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For today’s quote of the day, I have chosen one of my favourite movies ever… The Mummy! This is such an amazing film, Evie is a brilliant character! You go Evie, tell em! 🙋🏻💪🏼💃🏻👏🏼


#eve baird the daughter charlene never had

dean just retweeted my jazekiel gifset on twitter!!


My first day working at the library went really well! 📚📚 I’m feeling super confident bc I passed all day (my name tag even has my preferred name on it!) so here’s a couple after work selfies!

yin-serpent  asked:

That post where Evelyn says she's proud of being a librarian. Librarians are awesome. Have you seen the series? Also. The Brendan Fraser mummy movies are the best ever.

i was so obsessed with becoming a librarian/archaeologist when i was a kid thanks to evie….i mean i still lowkey wanna be those things.
yes  watched that show religiously when i was a kid! 
brendan fraser mummy is the alpha mummy, and everyone knows it :)

to cassie, from jake

when everything’s meant to be broken, i just want you to know who i am

so contagious // acceptance, iris // goo-goo dolls, someone like you // boys like girls, i’ll believe in anything // wolf parade, flaws // bastille, something i need // onerepublic, shape of my heart // backstreet boys, ho hey // the lumineers

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Cassandra and her Brain Grape

“Synesthetes rarely have all five senses involved. You’ve got full on hallucinations and seizures, indicative of a frontal lobe anomaly. Oligodendroglioma. How big is it?”  

“Guys, can we just hurry up and find human resources, this lighting is giving me a headache. 
Are you sure it’s not your brain grape about to pop?”

"I can see it, well, kind of.
Can you kind of get us out of here?
Oi, whatever issues you two are having, save it! I say we follow the brain grape.”