proud bunny

The perfect visual to match this perfect line

an imp and her wolf

Here’s just a lil doodle of a non-binary Alex with braces!
This was heavily inspired by @bunny-yams because I absolutely love his art style and he’s managed to get me back into drawing! Thank you and I hope y'all like this💛


endless list of plot bunnies | reece campbell, wilted roses

Reece Campbell was a nobody in the small town of Beacon Hills, California. She was an awkward and timid teenager who would ramble endlessly whenever she found herself in an uncomfortable situation ⎯ which was, much to her dismay, quite often.

But then, at the start of her junior year, everything changed. Add a collision with a Satomi Ito and a missing dog while searching in the woods into the mix and it is only inevitable for Reece to get herself in trouble. Noticing the girl’s non-stop stress and clumsy stumbling, Satomi offered the bite to “make things easier”.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t at all difficult to conceal the werewolf side of her (if you overlook the several incidents of Reece scratching the wooden desks at school and snarling at teachers she deeply disliked). She quickly learned to overcome her anger on the full moon with the help of her friends Brett Talbot and Carrie Hudson.

Reece’s quiet and simple life, though, quickly came to an end when a deadpool for supernatural creatures was created, endangering everyone she had ever loved. Including Scott McCall.

+ bonus

Alright, so I was so happy I wasn’t alone on this ship that I made a small doodle of them. Andrew’s hair confuses me and in general, I’m not good with girls…. So i’m sorry Akko ^^’ But I think they came out okay! I don’t see much art for them or fics for that matter, so maybe I can contribute some! 

Maybe if some people have some suggestions I could draw/write more too~