proud bunny

an imp and her wolf

Here’s just a lil doodle of a non-binary Alex with braces!
This was heavily inspired by @bunny-yams because I absolutely love his art style and he’s managed to get me back into drawing! Thank you and I hope y'all like this💛

Alright, so I was so happy I wasn’t alone on this ship that I made a small doodle of them. Andrew’s hair confuses me and in general, I’m not good with girls…. So i’m sorry Akko ^^’ But I think they came out okay! I don’t see much art for them or fics for that matter, so maybe I can contribute some! 

Maybe if some people have some suggestions I could draw/write more too~

happy birthday to my dear friend risu! (@risusgarbage)
here’s a cute drawing of our sibling zelink fanchildren ivy and ancel ;; cause i love them and there’s nothing i enjoy more than spend hours and hours making headcanons and aus about these two with you! i have so many fond memories of developing these two over the years, i hope we can come up with even more angsty headcanons/aus for them!

hope you have a rad birthday! ALSO i decided to make a BONUS:

our sibling hildavio fanchildren too! lmao fiori and lancel! clearly the zelink kids inherited dad’s love for adventuring while the hildavio kids are all about rupees like their bunny dad lmao

ALSO ivy and fiori (the girls) belong to my friend risu!
while ancel and lancel (the boys) belong to me! (lmao i’m so original with the names)


Eleazar messy doodles! I decided to show how he was looking when he just “disappeared” on first two pics.

So yes, he was super stressed out of things he did and of what happened + as you see, here’s his natural hair color, but since he was depressed and never really liked it he decided to dye in some more bright color and try to be and look more positive. And, of course, his scar was fresh and stitched for the first time.

I’m planning to tell more about him, Wil, Lepus and others later! :>