarada was a sweet kid but as babies, she and boruto– her cousin– didn’t get along. usually because as toddlers boruto didn’t care about his toys until sarada wanted to play with them so it would cause a big fight
  • when sarada was 2, himawari was born and sarada was so excited to be a big sister. naruto and hinata combined their genes to produce a cute navy blue haired baby with four whiskers in her skin
    • himawari was a big crier back when she was a baby and usually kept her moms up late and sarada too
    • sarada loved her sister, but why did hima have to cry so much? sarada wanted to hold her all the time but then hima would start crying and it was awful
    • but when hima got over her crying stage, sarada was finally able to hold her baby sister in her lap on the couch. victory at last
  • now sarada and himawari are 12 and 10 and sakura and hinata couldn’t be happier
    • sakura is more of a strict parent, wanting her gets to have more of a strict but firm upbringing. hinata is more of the lax parent since she had such a strict childhood. together, they make a good parenting combo
    • but sakura has many a time been weak to hinata puppy eyeing her way into letting sarada and himawari stay up and hour later to watch a movie. sakura constantly says “this is the last time i do this” but it isn’t lol
  • it is mutually agreed with the sh kids that they think hinamom is the sweetest between their two moms, but she is also the scariest when they make her really mad. thankfully, that is a rare occasion because hinata is pretty patient
  • the winter they were 18 (so their ‘the last’ outfits), hinata knitted sakura a jade green scarf for the rinne festival. sakura still wears it to this day when it gets cold out and she’s 27 now
    •  hinata has now knitted their children scarves as well. a red one for sarada and a pink one for himawari
  • hinata makes the best snacks. cookies, zucchini bread, etc. and when it starts getting colder, hinata will make these large cinnamon rolls fresh out the oven with a cup of hot chocolate. sarada and himawari love it
  • sakura has, on more than one occasion, done one armed push ups with hinata, sarada, and himawari sitting on her back. such a show off XD
  • sakura and hinata do go on missions from time to time, and if one of the wives are staying behind they always promise the house will still be in piece when the other gets back. when sakuhina both leave, narusasu or inosai babysits
    • speaking of inosai, inojin and boruto are usually fighting over who is auntie sakura’s favourite nephew and sakura is just like ‘you’re both my fav’ and that just don’t fly and sakura looks to hinata for help but hinata is like ‘…. imma leave’
  • sakura and hinata have trained their daughters in both of their fighting styles. sarada just has a preference for fighting like sakura and now that hima has unlocked her byakugan she likes to train more in the gentle fist. it doesn’t mean that they both can’t pull a switcharoo tho. sarada and hima both want to have a combined jutsu.
    • and sarada does get trained by her uncle sasuke from time to time so she’s like ‘hima, we need a jutsu where we combine uncle’s chidori with mama’s (mom = sakura, mama = hinata) twin lion fist
  • back when sarada was still in the academy and sakura was really busy at the hospital, hinata would surprise sakura with a visit and bring along sarada and himawari and they would all go out for lunch together on sakura’s breaks
  • when hinata cut her hair short, she and sakura took a selfie that was captioned with ‘wives with matching hair’
  • sakura’s adult outfit is the same but with her haruno clan circle thing and inside that circle is the hyuga clan symbol
  • hinata has a necklace that she wears that has the haruno clan circle thing on it
  • mebuki and kizashi spoiled the living hell out of their granddaughters
  • hanabi loved dressing sarada and himawari up when they were tiny enough for it
  • neji is highkey the protective uncle. he isn’t saying sorry about it. leave him alone.
  • hiashi tried to act like the firm and intimidating grandpa, but sakura and hinata have seen him walking in between sarada and hima and holding their hands and swinging their hands at the same time on their way to get ice cream. he’s a fuckin cream puff. a teddy bear.
  • when birthday’s come up, sakura leaves the hospital in ino’s care. she doesn’t miss her families birthdays unless something really important comes up
    • when it’s either sakura or hinata’s birthday, they always wake up to breakfast in bed and a messy kitchen. they wouldn’t change that for the world
    • for the kids, it’s always a big at home celebration with cake and a bunch of food sakura and hinata cooked together. they spend all day doing whatever their kids want. and that’s usually just staying home and watching movies all day, or sparring. or a mix of the two
  • honestly, sakura and hinata rarely argue. maybe they’ll argue about something once every three months. but they can literally count the amount of super serious arguments they’ve had on one hand
  • they have so many photo albums and pictures in their house
    • team 7 pictures
    • team 8 pictures
    • konoha 11 pictures
    • the two group photos that were taken before and after the war
    • a photo album full of their wedding and honeymoon pictures
    • photo album of sarada and himawari as babies and toddlers and during important events of their lives
  • they are konoha’s most lovely couple
Like Old Times

For @audreycritter You challenged me with this and I hope you enjoy it. 

Words: 1,700

Rating: Fluffy

Summary: Dick and Bruce bonding over crepes. 

Matches Malone sneezed, his nose wrinkling up just before and after the act, the first time to hold back the inevitable, the second to hold back his flopping mustache. Dick had to hold back laughter as his mentor discreetly pushed it back into place and glared at him over his sunglasses.

“Not a word.” Bruce threatened.

“Wasn’t going to say anything.” Dick said, popping a strawberry into his mouth to chew on.  

They were seated across from each other at one of Wayne Enterprises hotel’s enjoying a breakfast of crepes and orange juice. They were outside for two reasons: it was sunny, and their mark was eating two tables down from them.

Bruce’s mobster costume, and the whole setting were making Dick imagine old movies and tv shows from the 60s and 70s. He was tempted to pretend they were the Men from UNCLE or spies on an impossible mission. Not that it wasn’t close enough to the truth, they were following a drug kingpin, and at some point, they would be suiting up to take him down.

Dick should be bored, they’d been there hours before the man had showed up and still another hour as he ordered and ate, and in all that time Bruce had said less than fifty words. Instead of being bored, Dick found he was enjoying the day. He hadn’t sat across from Bruce on a stakeout like this almost since he’d been in pixy boots.

He missed time alone with Bruce. Missed missions being just the two of them, Dick cracking jokes and Bruce being too serious for his own good. On impulse, he reached out with his fork and snatched the last banana slice from Bruce’s plate, adding it to his own.

“That wasn’t yours.” There was that look again, over the sunglasses, but this time there was a smile. Yes, he’d missed this.

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