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You mentioned Pride and Prejudice in your post about classic novels, and I was wondering about a) your opinion of Mr. Darcy in general and b) your opinion of Darcy and Elizabeth as a couple.

Don’t let my mocking tone in that post fool you. I adore Mr. Darcy with all my heart, I merely object to the way he’s popularly associated with the image of this perfect, brooding hunk, when really he’s just a socially awkward loser.

Okay, okay, so our first introduction to Darcy is at a ball, where he:

  • Doesn’t dance
  • Can’t make small talk
  • Is generally rude and embarrassing
  • Stands awkwardly in the corner the whole night
  • Decides he might fancy this one girl, so he insults her.
  • Loudly.
  • Where anyone could overhear.
  • Including the girl.
  • Gets roundly insulted to his face by said girl, and his reaction is ‘…damn.’

Later on, he gets to know this girl a bit better. He warms up to her, and starts to act a little less like a standoffish jackass.

Then comes the infamous ball where the entire Bennet family, except for Jane and Lizzie, embarrass themselves. He convinces Bingley not to marry Jane because it would degrade him.

MONTHS pass, and Lizzie meets Mr. Darcy again. She finds out that he separated Jane and Bingley and she is SIMMERING with resentment. Darcy, on the other hand, (who must have been pining over her and doodling ‘Mrs Elizabeth Darcy’ in his notebooks all this time) decides this is the perfect time to propose marriage. He BURSTS into her house, completely unannounced, ignores her chilly reception, then makes awkward small talk and wanders around in agitation. Finally, he confesses that he loves her, against his better judgment, and insults her and her entire family before standing back, quite pleased with himself and convinced that she’s going to accept him.

But she doesn’t.

She lets him have it. She tells him how much she loathes him and exactly why. He is stunned. Mortified. No one has ever spoken to him like this. He’s quite used to getting everything he wants, and this just shakes him to his core. He stands there for a while with a face like a slapped arse, then, unable to defend himself, he slinks away with a haughty goodbye and goes off to wallow in shame and resentment.

And then.


The next day Lizzie is walking around the grounds and Mr. Darcy finds her. Has he taken this time to compose himself so he might talk to her and explain himself better?


He wrote a letter. He wrote a fucking letter. He probably spent all night agonising and poring over this thing. Then he skulked around the grounds ALL MORNING in the hope of finding her. His exact words: “I have been walking in the grove some time in the hope of meeting you. Will you do me the honour of reading that letter?”

And he shoves it in her hand.

Then he runs.


(Darcy you fucking walnut.)

Lizzie reads the letter, and of course it’s beautiful and eloquent and it says everything he’s too socially inept to say to her face. It radically alters her opinion of him.

In response to her criticisms, Darcy really does make an effort to change his manners. He was never a bad guy – it’s obvious how much he loves his friends and his baby sister, and Lizzie too, he just tends to be rude and haughty and socially awkward, something that’s understandable considering his station.

Lizzie meets him at Pemberley and he introduces her to his sister (which, over-protective big brother alert, is the biggest compliment he can give) and seeing how he treats her makes Lizzie just a tiny bit weak in the knees. JUST A LITTLE. NOT THAT SHE WANTS TO MARRY HIM OR ANYTHING HAHA wow his house is big.


Then she hears her sister Lydia has run away with the renegade Mr. Wickham.

Mr. Darcy be like


He comes to the rescue, finds Lydia and Wickham, and persuades them to marry with a hefty sum of money, thus rescuing the Bennets from disgrace. But. BUT.



And Lizzie’s just like ‘oh no.’

(Because every girl’s a slut for a gentleman who treats her and her family with respect.)




Gee, I wonder who could have been behind that? I wonder who could possibly have persuaded Bingley that Jane truly did love him, and that her family was not beneath his station after all? WHO COULD POSSIBLY HAVE DONE THAT????

By this point Lizzie’s a hive of conflicting desires and emotions. That’s when Lady Catherine de Bourgh comes into her house, unannounced, and tells her not to marry Mr. Darcy.

How does Lizzie respond? Miss “From the very beginning – from the first moment, I may almost say – of my acquaintance with you, your manners, impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others, were such as to form that groundwork of disapprobation on which succeeding events have built so immoveable a dislike; and I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry” ?


(Oooooh, girl, you got it bad.)

After this, Darcy shows up and starts talking to Lizzie. And it KILLS me, because obviously he’d given up on ever winning her hand. He did all those things for her not because he wanted her to like him, but just because he loved her. He was upset when he found out her uncle had told her about what he did for Lydia and Wickham. UPSET. And while Lady Catherine had raged about how inferior Lizzie’s family was, just as Darcy once had, now Darcy says that he respects and loves them. He says Lady Catherine spoke to him of their encounter, and it filled him with hope that maybe she didn’t think he was an insufferable jackass anymore. ONLY when he receives this encouragement does he renew his proposal, and even then he adds, “one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.”

I MEAN???? Just LOOK at this precious sunflower, dumb and stuttering and full of “awkwardness and anxiety,” so fucking in love with this girl that he was willing to give his personality a complete overhaul and re-evaluate all his life choices, not because he thought it would make her like him, but JUST BECAUSE he loved her. And if she had refused him a second time, he would never have bothered her again. THAT is how you gentleman.

The name of the novel says it all – Pride and Prejudice. He’s proud and haughty, she’s prejudiced and rooted in her negative first impressions. These are the things they have to overcome, this is how they have to grow and evolve. He needs to lay aside his pride, she her prejudice, and only then can they be together.

Because they are perfect for each other. Absolutely, unequivocally. And when Jane Austen says they live happily ever after, I believe her.



born in 1915, the oldest sister, she was married to Harfang Longbottom and had a son a daughter.

Cedrella, born between 1915 and 1919, the middle sister. She was disowned and burned from the family tree for marrying the “blood-traitor” Septimus Weasley, with whom she had three sons, one of them being Arthur Weasley.

Charis, born in 1919, the youngest sister. She was married to Caspar Crouch and gave birth to two daughters and son.

A Kent Parson Birthday Bash Reading Guide to: Patater

This fic reading guide is for Kent, and our favorite Russian Falconer, Alexei “Tater” Mashkov! All fic is organized by length, and the ratings and descriptions can be found next to and underneath the titles of all fics. Click the title to read!

Patater Cuddling” for sohini96 (Rated G, Art)

A quiet morning spent cuddling on the couch.quiet morning spent cuddling on the couch.

“Some Days are Harder Than Others” for cablesscutie (Rated T, 1k)

“Shit.” Just when Kent was about to make a call back, the time and date hit him. It was his God damn birthday and he had a party and he’s pretty sure he fucked up something.

Kent has doubts about himself and lacks confidence, thankfully he always his goof of a boyfriend Tater there with him.

“Something New” for allonsyarielle (Rated G, 1.6k)

When Kent bumps into Alexei Mashkov at his favourite brunch place, he finds something very unexpected, something he’d almost given up on.

“A Soft Place to Fall” for PoisonousFlower3 (Rated E, 2.3k)

“I have surprise for you, Kenny,” Alexei whispered against Kent’s collarbone. The certain surprise was burning a hole in his suitcase, mocking him every time he grabbed clothes for the day. Alexei wanted to wait until Kent’s actual birthday to use it, and the wait had slowly been driving him crazy.

“Chirping Kent Parson” for Potrix (Rated T, 3.7k)

“I’m just–” Kent fumbled for an explanation for his behavior. The only father-figure he’d ever had was judging him for his culinary skills, his first love was flirting with his new boyfriend ten feet to his left, and said boyfriend was looking at Kent like he ran over his dog.

Too much. Too ridiculous. Instead, Kent settled with changing the conversation. “What are you making, anyway?”

“I make surprise dish. Rat stew. No ingredient but is okay, since you are here. Judges will be very surprised.”

“Friends In Low Places” for TragedyIsTheirs (Rated T, 4.8k)

“Hey, Mashkov,” Kent says, “who do I gotta blow to get a drink around here?”

“The Proud and the Prejudiced” for topieornottopie (Rated M, 5.1k)

“Don’t ruin pretty face,” a familiar, accented voice drawls. “It’s only thing you have going for you.”

“Fuck off, Mashkov,” Kent barks back automatically before he stills, and then slowly turns around to face the other man. “Mashkov? What the fuck are you doing here?”

Kent has annoying but well-meaning friends, a lot of (internalized) issues, and a mild pretty bad swearing problem. But he gets to kiss a hot guy at Pride, so there’s that.

Something Sweet  for entirely_too_tall (Rated T, 5.6k)

When the media asks Kent what he was feeling as Mrs. Durand drove him to the Colisée Financière Sun Life for his first day with the Rimouski Océanic, he feeds them a cocktail of emotions: excitement, nervousness, and determination all at once. He isn’t lying—he was feeling those things—but his feelings were pushed to the back of his mind in favor of the Smell. The closer he got to the rink, the more detail he could pick up: freshly mown grass, fir, birch, lilac, and upon stepping into the rink, Kent swears he can smell maple syrup.

“Land of Wishing Wells” for lautjuh1 (Rated E, 9.6k)

Somehow Kent goes from dateless to Jack and Bitty’s wedding to going to it with Alexei Mashkov. Not a real date. No, they’ll play fake boyfriends, and then somehow break up after the wedding. He’s not even sure how or if they can pull it off, but Alexei is dead set on it working.

Breathe You In for carsonphillips (Rated T, 43k)

A soulmate AU where you can smell your soulmate from across the room, but not pinpoint who it is, and Kent tries to find out who he’s smelling on the ice.

We’ll be posting separate reading guides for different Kent ships throughout the week, so stay tuned! You can also visit the main challenge page here and browse all fics submitted to the exchange. 

Ladies of Star Wars Appreciation Week Day 3: Favourite Iconic Moment

I struggled with this one. I have so many moments of Padme, (my favourite female character), that I love, this scene, that moment, and that arc, for instance, just to name a few. However, in light of my recent posts about Padme’s strengths and feminism, I felt I would talk about a moment that says a great deal about her strength of character and her leadership skills: The formation of the Gungan Alliance.

In order to understand how powerful this moment is, (unfortunately the above was the best picture I could get), one must understand that the Gungans and the Naboo severely mistrusted each other. There was also a great deal of specism involved. Padme had never even met a gungan before Jar Jar. Gungans were dismissed by the Naboo as “primitives”, and were viewed with disdain. In fact, it was in the original script of TPM, that Panaka insists that Jar Jar go with Qui-Gon, because he’s “stinking” up the air, and that the Nabooans who were with Amidala didn’t want to let Jar Jar on the ship to escape Naboo. They weren’t about to share space with him even if it cost him his life. He’s just a primitive gungan after all.

Given how much these two peoples hated each other, it is very brave of Padme to want to form an alliance with them. Naturally it is out of desperation, as is common with such alliances they form with a common enemy. However, Padme would never have known about the Gungan army, if she had not dared to befriend Jar Jar, a “savage primitive” that most other Nabooan individuals would have looked down on. She shows extraordinary wisdom and grace in initiating that friendship when everyone else was treating him cruelly. However, what is even more amazing is when Padme steps forward, likely realizing that Sabe was too proud and prejudiced to do these negotiations properly. She, who is the ruler of an entire planet, kneels before a species that she has been taught to hate and mistrust her entire life. She entirely unbuckles her pride and humbles herself before the gungans. It takes great strength of character for anyone, let alone a fourteen year old queen, to humble themselves in such a manner. She actually gets down on her knees rather than expecting Boss Nass to treat her like royalty and with the respect most might have felt her position deserved.

This is why Boss Nass agrees, because he likes the idea of the arrogant Naboo being desperate enough to ask for his help: Desperate enough to kneel before him like a servant. He likes feeling he has power over them. Padme knows this and swallows her pride, and allows herself to be arguably humiliated, all for the benefit of her people. That is a true leader: Someone who can humble themselves, even hurt their own pride, to benefit those they are responsible for. Padme placed her people first and her pride last. This is the moment that truly saved Naboo. This is the best of Padme Amidala.

I love her so much. What a woman! 

Extreme Views

Watching TV programmes like ‘Proud and Prejudiced’ and 'Making Bradford British’ exposes how horrendous extreme views are. If you have two groups of people who are so unwilling to communicate and listen to each other’s views no result will be reached apart from a violent, dangerous one. I’ve been thinking a lot about extreme views recently and I think it’s becoming more of an issue. Today at the bus stop a woman said to her friend 'I was on the train to Leeds the other day and two women were on there wearing proper pyjamas (referring to burkas), rucksacks and they were on their mobile phones. I bet that train blew up in Leeds.’ When I hear opinions and views like this it makes me so angry, you can’t just place all Muslims in a group with radical Muslims, they have totally different views on the meaning of their religion. I hope people in both groups like the EDL and radical Islam groups don’t force their views on their children as then there will be no hope at all. People need to be more accepting of each other, respect others views, not isolate people of other cultures and don’t stereotype people!

Watching a documentary called ‘Proud and Prejudiced’. For any non-English person (but believe there are some English people who really don’t know what’s going on in their own country), the documentary is about the English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson and the Sayful Islam who’s a leader of the a Muslim extremist group in Luton.  On both sides, it’s pretty disturbing stuff. Having said that, the leader of the EDL is coming off incredibly well due to his institance that the EDL only represents anti-extremist Islam. But who is to believe him, maybe he has a good PR team. 

The leader of the leader muslim extremist faction…well there are no words. He’s a very troubled man who hasn’t studied anything about the Qu'ran to be making any of the appeals to Islam that he’s making. It really makes me sick that nothing can be done to end any of the hatred I see in this documentary. 

Confession. In the past 2-3 years of being on tumblr, I have followed more black appreciation blogs. At first it was to help myself see the beauty in myself and have pride as a black girl. Now every black woman or child I see, I think are radiant and beautiful. And im now starting to see the beauty and attractiveness in black men. I feel happy and proud that my prejudiced against my people is going away.

Bleach ships as novels...

As requested by hanakoc. :)

I think perhaps the requester wished me to come up with my own novel titles for Bleach ships. But I’m terrible at titles, and besides, it strikes me as amusing to imagine what real book titles would best fit various Bleach ships. These titles may be chosen for actual plot elements or (more likely) just for how they sound. 

1. Aizen/Shinji: Pride and Prejudice

Aizen is proud. Shinji is prejudiced. But that doesn’t mean they won’t hook up.

2. Hisagi/Kensei: Moby Dick

Kensei’s love is Hisagi’s white whale. 

3. Yoruichi/Soi Fon: Women in Love

With each other, though.

4. Orihime/Ishida: We the Living

They just want to remind everyone that unlike 90% of Bleach characters, they are actually alive. Both of them. 

5. Orihime/Ichigo: As I Lay Dying

The full title is: “As I Lay Dying, You Yelled My Name And Brought Me Back To Life So Thanks For That”

6. Dark Rukia/Hichigo: Wicked

They’re just misunderstood.

7. Ichigo/Rukia/Renji: The Three Musketeers

…I think it’s funny.

8. Kaien/Ulquiorra: The Heart of the Matter

It’s all they talk about.

9. Shutara/Nnoitra: A Farewell to Arms

They both have a lot of arms. They both lose a lot of arms. Also, they fall in love.

10. Hinamori/Shinji: Fifth Business

What happens in Squad 5, stays in Squad 5.

11. Kensei/Mashiro: The Sound and the Fury

Mashiro likes to talk. Kensei likes to get angry. Together they are…well, you know.

12. Byakuya/Renji: Great Expectations

Renji expects a lot of himself. Byakuya expects a lot of Renji. In bed, I mean.

13. Ishida/Ichigo: Romeo and Juliet

These days, anyway.

14. Isshin/Masaki: House of Mirth

I mean, at least until Masaki, you know, dies.

15. Ukitake/Ulquiorra: The Fault in our Stars

All I know is that this book involves somebody who is sick and somebody who likes metaphors, so…this works, right?

16. Sentoki/Ichibei/Oetsu: All the King’s Men

Get it? Because the other two Royal Guards are ladies? …No?

17. Yoruichi/Urahara: The Naked and the Dead

Yoruichi loves to be naked. Urahara is technically a ghost. Therefore this works.

18. Orihime/Ulquiorra: A Handful of Dust

…..I’m sorry.

No Tolerance
No Tolerance

Brotherhood -  No Tolerance

So proud of your country, nationalistic pride
So proud of your race, prejudiced fucking mind
If you so love your country why can’t you fucking see
It’s made up of all people, no racial boundaries

We’re dedicated to stop your ignorance
Band together to bring you to your knees
For your actions we have no tolerance
Your blind hate, prejudice, a disease

Beating up all the kids who don’t share your views
Pull that shit with us and you’ll fucking lose
We may lose some battles
But we’ll win this war
We may have sat complacent once, no more

So proud of your country
So proud of your race
You’re just a fucking nazi
We’ll do our best to put you in your place

Halonic Faith

Hark, faithful child of Halone – if you still have courage to profess belief in Her:

This time in which you live is that of the greatest trials our beloved Ishgard has had ever to face, and She needs your courage more than ever before. For you have but to look around you to see, despite the promises of our new dictators to protect our ancestral faith and honor our Goddess, the Mother of Coerthas, that the destruction of our Church, the centermost of all pillars of our great culture and society, proceeds apace.

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