proud lang :)

When you only want to write a short post about how Laurent rambles about his emotions, and it descends into a full scale technical meta analysing the differences between his speech patterns in terms of when he is using his words to achieve an end, and when he is speaking of his own thoughts and emotions, focusing on sentence length and structure, and complete with quotes and words like ‘lexical density’- basically lack of ‘fluff’in his sentence structure.

Is this the sort of content people would be interested in?

DAY 26: Your everyday motivation

My dreams. My goals. My family. Gusto kong may marating sa buhay. Gusto kong maging successful woman ako. Hindi lang dahil sa tulong ko, kundi pati na rin sa tulong ng mga taong nagmamahal sakin, mga taong nakapaligid sakin. Alam kong hindi naman ganun kadali pero alam kong kakayanin at dapat kayanin. Gusto kong masuklian lahat ng paghihirap nila sakin. Yun bang mapapasabi nalang ako sakanila ng, “MA, PA, ITO NA YUNG DIPLOMA KO. IT’S PAYBACK TIME. AKO NAMAN YUNG MAGTATRABAHO PARA SAINYO.” Yung makita ko lang na proud sakin parents ko, masaya na ako, para bang nanalo na ako nun sa lotto. Makita ko lang silang masaya at nakangiti dahil successful na kaming magkakapatid, dun palang panalo na ako.

I think I have a theory?

- Anna Hobbs = Kristin Lang
- We know that Anna Hobbs killed her family, and that Kristin Lang is an orphan…coincidence?
- After Anna Hobbs committed her crimes, she was sent to the Blessed Sisters and took on the pseudonym Kristin Lang
- At the orphanage, Kristin met Piper who became fascinated with the idea of killing
- Kristin was adopted and Piper aged out of the orphanage where she met Kieran
- Kieran and Piper became the Lakewood slashers
- Piper is killed and Kieran continues to finish his and Piper’s plan
- Kristin catches wind of Piper’s death and returns to Lakewood, begins working with Kieran
- Kieran is arrested and sent to prison, Lang makes herself look like the victim to lie low, begins writing “The Madness of Two”
- Everything cools down, Kristin breaks Kieran out of prison
- Kieran and Kristin travel to “Murder Island” to avenge Piper once and for all, Kieran in the Brandon mask and Kristin in her original killer costume

What do you guys think?

natutuwa ako kasi yung mga batang laging yumayakap sakin nung highschool kaoag nagkikita kami at laging salubong “ATE YAAAAANG” mga dalaga na HAHAHAHAHA natutuwa ako kasi shet ang tanda ko na pala talaga ang bilis ng panahon. Si Mica na kaservice ko dati na laging nagkcling sa braso ko pag nakikita ako tapos si Iel na inaanak ko kuno binata na! Hindi na ako pinapansin! Wahahahahaha okay lang proud ako sa kanila at sobrang nakakatuwa na makita sila lumaki. As in nakakatuwang makakita ng ganun nakakaproud lang.



I’m so very proud in each one of you. A while ago, after nila sabihin na “And the Top Social Artist Award goes from BTS”  i scream and cried i said to myself “Omg, hala hindi ako makapaniwala” honestly worth it yung pag re-retweet ko sakanila, yung pag boto ko nung May 2 palang, minsan umaga na tulog ko kasi matapos ko sila iboto nag re-RT’s ako. Halos ma trigger ang ilan samin kasi nung May 2 palang simula nung boto-han madami nang Bashers, Hateful comment’s, Antis na nag labasan pero syempre hindi kami nag pa-apekto, TULOY PA DIN ANG LABAN. Sa totoo lang sobrang proud ako sakanila hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala kasi sila ang kauna-unahang K-pop na umattend ng BBMA’s at nanalo like omg dahling…. Way to go Bangtan Sonyeondan you went too far yep, with us. Saranghamnida :)  

the top ten things i learned from heneral luna

1. Ensaymada goes with everything. Even British tea and crumpets.

2. Aim before you shoot. Don’t waste bullets.

3. No one is above the law. Not even the President.

4. Filipino women have the biggest balls of them all. They will stand their ground fighting in the trenches, even as other soldiers desert their posts. They will run under heavy fire to rescue the wounded from the battlefield. They will tell two men too busy in a dick measuring contest to stop acting like children. Filipinas ain’t got time for bullshit; they got a war to win.

5. Listen to Apolinario Mabini - he’s the truest patriot and the real brains of your outfit.

6.  You cannot catch the wind.  You don’t need a Mabini to tell you this.

7.  You cannot fight both against your enemies and your allies.  Nakakapagod. (It’s exhausting.)

8.  You can quite sequester this train! You can run out of English! Nosebleed! Punyeta.

9.  When assigned a near impossible task (such as getting 2000 volunteers to dig your massive defensive trench), just ask for three days.  You can get it done.  

10.  You cannot claim to be a true Filipino patriot if you cannot choose between your self interest and your freedom, your nation or yourself.  Choose wisely. 


i am so speechless.. now its already sinking in 1d members has a different kind of genres in there solos. it really doesn’t matter to me. kung saan sila masaya edi keribells lang proud padin ako sa kanila hahahhahahahahahahahaha ranting about it. directioner at heart padjn beshie 😂😂😂😂😂

The Current iTunes Soundtracks Top 100 Chart

1. Gods and Monsters (From “American Horror Story”) [feat. Jessica Lange] by American Horror Story Cast from the album Gods and Monsters (From “American Horror Story”) [feat. Jessica Lange] - Single

6. Life On Mars? (from American Horror Story) [feat. Jessica Lange] - American Horror Story Cast