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CS Christmas Sweaters

I was playing around with some holiday designs and drew up some ideas of what a Captain Swan themed christmas sweater could look like!


Bucky Barnes is kind of this broken character who’s been through so much stuff in his life and now he’s the subject of this civil war in the movie. He’s a beautiful man that you want to take, put a blanket around, and give him a mug of hot chocolate. It’s very much a story of protection.”

@arealcharmingprincess requested: Steve + Peggy + their mini-me’s dressing up as their parents for Halloween.

Disclaimer: I was so excited about this, I didn’t read properly the request and ended up drawing two random kids, knocking at Steve and Peggy’s door while trick or treating. Tell me if you want me to re-do it, please.

Spoilers (Leonard Snart)

Requested: No

Warnings: language at some point

Word Count: 3.640

A/N: i got this idea after watching the time traveler’s wife and i hope it’s not confusing but damn i loved writing this SO MUCH 

Story Line: While time travelling, Leonard Snart meets younger versions of you, the woman he knows to be working with The Flash. You’ve known him since you were six years old, and you spent your entire life just waiting for the man to show up. Then you reach the point when he meets you for the first time, having no clue who you are when you’ve loved him for more than twenty years. 

Part 2 

He told you someday this would happen.

The day would come when you look into Leonard Snart’s eyes and he’ll have no idea who you are.

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October 30, 2016: Jonny’s post-game interview with Jammer

It seemed like you were alive, playing with Kaner. Obviously you guys are very familiar. Seemed like you guys were able to create a lot of the rushes tonight.

Tom Holland is a walking meme who’s an adorable little ball of sunshine.
He doesn’t deserve the hate at all.
It’s okay to not like him but you don’t have to hate on him.
He’s so fucking adorable and kind to everyone.
I’m honestly so happy for him and how far he’s come. His ultimate dream came true and I’m so happy for him. He loved Spider-Man growing up and now he gets to portray the character, and he’s bringing it to the marvel cinematic universe for the first time. I’m so happy for him.
Can it be July already I wanna see the new Spider-Man movie.
btw how the fuck is he hot and ripped but a smol adorable bean at the same time, what the hell.