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things about Max fucking Caulfield

note: contains most major spoilers. refers to ‘bay’ choice post game

- Chloe brings out her sass. as she spends more time with her, Max becomes more outspoken, rebellious, scornful of authority. as is natural after hanging out with such a punk

- but Max has an extremely hard time expressing herself or standing up; especially before then. she can’t convey her own opinions and feelings well. think about how many times she’s just stood there as people mercilessly railed on her? 

- she does have strong opinions though, that can’t be denied. the time she argues back against David? or more canonly, the time she argues with herself

- but people mistake her poor communication skills for unfriendliness, aloofness, even as being stuck up, rather than what it actually is: loneliness 

- that being said, Max is now great at reading people, after so many rewinds and repeated/altered conversations with varied results. especially those she commonly spoke to and rewound for like Joyce, Nathan, ect (it freaks them out because, obviously, they don’t remember any of it)

- which brings me to my next point. if people didn’t know how to approach Max before, they certainly don’t know how to now. she is a changed person, and anyone with eyes can see that. plus, she lost her best friend, and we all know how bad people are at handling someone who’s loved one died.

- she’s wiser, she’s sadder, disaster doesn’t phase her as much.. or maybe it triggers her.

- i don’t say that in a memey way (honestly fuck the idiots who abuse that term). i say that in a ‘Max Caulfield has severe PTSD’ way. i feel like this is more than obvious but often times overlooked by the fandom (as well as Max’s character as a whole, but you know.. that’s why I’m doing this.)

- think about it!! the entire dark room/mark jefferson incident, finding Rachel Amber’s fucking buried body in the junkyard, seeing her best friend shot repeatedly, seeing said best friend almost get run over by a tRAIN, the visions she gets of the storm and her tormenters hunting her… 

- do i really have to continue?

- after all that utter shit, Max can’t even go to a fucking counselor. maybe for finding out her teacher is a murDERER- as well as her friend dying- but she can’t go into detail!! she has to hide everything, and any psychiatrist would be able to see it and yet, she can never explain herself. her seeded distrust in authority doesn’t help things

- her parents made her go to an appointment. she never went again

- her nightmares seem as though they will never leave, and although as the years pass her panic attacks occur less often, she has no way to truly relieve herself.

- chloe keeps her alive. no matter what, she won’t let her sacrifice be in vain

- …..

- for a long time, Max isolates herself because she feels a dangerous burden on others, as if somehow all the bad things that happened are her fault..

- so it takes her a while to open up to people once again, but when she does start making friends (Kate, Victoria, ect) she cares about them intensely. she will do anything within her abilities to keep them safe. Kate never gets to the point where she wants to jump, no way in hell, not on Max’s watch

- Max busies herself in fixing that godawful school that almost killed her friend. principal? bye bitch. dorm security = exists now (including changing those weird ass outside locks on the doors.. what even x’D )

- although, she doesn’t go there herself now. she can’t leave this town, she’s never belonged any where else but.. there are simply no good memories for her at Blackwell (except the pool, really)

- so anyway, yeah. dont underestimate Max, just because she isnt as loud about her personality as some of her fellow characters are.

This time last year Leslie Jones was dealing with a shitstorm of racist threats and messages in addition to all the ghostbusters discourse, like GLO UP. Not only that but Leslie Jones is a hugely powerful 49 year old black woman who reminds us all that success knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what your background is. No matter what the obstacle is, you can overcome it.
As for Vanessa Bayer, I’m beyond proud of her and all the work she’s done that’s led up to this nomination. Vanessa is absolutely one of the sweetest people out there, she’s beyond inspirational, and all of her update characters are on point. I honestly can’t watch anything she does without smiling. Like,, try not to smile challenge: Vanessa Bayer edition (you can’t win) I’m so proud, and happy that she got this nomination for her final season.
anyways, bless the women of snl, I’m so proud and so happy!!

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“You find the black tube inside her beauty case. Where she keeps your father’s old prison letters. You desperately want to look like her. You look nothing like your mother. You look everything like your mother. Film, star, beauty. How to wear your mother’s lipstick. Somewhere no one can find you. You go to the bathroom to apply the lipstick. You must wear it like she wears disappointment on her face. Your mother is a woman. And women like her can not be contained.” — Lemonade (2016)


Made some random Life Is Strange icons cause I’m total trash! All are 500x500, feel free to use them!