proud like a mother

Quite a few days late but here’s a quick Karasuno draw… I’m feeling like a very proud mother watching her baby crows flying 。゚(TヮT)゚。 eternally grateful for these dorks. I’m going to miss seeing them every week (again *sob*)

Naturally they can’t take a nice group photo post match. I wish I included Takeda and Yachi and the other members but then I would have wanted to add THE ENTIRE CAST. So I’ll save that for another day lol

Thank you, Bangtan

Okay I need to let my feelings out. So I’m just going to do it here. 

First of all, I want to congratulate Bangtan for winning their second Daesang award at the MAMA 2016. Artist of the Year, goddamnit. They won their first one for Best Album of the Year at the MMAs. I can’t fucking believe how far they have come in such a short span of time, and it just proves how amazingly talented these wonderful boys are. I’m saying short, because winning Daesang awards within three years since debut from a company that is not one of the ‘three huge companies’ is such an amazing achievement to do for a boygroup that started off as nugus. I became an ARMY only after the INU era, but I had been following them roughly from the beginning. They started off with No More Dream, and besides the fact that I jammed the fuck out of myself on these songs (lol), I already could see how talented these boys were. Also, when I found out that they wanted to ‘stand out’, and tell the world an important message with their own music, I knew that these boys would be able to come far in their carriere if they would work hard, and try their best.

A few months after No More Dream came out, I started to pay less attention to them, but I still watched their MVs and some of their comeback performances. I could see them growing slowly, their fanbase became bigger and they were gaining more skills and experience. I was basically a diehard Exo stan, so at that time, I didn’t pay too much attention to BTS. That was until I Need U. I can still remember myself being blown away by that song, looking at the MV with my mouth literally half agape. I felt like I Need U was the beginning of a complete another side of BTS, the side that fits them, that belongs to them. I saw their first comeback stage for INU a few days later, and I was snatched. I was fucking snatched you don’t even fucking know. Their perfomance, the fanchants, the message in their lyrics. It hit me all. It’s thanks to INU that I became an ARMY, and I still listen to that song every day to remind myself of the fact how I became a fan of this wonderful 7-membered boygroup. 

When I saw Bangtan winning the Artist of the Year award today, I suddenly could see their 2013 appearance in front of me. I could see them in their horrible No More Dream outfits, the era in which they were just fighting for that Rookie of the Year award, which they eventually got as well. I realized that they became this successfull with their own blood, sweat and tears. They keep saying that it’s all thanks to us ARMYs that they have come this far, but honestly, it’s all because of Bangtan themselves. It’s all because of their effort, their stamina and their own hard work that they have become THIS far. Without their efforts, we ARMYs would not even be here. ARMY does not exist without Bangtan. And I hope they realize this fact.

They will probably never see this message, but on behalf of all ARMYs, I want to thank Bangtan for their hard work, for their efforts to make some great and beautiful music with meaningfull messages in them. Messages that every single ARMY cherishes, and keep these in their hearts. Thank you Bangtan, for existing, and giving ARMYs all over the world you see what I did there ;) a reason to keep going and to be happy.

Thank you Namjoon, for being a great leader for over 3 years, and taking care of the other members like they’re your own brothers. Thank you for producing and making great music for Bangtan, and wanting to change the world with the messages you want to convey. You’re an amazing person. Without you, Bangtan would not even exist. So thank you.

Thank you Seokjin, for giving it a chance even though you thought you would not fit in this group because of the hip hop concept. Even though you did not had any experience in singing or dancing, you still tried your best to make something out of it. And you fucking did it. Your danceskills got improved drastically, and not to speak about your amazing voice. You’re a rolemodel for so many ARMYs out there. Thank you.

Thank you Yoongi, for sharing your burdens with us in your mixtape. For inspiring us to chase our dreams, and encouraging us to speak up about our own burdens and problems. It takes a lot of courage to do that, and you just did it, and probably without regrets. Yoongi, you’re definitely a person ARMYs look up to every single day. Thank you for being such a wonderful and amazing person.

Thank you Hoseok, for being such a never ending sunshine that keeps smiling through the days, even when it’s hard sometimes. Your smile keeps me positive and motivated, and it helps us reminding of the fact that being sulky does not help anyways. You’re the golden hyung, and amazingly talented in as well as dancing, rapping and singing. You can do it all, and you have to know that ARMYs appreciate everything that you do for us. You did a great job with your intro for Wings. The applause and praise you wanted for that intro, you got them all, well deserved. Thank you.

Thank you Jimin, for NEVER giving up, for working hard CONSTANTLY only to show us a better side of you, and to make us happy. You have to know that it’s okay not to have abs, and just be yourself in front of us, because that is what makes us ARMYs the happiest. You’re the sweetest, cutest mochi I have ever seen in my life, and I want to thank you for being such a great support for the other members, always lending them your shoulders when they have burdens. Thank you. You’re an amazing person.

Thank you Taehyung, for being your fucking self even if you have an idol image to maintain. You got criticized a lot for your behavior, but you always managed to be yourself and just be happy with the other members, and I know that must take a lot of courage as an idol. Taehyung, please keep doing you. I believe you’re definitely one of the strongest vocalists in the group and I’m lowkey hoping big hit will give you more chances to shine, and I hope your drama will be a great succes. Thank you.

Thank you Jungkook, for maintaining yourself in this industry while you’re still so young. You’re amazingly talented, and everyone probably knows that already, but I feel like you have to realize this as well in order to let yourself bloom even more. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, because that’s the last thing you actually deserve. You’re a cute, sweet bunny your hyungs and ARMYs always will cherish. Thank you for loving your hyungs until infinity, and thank you for spoiling us ARMYs with that wonderful angellic voice of yours,

Thank you Bangtan, for giving ARMYs the most beautiful moment in life. <3 

Conversations like
  • Hermione: My mother & father are really proud of me even though I erased their memory once
  • Ron: mine kind of look at me like "what" but they love me
  • Harry: mine are dead but you know talked to them a few times, cool people
  • Draco: well my daddy is very proud of me too
  • Hermione: you mean Harry?
  • Draco:
  • Harry:
  • Draco: *blushes* maybe
Blitzen appreciation post

- fashionable


-loves Hearth

-misses his dad

-calls people only 4 years younger than him “kid”

-overuses the word “buddy”

-color coordination

-enchants a very big bag


-really doesn’t enjoy being a demigod

-”born with a target on his back”

-loves ducks

-bad under pressure (”defaults to waterfowl”)

-thinks he’s awful at crafting but managed to build Hearth the sunbed to save his life

-learned a language solely to make friends with Hearthstone

-suggests the runes meant “toolshed” instead of “bloodshed”

-will fucking fight Junior

-is offended magnus thinks taylor swift is a human (definitely likes taylor swift)

-joined the service of an immortal severed head for reasons we still don’t really know

-tall enough to pass as a very, VERY short human & is proud of it

-doesn’t like his overbearing mother


-loves fashion & values being neat but lived on the streets for two years (still for reasons we don’t know enough about)

-runs his own shop

-constantly filled with self-deprecating thoughts

-talks to Hearth even when Hearth can’t see his lips (”move over, you tent hog” “stop stepping on my toes. have you put on weight? no, lead with your left foot, you silly elf. there you go”)

-gives hearth his jacket in the tent

-”my elf”

-tells hearth it’s ok to let him die instead of going back to his abusive family

-once charged into battle wielding a traffic sign that read “make way for ducklings.” expected to die, but tried anyway

-best boy who isn’t appreciated enough

To The Revolution! - a hamiltots fic

I absolutly ADORE the @hamil-tots au and the comics and its so pure and wonderful thank you for making this. Natually, I had to write something for it. There’s is a bit of the Boston Tea Party in here but generally a beginning to the revolution - kiddie edition. (this is so long im sorry its actually five full pages long on google docs) 

“Make way for the king!”

Samuel shouted downed the playground as George or “King George” as he called himself, came out of the door leading back into the playroom and classroom.George walked behind him slowly, his head tilted up a bit but his eyes glancing down at the kids as he walks by them, like he thought he was too good for them. He passed the Schuyler sisters, who were chasing Peggy down as she ran around. Angelica stopped for a bit to stick her tongue out at George, then ran off again with Eliza. George harrumphed loudly then carried on, surveying the playground like it was all his and of course stupid Samuel trailing behind and kissing up to him. Alex turned to look at George and Samuel, he thought George looked ridiculous, his head up so his “crown” can’t fall off. He snickered slightly before tugging on John’s shirt sleeve.

“Look at how stupid they look.” Alex pointed at them as he snickered quietly. John looked away from his turtle he was sculpting out of sand.  

Thomas snuck behind them, and hid under the play structure where James was sitting on the barkchips, watching as he snuggled up in his blanket. He gave James a thumbs up, then started throwing bark chips and dirt at the back of George’s cape. James quietly supported Thomas from behind. Thomas got closer as George started whispering to Samuel and when Samuel nodded and dashed off towards the door across the playground, leading back to the classroom,Thomas ran up to George(who was quite a bit taller than him) and stepped on on his cape as he started walking again. George stumbled, his red cape falling off behind him with his paper crown. Thomas ran away laughing and trailing behind him was James who was trying to suppress some giggles. George’s face flushed bright red, and he picked up his crown and cape. He dusted his cape off and put it back on and placed the crown on top of his head once again.

“I will tear ALL OF YOU APART!” George shouted in the general direction of the pair.

As Alex snickered he tried to cover up his face so that the bigger kids won’t see. He turned away and back writing something in the sand with his finger.

“Hey,” John tugged on Alex’s shirt sleeve. “Alex, whadda ya think Samuel is doing running back inside?”

“What?” Alex looked up as he slowly stopped laughing, just catching the door back to the classroom close.

“George whispered something to him, then he ran off.”

“He always does whatever George says, it’s gross. We should go check on what he’s doing! Come on John!” Alex ran off. Seeing no other option, John ran after him.


John ran to catch the door closing, trying to save it from making a huge sound and disturbing their “op-er-a-tion” as Hercules said, from all the spy movies he watched. John ran for the ever smaller gap and managed to squeeze in, also muffling the door closing. He walked into an empty playroom, the silence of it was a little unsettling, as John had always known this place to be full of noise. He snuck a look Alex hugged a the door leading into the “Staff Only” kitchen.

“John!” Alex whispered. “Samuel went in here!”

“What’s he doing in there?” John asked quietly, pointing towards the door.

“Well, I don’t know. But we should go in!”

“You sure, Alex? What if we get caught?”

“Samuel’s in there! If he can be in there, so can we!” Alex declared. Alex reached for the handle and almost could grab it, he tried standing on his toes. Success! He turned the handle and opened the door slightly. They could hear somebody(most likely Samuel) opening a refrigerator door rummaging through a plastic bag.

“Alex!” John protested softly but agreed and decided to go in.

Alex opened the door and swung it open, holding it for John. John quickly and quietly went in, going to hide behind the island in the middle of the kitchen. Alex closed the door with a quiet click as it shut and joined John behind the island. They peered their heads around to find Samuel looking though plastic bags from the fridge. Then he saw what he was looking for, the bag full of juice boxes. Cheerfully, he took it from the fridge, closed the fridge door and walked toward the door. Alex and John shuffled quickly to the other side of the island so he couldn’t see them. Samuel furrowed his brows at the slightly, but dismissed it and left.

“I can’t believe he would do that! He stole my Sammy A’s!” John burst out angrily, his eyes almost shone with flames.

“John! John, shhh! Do you want to get caught or what!” Alex rushed to cover John’s mouth. John still tried to yell as Alex’s hand was clamped over his mouth, he lead John outside, into the empty playroom.

“-e stole y Sammy A’s!” John tried to say, Alex’s hand still over his mouth. They could hear blankets in the being whipped up into the air and mats being dragged out onto the floor for naptime as they crossed the empty playroom and back outside. Alex finally took his hand off of John’s mouth. They crossed over the playground back to the sandbox where Laf and Hercules were before. Strangely, Thomas and James were there, what did they want? Alex’s face scowled when he saw Thomas. Thomas stood next to Laf, conversing passionately about something. Hercules ignored the whole thing, instead was finishing sewing up some stuffed animals.

“Thomas, what are you doing here?” Alex put his hands on his hips and frowned. He wasn’t supposed to be here.

“Look Alex, we all want to get rid of them,” Thomas jabbed a finger at George and Samuel. Samuel was handing over a bag, definitely the juice boxes. “So we are going to have a re-vo-lu-tion.” He stumbled a bit over the big word.

“What does that even mean, Thomas? I don’t want to do anything with you.” Alex stuck a tongue out at him.  

“It means that we are fighting against him. Why is he ‘the king’? Why can’t we all be king? ” Thomas said angrily.  

“That is right…”Alex mumbled.

“So we are going to form a group!” Laf broke in. So this was what they were talking about, Alex realized.

“We are going to be the Kids of Li-ber-ty.” Thomas said proudly. “We’re gonna fight them.”

“Guys, that’s all good and stuff, but I WANT MY SAMMY A’S BACK!” John interrupted.

Startled by John’s sudden outburst, Aaron’s head snapped up from his book his hands nearly let go of his book, almost dropping it into the barkchips. As always, he was observing from afar. He sat on the play structure, close to the sandbox. He looked around for George, worried that he might jump out of nowhere to attack them. Aaron got up, grabbing his book, heading for the group.

“Shhh, lower your voices. Don’t get in trouble because then Mr Washington will know!”

“Aaron, listening in as always.” Alex huffed. Why does he always have to just watch? Alex thought. Watching isn’t going to do anything!

“Shhh, John!” Hercules said. “Here, I’ll go and get back our juice boxes back.”

John looked a little better after Herc had said he would get them back. Hercules crossed the playground where Samuel and George were sitting with the precious juice boxes. Samuel was drinking one already, but he King just sat there and looked smug.

“Hey!” Herc shouted out to them, getting Samuel to perk his head up.

“Oh,” George frowned in disdain. “What do you want, peasant?”

“I want your Sammy A’s.” Hercules said confidently. What does “peasant” even mean? Herc asked himself.

“Well,” Samuel said. “You have to be on our side. Against Mr. Washington.”

“My dad built the school, why is he here after all?” George said snottily.

Geez, Hercules thought. Why is he here? Hercules tried to do an impersonation of George in his head.

“Well, I am.” Herc said as confidently as he could without trying to sound disgusted at George(which he was of course, no one gets to talk about Mr. Washington like that!).

“We shall see…let’s start with a question, wha-” The King was abruptly cut off as Hercules snatched the plastic bag and took off, speeding across the playground back to the other kids. They cheered as Hercules came closer and closer, passing the little house that Thomas and James liked to play in, the sisters chasing after Peggy and finally to the sandbox. Woops and hoorays rang through the air.

A sour look went across George’s face. “No matter, we didn’t want you here anyways.” he said as he regained his composure.

The bell went off as Herc was passing the juice boxes out to the group. Alex stopped as said, “Wait, should we tell Mr. Washington this then we can have our juice! Then the middle schools will get time out!”

“Middle schoolers don’t get time outs!” Thomas retorted.

“Well, what else would they get?” Alex asked.

“Guys, when am I getting my Sammy A’s?!” John cried out.

Alex got in front of the group, ready to give a speech in front of Mr. Washington, explaining why they have the supply of juice boxes. They were herded in along with all of the other kids, but Alex approached Mr. Washington and took a deep breath.

“HeyMr.WashingtonI’msorrybuttheKingandSamuelstolethejuiceboxesandJohnwantedthemsowedecidedtostealthembackandI’msorry.” Alex spilled out.

“Woah woah, slow down” Mr. Washington let all of the kids in before leading the group to his office, where Herc promptly put the bag of Sammy A’s down on his desk, the bag smeared with some dirt and mud. “Now, tell me what’s going on.”

“We caught the King and Samuel stealing the juice boxes.” Thomas said curtly. Alex looked a bit mad as Thomas stole his glory.

Mr. Washington’s eyebrows rose and he tried to stop a chuckle, “Well, thank you for the little mission to get them back. As a reward, go ahead and have one, John.” He said as John’s hand started gravitating towards the bag.

They each grabbed one each, and poked the straw through. James had to get help from Mr. Washington, he couldn’t stick it throught.

“Let’s raise a glass to the re-vo-lu-tion!” Alex cried out.

“But Mr. Washington won’t let us use glasses!” John said.

“Well…” Alex thought for a second. “Raise your juice boxes then!”

The united cry of “To the revolution!” rang in the air(along with some mispronunciations of the word).