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After reading Chapter 132, I started wondering how our Ciel explained to Sebastian about his plan to open up a toy company. It was his dream since he was a child so it has nothing to do with revenge.

In the end I came up with this scene because I couldn’t get it out of my head.

anonymous asked:

in your opinion, what are the top "he went to julliard" moments?

ok first of all, really great ask. thank you. here are my favorite “he went to juilliard” moments:

and let’s not overlook his non-sunny repertoire

  • this scene from that one movie about a coffee shop… trust me
  • i’ve seen this clip from some 2001 movie he was in like 10 times and i still don’t know how to make sense of it
  • i’ve also seen this clip from that short-lived 80s show like 10 times and i don’t know how to make sense of it 

If you didn’t know, I’ve been working (very slowly) on my first pose pack! Im almost done with it and im probably gonna release it soon. Anyway, I just wanted to show you some of my progress;

Ignore the quality of the pic, it was unedited and resized, but I think its coming along nicely. There are a few things I have to tweak, but I hope to release it within the next week or so.

What I love about All Might is that despite being the strongest and most popular hero, he’s not the slightest bit cocky?

Like he’s a sweet, polite guy who’s almost a little meek. When he was interrupted during the sports arc he very easily could have gotten mad and yelled about it but he didn’t?

Or when he was trying to chat up Endeavor? Even though he’s “the better hero” he had the humility to ask the #2 on how to teach his students. And seemed genuinely disheartened to see that Endeavor (still) hates him.

Asking Midoriya to come eat lunch with him instead of saying “Come eat lunch, I need to talk to you”. Just, asking for his time instead of deciding it’s already his.

His interactions with other teachers??

All Might is Very polite, maybe a little flashy but really he’s just the sweet dad figure who wants to help you but sometimes tells the worst dad jokes.

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