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Firecracker [a.a]

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Title: Firecracker
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Archie Andrews x River Vixen!reader, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Cheryl Blossom, Reggie Mantle, Kevin Keller, Jughead Jones
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,629 
Requested: Yes, by anonymous
Short Description: You, a river vixen and Archie’s girlfriend, never fail to make Archie smile; or blush for that matter. The two of you are a sophomore power couple at Riverdale, Archie as quarterback of the football team and you as Cheryl Blossom’s successor as cheer captain when she graduates.
A/N: Archie’s nickname for you is firecracker bc you’re a total babe. Also, I absolutely live for writing River vixen!reader fics. Seriously.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

Being a Riverdale Vixen habitually put you at the top of the Riverdale High School social scheme. But for you, it just meant that you could let loose as you cheered on your football star boyfriend, Archie Andrews. You and Archie had been together for over a year, and you loved being a River Vixen. Cheerleading had always been up your alley. You had a fiery, sassy attitude, which earned you the nickname that Archie gave you: firecracker. Only Archie ever called you that, and you thought he was beyond sweet for giving it to you.

“Y/N!” the harmonious voice of Cheryl Blossom, the senior captain of the River Vixens, acknowledged you as you stood at your locker. You glanced over at her, seeing the beautiful redhead smiling an authentic smile at you. A lot of people thought that Cheryl Blossom was cold-hearted and malicious, but you had known her since your Freshman year at Riverdale, and you had always gotten along well with her. 

“Hey Cheryl,” you greeted, closing your locker and leaning against it with a beam. “What’s up?”

“Don’t forget that we have a mandatory River Vixens practice after school before the game tonight,” Cheryl reminded you as you both began strolling in the direction of the student lounge. “I mean, I didn’t think that you would, but better safe than sorry.” She inserted and you nodded your head.

“Of course, captain,” you laughed, teasing her. “I’ll make sure B and V get there too,” you assured Cheryl before parting ways as you entered the student lounge. Betty, Veronica and Kevin were all sat together on the sofa chairs, chatting amongst themselves as Kevin finished his homework at the last minute. “Good morning Vixens,” you saluted them, taking a seat next to Betty with a grin. “Cheryl just reminded me that we have practice after school before the game tonight, so be there.” You added, and Betty and Veronica both expressed their anticipation for the game that evening.

Two hands covered your eyes, and you heard Betty and Veronica giggling quietly to themselves. “Jughead, I already told you, not at school,” you joked, knowing that it was Archie as you covered his hands with yours and pulled them away from your face. You turned and laughed, seeing Archie smiling at you, dressed in his varsity jacket, as per usual. Jughead stood behind him with a smirk.

“Oh Y/N, you’ve revealed our affair.” He joked, nudging you with his elbow as he passed before taking a seat next to Veronica. “However will I satisfy my need for pep now?” Jughead added – making fun of your status as a cheerleader, and the slogan of your hometown – and you got up to greet Archie with a kiss.

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wait wAIT people are actually thinking that Archie shouldn’t cry? NO OKAY STRAIGHT UP - not enough boys/men are shown in life/tv/movies that FEELING/EMOTIONS ARE ALLOWED TO BE SHOWN. Guys cry in real life, Archie is FIFTEEN and he’s dealing with things most adults couldn’t even get through. PROPS TO THE WRITERS FOR WRITING THAT AND SHOWING IT. I am so proud of Archie for expressing how upset he is, not only at his heartbreak, but how little he thinks of himself. Protect Archie 2k17. 

No Arguments  [ A.A ]

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Request: HI! I LOVE YOUR WRITINGS TO BITS. Can I request an Archie imagine where Y/N and him have been on a few dates and really close. And one day, he asks her to watch him on the upcoming variety show. She eventually accepts. And when it’s his turn, Archie is kind of nervous and he sees her in the audience and they smile at each other and makes him feel more confident. And after the show, they meet up backstage and they (kind-of like) kiss. JUST PURE FLUFF. Sorry if it’s long. XD

Word Count: 715

Warnings: None

A/N: Okay, firstly, I’m soooo sorry this took so long to get up. I’ve been super caught up in other things. And secondly, this also kinda sucks and I’m really sorry about that! Also, this is shorter than my usual woops.

Archie Andrews has amazing vocal talent and you were definitely no stranger to that. On multiple occasions had you heard him sing, in fact, he had sung you to sleep on your third date. So, of course, when Archie had asked you to be there when he performs at the upcoming variety show, you had said yes.

You sat in the audience with your right leg crossed over your left, your fingers laced together on your lap as you rested your back against the backrest of the chair. On either side of you sat unfamiliar faces and you chewed on your bottom lip as you waited for Archie to appear on stage.

And when he did, your breath was already taken away. He walked with shy confidence, his eyes flickering across the audience. A nervous smile plays on his lips once he spots you in the crowd as he readjusts his grip on his guitar.

You could tell he was really nervous. He had his tells; his eyebrows would crease, his knee would shake and he would tap his fingers on any surface nearby. You give him a small wave, flashing an encouraging smile towards him. And you could see that it did help calm his nerves. He bit his lip, sitting on the small stool that had a microphone steadily standing in front of it.

Archie says a small introduction, his eyes repeatedly falling to your own. He couldn’t help but return his gaze to you, sitting in the crowd with your eyes softly holding contact with his as if to silently whisper small words of encouragement. He could almost hear the small conversation the two of you had moments before the show had started.

“I have zero doubt in my mind that you’ll kill it up there, Arch.”

That was the last thing he had heard from you before you had left to take your seat. And it replayed in his mind as if it were his favourite song. It no doubt helped him, seeing as he had soon managed to gain more confidence in his actions.

Archie had began to sing, his voice mesmerizing not only you, but every other person in the hall. The proud smile never left your face as you happily watched Archie’s lips and listened to his music. The sight of you enjoying his singing was what pushed him to do his best and he was so thankful that you were a part of his audience.

Too soon for your liking, the song had ended and the crowd erupted into cheers and the sound of applause. Archie smiled brightly, the sight warming your heart even more. With a yell, you stand from your chair, quickly accompanied by the rest of the audience as you cheered. He waves, once more making eye contact with you before stepping off stage.

You excuse yourself from the crowd, racing back stage and to where you knew Archie would be. You were so glad that he had done that, knowing that it meant so much to him. Once you had found him, you threw yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his neck and nestling your face into the crook of his neck.
“You were amazing!” You blurt, “Gosh, Arch, I’m so proud of you!”

Archie sighs, wrapping his arms around you to return the hug. He smiles into your hair, holding you tightly against his chest.

“You know,” He says, “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”

“Not true. You totally could’ve, Archie. With a voice like yours, you could pretty much take over the world.” You smile, pulling away from Archie only the slightest bit. His arms stay wrapped around you as he adoringly stares at you. His face is dangerously close to yours still and you could feel the heat of each breath he took on your nose.

“I’m so glad you came, Y/N,” Archie mumbles, “I really like you and if it weren’t for you being there to support and encourage me like you have, I seriously don’t think things would have gone as well as they have tonight.”

“Well, I really like you too, Archie,” You cheekily smile up at him. “Now, come on. Let’s go get something to eat, yeah? You look like you could really use a milkshake from Pop’s. And I’m paying–no arguments.”

“Did I mention that I really like you?”